endgame-a-crime-solving-crew-led-by-a-chess-grandmaster-2 International television
Endgame: A Crime-Solving Crew Led By A … Chess Grandmaster???
This is a non-spoilered review of Endgame, a drama broadcast in Canada in 2011 now available for streaming on Hulu that features a chess grandmaster with
short-poppies-one-actor-eight-distinct-characters-2 International television
Short Poppies: One Actor, Eight Distinct Characters
This is a non-spoilered review of Short Poppies, a comedy broadcast in New Zealand in 2014 now available for streaming on Netflix that features comic actor
the-librarians-australia-s-fun-take-on-the-office International television
The Librarians: Australia’s Fun Take On The Office
This is a non-spoilered review of The Librarians, a smart comedy broadcast on ABC in Australia from 2007-10 and now available for streaming on Hulu.
jonathan-strange-and-mr-norrell-a-magical-tale-in-19th-century-england-2 International television
Jonathan Strange And Mr. Norrell: A Magical Tale In 19th Century England
1593 International television
Peter Capaldi Is MY Doctor Who
Photo Courtesy Of BBC Warning: Spoiler Alert Before I even started grade-school my parents would ship me off to the local movie theater each Saturday afternoon