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Heroes Reborn: The Smallest Butterfly. Save You, Save The World

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Picking up from last week, Emily and Ren search through Renautas to find Tommy. Ren mentioned the Master of Time and Space and Emily believed he was referring to Hiro. Semantics aside, they did not find Tommy as he has been trapped in Evernow. Inside is what feels like a never-ending series of corridors. Confused Tommy walks down one, then a Matrix like metal conducting cord stabs Tommy in the back of the neck. Erica executes the transfer and just to see if it worked, using Tommy’s power to transport all of the chosen, they step outside. Beyond their Gateway, is a barren wasteland.

With the present Gateway all but deserted, Phoebe walks alone. Understanding what her fate was all along, she begins to fill with rage. Emily and Ren stumble upon the holding area where Erica is keeping her comatose Evos. There they find Otomo and the real Miko. Ren recognizes her as his Miko, but she doesn’t remember him at all.

Tommy wakes from induced slumber to find himself chasing the image of himself. Meanwhile at present Gateway, Luke, Malina and Quentin walk the deserted streets. Quentin stops them and points to the sky. The first sun flare is getting closer (for context think of the Nexus from Star Trek Generations). Quentin points to a metal door, they move to hide. Malina refuses to do nothing. Then Luke makes his stand.

Malina: I have to do something. If that solar flare hits, there won’t be much left when Tommy gets back.
Luke: The prophecy, your prophecy, it’s not time yet.
Malina: I have to do—
Luke: This is not your fate. It’s mine.
(Long pause)
Luke: I cannot be forgiven for the things that I’ve done. But you saved my life. I have to believe there is a reason for that.

Luke makes Quentin promise to get Malina to the clock tower in time. He shuts the door behind him while Quentin begs the question, what about you? Luke walks out into the street. Looks up at the flare, then down on a trinket with a picture of his wife and child. Luke absorbs the heat from the flare and begins to levitate. Luke merges with the flare and effectively dissipates the flare completely.

Jose, using his power, removes the bullet from Farah’s body. Farah wakes with one concern. Where is Malina. Just as all breathe a sigh of relief there is the sound of new voices. An accident on the highway has brought the injured to the abandoned hospital they brought Farah to. Carlos, Micah and Jose stand to play doctors as best they can for at least the moment.

The image of himself that Tommy has been chasing is not a figment of his imagination. It is literally himself. His power is strong and Tommy can be in two places at once. Luckily for him, the second Tommy is aware of what this place is. He tells his other self that he has to remember. To dig deep and find the memories that even Casper couldn’t hide forever. The first memory is of a much younger Tommy sitting on a couch with Anne as they watch the world change. The day Claire jumped, landed and healed on camera. Tommy asks who the girl is, Anne replies that the girl on the TV is in fact Tommy’s real mother. Suddenly, the single shot becomes a cascading display of Tommy’s memories. The one’s he’d forgotten. From Anne, to Angela Petrelli, to Emily, to Hiro. The cascade goes grey and while Tommy is emotional, he appears to also be focused.

Quentin tries to get Malina to the top of the clock tower by way of the stairs. One problem. Phoebe is waiting for them. Phoebe grabs Malina with her smoky arm power. Phoebe tries to continue believing that Erica is coming back for her while Quentin tries to talk her down with his gun in her face. Despite his best efforts, Phoebe is adamant about what she needs to do. She tightens her grip on Malina, forcing Quentin to do the unthinkable. In order to save the world, he has to kill his own sister.

Ren and Emily remain confused about this new Miko they’ve found and why she doesn’t know Ren when Erica’s engineer shows up. Before he can take any of them out or restrain them Otomo stabs him in the back and through the chest. Otomo and Miko share an embrace. He has a great deal to explain. Then Otomo looks to Ren and tells Miko that “this young man risked his life to save you”. Emily breaches the question of Tommy being trapped in a game. Otomo looks to Ren with approving eyes.
Otomo: Now someone needs to enter the game. Someone who knows Evernow as well as its maker. (looks to Ren)
Ren: I’m just a gamer.
Otomo: You spent hundreds of hours in Evernow. The best player I’ve ever seen. And most important, you have the heart of a warrior. That’s why I chose you. Now Reckless Ren (in Japanese subtitles) Are you ready?
(Otomo reaches out and pixelates Ren who is transported into the game)

Ren manifests in the game to find game world Miko. The game world is dying, slowly deteriorating. When it dies, so will this version of Miko. But there is a new Master of Time and Space that needs to be released. Their final mission begins. Ren and Kitana Girl begin slicing through obstacles while trying not to fall through the eroding areas in the games infrastructure.

The second and larger of the two sun flares has already made its way to Gateway. This time sending Armageddon like meteor showers with it. Quentin kneels hunched over Phoebe. Malina says its time. Large meteor like rocks pierce the concrete and steel fixtures like a baseball shot through glass windows. Malina stands in the middle of it working against the sun flare.

Tommy continues to see memories. This next one he’s not a fan of. Angela Petrelli bringing he and Malina together to test their ‘symbiotic bond’. They take each other’s hands and the result looks a lot like a space shuttle lift off minus the space shuttle. Back in the prison, Tommy runs towards Tommy again claiming he knows what to do. The voice of Miko can be heard in the distance. Miko and Ren say their relative good byes. There isn’t enough time or infrastructure left to get Kitana Girl to Ren and unlock the door in time. If the game erodes completely with Tommy still in it, that’s game over.

The rescue is a success, but the exit point puts both Ren and Tommy right in front of Erica. Erica is done playing nice. She explains that if Tommy goes back in time to stop the event, everyone in the future Gateway (Emily and Anne included) will cease to exist. Now Tommy will have to choose between present Gateway with Malina or future Gateway with Emily and Anne. Erica raises her gun to Emily to speed up his decision.

Erica: Time is running out and one of these girls has to die. You can’t be in–
Tommy: Two places at once.
Erica: Even Hiro Nakamura couldn’t do that.
Tommy: Hiro Nakamura prepared me my entire life for this. And now, I’ve had an eternity in Evernow to practice. (Grinning now) Thanks to you.
Erica: NO! That’s impossible. (Erica fires a bullet at Tommy, he freezes time and effectively splits into two Tommy’s)

The first Tommy teleports to Malina. The second stays. With time frozen he starts teleporting guards out of the room. Then Ren. Then Anne. Then Emily, but does so by kissing her and not using his hand. First Tommy unfreezes time standing before Malina. “Its about time”. She extends her hand so she can share her power with Tommy. They join hands but the effect is not working like they thought it would. Its creating an energy field to be sure, but they can’t control it. They disconnect and Malina continues to fight the good fight while Tommy teleports back. Tommy teleports back to finish the memory of the first time they joined. The same effect happened. Angela instructs a man in a lab coat to break them apart. The instant he does, he becomes a conduit for their power. They need a human splitter. The conduit will not survive, but is necessary. Tommy teleports back to two days previous. Finds his conduit and teleports him to that specific memory so the conduit can see what is required. The conduit is Noah.

Noah watches as the memory plays out again. This time Angela knows who the third ‘faceless’ person from her vision was. She seemingly stares through the wall to where Noah is standing. Then Tommy appears. He explains that he’s tried everything. Followed Hiro’s instructions. Follow the smallest thread, the tiniest butterfly.

Tommy: (To Noah) Save you save the world….What do we do.
(Noah moves in towards Tommy and puts one hand on either shoulder)
Noah: Take me back to Gateway. To the end of the world.

Noah and Tommy fight the resistance caused by Malina’s power. Noah takes her hand while Tommy declares there must be another way. “You two have your destiny, this one’s mine.” Noah extends his right arm to Tommy. With tears in his eyes Tommy reluctantly takes it. The power works just like the memory displayed. Noah feels every painful second of it but holds strong.

The second Tommy has cleared the room except for Erica. With one swift stroke, he removes Erica’s white watch with the blade of a Kitana. With Erica still frozen, Tommy takes his position in the chair. He unfreezes time. Erica’s bullet finally lands in the wall before her. Her watch falls to the floor. She turns to find Tommy in the chair. He salutes her with two fingers, places his hand to his chest and teleports out of there. Queue the villain’s long NOOOOOOOOO scream.

The ‘super’ power that is created by Malina, Tommy and Noah appears to be cutting through the sun flare. As the camera pulls back, we see that the power really just insulated the earth, protecting it as the flare passed over it. The power breaks after all are safe. The two siblings come to and discover that Noah is not dead. He’s fading and fast, but not dead yet. Tommy apologizes again. Noah replies with how proud he is as his life force gradually leaves him.

Three months later. Quentin is handcuffed to a table in an interrogation room. Two government officials demand to know who the Evos are. Because, after all, no one just saves the world for the sake of saving the world without wanting something in return.

