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Fangirl Chronicles: Terminology

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Like any other subculture, fangirls (and boys!) have their own language. Where sports has their own shorthand – TD, RBI, Triple Double – we have created our own sort of code. Fandoms have names for themselves (Whovians, Fannibals), acronyms, and made up words to express themselves.

So we are all on the same page going forward (I know writer Jason Jones has expressed some displeasure with having to explain things), here is an overview of some common fangirl terminology and phrases.

• OTP – One true pairing. This is a couple that you want to see together so bad, it physically hurts. A good deal of OTP’s are taken from homosexual subtext (Dean and Castiel, John Watson and Sherlock Holmes), but can be a male/female paring (Tenth Doctor and Rose, Fitz and Simmons). OTP names are created by smashing the names of the characters together. Examples: Destiel, Johnlock, Fitzsimmons.

• Feels – Refers to someone or something making you feel feelings, usually sad, but can make you very happy. Example: When Simmons is about to jump out of the Bus in season one of Agents of SHIELD, Fitz cannot get to her, and is screaming her name. Right in the feels.

• BrOTP – Two people who you love seeing together as friends (i.e. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner).

• NOTP – A couple that you absolutely DO NOT want to see together.

• Shipping – This has nothing to do with the postal service. A shortened form of “relationship”, a ship is two people who you think should be together. All OTP’s are ships, but not all ships are OTP’s.

• Shipper – One who ships a ship. “I ship it!”

• Ship it like FedEx – “This is one of my favorite ships. I ship this pretty hard.”

• Ship it overnight first class – An escalated version of “ship it like FedEx”

• Canon – This actually happened. Actually in the script.

• Headcanon – Something that you have imagined for the characters. “I have a headcanon that Castiel is a really fabulous singer.”

• Headcanon accepted – “I like your idea, and I accept it as truth.”

• AU – Alternate universe. (i.e. high school AU, gender swap AU)

• Fan fiction or “fanfic” – Taking characters from a book, movie or tv show, and writing your own stories about them.

• Slash fiction – Sexually explicit fan fiction involving two characters.

• One shot – A short fan fiction, usually just one scene.

• Imagine – Similar to a headcanon, but closer to a fan fiction. Usually inserts the reader into the story.

• Fluff – Fan fiction that is meant to just give you the warm and fuzzies and has no sexual content.

• BAMF – Bad ass mother f*cker – Someone cool and sexy.

• UNF – The noise you make when someone is so sexy, you feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach.

• Ugh – This one has a bevy of different meanings, depending on the context. 1 – So sexy, it makes me make disgusted noises. 2 – I am frustrated. 3 – So sexy, I am frustrated. 4 – Why won’t my post upload? 5 – I hate school/work/people in general. 6 – I love you/it/him/her/them/that. The list goes on basically forever.

• IG – Instagram

• FB – Facebook

• MCM – Man crush Monday

• WCW – Not World Championship Wrestling. Woman crush Wednesday.

• SPN – Supernatural

• SuperWhoLocked – To be a fan of Supernatural, Doctor Who and BBC’s Sherlock

• OUAT – Once Upon A Time

• Con – Any Comic Con. “I got my tickets for con.”

• Cosplay – Dressing up as your favorite character. Cosplays can get really involved and elaborate. The closer you look to the character, the better the cosplay. Cosplayers really make me jealous with their sewing, makeup, and fabrication skills.

• Benedict Cumberbatch – His name is a very special name. There are entire websites dedicated to making up versions of it. Some personal favorites – Benadryl Cabbagepatch, Ballyhoo Scruffyswatch, and Britishguy Sillyname

• We have a gif for that – The Supernatural fandom is well-known for taking over tumblr posts with gifs from the show. We have proven on many, many occasions that we have a gif for literally anything you throw at us. Now, thanks to Misha Collins at a recent con, we now have a gif for having a gif for that.

• ASDFGHJKL; – I am so excited that all I can do is mash my keyboard.

