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The Blacklist: Whose Your Daddy?

Photo Courtesy Of NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

If I possessed the ability to predict the outcome of the stock-market, instead of the plot of a TV series, my wife and I could be comfortably retired on our own private island near Hawaii. Although Las Vegas offers wagers in a variety of areas, I highly doubt they have a book that’s devoted to TV show season finale outcomes. However as I wrote at the time, I put myself out on a limb a couple of weeks ago and I’m pleased I didn’t end up falling on my behind.

For the third straight year, fans of the NBC series “The Blacklist,” got treated to an exciting and action packed season finale, that provided some answers but left us waiting until October for answers to new questions. Once again we’re going to break format in order to summarize what we’ve learned in this campaign and hopefully provide some insight along with my opinions.

Elizabeth Keen’s Alive And Living In Cuba

Other than the fact that Kate Kaplan got Lizzie out of the country, no  real surprise here. If Megan Boone truly was leaving the show she would have gotten a far grander sendoff. As predicted Mr. Kaplan drew up a play in the dirt and left Raymond out of the loop. After picking up Tom and Liz outside of Mercy Hospital to transport them to a nightclub where Lizzie would give birth, Kate realized she needed to extricate the Keen family from Raymond’s life. So she convinced Nick to fake Lizzie’s death and Tom and Liz agreed to the plan.

Mr. Kaplan hired a small plane to transport Tom and Agnes to their new life in Cuba, but unfortunately Alexander Kirk’s operatives trailed Tom and Agnes and found out Lizzie’s waiting for her husband and daughter to their new home. The episode concluded with the Keen’s being held captive by Kirk and Raymond holding a pistol against Mr. Kaplan’s temple and asks “What are we going to do about you Kate?”

If anyone else had done what Kate did, their corpse would already be in a landfill dump in New Jersey. The fact that Raymond didn’t pull the trigger in that scene, lends me to believe that Red understands why she took the actions she did. The longer Raymond contemplates his next move the greater the odds he’ll forgive Mr. Kaplan.

Alexander Kirk Is Lizzie’s Father

Although there’s many fans that refuse to believe it, “Daddy-Gate” got resolved in the third season finale and Raymond Reddington’s not the Poppa. Alexander Kirk’s an alias for Konstantin Rostov, husband of Katerina and father of Masha Rostova. (The suffix “ova” is added to the “root-name” in many Eastern-European tongues, signifying wife of or daughter of.)

The purpose of Rostov wanting contact with his daughter and granddaughter’s unclear as the episode and season concluded. Is he simply trying to develop a relationship with a daughter he believed died in a fire as a child, or is he hoping Lizzie and Agnes can help him with his medical condition. Konstantin seems to receive frequent blood transfusions, which could be a result of a serious illness.

Raymond, Katerina’s father Dom and perhaps others went to great lengths to ensure that Rostov believed his daughter died as a child. They put her in Sam’s care and cutoff all contact with her, however Raymond was so confident he could keep her safe he broke the pact he had with Dominic. During episode 21, Red blamed Laurel Hitchin and the Cabal for exposing the name Masha Rostova to the planet. However if Raymond’s honest with himself, he’ll soon realize that it’s his fault the name surfaced.

Just before Liz shot United States Attorney General Tom Connelly in season two, Reddington revealed to Liz that her mother was a Soviet Spy named Katerina Rostova and her birth name was Masha Rostova. At the beginning of season three, Keen sought asylum at the Russian Embassy claiming she was a Russian spy. That act revealed her birth name which in turn revealed to Kirk his daughter hadn’t died.

Raymond Was Leaving The Task-Force

Raymond and Harold Cooper had a goodbye meeting just before Reddington left to try to assassinate Kirk and told Harold without Elizabeth being there his work was done, then told Cooper he appreciated him and his team and expressed his unabashed respect for Harold. He looked Cooper in the eye and said Charlene, inferring just with the mention of Harold’s estranged wife’s name they should get back together. He also begged Cooper to fix Aram up with somebody, comparing the Tech Wizard to a boy on a school bus with his first erection. However once they get Lizzie away from Kirk, look for them to both be back in the fold.

Ressler Chooses Justice Over The Law

Raymond’s plan was to have his sniper takeout Kirk, but Ressler found them before Kirk’s limo arrived and threatened to kill Raymond’s soldier. Reddington sent his man away and he grabbed the rifle and getting the scope ready as Ressler points his pistol at the back Red’s head while Dembe has his weapon on Donald. Raymond tells Ressler that if he plans to stop Red from taking the shot, he best shoot Reddington right now. But Donald pockets his weapon, Unfortunately Kirk doesn’t emerge from the limousine, it’s one of his lieutenants. Kirk’s flying to Cuba to meet his daughter and Granddaughter.