Agent 1: So who are they?
Quentin (leans in): You want to know who they are? They’re somebody’s sister. Somebody’s brother. Daughter. Son. Grandchild.
(We see a shot of Otomo training Ren and the real Miko)
Quentin: You people. You people want them to be extraordinary but they’re not. They couldn’t be more ordinary. The only thing extraordinary is that they had the chance to be Heroes.
(A shot of Carlos testing a new toy he’s added to his suit, with Farah and Jose in the shot)
Quentin: They didn’t think about themselves. Just did the right thing. And now, they just want to be left alone.
( A shot of Tommy/Nathan going forward and Emily in the ice cream shop)
Quentin: So they could scratch out some small purpose, that can give their life some meaning, community, hope.
(Nathan turns to see something under a glass as a figure departs the shop. That fades to Malina in a high school)
Quentin: Like all the rest of us. When that darkness rolls in, and it will, they’ll be here, ready for the call, equal to the task. Without us even needing to ask.
(Nathan removes the object from under the glass)
Emily: What is it?
Nathan: I don’t know.
Quentin: See this is just the beginning man. An awakening. Now my eyes are open. Wide open. They were here to save us. So you want to know who they are? They’re you, they’re me, on our best day. So there you go. That’s who they are.

Malina walks out of Union Wells High School (yep, they’re going there) and steps into a car. Angela is in the other seat. She asks about Malina’s first day. Then Malina produces a card like the one Tommy found. Malina got a feeling when she touched it. Angela knows exactly what it means. Her father is coming to get her and Nathan and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

. . .
End of Volume

Heroes Reborn: A Villain’s Motivation Is Revealed

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Luke and Malina sit in a traffic jam with the Frady siblings in the back while the radio speculates on the ‘event’ that they were not warned about. One of the details discussed is the information released by Hero Truther (Micah) that vindicates the Evos and implicates Renautas. This is also the first example of the public at large being warned of the two solar flares destined for earth that will wipe a massive chunk of people.

Despite the video that has surfaced, Tommy seems committed to Erica’s plan as a lesser of evils. Tommy takes his seat in the ‘magnifier’ seat. Tommy’s first group are teleported successfully.

Ren arrives at Gateway like a fugitive looking at a police roadblock when the security guards surround him. Regardless of his immediate fears, his name is on ‘the list’. He passes the first checkpoint.

Luke and Malina pull up to, ironically, a police roadblock. It’s very clear they are looking for someone. That’s when Phoebe suggests they are looking for Malina. Public Enemy #1. Instead of running, Luke decides that perhaps, the easiest way to find Tommy is to make their location known so that he can find them. How? By making the news.

With Taylor in tow, Parkman barges in to confront Erica and her betrayal regarding the safety of his family. Before Erica can adequately respond, he extends his gun to Taylor and using his power, compels her to point the gun at her own temple. Eventually Erica does what she does and attempts to rationalize her actions putting the blame of Parkman’s situation on Parkman. That’s when Parkman turns the tables on her. Forcing her to grant Parkman’s request.

Parkman: It would be such a shame for you to lose your daughter…and your grandchild. Oops. Taylor didn’t mention that did she?

Tommy decides to take a break from the exhausting work of transporting people to the future when he overhears that the plan is to transport 12,000 selected people and not as many as possible as he was promised. He doesn’t wait for an explanation, he teleports himself out of there.

Taylor seems to take some level of joy in throwing the truth of the father of her unborn child in Erica’s face. Insinuating that this is a notion and a feeling that should be completely foreign to Erica. Which is not exactly the case. Cue the flashback sequence. When Erica Kravid was about Taylor’s age her father was very close to death. The doctor working the house call admitted there was nothing more medically he could do. Then by killing a fly and bringing it back to life suggests that he could save her father with other means, but she would have to keep it a secret. She agrees, then the doctor assumes something more as his hand moves up her leg. He advances despite his advances being clearly unwanted.

With the new information that Tommy has disappeared, Erica decides to ‘table’ the grandchild discussion. This is unacceptable to Taylor. As Erica makes her way past and to the door, Taylor emotes enough to channel a power she didn’t know she had, exploding a set of glassware behind her. Taylor seems pleased that she’s an evo. Erica maintains that it could not be her as she’s been tested. The power must come from someone else. The camera pans down to catch Taylor stroking her belly. Taylor demands to see Francis.

Luke walks the siblings into the forest behind Primatech. Quentin becomes skeptical that they are actually headed for Primatech. Phoebe then tries pushing Luke’s buttons suggesting that if he had the wherewithal to kill them he would have done it. He raises his gun and Quentin bumps him just enough to jar the gun loose as Phoebe runs for the hills. She breaks free from her restraints and removing the nasal device that prevents her from using her powers. She sets her power towards Luke (which doesn’t really make a ton of sense to me at that moment considering its night and his power is dependent on the sun) as Quentin runs up on him. Quentin has Luke’s gun pointed at Luke. After a short pause, long enough for Phoebe to get out of sight, Quentin turns the gun over presenting it to Luke.

Luke: If you do this, you’re with us ’til the end. No going back to your sister.
Quentin: That’s not my sister.

Ren is greeted inside the Gateway facility by a Renautas associate. Ironically, everyone in Odessa Texas apparently have become linguistic experts and all of them can accurately pronounce Ren’s last name, Shimosawa. He is still confused but goes along. He takes a seat next to Emily who looks like she’s carrying the weight of the world. She’s concerned for Tommy’s intentions. Ren begins to tell her that he’s looking for the master of time and space. Getting their wires crossed slightly, she replies that she’s dating the master of time and space.

Tommy finds his mother as she is being escorted away by some of Erica’s guards. Before they can notice his presence, Tommy freezes time, then unfreezes Anne. While admitting that he is no longer helping Erica due to her lies, he does need to show Anne the one thing she didn’t lie about. He then teleports them both to the future Gateway. Tommy is still stuck on the idea that he can save everyone and that’s where his focus should be. He doesn’t know if he can prevent it and that fear seems to be governing his decisions. Anne makes her point about trusting himself and he teleports them back to the rendezvous point for he and Malina.

Taylor continues to jab Erica and Erica resorts to a popular guilt trip tactic. “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you”. Which of course Taylor isn’t buying. Cue another flashback sequence. Pregnant young Erica hunched over a toilet and her now healthy father inquiring as to how she feels. There is almost an admission that the father of the child might have taken advantage then she walks that back. Her father then makes it very clear that he will support any ‘decision’ she makes regarding her pregnancy.

Taylor demands to see Francis again and Erica lets her believe that’s where Erica is taking her only to lead her into a group of security guards. Gun pointed at Erica, Taylor wants desperately to know what she did to cause her mother to hate her so much. Cue flashback sequence. This one, has Erica and child Taylor. Taylor is sick coughing up blood and there is only one person she can think to call. He claims he can help, with a look in his eyes that says, “for a favor”. After he heals her, he makes the observation that Taylor looks a lot like him. Even suggests that her ‘powers could manifest’ at any time. The doctor decides the best course for young Taylor is to have her live with him, adding that Erica didn’t have a choice. A pair of large scissors to the back of the doctor’s head would beg to differ.

Back to the present, Erica orders her guards to leave as she walks her face right into the barrel of Taylor’s gun. Then she admits that Taylor is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to her. Taylor lowers her gun. They both decide to start over with the new world. Erica needs Taylor to make the decision to go to the future, even if that means sacrificing billions of people in the process. Then Taylor says something that brings Erica to an emotional low we have not seen to this point.

Taylor (with tears in her eyes): Thank you mother. As usual, you’re be very generous. But I’d rather die than live in an empty world with you.

Luke, Malina and Quentin walk through Claire Bennett’s high school. Malina even stops to glance at a picture of her mother. Luke suggests they get moving, as he put it, “I owe your brother an apology”. They walk to center court of the school’s gymnasium. He asks her to remove her hood. He tells her that they want her to be noticed. Specifically, by the news crew in the gym. She stands in front of the school’s seal, giving Tommy a reference point if and when he sees the broadcast. Spinning trash out of a trash can and igniting it on fire, she’s effectively grabbed everyone’s attention. News crew included.

Farah and Micah walk into an abandoned convenient store where Farah instantly recognized Malina on the television. She is making a direct appeal to Tommy to find her at the school in question. Farah knows Tommy must see this message. Something Micah should be able to help with. Tommy teleports back to Anne’s location frustrated and certain he has to go back in time to find Malina. Just then Anne receives a transition on her cell phone. Micah has successfully uploaded the video to anything that can receive the signal.

Erica’s new weapon, Joanne has been sent to secure Malina. Tommy arrives just after Joanne does. Otomo was also sent as insurance. He finds Tommy first and pixelates him. Joanne takes a shot and the gym clears out. Sunlight abruptly penetrates the gym restoring Luke’s power as he begs Joanne not to do what she’s about to do. He makes an appeal that this action will not avenge their son and she stands firm that this is all she has. Malina stands up thinking she can stop the bullets. She is not successful as she was the target. Instinctively, Luke fires back…incinerating his former wife and mother of his late son.

Carlos, Farah and Micah had also made it to the gym. Farah tells the others to stay back as she is going in. She disappears and at least this viewer temporarily lost track of that detail. When Quentin goes to roll Malina over, Farah reveals herself. She took the bullet to save Malina. Carlos picks Farah up and takes her to the hospital while Luke and Malina move on.

Ren believes the Renautas building is level 10 from Evernow, or at least the inspiration for the design. He also believes that Otomo designed this place and the elevators can lead them to the core. Inside the elevator, there is no power. But there is a button with an imprint. The imprint of the Helix or Godsend symbol. Matching the necklace that Ren has been wearing.

