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Ray Donovan: Victory, But At What Cost?

Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

As the season finale of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan” concluded, the network announced that the show’s renewed for a third season and that wasn’t much of a surprise, given the way the episode and the season turned out. The “Fixer For The Stars” still stands, while those attempting to cross him either got mortified publicly or killed. The episode ended with Donovan sitting in his house, after pouring himself a drink, attempting to process all the information that took place over the last few months.

Donovan and Boston Globe reporter Kate McPherson got locked into an incredibly strange relationship, adversaries with a very deep emotional connection, which caused Ray to threaten anybody attempting to silence her, despite the fact she could send him to prison for a very long time. The book she plans to write’s an expose on  former Public Enemy Number One Patrick “Sully” Sullivan, that includes bad deeds done by Ray, his father Micky and a cover-up by the nominee as Federal Bureau Chief of the FBI James Cochrane. Her stories could also inflict damage and possibly criminal charges on the two attorneys’ that employ Donovan Ezra Goodman and Lee Drexler.

Near the end of the previous episode, Ezra sat down with Donovan’s right-hand man Avi and discussed the dangers that McPherson posed to Ray, his family and all his associates and put the matter in Avi’s hands to resolve. The resolution came quickly in the season finale, as Avi waited for the reporter to return to her apartment then put a bullet through her heart and one into her head, made sure he left no evidence and left the apartment.

Ray spent the previous evening as guests of the LAPD, after getting busted last week when he attacked Micky twice in front of a pack of uniformed officers. Lena posted bail and got her boss out, however she told Donovan that his brother Terry refused the bail and remains in jail after getting caught during Micky’s botched attempt at a big score, robbing the local Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Ray heads to the jail to talk with Terry and the older brother says that bail’s a promise that the person won’t flee, but he’s a flight risk so he’ll remain in custody. Ray tells his brother he’s just punishing himself for listening to their father and getting involved in the scheme. He infers that he can likely get a deal for Terry in which he wouldn’t serve time in jail.

He then tells his older brother that he may head to Leavenworth, due to McPherson’s book and if so he wants Terry to take charge of the family. Terry says he doesn’t want the responsibility, but his younger brother tells him that if Terry steps aside, Micky will step in to fill the void. He then tells his brother, when he gets sick of jail to call Lena and she’ll get him out.

Ray gets on the phone with Cookie Brown, who left ten voicemail messages on Donovan’s phone while he slept in the Graybar Hotel, Brown tells him he’s seen the tape of the shooting of Marvin and Rekon and the two have to sit down and talk. Ray tells him he’ll stop by Cookie’s house a bit later.

The two remaining members of the “Over The Hill Gang,” that messed up the robbery of the dispensary, Micky and his son Daryl, finally split open the safe and find there’s just $20 thousand, when they were expecting close to a million. Daryl’s finally had it with his father and says he wants nothing to do with him. But Micky sweet-talks his son, telling him he can have the entire twenty grand. He then tells Daryl that they should head to Palm Springs to talk to Daryl’s stepfather Alan, as he wants to apologize for the trouble they had the last time they got together.

Per usual Micky lied to his son about the reason to visit the man who married the mother of his son. The agent told Donovan when he first arrived in Southern California, that he’d pay Micky half a million dollars for him to go away. Donovan says he wants his money and Allen tells him to get lost, then insults his step-son.

Micky starts talking tougher and Alan tells him to come into the house and he’d write Donovan a check, then in an attempt at misguided machismo, attacks Micky with a tennis-racket. Micky soon gets the better of the matchup and flings the agent through his plate-glass doors and into his swimming pool. Daryl’s mother Claudette hears the commotion and finds Alan sputtering in the pool, telling his wife to call the cops. Micky tells her that if she does that Alan will get arrested as well. She tells Micky to leave and she never wants to see him again.

Ray shows up at Cookie’s house in the midst of a birthday party for Brown’s son. After getting frisked, he’s ushered in to see Brown and we soon realize that Cookie’s indeed seen the tape, as he mentions that Bridget’s on it and asks what she said to the police. Ray told Brown his daughter told the police the truth, Rekon was getting high and she didn’t like his driving, so she asked to get let out a couple of blocks before the incident occurred. Cookie says to Donovan that he’s glad that both of their children will grow up with their fathers alive. Ray tells Cookie he’ll be back later with the million dollars that the Gang Lord gave him.

Back at the office, Ashley’s waiting for him and she’s quite distraught. She says that she thinks he might be following her and suddenly her fiancée Steve Knight walks into the office. Knight starts talking about Ashley’s stalker Bob’s been lurking about and this time he struck Ashley. Ray asks her who actually assaulted her Knight or Bob, when Lena walks into his office and says she needs to talk to him immediately.

They head into her office and Lena shuts the door and tells Ray he should sit down, but Donovan blows her off and just tells her to spit it out. She takes a deep breath before telling Ray that somebody murdered  Kate McPherson earlier that day, shot down in her apartment. Donovan gets the wind knocked out of him and has to sit down, then tells Lena to get rid of Ashley and Knight which she does. Ray goes into his safe gives a video to Lena and tells her to bring it to Stalkerrazzi, a sleazy celebrity gossip site, immediately.

Ray drives to Tom Cochrane’s office, barges through the door and starts assaulting the Los Angeles FBI Bureau Chief with a hammer, two agents enter the office immediately with guns drawn. Cochrane tells the agents he’s fine and to allow the two of them some privacy. As soon as they leave, Donovan accuses Cochrane of setting up Kate’s murder and the director replied he wasn’t involved, he’s too busy heading for Washington. Donovan spits out that Cochrane’s not going to Washington and storms from the office. Cochrane yells after him asking if Donovan’s threatening him.

Abby gets a call from her boyfriend LAPD Detective Jim Halloran, asking her to drop by his house. He apologizes for not being able to set-up Cookie, but he tells her he can offer her and her children protection if they’d move in with him. Although the dwelling’s half the size of the house she lives in, she’s overcome with gratitude at the offer.

Daryl and Micky are driving south down the highway when Micky’s cellphone rings and it’s his parole officer Ronald Keith on the other end. Keith was part of the gang for the heist, but bailed and turned them in when he got informed by the facility’s security guard that the safe held very little money. Keith and Donovan swear at each other over the phone, but before Keith hangs up Micky hears the trumpet from a racetrack. He and Daryl turn around to give Keith some payback.

If Cochrane didn’t arrange Kate’s murder, Ray realizes that Ezra sent Avi to Boston to kill her, one of the reasons he and Lena have gotten his voice-mail all day. Donovan walks into Goodman’s office and Ezra, admits immediately that he sent Avi to kill McPherson. He tells Donovan, that he’s lost himself, forgotten who he is and Ezra had to step up for everybody’s good and clean up the mess. Ray then picks up the phone and calls the police, alerting them that a body’s buried in the building’s foundation. The body belonged to the Catholic Priest that raped Bunchy and Ray when they were children and Donovan killed in a fit of anger last season. The adverse publicity that finding the body will cause will the death of Goodman’s dream, a cancer center dedicated to his late wife.

Daryl and Micky show up at the track and see Keith shortly thereafter, chase him down to the men’s room and take turns pummeling the stuffing out of him. Keith, says he can make it up to them, he has a sure thing in the next race with 7-1 odds, they put the twenty grand on that and they can walk away with a nice jackpot. Daryl wants no part of it, but ever the con-man, Micky wants to go down and look at the horses.

Keith’s horse’s number one, but as number seven walks past Micky, he hears the voice of Linda, the woman Sully murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time last year. In the season opener, the voice came from a dolphin in the ocean with him in Mexico, telling him he’s not a sailor but a Captain. In the middle of the season, the dolphin on Shorty’s Miami Dolphin’s cap told Micky, that she was wrong he’s just a sailor after all. However when he heard the voice from the horse she said she’s in a better place now, that she forgave him and he’s indeed a Captain. Micky asks Daryl what’s the name of the seven horse and of course it’s Captain. The pair put the wad on the horse and Keith puts all his money on it as well.

Although, I truly expected the opposite Lady Luck rode with the trio and Micky ended up with a million dollars. He heads to Terry’s gym just as Terry’s getting back after having a change of heart of staying in jail. Mickey goes into his office and tells Terry that he won a million bucks and starts to give Terry his share, but Terry glares at him when he tries to short him, because he wasn’t at the track. Terry responded that he was in jail instead then tells Micky to leave the gym and never return.

Ray heads back to Cookie’s with the gym bag carrying the million in cash, the two bodyguards pat Donovan down, but don’t check the bag. Ray enters the office and Cookie’s sitting at his desk and a pistol’s sitting in front of him. Ray asks if Cookie’s going to shoot him and Cookie tells him he’s not sure, he’d like to live without looking over his shoulder all the time. Ray, tells him he can relate and starts taking the money out of the bag and stacking it on the desk, Cookie tells him he trusts him but Ray keeps piling the money on the desk. Ray then asks Brown how he can be sure Bridget’s safe and Cookie responds, he can’t. Ray replies I thought so and grabs the pistol in the gym bag shooting Cookie first in the heart and then between the eyes.

The two bodyguards enter, but Ray gets the drop on both and they give up their weapons. Donovan puts the guns on the desk and tells the two guys there’s a million in cash on the desk, if they split it it’s 500 grand each, or one gets a million. Ray leaves the house and at the ten count, we hear one pistol fire.

Donovan gets a call from Ashley, pleading that he come to her and Steve’s apartment immediately. Steve’s sitting outside on the steps when Ray arrives then follows him up to the apartment. Ashley points to the ground below and we see the corpse of her stalker Bob in a heap on the beach. She tells Ray, that he tried to stop Steve from beating her and Steve killed him by throwing him off the balcony. Steve’s clearly insane and Donovan talks him into lying in the trunk of his car until the police arrive. Ray leaves and tells Ashley to tell the police everything.