• Squee – The squeally noise that comes out of you when something is beyond adorable.

• Not dead – Originally from Sherlock, when Sherlock comes back from faking his death. Can be applied to anyone on any show, because let’s face it – no one ever really dies.

• (Insert person, place, or thing) > life – That thing is better than life itself.

• Bae – Before all else. Shorthand for “babe” (why do we need shorthand for that? Because reasons). Also, the Dutch word for “poop”, so I tend to use it as a way to say that someone/something is the sh*t.

• Fetus – A photo of an actor or actress when they were young or at the beginning of their career.

• I can’t/I can’t even/I have lost my ability to can/I just (and other variations) – This thing is too much for me to function as a human being.

So there you have it. Go forth and use wisely.

*If I have missed any that you have questions about, or if you have one of your own you would like to submit, just leave a comment.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Fangirl Chronicles: When Marvel Makes You Feel Things

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Here at NJATVS, we spent hours upon hours speculating the fate of Leo Fitz from Agents of SHIELD. We would talk about it all day, throwing theories back and forth and debating the merits of each. I would wake up in the middle of the night and send frantic texts to NJATVS writer Jason Jones in all caps, screaming, “WHAT IF THEY MAKE FITZ A VILLAIN?”

Screen capture of an actual conversation
Screen capture of an actual conversation

Cue gross sobbing.

We debated everything from Fitz being confined to a wheelchair, to total amnesia. But we never once thought that Simmons would LEAVE and Fitz would go completely whackadoo and start FREAKING HALLUCINATING HER.

It’s two days later, and I still have not recovered from the emotional shock.

This is the hard part about getting emotionally invested in characters, be it books, television, what have you. They become a part of your family. You laugh with them, you cry with them, you feel their pain. I remember reading the last Harry Potter book and bawling my grown ass eyes out like a baby over the death of Hedwig, Harry’s owl. Hedwig was a beloved friend who had been with Harry since the beginning, and ultimately gave his life to save Harry.

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Shut up.

With Fitzsimmons, they’re built to end up together. It’s fate. They’re introduced as a single entity, for Pete’s sake! Marvel handed us a ship on a silver platter, then stomped on it. They made a premeditated decision, done with malice and completely without remorse. I DEMAND JUSTICE!

Ahem. I apologize for that outburst.

Really, we wouldn’t feel this way if it wasn’t well written. The Marvel writers are experts in causing emotional trauma, and we as the fans eat it right up. Let’s not forget that the chemistry that the actors create. It is such a testament to their skills. Iain DeCaestecker as Leo Fitz will become so deliciously painful this season. Watching someone with such a brilliant mind struggle to find the word he wants to use got me a bit teary-eyed. The little things he does – wiggling his fingers as he tries to think, tearing up in frustration, making his voice crack – are what show you the depth of the mental anguish that Fitz is going through. Not to mention that he has a face built for puppy eyes.

What is really nagging at me is why did Simmons leave? It just seems so out of character. She and Fitz have always been there for each other, and now, when he needs her most, she up and bolts. Could she gotten scared away by Fitz declaring his love for her? Could it be that she just can’t take seeing him at half capacity? Neither of those seem likely to me. Simmons is a stronger woman than that. I would think she would be there right by his side, coming up with exercises to help get his brain moving. Especially after everything he did for her. It just doesn’t add up. Foul play is afoot.

Oh god…Could Simmons be Hydra?
No, that can’t happen.
But, it could!
What did I just do to myself?
Okay. Deep breath. Move on.

I can’t leave this episode behind without discussing Grant Ward. At this point, I am fully with Skye. Ward betrayed us at the deepest level. I don’t care if he found Jesus, or whatever his deal is now, but you can’t cut someone (or a group of someones) that deep and expect them to just up and forgive you. The team (and the fans) will never be able to fully trust Ward again. Giving up Hydra intel is a good start to making amends, but it is going to take a hell of a lot more than that to get back in my good graces. As writer Jeff Sack and I were fond of saying about Paul Briggs from Graceland, it can absolutely be applied to this situation…BRING ME THE HEAD OF GRANT WARD!