Parkman tries to reach Janice as he drives towards her with the Gateway watches in the passenger seat. It appears he’s speaking to voicemail when there is an electric surge overhead. Then a moment later, he loses all control of his vehicle tumbling end over end until it reaches a stop at the edge of a creek. He looks over to find the two watches intended for his wife and daughter floating down the creek. With everyone in full evacuation mode, it is not likely that anyone will easily find Matt Parkman in time.

Otomo stands before Erica wanting her (as with Parkman) to honor her end of their deal. He pauses and comments about the terrible things he’s done to keep his daughter safe. Erica follows it up by suggesting they should never be ashamed of the things they’ve done for their children. Cue the final flashback sequence. Young Erica tries to take in what she’s done the doctor when there is a knock at the door. It’s a young(er) Casper there to clean up her ‘mess’. Erica has no interest in forgetting anything. She does however, have some interest in helping young Taylor forget.

Inside the ‘core’ Ren and Emily witness Otomo’s final act. With the master of time and space imprisoned, they are ready to put him online. Just as Emily asks Ren what he means, Erica’s engineer stabs Otomo in the neck with a syringe. When Otomo pixelated Tommy it apparently was to imprison him-the new master of time and space. The construct seems to be just as vast as it was when it house Hiro Nakamura, but now it looks incomplete. As if someone splashed acid on it. A blue, eroding acid eating at portions of the construct.

If the promo for next week’s season finale, you are definitely not going to want to miss next week’s episode. And by some related extension, NJATVS coverage of the finale.

Heroes: No Battle Is Without Casualties

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Following the ‘disappearance’ of Noah, Luke and Malina take to the road. Malina’s concentration remains with Noah’s shocking disappearance. Malina works through what happens next. Asserting that she and her brother must be in Odessa when everything comes to a head. Without skipping a beat, Luke assures her that whatever she needs, he will be there to assist. Including Luke making a stop to a nearby box store. Why? Insurance for his powers that are dependent on the sun.

Malina: You shoot fireballs out of your hands. Why do you need a gun and bullets?
Luke: Well, my powers are unreliable without the sun. So if we need to fight at night, we’ll need insurance. We’re in Missouri after all, I could get you your own gun if you’d like.
Malina: No need. I have a 24 hour power.

Miko and Tommy teleport into a very large open green house. They both are confused for different reasons . Then Tommy pieces together that Miko is Kitana Girl from 9th Wonders. She begins to pixelate as Renautas’ people pursue them. Instead of facing them, Tommy teleports them out of there.

Erica is naturally hot and bothered with the lack of time and Miko’s father’s task of rebuilding the virtual fortress that once held Hiro Nakamura. That detail is the only reason he is still breathing. He is to finish his job with all haste or Erica plans to kill Miko in front of him before taking his life.

Trapped inside Parkman’s compound Carlos, Farah, Taylor and the Haitian work through a less than optimistic plan to secure Jose, the Father and Micah before attempting to escape. Carlos and Farah advance through the compound and are intercepted by three of the Harris clones. Farah uses her ability to take them out quickly. They make it to the control room of the audio loop voiced by Parkman’s powers. They disable the system using their firearms.

The Haitian and Taylor find Parkman. The Haitian uses his power of control to announce their arrival moments before they arrive. Parkman is reserved but tries to explain what pushed him to build this place and seemingly turn his back on the man he once was. This was all as a way to repay his family by ensuring their passage to the future. Passage that Taylor believes was a lie. With their guard temporarily down Parkman takes advantage and shoots Renee (The Haitian) in the ear. With Renee’s power at least temporarily out of commission, Parkman’s power is left as the strongest. He wills Renee to leave the room and takes Taylor’s gun while explaining that if Erica does not keep her promise, Taylor will die in this place like everyone else.

Tommy and Miko teleport to just outside the Renautas facility. She continues to pixelate. The pixelation seems to be an indication that Miko is not long for this world. Tommy teleports her out then lands in front of Erica and Miko’s father. With her hair ribbon in hand he explains that she just disappeared. Once Erica’s bought what he’s shoveling, Tommy asks to be shown how he will transport everyone to the future before the ELE.

Miko continues to pixelate on the lawn of Parkman’s facility. Inside Carlos and Farah begin going room to room. Without Parkman’s voice radiating through the facility, the evos are no longer under his control. This time the Father recognizes Carlos. Parkman digs through Taylor’s mind for her motivation to betray her mother. He discovers that she’s pregnant with her evo boyfriend’s child and Erica doesn’t know. They are intercepted by two Harris clones, but Parkman will not turn her over. Instead, using his powers convinces the clones to shoot each other. Carlos finds Jose but not before Jose walks through a wall. Jose knows where they’re keeping Micah and offers to take them there.

Additional clones monitor traffic in and out. Using the glasses Kravid designed, they identify a car with two unregistered evos and prevent them from passing. The two in question are Luke and Malina. They jump out of the car and into a corn field. Harris, Quentin and Phoebe follow. Malina tries to create some cover but she is countered by Phoebe. Luke tells Malina to go and she resists. Concern being, neither of them have their powers.

Luke (raises his gun): You can’t block a glock.

Tommy teleports Erica to Gateway. Erica spins her version of the story, specifically her deception towards those she claims to save. Then Tommy all but demands to see his mother.

Malina doubles back right into a trap. Phoebe catches her with the black smoke. Quentin points his gun down at her and Harris suggests he make it quick. Then Luke arrives just in time. He clocks Phoebe in the back of the head with the butt of his gun, strikes down Harris with a quick fireball, then turns to Quentin. Quentin identifies Luke as the bad guy. Quentin continues by claiming Luke is on the wrong side before inquiring about Noah. Luke makes it very clear that he is all in, assuming Quentin is not.

Luke: I’m committed. Are you ready to die for your side?

Inside a processing center Tommy finds Emily and his mother. Presenting the new problem and that is that it appears Erica has kept her side of the bargain. Anne plays her part perfectly suggesting to Erica that while she is grateful, she will need answers to her questions if Tommy is to continue helping her. Then she whispers to Tommy that he can’t run from his true destiny.

In a barn Luke and Malina stand before Phoebe and Quentin. Quentin hold firm. Then Luke pulls out his gun looking directly at Phoebe and piecing together that she was responsible for killing thousands…including his son. Luke persists to question about the location of Tommy. Malina positions herself in front of Phoebe so that Luke won’t shoot her. In her gracious moment, she doesn’t notice Harris slowly getting closer.

Erica takes Tommy to the portal that will enhance his powers allowing him to transport all those Erica has chosen to the future Gateway. Erica gets a call during this intro to mass teleportation crash course. Harris has identified to her that Parkman has gone rogue with Taylor at this side and Miko somehow is at the Parkman facility. Another Harris gets to Micah’s containment room as Carlos tries to break him out. The Father dissipates into a gas restraining the Harris so that Carlos can take him out. The two relatives share a nice moment that is broke up by a gunshot to the Father’s chest from an ordinary staffer. Carlos tires to come to grips with the casualty of this effort. He collects himself and pour all his emotions into one more punch to break out Micah.

Outside Harris Prime orders his clones to back off as killing Miko is his fight. Miko armed with a staff/knife combo and Harris Prime armed with a double-sided ax, the fight begins. However, in the early going Miko sticks to hand to hand. Eventually she slices him in the abdomen. She gets a few more shots in before Harris gains the upper hand. he has her in an executing position and begins to monologue about killing the real her and her father. Then Miko employs an age-old Samurai technique. Knowing her end is near one way or the other, she turns her weapon towards herself and stabs through herself and into Harris. With him bleeding out and frozen, Miko slices his head off. Miko kneels before Harris as Carlos and the gang make their way to her.

Carlos: Who are you?
Miko: I was Kitana Girl (Miko pixelates for the last time and disappears).

Meanwhile, a Harris clone advances on Luke and Malina. Just as he gets a clear shot, he disintegrates into dust. Very much a kill the host, and the rest will die situation.

With the situation apparently neutralized, Carlos, Farah, Micah and Jose get back to Parkman’s office where Micah explains exactly what happens next. Two solar flares are coming. The first will wipe out North America. The second will end all of humanity. Micah taps into every media outlet in the world to make a statement.

Micah: My name is Micah. Some of you know me as Hero Truther. We’ve been fed a pack of lies by the head of Renautas Erica Kravid. She drove the wedge between evos and non-evos. And I can prove it.

Micah taps in a video feed of the Mohinder testimony that never saw the light of day. Mohinder is being coached by Erica as to how he can sound more threatening. More dangerous. Then we see that Mohinder is actually a shape shifter impersonating Mohinder. Following that broadcast, Joanne is delivered to Erica. Erica has been tracking her actions. Erica gives Joanne the hard sell of joining her cause by appealing to Joanne’s pain. And seduces her with the resources to make a difference. Starting with taking out a new target and it’s protector. That latter part being the real selling point. The target is Malina and the protector is Luke.

Parkman and Taylor travel to Odessa. At the same time we begin to see the first images of the sun flares heading towards Earth. This also signifies the imminent danger and very real setup for the season finale. Everything concludes next Thursday on NBC. Make sure to visit for continued coverage of Heroes Reborn.