Abby, Conor and Bridget are home watching TV, when a news bulletin interrupts the program to announce that Cooke Brown was found shot to death in his home. Abby looks so happy she’s about to burst.

As Tom Cochrane leaves his office to head home from the night he hears moaning coming from his secretary’s computer, she’s watching the now viral tape of the Cochranes and the Volchecks involved in wife-swapping.

Ray enters his house pours a drink and sits in the dark in his living room. Abby’s upstairs in her bed with both kids, she goes down to see her husband, but asks if he’s alright when she sees the expression on his face.

Ray Donovan will return next summer for Season Three on Showtime.


Tonight: Ray Donovan-The Captain

Photo Courtesy Of Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Last week the walls looked like they were crumbling in on “Ray Donovan,” his family and associates. Tonight’s the season finale of the second season of the Showtime Original series and although the “Fixer For The Stars,” barely escaped death last season, a stint in Leavenworth’s a distinct possibility, not only for Ray, but for his father Micky and possibly the two attorneys that employ him.

Boston Globe reporter Kate McPherson’s story about Donovan’s connections and his past in South Boston, could tear Ray’s world apart. Mickey’s in trouble as well, as the heist of a medical marijuana facility he and the “Over The Hill Gang,” tried to pull off went awry, with Ray’s older brother Terry in police custody.

Donovan’s also involved in two major problems on the home-front, the first keeping his daughter safe from Gang Lord Cookie Brown, who killed her boyfriend and his guardian gangland style, while she was in the back seat of the car. The other’s his wife Abby’s affair with a Los Angeles Police Department Detective Jim Halloran, is their marriage finally over?

Join Jeff Sack tonight after the episode for the recap, insight and commentary on the episode and the season.

Ray Donovan: It’s All Blowing Up


Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

All the ends are starting to fray. The plates that have spun on sticks for years are wobbling, all the illusion’s fading away and reality’s looking stark and ugly. Next week’s installment of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan’s” billed as the season finale, could it also end up as the final episode of the series? Donovan starts the season’s penultimate episode preparing for a long prison-stint, trying to get all his affairs in order, so his wife and children remain financially stable. By the end of the episode, the “S.S. Donovan” started sinking in the ocean off of Southern California, riddled with too many leaks to repair and Ray’s whole world appeared ready to explode.

Season one of the series, dealt with a family formerly of South Boston, who came to Los Angeles as Donovan got a job with a prestigious law firm, as the firm’s “Fixer,” in charge of making nasty situations and sometime nasty people disappear. Ray lived with his wife Abby and teenage children Bridget and Conor, while his older brother Terry, a washed-up former boxer runs a gym nearby, Donovan’s younger brother Bunchy a 12-year-old trapped in a man’s body also lives in the area. Things were running smoothly, until the boys’ father Micky got released from Federal Prison in Walpole, Massachusetts and moved to Los Angeles hoping to reunite with his sons.

The reunion fell far short of joyous and the elder Donovan started creating problems for all of his sons, especially Ray, fearing his father would quickly destroy what he spent the last few years working hard to put together. Ray complicated things last season when he hired former Public Enemy Number One Patrick “Sully” Sullivan, to kill Micky for $2 million. Sully double-crossed Ray and would have killed him if Micky didn’t shoot the longtime underworld figure first.

Most of season two revolves around cleaning up all the messes created in the first season, but other events have added to the chaos surrounding the family. Two storylines created this season figured prominently in this episode, the murder of Marvin Gaye Washington, Bridget’s boyfriend by recently released convict Cookie Brown and the heist of a safe at a marijuana dispensary, by Micky, his pal Shorty and their rag-tag crew. That team consists of Terry, Micky’s illegitimate son Daryl and the elder Donovan’s probation officer Ronald Keith.

Donovan starts the episode preparing for prison, as he’s certain the information conveyed in Boston Globe reporter Kate McPherson’s story will put him and his father behind bars. Los Angeles FBI Bureau Director James Cochran, nominated in the previous episode to become the next Director of the Bureau, wants McPherson killed to silence her, as he story could destroy his career. Cochran sets up a meeting with Donovan’s boss Ezra Goodman, telling him that for all their careers, McPherson needs to disappear permanently. Goodman agrees with Cochran and asks why the LA Bureau Director can’t eliminated her and Cochrane explains that Ray’s got him in a compromising situation. Ezra tells the Fed that he’ll talk to Donovan and looks forward to having a powerful friend in Washington.

Things aren’t going well for Micky’s “Over The Hill Gang,” as Shorty dying of lung cancer finds himself short on his supply of oxygen-tanks, the day of the robbery. In his state he can’t go anywhere, so Micky improvises and will bring the safe to Shorty, via the truck they’ve picked up for the job. Micky’s trying on his ski-mask for the robbery, when his grandson Conor walks into the apartment without knocking. Micky snaps at the boy, but then tells him he’s got business to attend to and asks Conor to wait at the apartment until he gets back.

Ray drives to Ezra’s office and the attorney asks Donovan to sit and talk. He asks Ray if he’s familiar with the Jewish principle called “Rodef” and Donovan replies he hasn’t. Goodman tells his employee that a “Rodef’s” purpose’s to destroy another person, the “Rodef” needs a warning to cease and desist, however if  the “Rodef” doesn’t stop, Jewish law requires killing them. Ezra then tells Ray that Kate’s the “Rodef” and must get  killed to save them all.

Donovan’s clearly sick of playing games and makes no attempt to fake cordiality with his boss. He tells Goodman that the body of a Catholic Priest’s buried in the cancer center’s foundation, that Ezra’s building as a tribute to his late wife. Ray tells his boss anything happens to Kate and that body resurfaces.

After Donovan leaves the office he gets a call from Lena telling him that the tape of Marvin’s murder could surface soon and tells her boss that Cookie’s waiting to meet with Ray, outside a hamburger shack called Pink’s. Donovan tells Brown that a meeting’s been setup to recover the video but Cookie can’t attend the meeting. Brown protests, but Ray convinces him to trust him and do his job. Brown reluctantly agrees and Donovan leaves Cookie’s car with a gym bag filled with cash.

As soon as Donovan leaves the car we realize that Abby’s boyfriend LAPD Detective Jim Halloran’s following Brown’s car with another officer in a cruiser. After following for less than a quarter-mile, Halloran flashes the siren and lights, pulling the car over and telling the other officer they went through a red light. When Halloran approaches Brown’s vehicle, he puts his hand in his right pants pocket, checking to see if something’s there.

Halloran’s bracing for a confrontation approaching the car, he asks the driver for license and registration and Cookie asks him what’s going on. The detective tells the criminal that they ran a red light and when Brown protests, Halloran demands he get out of the car, but the other cop asks to speak to him privately. Cookie tells Halloran to listen to the other officer and then plays on the other cop’s sympathies. Jim realizing he’s not going to get away with anything shady, tells the driver to leave. After the car pulls away, the other cop asks Halloran what that was about and what’s he carrying in his pants pocket.

The heist gets underway, as Micky and Shorty’s friend the hooker, distracts the security guard with some oral gratification, while Micky and Terry slip in and disable the camera. She stalls the security guard just long enough as Micky pulls a pistol on the guy and Terry knocks him out. They handcuff him and put duct-tape over his mouth, while they grab his keys and let Keith and Daryl into the building. Micky freaks at first when he sees the safe isn’t in its usual location, but calms down when he finds it in a nearby hallway. Daryl, Terry and Micky will transport the safe from the warehouse to the truck while Keith keeps an eye outside, flashing his badge if anything goes wrong.

The security guard comes to while they are attempting to put the safe on a dolly to get it to the truck and yells loudly for help. Keith walks inside to shut him up, but the security guard tells him the safe’s empty, that the schedule had changed and the contents got removed the night before. The Parole Officer doesn’t believe him at first, but soon realizes he’s telling the truth. Keith shows his craftiness as he saves his own tail and gets Ray to pay him 100 grand if Ronald can put him back in prison for twenty-years on a felony rap. Donovan tells him to do it.

Ray drives to this Sleazeball website that specializes in Celebrity scandals and meets the teenage-boy who indeed captured the murder on his cell-phone. Although the website owner said the kid pressed for $2 million, he paid the kid and his father just 20 grand and the boy assured him that he made no copies of the recording.

Ray leaves the building, watching the footage of Cookie shooting Rekon and Marvin in their car execution style, unfortunately it also shows Bridget leaving the car spattered with blood and phoning her father. Donovan calls Brown and tells him he has the tape and asks where they can meet. When Cookie replies at his house, Ray says he’ll be there in half an hour. Whether Ray intended to kill Cookie upon his arrival, or negotiate his daughter’s safety was unclear and remained unanswered as Donovan received a call from Conor, the robbery went disastrously, leaving Terry trapped in the facility as the police are approaching due to Keith’s tipoff. He tells Micky for him and Daryl to get out and drive away.

They arrive at Micky’s apartment building to pickup Shorty who had his oxygen supply replenished and will crack the safe in the truck. Conor had been with Shorty for most of the evening but went across the hall to his grandfather’s apartment to take a nap. Shorty’s lighter didn’t work, he was out of matches and he wanted to relight his blunt. So he grabbed his oxygen tank, cranked up the propane for his stove to light his joint on the burner and the place exploded. Daryl still in the truck looked up and saw the explosion and drove away.

Micky already in the building started yelling for Conor, whom he found on the floor of his apartment under the door that had blown off the hinges, badly bruised with a broken arm. Micky, Conor and the hooker escape but we see that Shorty got killed instantly by the explosion.