Senator Robert Diaz’s Campaign Song, I’m Your Puppet

Although Raymond told Senator Robert Diaz last week for politicians,  Reddington actually wants a favor from Diaz if he’s the next occupant of the Oval Office. He told the Senator he wants a full pardon for Elizabeth to clear her record even though he thought Liz was dead at this point.

What’s Up For Season Four?

Konstantin Rostov will become the designated  “Big Bad” at the beginning of next season. How long his storyline lasts remains to be seen. Lizzie and Raymond will return to the Post Office and the Task-Force will once again go after the names on Raymond’s list. Have a great Summer!!

The Best Day Ever, Masi Oka To Reprise Hiro On Heroes Reborn

Photo Courtesy Of NBC
Photo Courtesy Of NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Regular readers of these pages, are well aware of our staff’s penchant for the science-fiction/fantasy genres, as many of the shows we recap on a weekly basis, fall into those categories. So, naturally we became very excited when NBC announced a few months ago, that they decided to reboot, their former hit series “Heroes,” as “Heroes Reborn,” airing later this year.

How excited you ask? Watching the Super Bowl in February, as a fan of the New England Patriots, I derived more joy from the spot NBC aired for the upcoming series, during the contest, than Pete Carroll’s last second mind-cramp, giving the victory to the Patriots.

If you missed the show in its original airing, the premise revolved around a group of ordinary individuals from across the planet, who suddenly gained extraordinary abilities, for seemingly no particular reason. They all eventually met and joined together in a mission to save the planet from a nuclear holocaust, while dealing with Noah Bennett, the difficult to read representative of “The Company“. The first season of Heroes, ranks up there with some of the best programs in the history of Television. An incredible story, tightly written and well acted, that at times evoked memories of Greek Myths and legendary characters such as Robin Hood.

Unfortunately the show got hit with the Hollywood Writers Strike in its second season, cutting the amount of episodes that aired and preventing show-runner Tim Kring, from telling a cohesive story. Although the series had some great moments, during the rest of its run, it failed to come close to the magic the show displayed in the first season, culminating with a nearly unwatchable final season. However, the reboot starts off with a clean slate and will become a success or failure on its own merits.

Our first discussions, once finding out that Heroes Reborn would air, centered around the character Noah Bennett aka HRG, (Horned-Rimmed Glasses) played by veteran actor Jack Coleman. Bennett started out the series as a man whose job consisted of finding people with abilities and capturing them. Some of the enabled individuals, got turned and became assets for “The Company,” while others suffered imprisonment and sometimes, their destruction. However Bennett, became an ally of those with abilities during the run of the series, including his step-daughter Claire, who could regenerate anytime she got injured.

The new series would need a central and familiar character for the returning fans and HRG seemed like the logical choice and the network agreed, signing Coleman to anchor the series. Many observers believed that Coleman’s character would remain the one holdover from the original series, but that turned out to be incorrect.

Friday, “,” broke the story that one of the series most beloved characters would also return for the reboot, as the network signed Masi Oka to portray “Master Of Time And Space,” Hiro Nakamura, former Japanese office drone, who always had visions of greatness and obsessed with Science Fiction. In the pilot, Nakamura teleported himself from a subway car in Tokyo, to the middle of Times Square in New York City, what he didn’t realize was that he also broke the time barrier, landing in the Big Apple, several months later. Getting questioned by police officers about the murder of a stranger, Hiro managed to leap back to the subway car, before getting killed by a nuclear blast.

Of all those who gained abilities, Hiro clearly enjoyed it the most, living the life of a comic-book hero, unaware that in New York City, an artist with abilities, chronicled his adventures in a hit comic-book in the States. That artist, Isaac Mendez, was the murder victim that Hiro saw when he teleported, though it took Nakamura a while to realize that

With a limited grasp of English, but filled with optimism and enthusiasm and a lovable pup’s demeanor, Hiro became one of the breakout characters in that first season. By the end of the original series run, his English had improved vastly, but he got his heartbroken as the love of his life got taken from him twice, in a cruel twist of fate.