End Pic

Heroes Reborn: Preparations For Gateway

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Picking up where we left off last week, Noah escorts Malina out of the crime scene that is the ice cream shop, Noah tries to reassure Malina that she is safe now. Noah vows to get Tommy/Nathan back, in Midian, CO. After they cross the street, Luke intercepts them. He is reserved and contrite as he returns to Malina the things she left in his car. Luke makes every effort to help further. Call it a debt owed for the life saved. Noah wants no part of it. Malina even has a look of disdain, now that she knows the trigger person is Luke’s wife.

Nathan wakes up in Erica’s home with evidence of a minor surgical procedure. Stitches covering a hole in the back of his neck. Erica begins in like you might expect, a collection of small lies that seem to the uniformed that they could be truths. Despite her best efforts, Nathan refuses to extend any level of trust. It doesn’t take her 90 seconds before she tries to paint Noah in a negative light. Erica, by the way, has some of the ugliest living room furniture. Nathan is still adamant about stopping this impending apocalypse. A notion Erica thinks is ludicrous. “How do you reverse the poles?” (north and south) I’m guessing, it has something to do with Malina’s ability to manipulate the northern lights.

Hiro created a time bridge, a connection between now and then. When Hiro was released from his captivity in Evernow, that bridge was severed. Erica needs Nathan to reconnect that time bridge. Nathan is still not convinced, but he demands to know when and where this future colony is.

Miko has found a way to do just that. She walks right onto “Gateway” in the future, the other end of the time bridge. She’s immediately met by other Erica sent over. Miko still pursues finding her father, she has no idea where or when she is. She does dispatch the small group of men relatively quickly.

Parkman has Farah and is attempting to her to reveal the location of “the girl”, which one must assume means Malina. When he gets no where reading her mind, he politely threatens to bring Carlos in to loosen her up. Later, Parkman brings Carlos in. Dressed in all white and handcuffed. Carlos is of little help, but his presence seems to loosed Farah’s grip on her own thoughts. Eventually, Parkman grows tired of this game and points a gun on Carlos, hoping it will force Farah into giving up the one nugget she will not let go of. Farah eventually cracks at the thought of Carlos getting killed in front of her.

Nathan teleports Erica, Quinton and Phoebe to Gateway. First he surveys the deserts vastness. Then Erica shows him Gateway in the distance. Always maintaining that it is inevitable that they would fail in fulfilling the prophecy. On a tour, Nathan seems legitimately impressed. He reluctantly agrees to help but only under the conditions that he be permitted to bring as many family.

Noah and Malina stop for gas and they both notice that Luke has followed them. Noah confronts Luke again to reiterate that they don’t need his help. Luke makes a sincere appeal including the admission of loss. He brings it back around to Malina saving his life. It looks like Noah may be giving in, then pulls a 180 leading Malina back to the car.

Miko gets inside what appears to be a safely guarded facility inside Gateway. There she discovers bodies is stasis. One in particular. The real Miko. That’s about the time her father shows up. He explains what he can and also tells her she needs to find the Master of Time and Space.

Taylor has an idea to gain access into Stoneridge. The shapeshifter morphs into Erica Kravid who will pay a visit to the facility unannounced. The problem is that neither Taylor or the shapshifter are aware of Parkman’s mind reading ability. They both think of Francis and Micah which tips Parker off that they are not who they seem.

Noah and Malina pull up to a massive storm cloud over a highway in Texas. Noah suggests she stay in the car but she doesn’t listen. She gets close and stands on the back of a pickup truck. Malina tries with all of her strength to push back this massive storm cloud. She is eventually successful. However her act to save people is brushed aside for the mere fact that she’s an evo. Then out come the evo bigots. Luke steps in and uses his own power to push back the mob. In all the commotion, they didn’t notice Nathan teleport in and snatch up Noah.

Whether Carlos was playing along to the submissive ways of the other guests or the sight of Farah snapped something back into place, Carlos summons the strength or courage to fight back. He frees Farah from the medical room she was apparently passed out in. Meanwhile, Parkman enters a room with a large glass cage that holds…the grown Micah. Parkman needs to know he’s on Erica’s list of those worth sending to the future. In short order, the heavily sedated Micah finds Erica’s list, with Parkman’s name on it.

Nathan stands on the platform for the time bridge and agrees to teleport back Quinton and Phoebe back. Before he can go himself, Miko jumps in front of him and takes out a few guards. Erica is immediately alarmed. Miko grabs Nathan’s arm, calls him the Master of Time and Space and tells him she’s there to free him. Nathan then teleports out of there.

Taylor, Carlos and Farah make it outside hoping to find those they came for. They are met by Taylor’s new friends. Who in turn are met with about a hundred Harrises.

Heroes Reborn: The Kids Are Always In Danger

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC                                                                                         

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Sundae, Bloody Sundae begins with a series of snapshots. Carlos wakes up to find himself amidst a role reversal, Dearing in the driver’s seat and Carlos with a tube up his nose. Luke driving Malina to the last place Luke saw Nathan. Casper speaks to someone on the phone referencing that Nathan is on his way. To where he did not specify, but he did hint to ‘tying up some loose ends’. Taylor Kravid changes her hair color and gets hacker group from last week. Erica Kravid continues her arrogant perception of the current situation then walks outside to kill a deer. Nathan returns to Anne where she tries to tell him some of the truth. He has Hiro’s powers. He has exactly Hiro’s powers. Nathan has a hard time accepting that he can time travel. Then Noah appears to confirm that he indeed can time travel.

Carlos and Dearing arrive at Sunstone Manor. Despite the events of a few episodes ago that lead to Carlos being in the passenger seat, these two are effectively working together. Dearing leads him inside, both connected with ear coms. Carlos gets escorted to an adjacent room to confirm his status as an evo. Carlos eyes are screaming at Dearing, while Dearing plays his part. Carlos is detected as an evo, as planned.

Taylor walks to meet the hacker contact. As he approaches he pulls down a ski mask. Taylor turns to escape but falls right into the arms of a second man who jumped out of a black van. They cover her head and throw her in the van.

Luke and Malina continue their trip. Even after Luke mentioned that he didn’t want to talk about his reason for being, he eventually opens up. Albeit a small admission, he tells a story about how he and his wife to take Dennis to the movies and load up on junk food to help Dennis feel more normal.
Carlos gets escorted up the house and slowly gets out of the handcuffs. When the associate asks what his power is, Carlos takes him down with three punches.

Erica Kravid walks up to a seated and bound Taylor. She pulls the hood off of Taylor’s head. It appears that the contact was just a setup. Taylor doesn’t cave to Erica manipulative attempt at a mother-daughter guilt trip. Erica doesn’t hesitate to demand to know who Taylor gave the files to. Taylor makes it very clear that she will perish before giving her mother anything. Then we discover that the woman before Taylor is not her mother. It’s a male shape shifter. The shape shifter backs away to allow the Haitian to move in to the foreground. The Haitian, as he describes it, is just one of the hunted.

Casper sits at the counter of Emily’s diner. He holds a penny. Emily mentions that her bracelet was a gift from her thoughtful boyfriend. Casper spins the penny on the counter. Before Emily can touch it, he slaps it down. “Treasure those memories, it’s what defines us”. Emily walks away from Casper to greet her next customer. Seated with aviator sunglasses is Joanne. She puts her gun on the table encouraging Emily to sit. Casper gets up and asks what he owes her. Joanne tells her to get rid of him. Casper pulls loose change out of his pocket and drops all of it on the floor. Joanne does not pick any of them up.

Carlos takes the associate’s clothes and makes his way down. Carlos can hear the voice of the ‘director’. Outside the manor resembles a cult. Inside, Dearing is getting annoyed with the time its taking to get his money. There is a new protocol. They have to wait, and in time, Dearing will get swabbed to ensure that evos aren’t delivering evos. The swab man shows up and Dearing tosses him across the large foyer. Before he can turn around, the desk lady injects him with something that drops him to his knees.

Quentin shows up at the hospital strangely and helps Nathan retrieve a candy bar lodged in the vending machine. Nathan gets a call and heads to the rest room. Inside, he gets a call from Emily but of course the voice belongs to Joanne. Nathan teleports out of there just before Quentin and his gun decide to take Nathan out. He arrives in the diner and charges straight for Joanne, pleading that she let Casper and Emily go. Casper politely interjects that he is handling this.

Luke and Malina pull up just a hair too late. Casper tosses his briefcase in the air. Joanne shoots it forcing all his coins to cascade down on her. She turns and takes one shot hitting Casper right between the eyes. Luke hears the gunshot and jumps out of the car, but not before ordering Malina to stay in the car.

In walks Luke in the middle Joanne’s claims that killing Nathan would not be enough. She needs to make Nathan watch his girlfriend die first. Luke is very calm asking Joanne to put down her gun. He mentions that none of this will bring Dennis back. Joanne gets this great idea that if she kills Emily then Luke kills her, everybody wins. Luke raises his arm to neutralize the situation. The fire leaves his hand as Joanne turns to point her gun at Emily. Nathan screams out and without knowing it, freezes time. Along with time travel, probably something he didn’t think he could do.