Conor calls his father and tells him what’s going on, causing Ray to immediately change directions and head to Micky’s. When he gets there an EMT tells Donovan that Conor received a hair-line fracture and he’s about to transport him via ambulance to county hospital, but Ray tells him he wants to take his son to a better hospital, but allows the EMT to wrap it. While that’s going on he sees Micky and approaches him chewing him out for almost getting his grandson killed. Micky tells him they’ve got bigger problems, that Terry’s likely in jail now due to the botched robbery. Ray loses it and starts beating the stuffing out of his father until police intercede. They believe Ray’s calm and let him go, but he attacks Micky again, put cuffs on him and put him in the squad car, then transport him to the station house.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Ray Donovan: Leavenworth May Be Calling

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Boston Globe reporter Kate McPherson’s back in Los Angeles, armed with enough information to sink the career of Los Angeles FBI Bureau Director James Cochrane and put Ray Donovan and his associates behind bars for an extended stay, in the tenth episode of the second season of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan.” Donovan’s unaware of the impending danger when he wakes up on the couch of his client Steve Knight, after an evening of heavy drinking.  Ray’s tongue loosened by the alcohol, told Knight about the death of his daughter Bridget’s boyfriend Marvin and that his wife Abby was sleeping with another man.

Hearing Knight repeat his words back to him, embarrasses Donovan, who says he drank way too much. The motivational speaker and author tells Ray not to retreat into his shell, that it’s healthy for men to share their problems with other men. Knight’s girlfriend Ashley, wishes their guest a good morning, then kisses her boyfriend before leaving their beach house. Just after she leaves, Steve spies Ashley’s stalker Bob on the beach below, jumps off his deck and runs after him.

Bob’s an easy catch as he has a badly damaged leg and Knight tackles him and starts wailing on his face. Ray arrives seconds later and pulls his client off the stalker, telling him to leave. Bob tells Ray that Steve beats Ashley and he’s trying to protect her. Donovan screams at him to leave and then Knight commends him for his mercy. Ray asks if what Bob said was true and his client responded what goes on sexually between Ashley and he’s not Bob’s business. Donovan responds that if Knight ever beats Ashley again, he’ll kill him and Steve tries to brush off the threat by imploring Ray to swim with him, but he refuses.

Back at the Donovan house, Abby’s asleep on the living room couch, as we see Cookie Brown entering the house walking past Abby, goes upstairs and she hears a gunshot. She jumps up from the couch, running upstairs and screaming for Bridget, who’s sound asleep in her own bed, Cookie entering the house just a nightmare. She apologizes to her daughter and leaves the room.

Ray’s in the car driving to Ezra and Lee’s law firm when he gets a call from Kate, telling him he’s a liar and then swearing at him. He asks where she is and she swears again and hangs up the phone. Donovan calls Avi, tells her McPherson’s in town and to track her down. Avi advises his boss to stay away from the reporter, but Donovan basically tells him to do what he’s told.

Although Ray and Avi can’t find Kate, we soon do as she arrives at Micky’s apartment building to ask him questions. The elder Donovan doesn’t cooperate, but he starts to slip up as he starts to tell him Ray paid Sully two million dollars to kill him, but stops at Ray paid Sully. She tries to find out what his son paid Sully for, but he tells her to talk to Ray.

Donovan arrives at the law firm and Ezra, Lee and Cookie are there, Ezra tells Ray they just gave him the rights to Rekon’s catalog and Marvin’s sessions and he’s now a client. Cookie asks if he’s now entitled to use Ray’s services and when informed he is, asks for a moment alone with Donovan. After the attorneys depart, Cookie tells Donovan, that there are rumors on the street there’s video footage of the murder of Rekon and Marvin and he wants Ray to find the tape. The fixer tells Cookie it will cost a lot to acquire if it exists and Brown responds he’s willing to pay any price to find out who killed Marvin and for the killer to receive punishment. Ray, well aware that Cookie shot both Rekon and Marvin looks confused and Brown asks him if all’s cool between them. Donovan quickly recovers and says he’ll start the search.

Abby goes to the station house of her lover Detective Jim Halloran and the two go out back of the station to kiss and talk. She tells Halloran she needs his help, she wants him to hurt Cookie, to keep him from killing Bridget. The detective’s shocked by her request and tells her if she wants Cookie punished to have Bridget report what she saw. Abby tells Jim that if he refuses her, their relationship’s over, he thinks a few seconds then walks away. She chastises him telling him to man-up, that stops him for a second, before walking off in disgust.

Cochrane gets a phone call from the President asking him to take over as new National Director of the FBI. He and his wife are ecstatic, his lifetime goal of becoming Bureau Director now within sight. He heads to the office and swamped with congratulatory presents and cards. His assistant director Tom Volcheck goes to his office and Cochrane’s secretary tries to intercept him but he walks right past her into the director’s office. Another agent’s talking with Cochrane, but he tells Volcheck the agent’s about to leave.

When they are alone Tom asks him if he plan’s to bring him to Washington and Cochrane tells him that’s not in his plans. He then asks if he could appoint him as his replacement in Los Angeles and the director turns nasty, asking him why he believes he’s qualified to assume the post. Volcheck stammers out that Cochrane’s his mentor and mentions how close both couples are (referring to their wife-swapping escapades.) Cochrane asks his assistant if he’s attempting to blackmail him and Volcheck answers no, then leaves the office.

Micky and his pal Shorty are planning to rob the safe at the local marijuana dispensary, as it’s a cash only business and the dispensary can’t get a bank to allow them to deposit their funds in. For that he’ll need his Parole Officer Ronald Keith’s cooperation, to turn his anklet that tracks his whereabouts for the night. He asks Keith what it would take to cooperate and offers him five grand. Keith asks him where he can get that kind of money and Donovan responds he’d pay him the day after he turned it off. The Parole Officer says he should send him back to jail, but Micky asks if he could give him the money upfront would he cooperate. Keith glares at Donovan but doesn’t respond, which Micky interprets as a yes.

Shorty and Micky head to Terry’s gym and after introducing his friend to his son, asks if he can borrow five grand and Terry refuses. He then talks to his son Daryl first asking for a loan then offering to include him in on the heist and he could walk away with 100 grand. Daryl tells his father he’s crazy and leaves the gym. Mickey and Shorty are about to leave as well, when Terry says he can get the money but he wants in on the heist so he can buy a business in Ireland, then he and Frances can become citizens there.

Ray’s phone rings and Cochrane’s on the other end telling him to get to his office immediately. Ray responds he’s in the process of tracking down Kate, but the director says he won’t talk about it on the phone. When Donovan arrives Cochrane plays a recording of a phone call with her editor at the Globe. She tells him she’s about to expose the President’s choice for FBI Director and may even solve the Sean Walker murder. Cochrane shuts off the recording and tells Ray he’s going to eliminate her. Donovan responds he can’t let him do that and Cochrane asks if he has a death wish, because if necessary he’ll kill Donovan as well. He then says that he’s about to undergo a vetting process by the Senate Judiciary Committee and McPherson will screw everything up. Ray tells him he’s wrong, pulls out his cellphone and shows the director the footage of the Cochranes and Volchecks wife swapping. He then tells the director if anything happens to him or Kate, the video will go viral.

Keith returns to Micky’s apartment and the old man gives him $2500, saying he’ll get he second half the day after he turns it off. Keith asks him what he’s planning and Donovan tells him no questions. The Parole Officer then asks what he can do to earn more than five grand and Micky’s gang’s set, Shorty, their friend the local hooker, Terry and Keith.

Cochrane bursts into Volcheck’s office and tells him he’s being transferred to Bismarck, North Dakota for betraying him and that Tom’s beautiful wife will never follow him up there. Cochrane leaves and Volcheck falls apart at his desk.

Abby’s back at the house and is about to take her pistol out of its safety case when she hears Ray’s in the house, she puts the gun away before he walks into their bedroom. She tells her husband they have to leave, to move back to Boston to protect Bridget from Cookie Brown. Donovan tells her she’s ridiculous and he’d never allow her or their kids to get harmed. His phone rings and Avi tells him that he’s located Kate.

Of all the people in his life, there’s nobody more protective and more concerned about Ray’s well-being than Avi. Born in Israel and most likely a former Mossad agent, he thinks of Donovan more as his younger brother than his boss. When Donovan arrives he tells his boss that he should stay away from McPherson, that he’s obsessed with her and it’s bringing him down. He’s so off his game that Abby’s sleeping with Halloran and Ray explodes and pops Avi in the mouth. As he tries to keep his composure and ride out the pain, Donovan tells him he doesn’t realize that if McPherson publishes her story they’ll all soon be in prison.

Abby’s in the living room when she receives a text from Halloran asking if she’s okay, she responds she is and he replies he’s right outside. For some reason she grabs her pistol and tucks into her waistband at her back. She opens the door and Halloran tells her he’ll grant he request. The two end up making it in his car in her driveway, like a couple of teenagers.

Kate comes back to her motel room from a burger run and finds Ray standing outside her door. She opens the door, leaves it open and he follows her in. She asks if he’s there to kill her, and he responds she’s got to drop her story or her life’s in danger from Cochrane. She asks him questions which he bats away at first, but then decides to tell her the truth. Sean Walker was high on Micky’s dope and playing with Micky’s gun when he accidentally shot Ray’s and Sully’s girlfriend Coleen. Ray framed his father because he believed he was responsible for giving Sean the dope and the gun.

She then reveals she knows that the family priest molested Bunchy and asks if Terry got molested as well and Donovan tells her to leave Terry out of it. She then asks Ray if he got molested and Donovan starts kissing her passionately and shortly their having some pretty passionate sex. As they both start getting excited, she asks him again if he got molested and he tells her to shut up. She asks him again and Ray starts strangling her and looking like he’s going to kill her. Her screams finally break the spell and she gets up sobbing and runs out of the room. Ray sits there with his head in his hands, realizing he might have just sealed his fate.

The Cochranes are having dinner with a young couple at a restaurant, when Volcheck walks up to their table and points a pistol at James’ head. Cochrane’s wife pleads with Volcheck not to shoot him and a second later shoots himself in the temple, taking his life and probably any chance of Cochrane’s confirmation.

Ray drives to Steve and Ashley’s beach house and looks out at the ocean in the darkness. He then strips naked and jumps into the ocean swimming as hard as he can. Soon we hear Knight’s voice applauding his actions.