This episode took me on quite the emotional roller coaster – happy, because YAY, SHIELD!, sad, because of Fitzsimmons, and oh so very angry because of Ward. After the episode ended, and I could finally move after the initial shock of Fitz’s situation, I got up, went to my bed and lay facing the wall. It was such a shock, I needed to just lay there and reassess my life. The next day, I couldn’t go on Instagram, I couldn’t re watch the episode like I had planned, I couldn’t do anything on the internet for fear of being reminded of it. It took me until two days later to even think about writing anything. Even explaining it to coworkers (who doesn’t watch the show? What is wrong with people?) got me all worked up again.

This is what great writing does to people, and I love it.

Fangirl Chronicles: Supernatural Season Ten

Photo Courtesy Of CW
Photo Courtesy Of CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Last season, Supernatural left us with one of it’s best cliffhangers yet. Dean (Jensen Ackles) was dead (again), and Sam (Jared Padalecki) was on a mission to bring him back (again). Same old, same old, right? Here’s the twist: Instead of his brother or our favorite trench coated angel, Castiel (Misha Collins) flying to the rescue, it’s Crowley (Mark Sheppard), King of Hell that saves the day. He is the one who brings our boy with the Mark of Cain back…sort of. After a very dramatic, and frankly, very cool speech – with lines like, “Howl at the moon with me.” – from Crowley, Dean’s eyes pop open, but they aren’t the Disney princess green that we fell in love with nine season ago. Jet black, DEMON eyes flash back at us.

Full disclosure, I knew this was going to happen. I tend to watch all my shows the day after they air on the DVR, and the internet was positively abuzz with fans freaking out about Demon! Dean. I couldn’t get away from it, and I love a good spoiler anyway. But even so, when his eyes opened and they were black, I screamed. I screamed like a tween girl at a One Direction concert. It was eyes, screen goes black, I grab a pillow and scream into it like a little sissy chicken baby. Seeing it in theory on the internet was one thing, but seeing it in practice was downright shocking. It was expertly presented, and it set the fandom afire.

According to all the promos and spoilers I’ve seen, Dean jumps right into demon life with great gusto. At first, I had the knee-jerk Fangirl reaction of “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY POOR BABY!”. But, I have had some time to think about it. It makes complete sense. Who else would make a better demon than Dean? He is a lusty being, a glutton at heart, and wrathful at the drop of a hat. That’s three of the seven deadly sins just from the core basis of his character.

As a demon, it is as if a weight got lifted. He goes to karaoke, hits on the waitresses and drinks a lot of beer. He is so free with himself. But where does that leave Sam? We have seen the brothers fight before, it being something of a running theme throughout the entirety of the show. With Dean being a demon, he doesn’t have any of his morals anymore, however loose they may have been. From a San Diego Comic Con sneak peek, we see Dean chasing Sam through the bunker with a hatchet, taking swings at him. He taunts him with calls of “Sammy”. Sam turns the tables on him and gets a knife to Dean’s throat. Dean flashes his demon eyes and says, “Do it.”

Most people, I think see that as a dare from Dean. A sort of “go on, ya pansy” sort of thing. The way he says it, though. Its sort of sad. No, it’s really sad. Demons are the one thing that Dean has hated most in life. He has always been self-loathing, but now he has become his worst nightmare. There is an episode very early in the series where Dean hallucinates himself as a demon. The fake demon Dean yells “This is what you’ll become!”. Beautiful foreshadowing on the writer’s part, even if it was unintentional.