NBC seems to have gained more confidence in the series over the last few months, originally announced as a summer-replacement series, the article states that the Network’s delayed the premiere of the 13-episode event until the start of the 2015-2016 campaign in the fall. The network’s yet to announce, whether the reboot will end with episode 13, or will become an annual event, likely NBC’s waiting to see Kring’s creation and the response it receives, before extending their commitment to the new show.

If Kring can evoke that feel of an epic tale, as he did in the first series of Heroes, the fans will receive a treat this fall. At this point, a strong 13-episode stand-alone event, with a well-written, well-acted, cohesive story-arc would satisfy this viewer, finally replacing the memories of that terrible final season with a great new chapter.

NBC, has yet to announce a premiere date for Heroes Reborn, however we’ll keep you up to date with information as it arrives.

Gotham: Chris Chalk Brings Young Lucius Fox To Gotham

Photo Courtesy Of Digital
Photo Courtesy Of Digital

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The freshman FOX series “Gotham,” keeps expanding the Batman Mythos, as “” reports that the series hired Chris Chalk, to portray a young Lucius Fox, in the final few episodes of this season. Chris just completed his run on the HBO Original Series “The Newsroom,” portraying camera-man and ladies-man Gary Cooper. The Wayne Enterprises employee, made his debut in DC Comics back in the late seventies. According to the report, Chalk will debut in the next-to-last episode of this season. Chalk also appeared in the Academy Award winning film, “12-Years A Slave.”

Fans of the Dark Knight Trilogy, are familiar with the older version of Fox, who became CEO of Wayne Enterprises, in Batman Begins. Legendary actor Morgan Freeman portrayed Fox in the three movies. Fox’s a moral man and spoke out against corruption in the corporation, which cost him his job in the first movie, however Bruce Wayne brought him back as CEO as the film concluded.

This announcement, comes on the heels of an interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith’s leaving the show at the end of the current campaign, a move that didn’t surprise many regular viewers. Pinkett-Smith’s character Fish Mooney was created specifically for the show, portraying the last of the old-time criminals, that will make way for villains such as the Penguin, Riddler and in the not too distant future, possibly the Joker. The series is on hiatus until April, at which time it will air the season’s final four episodes.

Cuba Gooding Jr. To Play Jo Martinez’s Boyfriend On Forever

Photo Courtesy Of Entertainment
Photo Courtesy Of Entertainment

Warning: Major Spoiler Alert

Rumors have floated for weeks that Detective Jo Martinez would gain a new love interest in episode 18 of the ABC freshman series “Forever.” Monday afternoon, “Entertainment Weekly,” reported that the NYPD detective portrayed by Alana De La Garza, will start keeping company with a man described as a wealthy philanthropist, named Isaac Douglas, played by veteran actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

Gooding will get introduced in the eighteenth episode of the season, as a possible murder suspect, but he’s cleared of all wrong-doing. The website states that Gooding will remain with the series in a multi-episode story-arc and become Jo’s boyfriend. There’s no word on how many episodes Gooding will appear on.

Series creator Matt Miller shows with this move, that he’s pulling out all the stops to insure that ABC renew Forever for a second season. While the series has topped the ratings of the three series that held the Tuesday night 10:00 pm slot before them, the network’s held off renewing the show for a second season.

Fox Renews Gotham And Two Other Shows For Next Fall

Photo Courtesy Of Fox
Photo Courtesy Of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Earlier this month The CW Network, announced a mass renewal of shows, including two of my favorite shows, Supernatural and freshman series The Flash. Saturday, the Fox Network announced they’re renewing two freshman series and one series in its second season for next fall.  The network announced that it’s bringing back Gotham, Empire and a sitcom in its second season Brooklyn Nine Nine.

The last show mentioned, takes place in a NYPD station house and stars former SNL cast-member Andy Samberg and veteran actor Andre Braugher, in a rare comedy role. Empire, received a renewal after airing just two episodes, stars two outstanding actors in  Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. The series revolves around the record industry ostensibly, but killing one’s enemies, street gangs and dope-dealing are prominent components of the show. We’ll be getting back to Empire another time, as we take an extended view of the new show.