 The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Ray Donovan: Keeping Bridget Safe

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

 Warning: Spoiler Alert

When it comes right down to it, the most important job of any parent or guardian’s doing what ever they can do to ensure the safety of the child under their care. Everything else in our existence, really pales in comparison, whether you’re a captain of industry, or discover the cure for the common cold, could you live with yourself if your child died due to an ill-thought decision on your part? Strip away all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the power available to agents and attorneys and even basic right and wrong; that was the basic story of the ninth episode of the second season of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan.” What was the route that would ensure that Ray’s daughter Bridget safety, both in the short and long-term.

Proceedings began shortly after the climactic scene of the previous episode, after Bridget lying down undetected in the back seat of Rekon’s car, witnessed recently released convict Cookie Brown, gun down both Rekon and Bridget’s boyfriend Marvin Gaye Washington, killing them both with a shot to the head right in the middle of Hollywood. After Brown left, a dazed and blood spattered Bridget, left the car walked about a thousand-yards and called her father.

Ray brought his daughter back to his apartment in Los Angeles, where she showered and scrubbed off every bit of blood and tissue off of her body. While she showered, Abby tried calling her daughter on Bridget’s cellphone, saying they had lots to discuss, but it’s 2:00 am and she’s still not home. Abby hangs up just in time for her son Conor, to run into her bedroom with his laptop, telling her that Marvin and Rekon got shot to death.

Overcome with fear, she calls Ray and he tells her that he’s got Bridget and she’s fine but asleep, however Abby tells him to wake her up and put her on the phone. Donovan reasons with his wife, telling her he’ll bring her home in the morning after a needed night’s sleep. No sooner does he hang up, then his daughter walks into the living room, wearing one of Ray’s t-shirts as a nightie. She’s traumatized and confused and the ensuing events in the next 24-hours are only going to make that confusion multiply and consume her.

Donovan asks his daughter to describe the events and she tells him that Brown came up to the car at a red light, shot Rekon through the driver’s side window, then Marvin begged for his life, but Cookie showed no mercy and shot him in the head.  Ray asked her if Cookie could have possibly seen her walk out of the car and she says she doesn’t think so. Donovan then tells his daughter then when she talks with the police, to say that Rekon was getting high while driving and she asked him to let her out of the car two blocks before they got shot.

Bridget can’t believe her ears and tells her father she’s telling the police exactly what she witnessed and put Cookie Brown behind bars for the murders of Rekon and Marvin. Ray then tells her what probably the toughest thing he’s ever had to said to his daughter: That’s not the way it works, this is what I do for a living. That there’s only so much protection he can give to Bridget, a guy like Cookie Brown will do anything in his power to maintain his freedom and taking out the only witness that identifies him as the murderer of Rekon and Marvin’s just child’s play for him. Imagine just how small the “Fixer For The Stars,” Ray Donovan felt right at that moment, for all his accomplishments throughout his career, he couldn’t guarantee his own daughter’s safety if she did the right thing.

Abby called her lover LAPD Detective Jim Halloran, telling him that the rapper that got murdered was her daughter’s boyfriend and that Bridget spent the day with him and now she’s at Ray’s apartment. The cop asks her what she wants him to do and she responds to go over to her husband’s apartment and bring her daughter home. Halloran, displays common sense and tells her that he can’t do that, the best way help he can provide, is looking into the case and says goodbye, though Abby’s clearly dissatisfied with the response.

The next morning Ray takes his daughter home and Abby rushes over embracing her daughter and asking her if she wants to eat, but Bridget says she just wants to sleep. Husband and wife argue, before Ray leaves the house, while Abby goes upstairs trying to talk to Bridget. Her daughter says she just wants to sleep and Abby covers her and leaves the room.

Lee Drexler, who unknowingly engineered the gangland slayings of Rekon and Marvin calls Ray and says he’s a dead man and that Donovan has to come over and protect him. He then pulls up in front of Cookie’s gated mansion where he meets Avi, whose been keeping any eye on Brown and tells Donovan that Cookie’s at home, Ray then tells Avi to drive over to his house and keep an eye on his family. He rings the bell at the front gate, which opens immediately and Donovan’s greeted by a group of about six of Cookie’s enforcers.

One guy tells Donovan that who ever he’s looking for isn’t there, when Ray takes one of the guys down with a blow to the chin. He may have been able to handle two of the men, but the six gang up and bang on his body like Desi Arnaz on the conga. They throw him onto the floor inside the house and Cookie comes out and asks Donovan what’s he there for. Ray, gasping for air and spitting out blood, asks him how he could have been as stupid enough murdering the two of them out in the open like that. Cookie responds, though it was common knowledge there was bad-blood between he and Rekon, why would he kill his money-maker Marvin. Donovan says he still shot them both, but Brown states that somebody shot them, their identity unknown as no witnesses have come forth. Ray now realizes that Cookie has no idea that Bridget was in the car.

Brown then asks why he really came to his house and he said he wanted to make sure that Cookie and Drexler were square, at which point he dismissed his men from the room. He then tells Donovan, that he wants Drexler to give Brown any recorded material by Marvin and Rekon’s catalog as well. Ray tells Cookie he’ll convey the message and leaves.

Abby goes back upstairs to Bridget’s room and this time she tells Abby that she was in the car when they got shot, she watched Marvin’s head explode and some of his brain got into her mouth. Abby asks why Bridget didn’t tell her sooner and she says told Ray she’d remain quite, so she’d stay safe. Abby calls Ray and curses him out for not telling her. Donovan apologizes, but tells her to remain calm and not do anything.

He gets off of the phone just as he walks into Drexler’s office, then proceeds to pick the attorney up by his lapels and throw him to the floor on the opposite side of his desk. He tells Drexler that he bears sole responsibility for the murders of Rekon and Marvin and now they have to hand over all Rekon’s and Marvin’s material. Ira, uninvolved in the situation until that instant says the firm will not and over that material to a murderer and storms out of Drexler’s office.

Ray follows Iran into his office, but the older attorney refuses to listen, until Donovan says that Bridget ducked out of Cookie’s vision, but was in the car and saw it all occur. Ira, turned soft saying that beautiful young girl witnessed that horror, enough said.

Back in his car he gets a call from Avi, telling him that Abby’s boyfriend Detective Halloran just arrived at his house. Abby introduces Bridget to the detective and he says he’s a friend of her mother’s, but the daughter replies her mother doesn’t have friends. Halloran, then basically undermines everything her father told her, telling Bridget it’s her duty to come forward and testify, which is when Ray walks in the front door and tells the detective to leave his home immediately.

Ray heads into Bridget’s room as she’s dressing to make her statement to the police. She tells her father she wants Cookie charged with taking the two lives and she’s the only one who can make that happen. Ray tells her he’s proud of her sentiments, but the only way she can spend the rest of her life not looking over her shoulder is to tell the police she left the car before the shooting.

They head to the department and the detective tells Ray that he needs to speak with her privately, despite the fact she’s a minor. The detective then after some friendly banter asks her if she was in the car when the two men got shot and Bridget said she wasn’t. He tells her she’ll be in lots of trouble for lying and she says she’s telling the truth. She then says Rekon got stoned and driving funny, so she asked them to pull over, she got out and then called her father for a ride. The cop says he realizes that her father’s only looking out for her, but who’s looking out for Marvin? She then asks the detective if she’s free to leave.

Abby’s arrived by the time Bridget comes out and she tells her parents, she told the truth, that she wasn’t present at the shooting. As they head into the parking lot, Cookie and entourage are heading into headquarters. He puts his arm around Bridget and calls her “Snowflake,” expresses his sorrow for her and says he’ll miss Marvin as well. To her credit Bridget didn’t react and Abby asked her if that was him when they got into her car and they drove back home, without saying goodbye to Ray. Donovan told Brown, that the deal with Drexler was all set, then noticed Halloran about to get into his car, sneaks up behind him and has him in a grip with his arms pinned behind him. He tells the detective that he can keep having sex with his wife, but if he hurts his family Donovan will kill him. He then gets into his car and drives into the night.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Ray Donovan: Cookie Bites Back

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Although only 45-minutes, Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan,” presented one of their most powerful episodes in the eighth installment of their second season, including a shocking conclusion that this viewer realized was going to occur just seconds before it took place. The events of this episode radically changed the dynamic of the series going forward, as relationships got altered, in some cases permanently. It also continued the theme of this season, that’s shown us the world of “The Fixer Of The Stars,” crumbling in front of him on a bunch of different levels.

The episode opens with Donovan, waking up the morning after his son Conor’s birthday, which ended in a family feud. Ray wakes up hung-over, and quickly realizes his wife Abby never slept in the bed. He calls his assistant Avi, whose sitting in a motel parking lot where Abby is meeting her new lover, LAPD Detective Jim Halloran. They have breakfast in the motel’s diner and Abby tells Halloran she’s nervous that he’s going to breakup with her. The cop responds, that he isn’t but wants to make sure she’s serious about their relationship, she replies that she thinks she’s in love with him but that’s the only commitment she can give him. Halloran tells her he can live with that.

Ray drives by the school bus-stop and sees his daughter Bridget waiting for the bus with other students. He stops the car, asks if she’s alright and tells her he loves her. He drives away and seconds later the bus comes, but Bridget remains after all the other kids boarded. A minute later her boyfriend Marvin Gaye Washington, pulls up in his red sports-car and drives her over to his studio, so she can sit in on a session.

We see the first appearance this season of Ezra’s partner in his law firm Lee Drexler, whose been on an extended honeymoon with his new trophy-wife. He steps into his pool and starts to relax, when he feels the pressure of a foot on his head, standing above him is recently released convict Cookie Brown and two of his henchmen. The next scene shows Drexler at a table in his house with Brown and his two associates, Lee’s on the phone with Donovan, telling him that Cookie and his crew invaded his home and their going to kill him. Ray tells the attorney, that if Cookie had plans to kill him he’d be dead already and tells him he’ll be over shortly.