Dean is not the only one with serious issues. Castiel has angel grace back, yes, but it is a stolen grace. It isn’t meant for him, so it is burning out fast. When it burns out, Cas goes poof. The only way to fix the situation is for Cas to get his own grace back. But, where is it? I have a theory that it’s gone forever. Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) used Castiel’s grace for the spell that kicked everyone out of heaven and locked the doors behind them, so it would make sense if it burned up in the process. Without his grace, Cas will eventually die. I can’t see him going the rest of existence stealing other angels’ graces. It’s just not Cas. But if they kill off Cas, there is no justice in the world, and I will never be able to enjoy television again.

There are other options, though. One, Cas becomes human, but that’s been done and it’s boring. Metatron keeps hinting that Castiel’s grace’s locked away somewhere in heaven, possibly sustaining the spell that is keeping everyone out of heaven. This could go two ways. One, Metatron is lying and Castiel kills him (which has to happen at some point anyway), but then takes Metatron’s grace, which is so powerful, it can keep Cas going forever. Option two, Metatron is NOT lying, Cas gets his grace back, kills Metatron, and bam, happily ever after.

Some characters could make another appearance this season, which make me endlessly excited. Charlie Bradbury’s (Felicia Day) rumored to come back. She got stuck in Oz after following Dorothy through a portal. It’ll be very interesting to see how they go about getting her back into this world. There has also been a lot of chatter about Osric Chau reprising his role as Kevin Tran. The fandom just about exploded over his death at the hand of Gadreel, who was possessing Sam at the time. The fans just outright loved that kid.

There is just so much to look forward to this coming season. Dean doing karaoke, the possible return of Charlie and Kevin, Castiel just being on my television (I’m sorry, he’s my favorite), and the magical 200th episode, which is a…wait for it…MUSICAL episode.

I may explode from excitement before October 7th gets here.

Supernatural will premiere Tuesday October 7,  at 9:00pm on CW.

Terrible Twos? No Way!


Photo Courtesy Of USA Network
Photo Courtesy Of USA Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Second seasons scare me. Really, second anything. There’s the sophomore curse for musicians, my second pregnancy was a nightmare, and the blank screen for my second article stretches before me like a desolate wasteland, begging me to fill it with words.

But, here we are.

I am putting fingers to keyboard, my third pregnancy gave me the daily hilarity that is my son, Linkin Park’s second album is STILL their best album, and Graceland is back with full force.

First, a quick note on how much I LOVED how they tied in the season finale with the season première. It gives you a better sense of the timeline, and makes for seamless Netflix binge watching when it hits my favorite streaming service.

Let’s talk characters.

Paul Briggs. SOMEONE. BRING. ME. HIS. HEAD. He is pure evil! The way he is just so effortless in his lies speaks to both the writers and Daniel Sunjata’s performance. I don’t remember the last time a TV show made me hate a character as much as I hate Paul Briggs. Usually, I can only get that level of loathing from books because of how deeply I immerse myself (Dolores Umbrige, that evil wench in pink from Harry Potter and Peter Baelish of Game of Thrones, just to name a few). The thing about Briggs is, it’s FUN to hate him. When he meets with the head of the Caza cartel, I took great joy in spewing profanities at my much abused television.

Mike Warren. Oh, Mike Warren. We got him to loosen up a bit last season, but he seems to have shoved that stick firmly back up his hindquarters. He is all business. You can see his insecurities peek through from time to time with how he asks Briggs for advice, but he covers it with a hard edge – i.e. calling the team “burnouts” to Johnny and Briggs. The writers have kept him sympathetic with the scene on the beach with Paige, and the wash of pale white terror that comes over him when Briggs tells him of the hit the cartel has put out.

Which brings me to Paige. I’ve said it before – Paige is my girl. She’s snarky, absolutely freaking gorgeous, and a just a little vulnerable – much like myself. Okay, you can stop laughing now. Her friendship with Mike and their ensuing kiss at the end of last season had me positively drooling for more. In fangirl terminology, I am a hardcore Pike (Paige + Mike) shipper. I have a physical and emotional need for them being together. This being just the start of the season, the implied Paige/Mike hook up caught me off guard. The husband and I were left screaming at the TV at the end of episode two from the shock of it. Michael Warren, you DOG, you.

