Fox Renews Gotham And Two Other Shows For Next Fall

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Earlier this month The CW Network, announced a mass renewal of shows, including two of my favorite shows, Supernatural and freshman series The Flash. Saturday, the Fox Network announced they’re renewing two freshman series and one series in its second season for next fall.  The network announced that it’s bringing back Gotham, Empire and a sitcom in its second season Brooklyn Nine Nine.

The last show mentioned, takes place in a NYPD station house and stars former SNL cast-member Andy Samberg and veteran actor Andre Braugher, in a rare comedy role. Empire, received a renewal after airing just two episodes, stars two outstanding actors in  Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. The series revolves around the record industry ostensibly, but killing one’s enemies, street gangs and dope-dealing are prominent components of the show. We’ll be getting back to Empire another time, as we take an extended view of the new show.

Although the network schedules are jam-packed of series based on comic-book characters, I’ve believed for a while that Gotham could become the best of the lot. Set in Gotham City, when Bruce Wayne was still a boy, the series provides a back-story for the exploits of the Caped-Crusader. Future Gotham City Police Department Commissioner James Gordon’s in his early days in the department and recently became a detective. We also got introduced to characters who’ll eventually become The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

With just eleven episodes aired so far, the series and characters have evolved greatly since the pilot. Gordon’s partner Harvey Bullock, morphed from being a cynical cop with his hand out, back into the idealistic officer he’d been earlier in his career. Young Bruce Wayne’s, no longer the scared clueless child he was when his parents got shot down in front of him. He realizes he’s the future of Wayne Enterprises and he’s on a mission to remove any corruption in the corporation.

Perhaps one of the most unexpected pleasant surprises in the show’s the role that Wayne butler and Bruce’s legal guardian Alfred Pennyworth has followed in the first part of the season. Sean Pertwee, who portrays the character, displays his devotion for Bruce, but he’s also proved to be adept at fighting and charming the right people, including Gotham Gang Leader Fish Mooney.


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