When Donovan arrives, he tells Cookie to put away his pistol and for his henchmen to wait outside. Cookie does as asked, then gets down to the purpose of his visit. Before Cookie went to prison, he gave Rekon, (Marvin’s guardian and owner of the record label he records on ) $30 thousand as seed money to start the label. Now that he’s free he wants control of Marvin in return for his investment. Drexler goes into “Lawyer-Speak,” talking about there was no written contract and Brown stops him mid-stream and informs Lee, that the rules are different in the hood. Donovan understands, Cookie’s not going to give up on this, so he asks Brown for a few hours to work out the details.

Micky gets a call from his contact at Paramount, Debra Gershon and she tells him that one of the biggest producers in Hollywood Jerry Weiss, (Richard Benjamin) loves Micky’s script idea and wants to meet with him. However Micky’s parole officer Ronald Keith, says he’s not going anywhere, so Gershon has to come see him. She shows up shortly afterwards and Keith tells her who he is and that the elder Donovan’s not going anywhere. But Gershon hires him as a consultant and he gives Micky permission to meet with Weiss.

Abby’s still in the motel with Halloran, when her cellphone rings, it’s a text from Bridget’s school saying she has yet to show up. Abby calls her daughter and Bridget lies, telling her she’s home and not feeling well, Abby offers to come straight home but Bridget tells her she’ll be fine and just go take a nap. Just after Bridget hangs up, Marvin steps into the recording booth.

Rekon shows up at Drexler’s house and the attorney attempts to show bravado, saying he’s not afraid of Cookie and Marvin will stay with Rekon. Donovan’s stunned at Lee’s ignorance, he tells the lawyer a restraining order’s not going to work with Brown. Drexler tells Donovan, he’s the boss and Ray will follow his orders, but Rekon jumps in and says Ray’s right. They have to give up Marvin for everyone’s safety. Donovan starts to leave to meet with Cookie, but Drexler tries to convince him not to, Ray tells the attorney to trust him.

Avi shows up at Ray’s office with Halloran’s police file, as well as his camera but he doesn’t want to show Ray the pictures of Abby and the cop. Donovan grabs the camera and looks for himself, but gets interrupted as Lena brings Cookie into the office. Donovan tells him that Drexler and Rekon have agreed to give him Marvin, but he thinks they should relocate because of “hard feelings.” Brown’s too savvy to fall for that and realizes Donovan wants him to relocate Marvin to keep him away from Bridget. He tells Ray that they’ll soon move to South Beach.

Donovan drives over to Halloran’s house minutes before the cop arrives. He lets the detective go into his home, then kicks the door in, but Halloran gets the drop on him, standing behind him with his service revolver. Ray tells Halloran he’s not to see Abby again, but the cop says that’s up to Abby. Ray steps closer to the detective, who has his revolver cocked and ready and Donovan dares him to shoot him, at which point the policeman lowers his weapon.

Bridget and Marvin have recorded a duet of the sixties standard “Sunny,” and Rekon tells him that this record will skyrocket him to the top. He has yet to tell Marvin about the deal he’s agreed to with Cookie, most likely wanting to discuss it with him in private.

Micky has made a new best friend in Jerry Weiss, who tells the ex-con he wants to sign a three picture deal with him. Unfortunately, the deal falls apart later that evening as Claudette’s husband Alan shows up at the party with a young lady. The two spar verbally at first, but then Alan throws a drink in Donovan’s face and Micky starts choking him. Jerry tells Micky he has to leave and minutes later Gershon receives a call in her car from the producer, telling her and Micky the deal’s off.

Ray heads home to find Abby fuming that he went to Halloran’s house. He tells her she’s no longer going to see him and she laughs him off. He then hands her the loan papers to sign so they can buy the new house in Truesdale, but she says it’s too late. She tells him to move to his apartment in Los Angeles and he replies it’s his house and starts tearing her clothes out of the closet. She starts hitting him and he tries to soften the tension by kissing her, but she bites his lip, which starts bleeding. As he heads out of the house, his phone rings and Drexler’s on the other end. He tells Ray that he spoke with Cookie and told him he couldn’t have Marvin, but that Drexler would give him $150 thousand five times his initial investment. Donovan tells him he’s made a mistake and we soon find out just how big a mistake he made.

Rekon and Marvin are sitting up front in Rekon’s vehicle while Bridget’s in the backseat. They are listening to the recording and Rekon praises it even more than before. Marvin compliments Bridget, she tells him she loves him and lies down on the backseat. As they pull up to a stoplight, Cookie shoots Rekon dead and Marvin begs for his life to no avail, as he’s shot through the head. Brown doesn’t see Bridget in the car and drives away. Shaking, crying and spattered with blood, she leaves the vehicle, walks about a thousand yards, then calls Ray as the screen goes black.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Ray Donovan: A Donovan Family Birthday

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Conor Donovan turned 14-years-old and his parents, Ray and Abby were so caught up in their own lives, that they completely forgot about it, which maybe a Cardinal Sin for a parent. When the teenager’s asked what he wants for the occasion he tells his father, he wants a family birthday party, with his three uncles, Terry, Bunchy and Daryl, along with his grandfather Micky. Ray tells his son that it maybe a problem for Micky to come as he’s restricted by parole violations, but he’ll see what he can do.

Ray’s phone rings and his new client motivational speaker Steve Knight’s on the other end telling Donovan he requires his services immediately. Ray tries to beg off, saying it’s a day for family and Knight responds for 100 grand a month in salary, Knight’s part of his family as well. He drives to the author’s house and finds out that his girlfriend Ashley’s stalker has returned and is taking pictures of her from the beach below. Donovan thought that the pervert had learned his lesson after their previous two encounters. The first time Ray made the peeping-tom dye himself green from head to toe with permanent dye. The second time, Ray shattered the man’s arm and his ankle, permanent injuries that cost the man the ability to drive a car.

Ray goes down to the beach and confronts the man, who tells Donovan that his intentions are to protect Ashley, as Knight’s hurting her. Ray, takes the chip containing the photos out of the expensive camera, then smashes it on the rocks, then tells the guy to beat it. When he gets back to the house the motivational-speaker asks for the chip, but Donovan informs him that he’s holding onto it.

Getting back into his car he finally gets Abby on the line; she’s about to embark on an affair with LAPD Detective Jim Halloran and they’re just kissing in their motel room when she tells the cop she has to take the call and steps out of the room. Ray tells her that it’s Conor’s birthday and she lies and tells her husband she’s at the bakery picking up the cake. After hanging up, Halloran tries kissing her again but she freaks out and says she has to go to get a cake, leaving the cop confused and frustrated.

Terry and Frances go to see the older woman whose the accountant/money-launderer for his brother, to talk about selling the gym so he and Frances can move to Ireland. The woman tries her best stall-tactics on Terry, but they fail and finally she tells the couple that Ray has to sign off on any deal, as he’s the majority owner of the gym.

Bunchy’s having coffee with a guy named Stan, he met at his counseling program a couple of weeks before, who gave the impression he was coming onto him at their introduction. Bunchy tells him about his date with his new lady-friend and how it got interrupted by her son unexpectedly came home from his sleep-over at a friends. Stan seems to disparage the relationship, saying it’s just one date and how much responsibility it takes to raise a son. Bunchy responds he can handle it and then Stan complains how lonely he is and Bunchy invites him to Conor’s birthday party.

Micky calls Ray and tells him that Conor invited him to his party, but if his son wants him to stay away, he’ll tell his grandson he’s sick, however Ray grants permission to keep Conor happy. The old man tells Ray he’s bringing a date and his son responds it better not be a paid escort, Micky replies he’s bringing a classy lady.

It turns out that Micky’s date’s Claudette, Daryl’s mother and the woman Micky cheated on Ray’s mother as she was dying of cancer. Daryl’s driving Micky’s car, a vintage Cadillac in perfect shape. Claudette jokingly reminds her son about the time he took the car when he was just 12-years-old and drove all over Palm Springs. Her son laughs and replies he’s always loved this car.

Bridget tries to leave the house as her boyfriend and another man have arrived to pick her up, Donovan rushes out of his house and tells his daughter to go inside and for Marvin to leave. The man steps out of his car, it’s recently released Cookie Brown, the guy that Marvin’s guardian told him to stay away from. He attempts to shake Ray’s hand but Donovan just stares at him, Cookie tells Donovan to tell his boss Lee Drexler he has some business to discuss, apologizes for the confusion and he and Marvin drive away.  Bridget tells her father she hates him as they go back into the house.

Terry and Frances, Bunchy and Stan are already at the house and Terry gives Conor his gift, a set of monogrammed boxing gloves from Terry’s gym. He tells his nephew, they’ll soon become collectors items as the gym’s name will change once he sells it.  There’s a car horn honking outside and Conor runs out to hug his grandfather, then greets Daryl and gets introduced to Daryl’s mom Claudette. Ray’s not happy to see her, but fakes being courteous.

Ray’s drinking heavily and it’s effects start to show on him as he’s glassy-eyed and slurring his speech. He toasts Conor and Abby and then Abby breaks up the room when she says it took 22-hours to deliver him. A song comes on that Micky likes and starts dancing with Claudette, telling Ray he should dance with his wife. Instead he raises his glass to Abby and smiles, while she looks back at him coldly.

Stan’s alone on the back porch when Bunchy goes out to check on him. After some small-talk, Stan tries to kiss Bunchy and Donovan stops him telling him he’s not gay. After trying to explain himself, he leaves the party and Bunchy asks Ray if he saw what happened and Ray starts laughing and says he did. Bunchy tells him he’s not gay and Ray replies he believes him but keeps laughing. His younger brother tells him it’s not funny, that Stan, Ray and he are all messed up and Donovan tells Bunchy to lower his voice. He instead breaks his sobriety, pouring himself a tumbler of booze.