While we’re on the subject of people sleeping together, how about Charlie and Briggs? For as much as I find Charlie irritating with her hot-headedness and ability to blame herself for everything under the sun, I can see where she fits into the team. She’s necessary. Her relationship with Briggs creates a sort of “mom and dad” dynamic in the house, which I find a little funny. Think about when they fight. I can see Johnny retreating from the living room to walk past Paige muttering “Mommy and Daddy are fighting again.” It only seemed natural for Charlie and Briggs to become a couple, especially after everything they went through last season. Although, I do have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach for when Charlie finds out about Briggs’ shady shenanigans. All holy hell is going to break loose, it will be delicious, and I cannot wait.

As of now, I can do without Jakes. Don’t get me wrong, Brandon Jay McLaren is doing a phenomenal job, I just don’t see the purpose of this storyline. If I wanted to watch baby mama drama, I would turn on Maury Povich. Yes, it explains his attitude, but frankly, I think the way they’re going with it is beneath the writers. Jakes could be such a deep and complex character, but they’re choosing to go the boring route.

As for Johnny…man. I just do not know. Something happened while we were away, and I so hope they get into it. There is something wrong, and I don’t like it. Sure, he’s cracking his jokes, but there is an underlying sadness. I have a feeling this will make a juicy storyline, but I can’t wait to have my Johnny back to his old self.

There is a new face in the house – Wayne “Bates” Zelanski (Deniz Akdeniz). My first instinct is to like him, but I’ve been burned before. When I like a character this much this soon, they either die or become some awful guy. Please, please, PLEASE keep him a good guy! And alive! Though, I’m not sure of his staying power. The writers haven’t really integrated him as much as I would like. I hope they keep him around. He’s fun.

So where do we go from here? Mike went from complete newbie to big boss man, Jakes moved out, Johnny is a sad panda, MY GRACELAND UNIVERSE HAS BEEN FLIPPED ON IT’S HEAD AND I DON’T KNOW WHICH WAY IS UP!

The bad guys are at least somewhat familiar. The infamous Caza cartel is looking like the big bad of the season, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that they’re the SERIES big bad. But, by that same token, I’d put money on the end of the series coming down to Mike versus Briggs. The big boss battle – Graceland against its former leader!

Just thinking about the relationships this season makes me emotionally exhausted. The whole Charlie/Briggs situation can only end badly. This sends Charlie into a tailspin and she’s going to make life in the house complete hell for everyone, since she is already prone to tantrums. For as much as I want Mike and Paige to ride of into the sunset and make pretty babies together, it’s too soon. It has to go sour and some point, and it’s going to happen quickly. I don’t think they’ll ultimately end up together, but my inner teenage girl is squealing for them to go the way of Josh and Donna from The West Wing and fly off on vacation together at the end of the series.

Two episodes into the second season, and I am gung-ho about it. Going through the terrible twos is never easy. Believe me, I know, my son is two. But when it comes to season two, Graceland has zero to worry about.

Graceland can be seen Wednesday nights on the USA Network

Graceland: A Look At Season One And Hopes For Season Two

Photo Courtesy Of USA Network
Photo Courtesy Of USA Network

Ah, yes. It’s that time of year again. The days are longer, the nights are warmer, and Graceland is back on my DVR schedule.

Premiering last summer on USA, a fresh-out-of-the-box Federal Agent Mike Warren placed in a Southern California beachfront house, affectionately nicknamed “Graceland” with other FBI, DEA and Customs agents. Graduating top of his class, his housemates are a bit skeptical about why he hasn’t been fast tracked straight to DC. After a stumbling start, Mike proves himself a valuable to his training officer, Paul Briggs. Little does Briggs know, Mike has been specially placed there to investigate his fellow agent.