As Hiro did in the first season, Nathan marvels at what he has been able to do. He walks around each person and yes, even alters the trajectory of the bullet headed right for Emily. Then he turns to discover Malina who is also frozen in time. Nathan teleports Emily out of there and once he does, time snaps back. When her shot meets ice cream and not Emily, she sprints out of there. Luke gives chase and discovers that Malina is not in the car, but that’s when the sirens can be heard.

Taylor stands in a circle with the others with the Haitian. One of them can project images with their mind. The images fly one after the other until it stops on…Micah. Fans of the original series had to gasp for air like I just did. Micah was their leader. They believe Erica has Micah. Taylor stops the images on Sunstone Manor.

Carlos finds Jose sitting on a bench talking to no one. It’s actually a manifestation of what appears to be a younger Carlos. When the real Carlos tries to get Jose to leave, he freaks out. Then Father Mauricio appears to tell Carlos they have everything they could want right here. Carlos takes out a couple guards, but when more appear he races out of there only to be surrounded by guards.

The Director speaks to Dearing who looks to be in pain if not significantly uncomfortable. The Director conveys his disgust in a cop turned bounty hunter out rounding up his own kind. Then the Director tells Dearing that his punishment is up to him. Dearing turns about-face and enter an area covered in plastic. Inside the covering, Dearing finds a gun on a table. Puts the gun to his temple. The sound the door closing and the sound of a gunshot seem to merge.

The Director is MATT PARKMAN! Parkman tries to get into Carlos’ head to find out what is that one thing that Carlos hides that defines him. And just like that, Carlos straightens up and turns about-face just as Dearing did. This time, Carlos enters a similar plastic covered area with a small table. There is a much larger assault rifle in this one. Carlos gets thrust into a military flashback. He cowered in the room frozen and crying. Parkman walks in eating a sandwich.

Parkman: Farah Nazan. That’s interesting. Might be more helpful than I thought.

Nathan teleports himself and Emily to the hospital where Noah and Anne wait. He informs Noah that Casper is dead. Before he can explain, he tries to teleport himself and Noah out of the hospital but he can’t. He can’t because Phoebe is in the building. Noah tells him to run. Nathan runs right into Quentin’s raised gun. Noah, dumbfounded by the treachery on Quentin’s part, turns his gun on Phoebe. With the threat of Quentin killing Nathan, he lowers his gun. Quentin and Phoebe get away with Nathan. Noah returns to the scene of Casper’s death to find Malina getting questioned. The detective is about to ask Noah to leave when he introduces himself as “her grandfather”.

The Frady’s deliver Nathan to Erica Kravid’s place. Erica is more than inviting, but Nathan isn’t buying it. She takes him to a done up table outside. She tells him that she knows his grandfather told him he was destined to save the world. Erica plans to tell him how.

A butterfly (ironically) lands on the knee of someone meditating on what looks like a barren desert. That person is Miko…7,957 years in the future. She walks with purpose across the desert floor and around a rock formation with the sound of Mohinder Suresh’s voiceover about the impact of the decisions we make. She stops and turns revealing to the audience a large complex in the middle of the desert. That complex is the “Gateway” project that Erica Kravid had been admiring in concept art form earlier in her home.

Heroes Reborn: Too Many Butterflies

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We pick up where we left off last week. With Erica Kravid and the June 13th incident. Last week ended with future Noah preventing past Noah from killing Erica Kravid. Now, we see Erica trying to spin the story to help her end game. Beginning with claiming that Mohinder Suresh was not only responsible for the bombings in Odessa, but also the murders of his research team. Both perpetrated by Erica Kravid.

The overlap continues as future Noah pursues Erica followed by past Noah. This time instead of cutting as past Noah yells out, we actually get to see the bullet strike flesh. Noah missed and hit her in the back of the leg. And now, the dreaded Noah and Noah face to face. I’m just guessing this won’t completely unravel the fabric of the space-time continuum, as Doc Brown once predicted.

Hiro and Angela with babies in tow, successfully travel back to 1999. They did not however, get to the desired destination. They are still in Odessa. Hiro cannot use his powers and Angela figures out why. The boy is a Petrelli as she puts it. He can absorb powers. Even as an infant, he has absorbed Hiro’s power. Angela decides, before Hiro can rebut, they must split up. The children must be raised separately.

Another flashback sequence has Carlos and Farah, two characters seemingly unrelated in any way, sitting in the same military court room. The court room was a court-martial hearing. Farah saved the men they speak of, yet Carlos gets rewarded for bravery. While it seems they aren’t anymore, at one time, Carlos and Farah were an ‘item’. Farah does mention taking a job that will take her off the grid for a long time.

Noah, Noah, Molly Walker and Casper sit in an exam room while past Noah tries to come to grips with what’s going on. His every instinct is the same as future Noah’s was. Noah asks Molly Walker to try to find Hiro. She cannot. All she knows is that his powers remain in Odessa. Future Noah looks to past Noah and tells him he needs to forget all about this day. He says he’ll reach out to the Haitian. Future Noah puts a stop to that and suggest using Casper instead. Before the two can leave to wipe his memory, Harris takes out Casper with the butt of his gun, but not until after seeing Future Noah leaving with Molly Walker.

The next scene is difficult to watch, especially for me. Luke and Joanna post a picture and basic information in a tent set up by first responders. After defending the notion that their son was normal and not an Evo, Luke identifies his limp body by his gloved hand outstretched from the gurney.

Harris gets past Noah into a room and holds him at gunpoint. Just as Noah refuses to tell Harris anything, Harris says he doesn’t need him to. Then Matt Parkman walks through the door. Matt sold his ‘talents’ to the highest bidder. Despite Noah’s pleas, Matt reads what he can. Before he can answer the question of where is the child, a penny rolls in and Noah traps it with his shoe. Noah’s memory of this day begin to fall away. Parkman can’t read him anymore. Then Casper takes out Harris with his penny brief case. After a brief hesitation, Matt strongly suggests they leave.

Hachiro (Miko’s father) calls Erica to ask why the media has implicated Hiro and Suresh, both in some way employed by Kravid. She explains that the reports are true and Hachiro need not concern himself with it. That’s the moment he realizes she’s denied him access to the game he created. So, Hachiro decides to create a hero to save Hiro. He creates Katana Girl.

Future Noah tries to employ Molly Walker’s ability as a Hiro GPS. They arrive at a house in the Odessa suburbs. Before Noah can ring the doorbell, a very ‘aged’ looking Hiro answers the door. 15 years raising Noah’s grandson and he was able to reach one very important conclusion. A connection that I didn’t see until he slapped me in the face with it. Nathan/Tommy can absorb powers. He absorbed Hiro’s but before that, he absorbed Claire’s. And that’s why she died during childbirth. She couldn’t heal.

Nathan walks through the door speaking fluent Japanese and calling Hiro “father”. Hiro confirms that Noah is his grandfather. The two share an embrace. This tangent that Noah’s created has definitely changed Nathan’s attitude, knowledge, and motivation. That and Hiro playing Dad with Anne the nurse (who have consequently fallen in love) is decidedly different. Nathan is ready for his destiny.

Hiro may not be able to take Noah back to the future, but Nathan can. Just then Harris burst through the door. Harris grabs Nathan with a gun to his head. Noah points his gun at Harris. Then quietly looks right at Nathan, says his name, and subtly nods his head as if to say, you know what to do. Nathan teleports Harris to the other side of the room, giving Noah a clear shot to kill him. This logically begins the process that should lead to Anne moving ‘Tommy’ around without warning or reason.

Luke and Joanna sit in their motel room watching the news, putting themselves through the intentional pain that mourning parents do when there’s a knock at the door. It’s the ‘iceman’ that Luke pulled from the rubble when he was looking for Dennis. The man is there to thank Luke for saving his life. When Joanna catches wind that he saved an Evo and their son is dead, she snaps. Ultimately stabbing the evo in the neck repeatedly with scissors. She freaks out for a moment, then embraces what she’s just done.

Noah and Nathan travel to meet Angela. She is very grandmotherly but walks off to have a word with Noah. Their presence is surprising and not in a good way. Noah tells her that Erica and Renautus found Nathan. Angela’s unconvinced as they took every precaution. Precautions that Noah undid when Noah shot Erica. The end is coming and there is nothing we can do about it. Nathan is ready to do his part now, but it appears that Malina needs time to develop her powers.

Angela summons Farah to introduce her to half of the world’s best hope. Farah is not impressed. Angela gives her instructions about the time being right and suggests there is something she hasn’t had the heart to tell Malina.

Erica honors her word and reunites Quentin with Phoebe. Quentin is happy to see her, but not completely convinced that all Phoebe’s been through is good. Phoebe tries to convince him that Erica is going to save everyone.

Noah, Casper and Molly Walker stand in the kitchen of Nathan’s home. Casper tells Noah that Erica is on to the other him and Noah replies that keeping Nathan safe is the most important detail. Thus, taking us back to an earlier episode where Casper seemed to almost be stalking Nathan. Nathan sends Noah back to the future. Then a black SUV pulls up loudly and out pour Harris’s. Hiro has to say goodbye. Nathan, Anne and Casper all teleport out of there before the Harris’s get in. Casper wipes everything from Nathan’s mind. Everything except the memory of their relationship.