Micky quiets the room as he’s about to present Conor his birthday gift, then hands him the key to his car. Abby says that he’s only 14-years-old, but Ray says they’ll garage it until their son’s old enough. The boy and his grandfather get into the car and Conor starts it up and gets giddy; however he doesn’t realize his Uncle Daryl’s incredibly hurt and angry as Micky had always promised to give him the car.

Bridget’s spent the evening closed off in her room, when Ray goes into talk to her about her relationship with Marvin. He tells her that he’s forbidding her to see him, that he hangs with a dangerous crowd and she’ll end up getting hurt. His daughter asks if he had ever loved a girl who was bad for him and he responds, that he did and she’s dead. However, he says that may have been a blessing in disguise, as after she passed he got Abby back in his life and they produced Bridget and Conor. She asks her father if Abby’s the best thing that ever happened to him and he responds that’s true. Bridget then tells him that Abby didn’t get home until 2:00am the previous night, the information hits Donovan like a sledge-hammer and he staggers from the room. The camera’s tight on his face as he makes his way back to the living room and he’s so buzzed he looks almost cartoonish. He sees Abby and tells her he’s onto her and she asks him what he means.

He soon gets into a fight with Micky and tells him to leave immediately and Terry says to Frances that’s why they’re moving to Ireland. Ray explodes and tells Terry he’s not moving anywhere and that’s when Micky informs his oldest son that his brother uses the gym as a front to launder his money. The brothers exchange some angry and ugly words, until interrupted by the sound of breaking glass in the street. The family runs to the doorstep to see Daryl destroying the car with a baseball bat while screaming the car’s his. That breaks up the party, Claudette tells Micky she can’t see him for a while. Shortly afterwards, Abby heads back to the hotel room to meet Halloran, while Bridget gets picked up by Marvin and they drive off.

With just Conor and his dad at the house, he puts the Aerosmith/Run DMC version of “Walk This Way,” on the stereo. Ray walks into the kitchen to find Conor eating birthday cake, looks perturbed at first but then starts rocking out dancing to the song and Conor soon joins him.

 The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Ray Donovan: Viagra

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime


The most accurate analogy of the second season of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan,” might be what’s known as “Fire Season,” in Southern California, that takes place annually during the late summer and early fall. Firefighters realize that as soon as they get one blaze extinguished, three more fires will spring up shortly. Without a chance to catch his breath after deluding a reporter from the Boston Globe, and avoiding an extended stay in Leavenworth, sharing a cell with his father Micky, Donovan’s running on all eight-cylinders, juggling chain saws and trying to avoid losing a limb.

There’s little if any happiness at Ray’s home, as his long-suffering wife Abby’s decided she’s finished tolerating her spouses long history of infidelity, actively pursuing an affair with LAPD Detective Jim Halloran, whom she met at the firing-range earlier this season. She’s texting the cop as we join her at the breakfast table and she’s soon joined by her son Connor, who excitedly asks his mother if she knows what tomorrow is and becomes disappointed when Abby vacantly responds that it’s Saturday. Daughter Bridget, heads for the refrigerator and as she passes the kitchen table, sees the diamond earing her boyfriend Marvin Gaye Washington, gave to her in the previous episode. After screaming at her mother that she violated her rights by searching her room, she tells Abby that Marvin gave her the earring because he loves her and her mother rolls her eyes in response.

Bridget responds by striking a nerve, telling Abby that she can’t understand her relationship with Washington, because she’s a victim. When her mother tries to deny it, Bridget responds that she hears her cry herself every night, just as Ray enters the kitchen. Donovan’s informed that his daughter’s seeing Marvin again, tries his best at being diplomatic, telling his daughter that Washington has lots of problems. His daughter replies that she has her own set of problems, including being setup by the LAPD, as two officers magically found an ounce of weed in her backpack that had not been there before they arrived, as a warning to Ray by Los Angeles FBI Bureau Director James Cochrane to stay in line. A story that Abby was not aware took place until Bridget just shared the information. She immediately blows up at her husband, for not telling her and then tells Ray that their daughter’s correct; she IS a victim. Seconds later the conversation ends, as the kids and Ray leave the house, while Abby stays in the kitchen and stews.

Micky’s sitting in his skid-row one room flat in his boxers and a tee-shirt, reading a porn magazine when there’s a knock on his door and Ray’s assistant Lena’s standing in the hallway. Donovan, thinks she’s looking for the heroin dealer that used to live in the apartment, but Lena stops him from closing the door on her, handing him an envelope and telling him it’s from Ray. The old man gets excited as a kid on Christmas morning, as this is the stipend Ray promised to give him in the previous episode, but his smile soon fades as he realizes there’s just three hundred dollars in the envelope. He soon grows less enthused, when Lena informs him the money’s for two weeks.

Ray’s driving when his cellphone rings and the older woman who launders money for him calls and tells him he can’t buy the house in Truesdale, because she can’t launder a million dollars in cash through Terry’s gym, which in reality’s a front for Donovan’s off the books income. She tells Donovan, that unless he starts receiving funds in check form, that he and his family won’t move to Abby’s dream-home.

Cochrane’s assistant Tom Volcheck, finishes his sixty laps at the gym he belongs to and lo and behold Lena’s just getting out of the pool herself. She asks the FBI agent if he’d like to join her in the sauna and after another woman that was with them left start kissing passionately. Lena excuses herself to go to the restroom and a minute later Ray, walks into the sauna and Volcheck realizes that Lena’s jammed the door shut, so he’s trapped inside with Donovan.

Ray’s aware that Cochrane and his wife Holly are wife swappers and Tom and his wife Megan got coerced into participating, or risk being reassigned to Montana. Volcheck admits hating the arrangement, sharing his beautiful wife with his boss, while obligated to have sex with Holly, a large matronly looking woman, in fact at their last gathering Tom shunned Holly’s advances. Ray convinces the agent that he needs to strike first before Cochrane grows tired of them and moves onto a new couple and Volcheck agrees to let Avi wire his house for sight and sound to catch the Director in the act.

Terry’s at his doctor’s for his latest checkup and after finishing their talk, Terry’s former lover and the doctor’s nurse Frances, comes into inject Terry with medication. Frances was ready to leave her abusive husband for Terry, until the first season finale, when she realized Ray killed the former Boston priest that molested Bunchy and him as children. Terry tells the nurse that he’s ready to reveal exactly what happened with the priest, but Frances cuts him off, telling him she didn’t want to hear it.

Things are looking up for Bunchy, as he gets a call from the mother of the little boy he built a bicycle for and gave it to them for free. She asks him if he liked to come over for dinner and he responds he would and he also wants to add one more part to the bike. The woman tells Bunchy, that her son’s sleeping over a friend’s house that night and it finally dawns on Bunchy, that he’s about to go on his first real date. After hanging up, he tells Terry about the date and that he’s nervous that if the woman wants to have sex, that he’ll be unable to perform. Terry tells Bunchy to wait in his office and soon return with the gym’s trainer Potato Pie, who gives Bunchy two Viagra, to help him get started.

Ray gets a call from his former client/lover Ashley, telling him that she’s fine but someone close to her desperately needs his services. He arrives at an indoor arena, that’s covered with signs announcing that author of “Fight For Your Life” and motivational speaker Steve Knight will have a five-hour self-help session in just a few minutes Ashley’s waiting outside the venue waiting for Donovan, thanks him for coming and brings him into Knight’s dressing room. After seeing his new-age routine fails to impress Ray, he shows Donovan the reason he requested his services, then opens a closet door to reveal a beaten and bound Latino arena worker and explains that he lost it. He tells Ray, that he’s madly in love with Ashley, he’s leaving his wife to marry her, costing him a small fortune to pacify his wife and that he needs for this situation to disappear. Knight’s told that it’s time to head to the stage, but Donovan follows him until just before they reach the curtain.

Ray tells the motivational speaker, that he doesn’t work for him and got put-off by the fact that Knight just assumed they had a deal. The author apologizes and asks Ray if he’d work for him and Donovan replies he will, but his services don’t come cheaply. Knight thanked him and told him that he would pay whatever it took to keep this man from ruining his career. He then heads onto the stage, shadow-boxing in front of the crowd, tells them to shut off all electronic devices and once that’s been done, he tells his audience it’s time to turn off the past.

There’s a knock on the door of Terry’s apartment and he’s shocked that it’s Frances, he says that he thought she didn’t want to hear anything from him and she affirms that. The two then passionately embrace and as they lie in bed she tells Terry that this was a one-time thing. She tells him she loves him, but she knows that Ray killed that priest, Terry responds that the priest raped both his brothers as children. Frances now understands why Donovan shot the priest, but tells her lover she can’t condone murder and leaves the apartment.

Bunchy’s night’s going far better than his brother’s as his new lady-friend is shampooing his hair in her kitchen sink and he’s in heaven. After she rinsed out all the soap, the two start kissing, then Bunchy asks to use the bathroom. It’s time to take his confidence booster, pulls the Viagra out of his pocket, then swallows one. Seconds later, he hears the sound of his girlfriend’s son, he wet himself at the sleepover and got sent home. Bunchy walks out to the hallway and sees mother and son and the boy tells him what happened. Bunchy tells the little boy that’s alright and soon the three of them are watching a cartoon on the living room couch and the boy lays his head on Bunchy’s lap.

Terry heads to the Irish Consulate in Los Angeles, trying to get approval for he and Frances to move there. The official mentions that he notices Terry’s got a preexisting condition and he tells Donovan, that some Americans move to Ireland to take advantage of their socialized medicine. Terry responds that he’s afflicted with Parkinson’s, but looks the man in the eye and tells him he’s not a freeloader. He then tells the man, his fiancée’s a nurse and he owns a boxing gym along with his brother. The official’s quite pleased to hear that and grants approval for Terry and Frances to emigrate there.

