2 comments on “The Blacklist: How The Blacklist Got Its Groove Back

  1. I love the uncle theory…. my only question, if Red is Dom’s son wouldn’t he have known what buttermilk was? I would assume he would have grown up with it. When Red drank it at Dom’s, he reacted like this was the first time he ever heard or tried it.

    • Jen,
      Thanks for the kind words! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen buttermilk outside of a carton, never mind ever drinking it. However I’ve watched that scene countless times, because I love the interchange between Dennehy and Spader. To my eyes on a TV screen, it looks like regular milk. So I’ve always assumed that Raymond picked up a glass of what he thought was regular milk, and as soon as it hit his tongue, he realized he was drinking something he hated as a boy.

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