Although the network schedules are jam-packed of series based on comic-book characters, I’ve believed for a while that Gotham could become the best of the lot. Set in Gotham City, when Bruce Wayne was still a boy, the series provides a back-story for the exploits of the Caped-Crusader. Future Gotham City Police Department Commissioner James Gordon’s in his early days in the department and recently became a detective. We also got introduced to characters who’ll eventually become The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

With just eleven episodes aired so far, the series and characters have evolved greatly since the pilot. Gordon’s partner Harvey Bullock, morphed from being a cynical cop with his hand out, back into the idealistic officer he’d been earlier in his career. Young Bruce Wayne’s, no longer the scared clueless child he was when his parents got shot down in front of him. He realizes he’s the future of Wayne Enterprises and he’s on a mission to remove any corruption in the corporation.

Perhaps one of the most unexpected pleasant surprises in the show’s the role that Wayne butler and Bruce’s legal guardian Alfred Pennyworth has followed in the first part of the season. Sean Pertwee, who portrays the character, displays his devotion for Bruce, but he’s also proved to be adept at fighting and charming the right people, including Gotham Gang Leader Fish Mooney.


Once Upon A Time Inks Ernie Hudson To Portray Poseidon

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Who They Gonna Call? Well according to a report from “Entertainment Weekly,” the show-runners of the ABC series “Once Upon A Time,” chose former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson to portray the God Of The Sea, Poseidon when the series returns from hiatus next March. Turns out that Poseidon’s the father of the wicked sea-creature Ursula, whom along with Maleficent and Cruella De Ville, seek their “Happy Endings.”

According the press release, Hudson’s character will appear in the 15th episode of this season, which would put him on the air sometime in April. JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s also scheduled to appear in the episode, resuming the role of Ariel.

Hudson’s gravitating more and more to Television for roles, he appeared in the pilot episode of the new CBS drama “Scorpion.” Hudson also played a prominent role on the TNT miniseries “Mob City,” last year, portraying a Black Mob Boss, attempting to keep the peace with Jewish and Italian gangsters in the late 1940’s.

It Will Be August In March On Once Upon A Time

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

In Fairy-Tales, the impossible coming true is rather common place and according to the “Hollywood Reporter,” a television series in which many of the characters hail from the Enchanted Forest, will present a surprising turn of events in March. The publication states that the ABC series “Once Upon A Time,” will bring back Eion Bailey, in the third episode following the show’s return from Winter Hiatus. Bailey will reprise his character of August, the grown-up version of Pinocchio, who accompanied the infant Emma Swan on her journey to our world. The outstanding question is, exactly how the show will explain the return of a character who seemed like he no longer existed.

August got killed by Neal’s evil fiancée Tamara in season two, but the Blue Fairy brought him back to life for his bravery, however he came back as the little boy that left the enchanted forest with Emma, 28-years-earlier. When Regina cursed the Enchanted Forest, Emma’s parents sent her to our world in a wardrobe, accompanied by Pinocchio, whose responsibility was to take care and watch over the infant who’d one day become the Savior.

Pinocchio, got talked into running away from the foster home he and Emma lived in, but he had to leave the infant behind. Because he ditched his responsibility, he slowly reverted back to being a wooden creature, he transformed into an adult-sized wooden puppet, by the time Tamara killed him.

The report states that ABC declined to explain his reemergence into Storybrooke, whether it be in flashback form or occurring in story’s real-time. We do know that three villainesses, Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella de Ville, will try to attain their “Happy Ending,” perhaps August’s return has something to do with history getting rewritten.

If August actually returns to the present, his return could pose a problem for SWOOK, the romantic pairing of Captain Hook, or Killian as he’s more commonly referred to now and Emma. Although romance never actually blossomed between Emma and August, they had great chemistry and a relationship might have developed except for his early demise.

With Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin forced out of Storybrooke by his wife Belle, Regina losing her true love Robin Hood, who left the realm of magic so his wife Marian could live and the three evil women trying to change their fates, March already looked promising for the series, now in its fourth season. The return of August will only add to the confusion and excitement.

Breaking News: The Walking Dead Added to the NJATVS Lineup

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NJATVS is pleased to announce the addition of The Walking Dead covered and recapped by Chelle Figler. We here at NJATVS pride ourselves on quality over of quantity. And therein lies the difficulty. There is no question that The Walking Dead meets our requirement of quality. It’s presence on our lineup was all but assured. However, as most of our writing staff has not been involved in the Walking Dead, we were hesitant to provide our viewers with what we believed would be coverage without perspective.

Enter Chelle Figler. You may already be familiar with her comprehensive coverage of Once Upon A Time. Chelle has been following The Walking Dead and will easily provide said perspective. It’s exciting news to report and we can’t wait to invite the Walking Dead Heads into our family of fandoms.

-The NJATVS Writing Staff