Micky and his neighbor Shorty are having a great time getting high and Shorty mentions the amount of cash that’s in the safe of the Marijuana dispensary he got his weed from, earlier that day. Because the Federal Government has yet to approve the sale of pot, for medicinal or recreational purposes, banks won’t allow the dispensaries to deposit their funds, as they could be charged with crimes from the Justice Department. Shorty, tells Micky that he could easily crack the safe, it’s an old model that he hadn’t seen since the seventies, as they jokingly discuss pulling a heist, Micky says they should pull the bars off the window like they did in the Old West. Shorty responds that the best way to enter would be through the roof and Micky agrees with the assessment.

Donovan says that Shorty should get a life-insurance policy, that Micky would pay for and be named beneficiary, but the old man laughs at him and tells him that no insurer would give him a policy. He says however that if Micky married him which is legal in California, he could receive Shorty’s pension after he passed, Donovan shakes his head and mutters about two men getting married. Shorty then asks Micky if he can ask him a question and when Donovan says yes, the other man gets down on one knee and with a straight face proposes to Micky. The two explode into laughter, but Donovan’s cellphone rings, Shorty picks it up talking in a high-pitched voice. The woman on the other end is a Paramount executive and Shorty tells her he’s with Warner Bros. Micky however, realizes the calls legit and the woman sets up a meeting, to listen to the ideas that Sean Walker was promoting before he got murdered by Sully last season.

Ray talks with the victim of Knight’s wrath and asks him what it will take for the man to walk away and remain silent. He settles on a deal to send the man home to Guatemala, where his wife and children live and he’ll receive 350 thousand dollars. Ray heads out of the dressing room, tells Knight he’s negotiated a deal and that the motivational speaker now has Donovan on retainer, at a price of 100 grand a month, which solves the check problem that the old woman told him about.

Terry rushes into his doctor’s office calling for Frances, who comes out and hustles Donovan into an examining room. He excitedly tells Frances that they can start a new life in Ireland and shows her the approved documents. Her head swimming, she tells Terry she needs time to think it over, when he drops to one knee, tells her she’s the love of his life and asks her to marry him.

Ray calls Abby’s cellphone, leaving a message apologizing for keeping her in the dark on Bridget and a bunch of other things. He tells her that he wants to meet her at a restaurant for dinner at 8:30, however she never hears the message as she’s at a bar with Detective Jim Halloran. After playing darts, Halloran tells Abby she’s beautiful and they share their first kiss.

Ironically, Ray heads back to his apartment in the city when his wife doesn’t arrive and the doorbell rings. Standing there in a patent-leather raincoat’s Ashley, who asks Donovan if he’s going to invite her in? When she enters the apartment, she removes the coat revealing she’s clad only in a black bra and black panties and walks to Ray’s bedroom. After a momentary look of indecision he follows her.

Back at the house, Connor asks Bridget what time it is and she replies, that it’s 12:03 am and Connor says fourteen; we realize why his feelings got hurt when Abby didn’t know what the next day was. Bridget wishes her brother a happy birthday and he responds with a melancholy smile.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Ray Donovan: Irish Spring

Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo Courtesy Of Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Things looked bleak for the Donovan clan, at the outset of episode five of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan,” but the “Fixer For The Stars,” solved a problem that could have caused grave danger for his father Micky, Los Angeles FBI Director James Cochrane and himself, however due to some quick thinking and revisionist history, the trio avoided revealing the true story to a crafty and tenacious Boston reporter. The solution kept Cochrane on course to become director of the entire Bureau, as well as keeping both Micky and Ray out of prison.

Although the main story-arc concerned Ray and his father, Donovan’s wife Abby and teenage children, son Connor and daughter Bridget are all caught up in their own situations that have them courting trouble. First on the docket, the apology Connor owes to his classmate that he pushed down a flight of stairs earlier this season, resulting in the boy fracturing his collar-bone. Both boys as well as Ray and the other boy’s father are sitting in the other family’s living room.

Connor tells his classmate that he had done wrong pushing him from behind and causing him to fall down the stairs, but he said the other boy started the altercation by breaking Connor’s cellphone. The classmate’s father pushed for Connor to apologize and Ray chimed in as well, but he refused to, stating that an apology would make him look weak and the other boy’s father exploded in anger, grabbing him by his shoulder and threatening him. Ray, restraining his anger told his son they were out of there and they left the house with the other man’s screaming ringing in their ears.

As Ray drives his son to school, his phone rings and he picks it up hands-free, to find Micky’s parole officer Ronald Keith on the other end, telling him what we witnessed in the previous episode, that two plain-clothed law-enforcement officials had taken his father from his apartment the previous night. Connor, hearing his grandfather’s missing becomes concerned and Ray picks up the receiver to talk privately. Keith tells Donovan he has no idea where Micky’s at, but he’ll find out.

Turns out that the elder Donovan’s been spirited away to FBI headquarters and he’s held in an interrogation room. Cochrane soon walks in and Micky demands to call his lawyer, telling the director he knows his rights. The director in a fit of bravado, grabs a chair and destroys the close-circuit camera filming the proceedings. He then hands Micky an affidavit, claiming that Ray killed the FBI agent that the elder Donovan killed last season. The old man tells the director he won’t rat out his son and Cochrane walks out of the solid brick room telling Micky to enjoy the view.

Ray heads to the marina, seeking out his paid informant at the bureau Frank Barnes, whose pounding down beers on his boat. Donovan beats the agent mercilessly, first trying to find out where Micky’s hidden and secondly to find out dirt on Cochrane. The agent is clueless where Micky’s stashed, but he does tell Ray that there are rumors that Cochrane’s having sex with his assistant’s wife, the same couple that were over Cochrane’s house for Scrabble night in the previous episode.

Abby’s heading to the gun-range, hoping to see the young detective she flirted with the day before. Bridget comes into her room and tells her mother she’s not feeling well and Abby, realizing that her daughter just wants to stay home for the day gives her permission to skip school. After her shooting session, she tries to ask about the detective, but then gets embarrassed and leaves.

Kate McPherson, the Boston Globe reporter investigating the death of former Public Enemy Number One Patrick “Sully” Sullivan and has Cochrane terrified she’ll find out how Sullivan really died, shows up at Micky’s to find he’s not there. Donovan’s neighbor Shorty asks if he can help her and she explains that she’s the reporter who had set up a meeting with Micky. Shorty’s about to hand her something from Micky, when Ray arrives, so he slips it into her purse and heads back to his room.

Ray tells Kate, that if she keeps digging her life’s in danger and then shows her the newspaper article on Tiny’s killing. She tells Donovan, she’d faced threats on her life when she wrote about pedophile priests, she kept digging then and she intends to do the same in this situation. Ray gets out of her way and she leaves the building, while Donovan gets another call from Keith telling Ray where Micky’s at.

Bridget’s back with boyfriend Marvin Gaye Washington, whose become a rap superstar since last season. He’s sporting a pair of diamond earrings and takes one off his ear and puts it on hers, then invites her to a party. The event’s a swanky poolside affair, hosted by a guy named Cookie, who was recently released from prison and gave Marvin the earrings. It turns out however, that Marvin’s guardian who’s also at the party, wants the young man to stay away from the former convict and Marvin and Bridget leave the party.

Abby heads back to the new house in Truesdale that she and her family will soon move into, when the female neighbor she met the last time she was there shows up with a friend and a bottle of wine as a peace-offering, due to their rocky introduction. Shortly there after, the three woman feel buzzed and laughing giddily, when Abby feels sick because she drank so quickly. The alcohol removes, the neighbor’s inhibitions and she tells Abby that they know what Ray does for a living and she has a marvelous divorce-attorney. Abby’s back goes up and says she has no intentions of getting a divorce and the other woman responds that he’s a common thug. Abby sees red and grabs the woman by the throat, telling her she’ll kill her, then barricades herself in the bathroom, while the women call the police.

Ray’s able to get a Federal Judge whose a close friend of Ezra’s to issue a warrant for Micky’s arrest as a person of interest in a murder case and get him out of FBI custody.  A detective and two uniformed officers armed with a warrant, take Micky away from Cochrane, who tells the detective he’ll have his badge. His phone rings and Ray’s on the other end, Cochrane threatens to kill Donovan, who responds that soon he’ll be thanking him.

Abby’s in the back of a cruiser, but the detective she met at the firing range has interceded on her behalf and got the charges dropped. He tells her he’ll take her home, but she asks if he’ll take her to a hotel and have sex with her instead. The detective, gently refuses and tells her she’s emotional and then she asks him to hug her which he does.

Kate gets a call from Ray and tells her to meet him at Ezra’s and she’ll get the true story of how Sully died. When she arrives, Ray, Micky and Cochrane are there and Ray tells McPherson that he and his father had worked for the FBI to help capture Sully and Micky was the bait. Micky had told Sully that he could get him to the Maldives and Ray produces a passport with Sully’s picture on it. Cochrane tells her she can have the exclusive, but she has to keep Micky’s name out of the book for his own protection from Sully’s friends.

She apparently buys the story and Ray drives her to LAX to catch a plane back to Boston. She asks him if he loves his wife and if he has any friends. He responds that he does love Abby, but he has trust issues, something Kate herself can relate to. He tells her he’ll miss her and she heads back to Boston.

Abby receives a text message from the Detective, when she gets out of the shower, asking if she’s okay and she responds that she is and thanks him for being a gentleman. He texts back next time he might not, and she texts him back a nude selfie. We see Ray sitting in his car in the dark, until a figure comes out from his house with some trash for his barrel. It’s the other father and when he comes outside Ray drives away, perhaps just attempting to scare him.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.

Ray Donovan: Suck

Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime
Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Showtime

Warning: Spoiler Alert

What does the most powerful “Fixer In Hollywood,” do when he sees his life and career breaking down in front of him? That became the central question in the fourth episode of the Showtime Original Series “Ray Donovan,” as the title character found the walls of the life he built for he and his family on the West Coast start to rumble. Donovan’s been used to calling all the shots, but this season his life’s in turmoil due to Los Angeles FBI Bureau Chief James Cochrane making him dance like a circus monkey to avoid sharing a prison cell in Leavenworth with his father Micky.

