Heroes Reborn: Sacrifices Must Be Made

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Tonight we start with the aftermath of Anne and Tommy’s car accident. Just about the time Anne decides to move Tommy to another town, she get’s ‘t-boned’. Tommy wakes first. He’s able to get out of the car which is inverted now, roof down wheels up. Anne has fear in her eyes. She wants Tommy to just go. So he teleports her.

Joanne and Luke continue their quest to cross evos off the list. Luke is still hesitant about it. Joanne shoots the mark between the eyes. In short order, Luke discovers that this man was a husband and a father. If that wasn’t bad enough, the situation was made worse when the man’s golden retriever sulks downstairs and chooses to lay with the dead owner.

Our invisible woman takes time to pray. Still unclear as to what this ‘Arctic Circle’ story line is going. She finds a frozen butterfly in a climate that no butterfly should be in. Then Malina appears undetected asking if it’s time to head south. As they proceed what looks like a patch of land where snow has melted turns out to be hundreds, maybe thousands of frozen butterflies. When Malina brings one back to life, the rest are restored.

Noah and Quentin make their way to the Renautas home office. Using Quentin and his ‘spicy tuna’ they intercept Taylor. The hope is that she will see something and turn against her mother. Taylor meets with her mother with the sole question of “why are we rounding up evos”? A question Erica has a hard time answering without the theatrics. Erica believes she is saving the normal human race from the negative effects of an overpopulated planet.

Luke tries again to talk Joanne off of their killing to do list. They both chalk up his change in tune to a two-day long headache. Joanne leaves the motel room. Luke extends his arm so that his hand is exposed to a small sliver of sunlight. That part of his arm begins to glow. He picks up a glass of water and makes it boil in seconds. He throws open the curtains to see, as everyone involves sees, the Northern Lights. All over the planet.

Carlos has made some improvements to his vigilante suit. And by some I mean he went all Tony Stark. The suit is now almost mechanical.

It did not take much to convince Taylor to turn. With her security credentials apparently revoked, Taylor does what Taylor does. She takes out the guards and uses their finger prints to gain access. Problem is Harris Clone, Clone 2, Clone 3 were waiting for them. Noah whispers to Taylor and Quentin to hit the floor at the count of three. They do, then Noah shoots out a fire extinguisher creating enough of a visual problem that it affords him a change to take out all three clones.

Noah finally reaches his point of no return. While driving in the car, Noah begins to monologue about the pain they’ve endured and how they’ve already lost each other. Then using only his hand, set the list of names in the cup holder on fire. Joanne slams on the brakes and puts her gun to his head. “If you want to do it, do it.” Instead she pulls back her gun, exits the car, and begins walking in the other direction leaving Noah sad and herself angry.

Tommy with Emily’s help is able to get to South Bend Indiana (instantly) to steal blood to match his mother’s O Negative blood type. When they return with the blood, the nurse informs him that his blood test went straight to a federal database. The only important words she said, she said multiple times. “You have to run”. Before they can, Tommy and Emily are book ended by Feds.

Carlos finishes working on the muscle car intended for Jose and his Dad to finish together. Excited, he drives of leaving Jose behind. Out of frustration, Jose tosses a socket that falls down through an oil pan into Carlos’ lair. What Jose finds he believes belongs to his late father. Before he can explain what he is to the Father, a man walks up and says, “Two for one”. He tazes the father and his associate nabs Jose.

Noah, Quentin and Taylor make their way to a large room they are not supposed to be in. Inside are what look like open Cryo-chambers. With those three inside, those outside discover something as well. Despite her hesitation and thanks to Ren’s social media claims, Miko is introduced to tons of Kitana Girl fangirls outside Renautas. Back inside, the trio feel compelled to do whatever they can to help. Only Molly Walker seems to be awakes. Noah with good intentions comes to her side. She claims there’s no stopping this, then she grabs his gun and points it at him. She references June 13th and how they all knew what was at stake. Then she points the gun at her own temple. She says something about not telling Erica the location. But if she tells Noah the location he will certainly go back, and if he does that, they’re all dead anyway. Just before Molly Walker pulls the trigger firing a bullet into her own brain, she says what should be the “save the cheerleader” line of this season.

Molly Walker: Forget the past Noah, save the future.

When Harris Prime breaks the bad news to Erica, some of the pieces from Molly Walker’s strange comments come into focus. The location is that of Malina, the one person who can save everyone. Erica demands that Harris find the child and kill it. He tries to leave claiming he’ll put his usual team on it. She grabs him by the arm and asserts that this is too important. “You’ll take the Shadow”. Which draws a reaction from the otherwise stoic Harris Prime.

The now staple Mohinder Suresh voice over to open and close out the show takes up into a home. Inside a bedroom is a young boy who appears to be generating dark matter with his hands. The boy looks up to reveal that he color of his eyes are a light collection of iridescent colors. Then good old Mohinder says something that peaks my interest and should peak yours (especially if you read our recaps on Agents of SHIELD).

Suresh: The only question that remains, will we be able to stay true to who we are? Or will we fall to the pressures of destiny? And become something else entirely. Something INHUMAN.

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