the-blacklist-the-cabal-targets-liz-keen-2 Constantine
The Blacklist: The Cabal Targets Liz Keen
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert Warning, getting the Cabal angry at you can be hazardous to your health. Unfortunately for FBI Agent Elizabeth
1442 Constantine
The Grassroots Campaign To Renew Constantine
Courtesy of NBC We here at judge all major decisions on one primary criteria. Does it measure up to our expectation of quality?
1314 Constantine
Constantine: Manny Walks A Mile In Another Man’s Shoes
Courtesy of NBC A dark entity in what appears to be human form savagely tosses around an adult woman, ultimately jamming two syringes in her chest.
1595 Constantine
Constantine: Ritchie Simpson Takes Point, Not All Was Lost At Newcastle
Courtesy of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert College aged kids conducting a séance, not going to end well. This particular ritual transports each member of this
1425 Constantine
Constantine: A Father’s Love and 47 Souls
1361 Constantine
Constantine: John Is Not Himself
1343 Constantine
Constantine: One Step Closer To The Rising Darkness, Then Ten Steps Back
1259 Constantine
Constantine: Evil Gets Clever, But So Does Manny
Courtesy of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert A preacher of a small church and an even smaller congregation goes to the ‘God will protect me as I handle these
1614 Constantine
Constantine: A Child At Play
Courtesy of NBC This week we received massively disappointing news that NBC has halted production on Constantine after the 13th episode.
1587 Constantine
Constantine: The Unholy Alliance Ultimately Renders Results
Courtesy of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert A woman walks down a dark alley. A cop, too drunk to contain himself, relieves himself on a building as she passes.