Ray and Boston Globe reporter Kate McPherson were getting tanked in a Los Angeles bar as the previous episode  concluded and as we joined them this week, they are having sex in a hotel room. Donovan wakes up early and steps outside the room, watching the sunrise and attempting to come up with a way to keep McPherson away from Micky, whom she wants to interview about his relationship with former Public Enemy Number One Patrick “Sully” Sullivan and the way he died. The reporter doesn’t believe the story released by the Bureau that Sully got shot and killed by a FBI Agent, as she’s discovered inconsistencies in their story.

As he re-enters the room Kate and he talk and she tells him that just because they had sex, it won’t stop her from pursuing her story. Ray asks if they can see each other again and Kate declines, saying she doesn’t think it would be a wise decision. He expresses his disappointment and leaves the room and when he gets into his car calls Deb Goldman to inform her to make a bid on the house in Truesdale that Abby’s crazy about.

We see a familiar figure in the next scene as Sully’s former henchman Tiny’s in a grocery store staring at a cold cuts display, when he grabs two packages and stuffs them in his pockets and starts to walk out of the store. Tiny may have made it out of the store with the luncheon meat, but he got greedy when he became transfixed by rotisserie chickens and attempts to stuff one in his jacket. As he turns around he stands face to face with a cop who asks Tiny what he’s hiding and the food falls to the floor. Tiny picks up the chicken and attempts to run out of the store, but the obese man makes it about 50-yards into the parking lot when he gives up.

Cochrane in the kitchen with his wife answers his cell phone and breaks into a swearing jag until his wife, acting more like his mother chastises him for his language. He apologizes to his wife then asks the person on the other end of the phone where Donovan’s at? Ray soon arrives at a diner, where he meets the agent he owns on the Bureau’s staff Frank Barnes, who accompanies Donovan to the table where the Bureau Director’s having breakfast. Cochrane’s a little man in a big man’s position and he brings all the pettiness and insecurities of a little man to his job and he’s relishing ordering Donovan; a man who could rip him in half with his bare hands, around like a lap-dog.

The Director tells Ray that Tiny got arrested and started talking to the cops about the night Sully got killed on the docks, Cochrane tells Donovan he’s got 24-hours to eliminate the problem and Ray responds he’ll take care of it. Then just to show Donovan, he can’t sneeze without him being aware, Cochrane asks him about the night before with Kate McPherson.

Ray drives home, but calls Micky’s parole officer Ronald Keith and tells him that he needs to get Mickey out of his apartment and away from McPherson. Just as the reporter introduces herself to Micky, Keith pulls him away for a urinalysis and sends the Globe reporter on her way. When Keith gets the elder Donovan in his car, he calls Ray and puts his father on the line. Ray tells Micky not to talk to McPherson, or he’ll end up in prison and the old man says he’ll stay away from her if he can go visit his sons at Terry’s gym.

Ray arrives home and Abby asks him where he’d been all night and he responds working, but tells her that they’ve made a bid on the house. He then goes to take a shower and she joins him in there, but he rebuffs her attempts at love-making, telling her he has to see Ezra. She doesn’t believe his excuse and remains in the shower crying as he gets dressed.

Donovan drives to go bail-out Tiny, when his phone rings and Deb tells him their offer’s been accepted by the owners of the house and he needs to give them a million dollar deposit the next day and Ray tells her he’ll get the money. He then calls Ezra, whose avoiding Donovan’s calls and gets the secretary who tells him the agent’s still tied up in meetings. He picks up Tiny and brings him to the same motel that he hid Sully, when Ray hired the mobster to kill Micky last season.

When they enter the room, Avi’s already inside and slugs Tiny in the gut, causing the big man to start pleading for his life. Through two seasons, we have watched Ray Donovan go through a myriads of moods, but not until this episode did the South-Boston native, just lose it and scream, every vein protruding from his neck and head and his eyes on fire. He sissy-slaps Tiny and reminds him the rule they all learned at the age of five on Dorchester St. in Southie’s never talk to the cops. The big man tells Donovan he panicked, he can’t go to prison or back to Southie as everyone believes he set Sully up. Donovan takes his picture with his cell phone and tells Avi to keep Tiny in the room, then he drives over to Lena’s gives her the picture of Tiny and tells her he needs, a passport, a one-way-ticket to the Maldives Islands and 15 grand in cash in two-hours.

Mickey heads over to Terry’s gym and sees Daryl and Terry, but neither are happy to see him. Terry’s watching a video of Ireland and tells Micky he’s moving there and the old man tells him if he wasn’t on parole he’d join him. Daryl’s finally seen through all the smoke and mirrors that his father has dazzled him with over the years and realizes the old man is beyond redemption. Micky starts talking with a young boxer at the gym, about possibly managing him, then asks the kid if he’d take a dive. Terry storms out of his office and tells Micky to leave and never return.

Ray’s fed up with Ezra’s avoiding him, storms into the office suite and then into Goldman’s office and shows his anger at the way the agent’s treated him. Ezra tells Ray that he’s still angry at him, for failing to collect $5 million from former Queen of the Silver Screen June Wilson, that she pledged to the Ruth Goldman Cancer Center, that Ezra’s building in memory of his late wife. Ray tells Goldman that he did fail him and he will get the money from Wilson, but he’s keeping 20% and Ezra starts to sputter and asks what Donovan’s doing. He replies that it’s a reminder to the agent that Ray does all his dirty-work for him and that Ezra relies on him more than he’d care to admit.

June Wilson’s not looking as glamorous as she did a few weeks ago when Ray interrupted her meal at a Beverly Hills bistro with her boy-toy Carlo, a few weeks ago. Perhaps it’s too early in the day, or she’s due for a Botox injection, but her dour mood makes her look more frowsy. She reminds Ray, that she told him at their last meeting, that Ezra Goldman always demands all debts paid in full. She then hands Donovan a manila envelope and asks him to look at the contents, there’s a picture inside that looks like a photograph from the sixties of a young red-headed girl with Downs-Syndrome. June tells him the girl’s her daughter and she’s kept her hidden all these years with Ezra’s assistance and she will not allow the information to surface now and destroy her legacy. She writes Ray the check, then informs him that this will be the last time they ever socialize, Ray walks out the door looking embarrassed and ashamed.

Micky’s back at his apartment and his neighbor Shorty invites him into his room to talk and Shorty’s smoking his medical-grade marijuana, when Micky asks for a hit since he had been drug-tested that morning. Shorty’s also has an oxygen tank and he’s discovered that if you inhale the oxygen, just before hitting the joint, you get higher, Micky tries it and gets wasted. He starts to hallucinate that the dolphin on Shorty’s Miami Dolphins cap’s talking to him, in the same female voice he heard from the dolphin he encountered in Mexico. The dolphin tells Micky she was mistaken about him, that he’s just a sailor and not a captain. Micky screams back to the dolphin that he’s a captain not a sailor and Shorty tells him he never said that. The elder Donovan, collects himself and walks back to his apartment across the hall and closes the door behind him.

He then does some push ups as he still tries to collect his wits and rummages through his pocket for Kate McPherson’s card. He calls the Globe reporter and tells her he’s willing to talk for a price, she shuts him down and says she never pays for stories. Micky counters with, how about if it meant an eyewitness account from the docks the night Sully got killed? McPherson tells him she maybe able to work something out and will get back to him.

Ray heads back to the motel and tells Tiny that he’s about to embark on his new life, complete with new identity and passport, plane-fare and a home in the beautiful Maldives Islands and 15 grand in cash as a parting gift. Only problem is Tiny wants nothing to do with the plan and stupidly tries to escape through the bathroom window, which his neck wouldn’t squeeze through. Avi patches the big man’s wounds, then they attempt to drive Tiny to the airport. Tiny begs them to send him back to Boston, or better yet, allow Tiny to work for Ray. Donovan keeps repeating to the guy that he has no choice but to go there and Tiny rips up the passport and plane-ticket. They bring him back up to the room, when Cochrane calls telling Ray to meet him immediately.

Donovan pulls his car alongside the Director’s car and Cochrane asks him what’s the story with Tiny and as Ray starts to respond he informs him that he’s well aware of what’s going on and Barnes will take care of Tiny. He then plays a recording of the phone-call between Micky and McPherson and infers Ray best make sure that meeting never takes place. He heads back to the motel carrying a chicken and a bottle of red wine and tells Avi to leave, he’ll handle the situation. Avi realizes something’s wrong and tells his boss to take care. Ray gives Tiny the chicken and wine and the big man devours the meal and Donovan tells him he’ll get him ice-cream for dessert and leaves the room. He and Barnes exchange eye-contact in the parking lot, then Ray drives away.

He immediately calls Kate and tells her that she’ll put herself in serious jeopardy if she tries to contact Micky again and she wants to know what Donovan means. He responds that he can’t talk over the phone, but texts her an address and tells her to meet him there. As they hang up, two plain-clothes law-enforcement officials burst into Micky’s room and cuff him, then spirit him away.

Barnes heads into the motel room with weapon drawn and Tiny comes out of the bathroom and Barnes shoots him once in the abdomen, but Tiny charges at him like a wounded rhino, knocks Barnes down and runs out of the room. Barnes gets up and unloads on Tiny at the top of a stair case and the obese man falls down the stairs and onto an innocent bystander, pinning him to the ground. The Agent realizes what he has to do and shoots the innocent bystander between the eyes.

It’s scrabble night at the Cochrane’s and a young couple arrive for dinner and their favorite board-game. The husband appears uneasy in front of Cochrane and possibly frightened. As his wife is putting dinner on the table, Cochrane answers his phone and he briefly raises his eyebrows, then says thank you Frank and hangs up. The other woman and he are alone in the kitchen and the Director squeezes one of the woman’s breasts, eliciting no reaction from the other woman, as the head to the table to enjoy their casserole.

The story will pick up again next Sunday night on Showtime.