the-blacklist-whose-your-daddy-2 Njatvs news
The Blacklist: Whose Your Daddy?
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert If I possessed the ability to predict the outcome of the stock-market, instead of the plot of a TV series
1534 Heroes reborn
The Best Day Ever, Masi Oka To Reprise Hiro On Heroes Reborn
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert Regular readers of these pages, are well aware of our staff’s penchant for the science-fiction/fantasy genres
1242 Gotham
Gotham: Chris Chalk Brings Young Lucius Fox To Gotham
Photo Courtesy Of Digital Warning: Spoiler Alert The freshman FOX series “Gotham,” keeps expanding the Batman Mythos, as “Deadline.
1163 Forever
Cuba Gooding Jr. To Play Jo Martinez’s Boyfriend On Forever
Photo Courtesy Of Entertainment Warning: Major Spoiler Alert Rumors have floated for weeks that Detective Jo Martinez would gain a new love
1286 Gotham
Fox Renews Gotham And Two Other Shows For Next Fall
Photo Courtesy Of Fox Warning: Spoiler Alert Earlier this month The CW Network, announced a mass renewal of shows, including two of my favorite shows
1172 Njatvs news
It Will Be August In March On Once Upon A Time
Photo Courtesy Of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert In Fairy-Tales, the impossible coming true is rather common place and according to the “Hollywood Reporter,”
1240 Njatvs news
Once Upon A Time Inks Ernie Hudson To Portray Poseidon
Photo Courtesy Of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert Who They Gonna Call? Well according to a report from “Entertainment Weekly,” the show-runners of the ABC series
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Breaking News: The Walking Dead Added to the NJATVS Lineup
Photo Credit: NJATVS is pleased to announce the addition of The Walking Dead covered and recapped by Chelle Figler. We here at NJATVS