Noah lands on a dirt pile in front of Primeatech only moments before Quentin walks out to discover him. Yes, one of the butterflies is that for the moment at least, Quentin is still alive. As it turns out, not the good news I first perceived it to be. Noah says very few words. The important ones being, “Claire had twins. They’re now 16. I hid them from Erica. Now I have to find them.” Noah doubles back to find his gun. Then Quentin very discreetly calls Erica to spill this new information. Information that pleases Erica Kravid greatly.

Heroes Reborn: Too Many Butterflies And The Fabric Of Time

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

At the conclusion of last week’s episode, Miko found a way to free the Master of Time and Space. In just the nick of time as Hiro Nakamura froze time just as Harris’ bullet almost met Noah’s temple. In June 13th part 1, Hiro teleports Noah back to the morning of June 13th under the strict requirement to harm as few butterflies as possible. This is a reference to the fragility of time. The more of the past that’s changed, the more volatile the consequences are.

Once they arrive one of the organizers working under past Noah tells him that Claire has arrived but is flying under the radar. Future Noah hurries to find her. Elsewhere, at a dirt covered four-way stop on the outskirts of Odessa, a black Suburban pulls up and stops before a lone man standing on the side of the road. The passenger of the Suburban is none other than Angela Petrelli. The man on the side of the road is Mohinder Suresh. Angela informs him that Erica Kravid has a nefarious agenda in mind that will in fact contradict his research. Mohinder’s research proves that if the planet is to be saved from the incoming Extinction Level Event, it will be with the aid of Evos. Erica Kravid has every intention of letting the world burn.

Naturally, Mohinder rejects this idea as another of Angela’s ploys. But before he storms off she tells him that Erica had his research team killed and will change the schedule preventing him from giving his speech, and then plans on having him killed. Before her driver can pull away, Angela gets a call from Claire’s phone, but it is not Claire.

Erica Kravid arrives with Harris outside a suburban Odessa home. On the inside, it doesn’t exactly resemble a typical residential home. The doctor is inside monitoring something with a command center type computer set up. In the basement, there are security measures including a massive security door leading to an empty room where Phoebe tries to build her ‘darkness’ as part of Erica’s plan. She must be able to control a mass large enough to cover the entire summit. Her motivation is the threat that Quentin will die with everyone else if she can’t figure it out.

Luke, Joanne and Dennis make the trip to Odessa to experience the summit. Dennis has a vulnerability to sunlight. Or so his parents think. Simple exposure to sunlight and he breaks out in serious burns. Or for anyone who’s been watching the entire time, Dennis is an Evo. His parents just haven’t let the power materialize. As we saw with Luke who has the same power. They aren’t burns. They are the beginning of his power trying to expose itself.

Back at the Summit, past Noah runs into his organizer. He asks about Clair and Hiro. The organizer is under impression he already told Noah this information. But that was Future Noah. He also tells Noah that Erica moved a portion of the security detail off the west entrance. News that infuriates Noah.

Hiro sits in an elaborate office when a man arrives. The man in question has helped create Evernow. He claims that humanity needs help and suggests that Erica Kravid needs his ‘power’ to aid that effort. It appears that Hiro is business partners with Kravid. When he refuses to use his powers, the man puts his right hand on Hiro’s shoulder and his left hand on a laptop screen. This pixelates Hiro and sends him into the game. Then the man steals Hiro’s Katana, which as we’ve learned is the key to open the door Hiro’s trapped behind.

Future Noah and Hiro make their way to Primeatech, the last place Noah thinks Claire might be. They hear voices and duck out of sight. Past Noah walks in with Erica. He’s indignant over the security change. Then she starts in on the dangers of Evos. He comes back with the notion that the point of the Summit is to prove that Evolved humans are still humans. This is all Erica needs to see that Noah is on the wrong side of this. She has him escorted out by security.

Future Noah and Angela arrive at the hospital before the Summit event looking for Claire. A nurse comes in and informs Noah that Claire did not make it….but the babies did. I’ve had a theory about the Claire story line and will share it the moment I think I’m right. For the moment, Claire essentially died in childbirth. The curious but somewhat telegraphed detail is that the nurse Noah is speaking to is actually Anne Clark. The perceived mother to Tommy.

Suresh arrives at the Summit unable to contact his research team. Molly Walker runs into him and to say they seem ‘familiar’ would be a dramatic understatement. Suresh hands her his thick book of research that Angela returned to him only a few scenes earlier (if something happens). Harris approaches, Erica requests his presence. It doesn’t take long for Suresh to show Erica her cards to her. She does indeed plan on taking Suresh out. Harris hits him with a tranquilizer dart.

Future Noah and Angela wait in a nursery room when the doctor enters. Noah’s effected by news of being a Grandfather but he is still more concerned with seeing Claire. Something the doctor is not willing to grant. Nurse Anne walks in with a baby in each arm. It is a lovely distraction but only works momentarily.

Harris has rigged Mohinder with a device around his neck and tube up his nose to prevent him from accessing his power. Under his suit jacket, Harris reveals he’s strapped with explosives. Harris is going to make Suresh famous, just not for any reason he’d want. Just then, Hiro appears wielding two swords. Harris recognizes him but he’s perplexed as he believes Hiro’s trapped in Evernow. They engage in a sword vs fist fight, which Hiro wins rather quickly. And of course, the dead Harris was only a clone. As are the other five surrounding Mohinder and Hiro. The plan is not to kill Mohinder, but to somehow implicate him in the bombings. The various Harris’ will spread out and blow the roof off this Summit.

Suresh gives chase to the Harris he think s might be Harris Prime. Hiro is left to fight the remainder. One of the clones insists that Hiro cant defeat the all. So Hiro says, “Let’s find out”. Then he freezes time. We see him teleport out and snap back in, never the same spot twice. This is Hiro playing out scenarios. Every single one of which creates a bigger fallout than saving the people of the Summit.

Luke’s family take in the Summit. Dennis watches an Evo turn water of almost any form and turn it into snow and ice as a fun little parlor trick. Dennis gets blown away.

Meanwhile, elsewhere Casper is let into the detainment room holding his now familiar brief case. Noah already assumes that he is in Erica’s pocket. They share some nostalgia of old times, favors and saved lives. Just before Noah is about to lose any hope that Casper is on the side of good, Casper references San Francisco. This immediately triggers something in Noah’s mind. With a guard listening, this was the code that Casper chose to use to tell Noah that his circumstance was about to change for the better.

Future Noah finally gets to Claire. This may be a little too ‘inside baseball’ but not surprising that Noah could not even pull back the sheet to verify that it actually was her. It doesn’t advance the story, it’s just that Hayden Panettiere was too busy with Nashville to make an appearance. Otherwise this scene is difficult to watch. The show runners clearly went for the cheesy, predictable, cliché dialogue instead of keeping to tone of the situation. “I thought we’d have time. To say all the things that needed to be said.” Is a little too high on the cheese meter for me.

Hiro arrives in the hospital room after Noah’s cliché monologue to tell Noah that he could not do it. He could not stop the events from the Summit. There were too many bombs (Harris clones) and too many butterflies (negative consequences). No matter how many scenarios he ran, the consequences always proved to be more catastrophic than the pain and loss suffered at the Summit. Hiro attempts to teleport both of them out of there, but can’t.

Phoebe in a matter of hours has learned to control and grow her darkness. From her location in the suburban house, she raises her darkness vast enough that it covers everything between there and the Summit. Blanketing most of Odessa. Any Evos under that covering will be unable to use their abilities for as long as their covered.

When the explosions start Hiro and Future Noah are still in the hospital. The destruction from the Summit is complete. Molly Walker, past Noah and Casper make it out of their together. Still waiting to see what Noah did that made Molly Walker hate Noah so clearly a few episodes ago.

In the nursery Angela rocks the twins while Noah tries to convince Hiro to try again. Angela has seen it, there is no saving the Summit or Odessa. All that matters is the future. If I’m right on my theory, I think it’s going to come out in this scene. Angela mentions the ELE and that two Evos will save the world. Can you feel it? The big theory creeping into your mind. Erica knows about the ELE and that is why she’s sending ‘things’ into the future. She also knows that the only thing that can stop the ELE is…wait for it…Claire’s child. Noah asks which one? Angela speculates it might be both. Are you there yet? Have you made the connection I hypothesized two weeks ago?

This is where Noah figures out that this is what he wanted to forget. This is why he had the Haitian wipe his memory. They are going to hide the kids until such a time that they can do their part and save the world. If he doesn’t remember, he can’t give up their location. It’s just now that Angela figures out that the Noah she’s been talking to is actually future Noah. Noah hid the children from Erica. With a little help from his friends. And Angela volunteers to care for the children until they are needed. Just based on the Tommy/Anne situation, I’m guessing there’s another hiccup in the road.

One year from now, Erica Kravid will be looking for a one year old child. But if they send them back, say 15 years then there is a great chance their powers will manifest like Claire’s did. And Erica won’t see it coming that the child(ren) she’s worried about are actually almost adults. Hiro prepares the boy infant to “party like it’s 1999”, but before they go there is one major detail yet to be ironed out. Here it comes… The Children need to be named. The boy, Nathan, after the son Angela lost. Remember last week a character said, “I don’t even know if that’s my real name”. And the girl, Malina, after Noah’s mother. Malina and Nathan, or more specifically, Malina and Tommy. Malina and Tommy, the one’s who will save the world are Claire’s children sent back 15 years to grow up before the ELE. Doesn’t hurt that it feels like a Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker situation.

