the-blacklist-look-what-they-ve-done-to-my-show Njatvs speculation
The Blacklist: Look What They’ve Done To My Show
Photo Courtesy of Virginia Sherwood/NBC WARNING SPOILER ALERT: “Look what they done to my song ma Look what they done to my song Well it’s the only thing
Njatvs speculation
The Blacklist: A Lifetime Hiding For No Reason
Photo Courtesy of Eric Liebowicz/NBC WARNING SPOILER ALERT: So, have we actually seen the last of Ian Garvey? Although it appeared that the dirty cop’s
the-blacklist-perhaps-you-ve-heard-of-him Njatvs speculation
The Blacklist: Perhaps You’ve Heard Of Him?
Photo Courtesy Of Virginia Sherwood/NBC WARNING SPOILER ALERT: Please consider this your FINAL WARNING: If you have yet to watch Season Five Episode Eighteen
the-blacklist-waist-deep-in-the-big-muddy-2 Series theories
The Blacklist: Waist Deep In The Big Muddy
Photo Courtesy Of Virginia Sherwood/NBC WARNING SPOILER ALERT: It was back in nineteen forty-two, I was a member of a good platoon. We were on maneuvers
rami-malek-for-the-win-2 Tv commentary
Rami Malek: For The Win
Courtesy of ABC Rami Malek (to the Emmy Audience): Please tell me you’re seeing this too? Here at NJATVS we pride ourselves in maintaining a sense of quality over quantity.
the-west-wing-an-oasis-from-political-madness-2 The west wing
The West Wing: An Oasis From Political Madness
Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros Television The worst kept secret with my affection of television is that I believe The West Wing is the greatest achievement
the-game-is-on-for-this-sherlock-one-off-2 Tv commentary
The Game Is On For This Sherlock One-Off
Courtesy of the BBC and PBS Masterpiece Theater After what has become typical to the Sherlock fandom, we are given a new episode to the BBC gem after a
the-blacklist-what-s-the-deal-with-ressler-and-other-assorted-questions Njatvs spotlight
The Blacklist: What’s The Deal With Ressler And Other Assorted Questions
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert Not all soldiers contain the qualities to become Generals. In fact the skill sets of an exemplary soldier
not-all-holiday-movies-are-created-equal-2 Holiday programming
Not All Holiday Movies Are Created Equal
Courtesy of ABC Family, Hallmark Channel and Lifetime ABC Family, Hallmark, and Lifetime Need To Refocus And Get Back To Quality Christmas Movies Without Agenda.
1247 Gotham
Gotham: Jim Gordon Crosses The Line
Photo Courtesy Of Nicole Rivelli/FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert Normally a recap would be filling this space as the FOX network aired their final episode of