Ok, enough with the book report. To be honest, the only reason I was originally interested in the show was because Broadway star Aaron Tveit (Mike Warren) was in it, and I’m a big fan. But then again, who wouldn’t be a fan? Incredibly talented, Disney prince good looks, the voice of an angel… One could go on for days. Anyway, I’m usually not one for these types of shows. If there isn’t some sort of sci-fi or fantasy element, I get very snooty with my TV, proclaim “BORED”, and move on to something else. But, I thought, Mr. Tveit is a pretty great actor (especially after how he portrayed Enjolras, leader of the revolution in the latest movie version of Les Miserables), why not give it a shot? Ok, ok, it was more like “AAAAH! AARON IS GOING TO BE ON MY TV! I NEED ALL THE EPISODES IN MY EYEBALLS IMMEDIATELY!” But you get the point.

I was very pleasantly surprised with how the first season unfolded. The storylines are so twisty-turny, wibbly-wobbly that it really held my interest and kept me screaming for more. The depth of Paul Briggs – effortlessly portrayed by Daniel Sunjata – really grabbed me. I outright hate that guy. He is shady as all get-out and no matter what he does, I am always waiting for him to figuratively (or literally, for that matter) stab someone in the back. With Briggs, you either love him, or hate him. But those who hate, LOVE to hate him.

The rest of the core cast is expertly written and acted. Manny Montana as the snarky, almost Navy SEAL kid who is always great for the comic relief (not to mention the eye candy factor for those of you into dudes). Vanessa Fertilo as hard-nosed Charlie DeMarco is not a chick you want to mess with. She is very much a part of the boys’ club while still managing to stay very female. Serinda Swan as Paige Arkin is by far my favorite female that has been on the show yet. She’s gorgeous, hilarious, and her back and forth discussions with Johnny and Mike are great. Brandon Jay McLaren brings Customs agent Dale Jakes to life in a quiet way, which is a nice balance to the rest of the personalities in the house, but don’t let him fool you. He is as explosive as the rest of them. The chemistry of this cast makes you feel like you could live in that house and be a part of all the best inside jokes.

And let’s not forget the bad guys! Drug Lord Jeremiah Bello, played by Gbenga Akinnagbe is downright terrifying. He is a ruthless business man with a fondness for pouring melted, boiling hot lead onto people, or sending people back to their bosses minus a hand. Bello is the guy in charge, and he makes sure that all his people toe the line, or its lights out. He will just straight up kill you and your whole family and not think twice about it.

So what happens now? After taking down the two big bads of the first season – putting Bello in jail, and putting two in the chest of Federale Rafael Cortes who was really the notorious bad guy boogey man “Jangles”, Mike Warren,  promoted out of Graceland and up to Assistant Deputy Director in DC, and Briggs was seemingly cleared of the death of FBI Agent Juan Badillo.

It looks like USA is pulling a BBC – Sherlock, sent off, called back as soon as he leaves. Mike is coming back to Graceland, not as the green rookie, but as the boss. My mouth is fairly watering at all the delicious drama that is about to unfold before me. There are so many questions that need answering. How is Briggs going to handle his trainee being his boss? Can Mike handle all that pressure being plopped into his lap? What’s happening with Bello in jail? Is Odin Rossi, Briggs’ alter ego going to re-emerge? SOMEONE BRING ME THE HEAD OF PAUL BRIGGS! AND WHAT ABOUT THAT KISS BETWEEN MIKE AND PAIGE???

Excuse me. My fangirl was showing.

With Agents of SHIELD, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow and Sherlock all on hiatus (then again, when ISN’T Sherlock on hiatus?), I worried that I would be relegated to reading my entire book collection AGAIN, and then have to spend the rest of my entertainment time watching Chuggington and Doc McStuffins with my two-year-old son. Actually, I like Chuggington, and Doc McStuffins is pretty much awesome, but that’s beside the point. What is going to fill my weekly fangirl need for emotional distress during this long, hot summer? Well, my friends, never fear. Graceland is back and looks better than ever.

The second season begins on Wednesday on The USA Network