Nurse Anne returns home, present day. The day of the Odessa Summit carnage. She comes home for a quick break because, wait for it, it’s Tommy’s birthday. She hands him a cupcake with a candle in it before she has to run back out again. And yes, Tommy appears to be somewhere around 14 years old.
Past Noah sits on a gurney with Casper waiting to be seen or medical attention. He asks Casper to get him some water. Then he notices Erica walk by. As he pursues, he crosses Future Noah who sees this whole thing play out. Now we have one Noah following another Noah who is following Erica with the intent to kill. Future Noah yells out to past Noah in the hopes of preventing this assassination attempt.

To be continued…

Heroes Reborn: A Hiro Tips The Scales

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Carlos begins “Game Over” by questioning or interrogated depending on your definition, detective Dearing who took Jose and the Father and was consequently outed as an Evo last week. Eventually the detective gives up the name of the location housing kidnapped Evos. Sunstone Manor.

Noah puts Harris through an interrogation of his own. Despite being dunked under water repeatedly, Harris makes it very clear that they will not see their loved one again without his assistance. Taylor takes off to find Francis before they move him to another site, leaving Noah and Quentin to find Hiro Nakamura.

Miko gets in Evernow again pursuing the rescue of her father. The problem with that plan is that Erica’s lead scientist/engineer has his team reprogramming the game in real time to keep her off the scent. They have also coded a new ‘guardian’ of the fortress. Also, Miko can’t rescue her father from the fortress if she can’t find the fortress. Miko and Ren quickly deduce that everything in Evermore corresponds to something real in their world. And the fortress corresponds to a Renautus building.

Luke makes his way to a yacht marina. He makes a call to Joanne which she absolutely doesn’t answer. He leaves a short but telling message. He then chucks his phone into the water. Luke turn to walk down the pier when he is greeted by a yacht salesman. The man asks if he can interest Luke in a boat. Luke extends the model he and his son made, “I’ll take this one…only bigger”.

Luke: Hi honey. This is your loving husband. You know, the one you almost shot in the face? I guess there really are things you can fix with couples therapy. I was just calling to touch base. Thought I’d let you know I sold the practice. And to tell you that I burned down the house.

Back in the game, Miko is met by a massive Shogun warrior easily 2-3 times her size so she solicits Ren’s help. Together they take out this giant relatively easily.

Taylor is too late. Francis has already been moved.

Tommy feeling overwhelmed asks Emily to ‘get out of here’. She hesitates, but the pictures and trinkets in her room give him an inspiration as to where they should go. Tommy teleports both of them to a street (during a bike race) that leads to the Eiffel tower. The desired next step is to take the young woman he is very much into, up to the top of the Eiffel tower. One problem. They are scanning for Evos. He pushes forward and tries to strong arm his way in without using his power. This macho display rarely impresses the lady in question and Emily is no different. This prompts their first little puppy love fight until Tommy explains that he is destined to help save the world.

Malina finds a vending machine and attempts to jar something loose with her power. About halfway through her attempt, Luke appears. Instead of avoiding the situation, he gives it a try with his own power, but neither attempt works.

Miko materializes just in front of Harris leading Noah and Quentin through the Renautus building. She attempts to fight the trio using her sword. Eventually, she has Noah dead to rights when he begins speaking in Japanese. The conclusion of which has Noah explaining the same ‘Master of Time and Space’ that she is sent to rescue for her father, is a friend of Noah’s. Her enemy is his enemy. Alliance formed.

Luke boards a sailboat that is the actual life size doppleganger of the one he and his son made. He reveals a backpack loaded with bricks. He puts on the backpack and jumps overboard. Malina sees the whole thing go down. She instantly snaps into action using her powers to pull his body from the water. Its big and not subtle at all, drawing attention to themselves.

Noah and Quentin (and eventually Ren) walk in on the Engineer. A warning shot prompts him to yell out something to his staff. They immediately huddle up and get zapped to wherever this portal is taking those crates. The Engineer quickly spills the beans. Erica is building a better future for the select few. Hiro is not there, well not technically. Hiro is trapped in a video game.

Inside the game, Miko comes across the greyscale version of herself. The classic, ‘how can you defeat yourself’. The engineer explains how Miko isn’t real. She was built for the game. She can’t rescue Hiro because to do so she must sacrifice herself. Just before she takes a sword to the back of the skull, she sheathes her sword and returns to where Ren, Noah and Quentin are. Then they hear traffic coming down the elevator. Out walk Harris clones and a strange woman from an earlier episode. Very dark hair and pale skin. It’s Quentin’s sister, Phoebe. They quickly retreat behind a bulletproof glass wall.

Quentin decides to talk some sense to Phoebe while Noah and the rest create a distraction. They collectively take out the two Harris clones. Quentin’s words fall on deaf ears. He starts to walk away they quickly turns back to tackle her. Phoebe does not appreciate his efforts. She claims he has ruined everything. She has a purpose now. And if they release Hiro Nakamura, they all will die. As she says this she sends her Medusa like smoke tentacles down Quentin’s throat. This will eventually kill Quentin but not before Noah has his “you done good son” moment. At that moment, Miko travels back into the game.

More Harris clones and security guards appear. They all raise their guns and the first Harris clone fires. Meanwhile in Evernow, Miko uses her grayscale enemy’s arrogance to her advantage. She power slides like a 1980s hair band front man past the nemisis rises and slices her head off. With little hesitation, she drives the sword into the slot in front of a massive door. Everything in Evernow including the fortress pixelates and disappears. The bullet slows and stops inches from Noah’s head. Everything is frozen in time except Noah. He slides the bullet to the side and stands up. All the big original Heroes fans are probably squeeing at the anticipation of what comes next. A very long haired Hiro Nakamura stands before Noah.

Noah (extends his hand to Hiro’s shoulder): It’s good to see you old friend.

Hiro stands by his assertion that bending time has lasting and potentially catastrophic consequences. A short speech from Noah about what Erica Kravid has done and plans to do, turns Hiro’s opinion quickly. “I will take you back to June 13th”.

Taylor freshens up in a motel room after sneaking into her mother’s office and stealing evidence against her. She tosses a laptop on the bed an kneels in front of it. There she uploads a video of herself exposing her mother and what she’s really trying to do.

Carlos drives detective Dearing out to the Sunstone Manor. They stop short. If Dearing is to pass Carlos off as a bounty (captured Evo) they will have to switch places. Carlos agrees believing that Dearing is on board. Before they get back in the car, Dearing tells him that he needs to drink this small amount of liquid. The liquid will create the illusion to the scanners that Carlos is an Evo, which he isn’t. Seconds after ingesting the liquid, Carlos experiences intense pain. All part of Dearing’s plan .

Malina walks up on Luke who is seated at a park bench, still wet from his suicide attempt. She offers him some of her vending machine score. She asks why he tried to kill himself. He lost that thing to believe in. His reason for living. This latest act, was his way of looking for a sign. She mentions that she’s looking for something to. A person. Tommy Clark. Luke recognizes Tommy instantly. This is the sign he was looking for. When he asks why she needs to find him, she replies with, “because together we are going to save the world”. Luke sighs, stands and turns as he walks away.

Luke (walking away): We better get going.

Erica sits in her office watching Taylor’s video on a small tablet or large phone. Harris calls and Erica is already barking at him. And he hasn’t even delivered the bad news yet. She tries to convey her anger at what her daughter has done. Then Harris says something that triggers Erica to scream and throw her portable device against the wall in anger.

Erica: Where have you been Harris? We have a problem with my daughter.
Harris: We have an even bigger one. They’ve released Hiro Nakamura.

Hiro teleports Noah back to June 13th a year ago. The Odessa Summit.

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Heroes Reborn: The Past Molds The Future

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Farah and Malina continue their trek despite the uncertainty weighing on Malina. They arrive at what looks like a very large old barn. Farah has someone to meet and needs to leave Malina behind momentarily.

Erica and Harris confer about the Kitana Girl group descending on their campus. Erica is not fooled. This is Miko’s ‘trojan horse’ to get inside so she can reclaim her father’s sword. She orders Harris to send ‘one of him’ to retrieve her and another to move the sword to Erica’s home. Harris cuts off one of his fingers at the first knuckle. It begins to regenerate the rest of him automatically.

Tommy gets poked and tagged by whomever grabbed him at the hospital. After the tests and getting plugged with a tracker, Tommy is asked by the man who took him what he’s running from. He very bluntly replies, “from you”. Tommy actually complies. After he gives his full real name the man rocks back in his stance and asks, what was your last name before you were adopted. Information, it seems, Tommy didn’t have before this moment. Before the man can finish his intimidation tactic, Tommy teleports out of there. When the man goes to leave after him he is welcomed at the door by Casper Abraham and his penny greeting.

Carlos returns to the shop to find the Father and Jose are gone. Inside the muscle car he does find the luchador mask that Jose dropped in there.

Noah, Quentin and Taylor make their way through a dark open space that is covered wall to wall with specimens. A seed bank to repopulate after the extinction level event. A door opens and they duck out of sight. A group of white coats come and wheel away some boxes for transport.

Luke returns home to an empty house full of bills. The sights of pictures depicting his family are almost too much. Upstairs, Luke reflects on the image of his son’s untouched room. He reaches for a picture on the wall, strategically posted right next to a 9th Wonders comic book. A coloring book (we assume Luke and his son worked on together) that has a voice recording of his son saying, “you’re the best Daddy” brings Luke’s defenses crumbling down.

Farah has been waiting for hours and no contact shows. She leaves, goes invisible, but not before one of the Harris clones spots her using a pair of epic glasses. She gets back to Malina but is only there mere seconds before the Harris Clone and his goons appear. They advance and Malina jumps out from the shadows and propels two of the men off their feet up into the air and back, far back.

Erica gets to an undisclosed warehouse with security protocols that out price the neighborhood they’re in. Inside they are able to teleport one of those large specimen boxes.

Luke continues to emotionally beat himself up. He has moved to watching old family videos. After watching a video of he and his son building a model sail boat and putting out to sea, Luke picks up his phone. He speaks to a woman named Darcy and asks to see Don, immediately.

Malina decides to stop running Harris and his group catch up to them again. This time they’ve brought a woman in a hoodie. That woman advances and we have a stand-off. The dark woman is able to release what looks like streams of black smoke, almost like snakes protruding from her hands. Malina’s powers are diminished if not absent. They turn to run again and Harris takes his shot, hitting Farah in the back. She hands Malina a small padded envelope and demands she run.

Carlos goes to a local precinct to accuse a detective of having something to do with the disappearance of Jose and the Father. Two other detectives wearing epic glasses and identify the first detective as an evo and take him down. During transport, Carlos gets the drop on them. Donning his new vigilante suit, he takes them out with ease. The first detective, ironically, is the one who took Jose and the father.

Taylor has set the trap or Erica under the pretense of a face to face apology. Noah and Quentin emerge from behind a corner and Erica looks less than shocked. Noah wants answers and Erica is not willing to give them. Renautas apparently bought Primatech and for a stretch, Noah was a part of what they were doing. Erica even shed more light on the voluntary memory wipe. Noah pulls his gun when Erica said “to protect who”. Just then, Harris comes around the corner holding the sword and a gun of his own.

Don arrives at Luke’s place believing there is a real tangible emergency. It appears that this Don and Luke are partners of a dental practice. With no warning, Luke offers to sell his share of the practice, just like that.

While the Harris clones round-up the others, Miko burst (literally) through one of the windows and grabs the sword. This is enough of a distraction for Noah, Quentin, and Taylor to break free. At gunpoint, Miko pulls the sword from its sheath and disappears. She reappears outside mere feet behind Ren. Miko wants to jump right into the game to find her father. Ren is all too pleased with this.

Tommy teleports into Anne’s hospital room and he is to coin a phrase, to fit to be tied. When demands to know why he’s been lied to, she calls him ‘Nathan’. Anne vows to tell him everything. With perfect timing, Casper enters the room asking if she’s really prepared to tell him everything. Casper has been keeping a close watch over Tommy/Nathan for a year. Casper and Anne essentially double team the truth dump. Anne couldn’t tell Tommy the truth because she knew he would try to save his Dad. When Casper tells him that he will help save the world, Tommy replies with , “No. I’m not.” Just before teleporting out of there.

Luke sits at the foot of his son’s old bed holding a picture of Joanne and their son. He stares at it long enough that the frame catches on fire. He drops the frame and in seconds the room is engulfed in flames. He drops his wedding ring into the fire, then grabs the model sail boat. Then he nonchalantly walks out of his burning house, presumably to never return.

Malina wakes up on top of logs being transported. Under a covering she looks upon the bloody envelope.

Erica and two of the Harris’s meet Richard (the scientist who developed the ability to teleport matter), there is a problem. He’s run a simulation and the E.L.E. is coming faster than expected and will be more devastating than expected. Erica is not surprised or shaken. She knows starting over takes sacrifice. Or so she keeps telling herself.

Heroes Reborn: Sacrifices Must Be Made

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Tonight we start with the aftermath of Anne and Tommy’s car accident. Just about the time Anne decides to move Tommy to another town, she get’s ‘t-boned’. Tommy wakes first. He’s able to get out of the car which is inverted now, roof down wheels up. Anne has fear in her eyes. She wants Tommy to just go. So he teleports her.

Joanne and Luke continue their quest to cross evos off the list. Luke is still hesitant about it. Joanne shoots the mark between the eyes. In short order, Luke discovers that this man was a husband and a father. If that wasn’t bad enough, the situation was made worse when the man’s golden retriever sulks downstairs and chooses to lay with the dead owner.

Our invisible woman takes time to pray. Still unclear as to what this ‘Arctic Circle’ story line is going. She finds a frozen butterfly in a climate that no butterfly should be in. Then Malina appears undetected asking if it’s time to head south. As they proceed what looks like a patch of land where snow has melted turns out to be hundreds, maybe thousands of frozen butterflies. When Malina brings one back to life, the rest are restored.

Noah and Quentin make their way to the Renautas home office. Using Quentin and his ‘spicy tuna’ they intercept Taylor. The hope is that she will see something and turn against her mother. Taylor meets with her mother with the sole question of “why are we rounding up evos”? A question Erica has a hard time answering without the theatrics. Erica believes she is saving the normal human race from the negative effects of an overpopulated planet.

Luke tries again to talk Joanne off of their killing to do list. They both chalk up his change in tune to a two-day long headache. Joanne leaves the motel room. Luke extends his arm so that his hand is exposed to a small sliver of sunlight. That part of his arm begins to glow. He picks up a glass of water and makes it boil in seconds. He throws open the curtains to see, as everyone involves sees, the Northern Lights. All over the planet.

Carlos has made some improvements to his vigilante suit. And by some I mean he went all Tony Stark. The suit is now almost mechanical.

It did not take much to convince Taylor to turn. With her security credentials apparently revoked, Taylor does what Taylor does. She takes out the guards and uses their finger prints to gain access. Problem is Harris Clone, Clone 2, Clone 3 were waiting for them. Noah whispers to Taylor and Quentin to hit the floor at the count of three. They do, then Noah shoots out a fire extinguisher creating enough of a visual problem that it affords him a change to take out all three clones.

Noah finally reaches his point of no return. While driving in the car, Noah begins to monologue about the pain they’ve endured and how they’ve already lost each other. Then using only his hand, set the list of names in the cup holder on fire. Joanne slams on the brakes and puts her gun to his head. “If you want to do it, do it.” Instead she pulls back her gun, exits the car, and begins walking in the other direction leaving Noah sad and herself angry.

Tommy with Emily’s help is able to get to South Bend Indiana (instantly) to steal blood to match his mother’s O Negative blood type. When they return with the blood, the nurse informs him that his blood test went straight to a federal database. The only important words she said, she said multiple times. “You have to run”. Before they can, Tommy and Emily are book ended by Feds.

Carlos finishes working on the muscle car intended for Jose and his Dad to finish together. Excited, he drives of leaving Jose behind. Out of frustration, Jose tosses a socket that falls down through an oil pan into Carlos’ lair. What Jose finds he believes belongs to his late father. Before he can explain what he is to the Father, a man walks up and says, “Two for one”. He tazes the father and his associate nabs Jose.

Noah, Quentin and Taylor make their way to a large room they are not supposed to be in. Inside are what look like open Cryo-chambers. With those three inside, those outside discover something as well. Despite her hesitation and thanks to Ren’s social media claims, Miko is introduced to tons of Kitana Girl fangirls outside Renautas. Back inside, the trio feel compelled to do whatever they can to help. Only Molly Walker seems to be awakes. Noah with good intentions comes to her side. She claims there’s no stopping this, then she grabs his gun and points it at him. She references June 13th and how they all knew what was at stake. Then she points the gun at her own temple. She says something about not telling Erica the location. But if she tells Noah the location he will certainly go back, and if he does that, they’re all dead anyway. Just before Molly Walker pulls the trigger firing a bullet into her own brain, she says what should be the “save the cheerleader” line of this season.

Molly Walker: Forget the past Noah, save the future.

When Harris Prime breaks the bad news to Erica, some of the pieces from Molly Walker’s strange comments come into focus. The location is that of Malina, the one person who can save everyone. Erica demands that Harris find the child and kill it. He tries to leave claiming he’ll put his usual team on it. She grabs him by the arm and asserts that this is too important. “You’ll take the Shadow”. Which draws a reaction from the otherwise stoic Harris Prime.

The now staple Mohinder Suresh voice over to open and close out the show takes up into a home. Inside a bedroom is a young boy who appears to be generating dark matter with his hands. The boy looks up to reveal that he color of his eyes are a light collection of iridescent colors. Then good old Mohinder says something that peaks my interest and should peak yours (especially if you read our recaps on Agents of SHIELD).

Suresh: The only question that remains, will we be able to stay true to who we are? Or will we fall to the pressures of destiny? And become something else entirely. Something INHUMAN.