1356 Episode recaps
The Flash: Nothing But A Time Remnant
Photo Courtesy Of The CW Warning: Spoiler Alert Coming out of the starting gates last season The CW series “The Flash,” became a hit for the network by
1364 Episode recaps
The Flash: Goodbye Love Hello Heartache
Photo: Katie Yu/The CW Warning: Spoiler Alert The new year started out on a sour note in Central City as all the characters on The CW series “The Flash,”
1199 Episode recaps
The Flash: Wells Makes His Choice
Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW Warning: Spoiler Alert Secrets get revealed, partnerships form and a deal’s made with a demon, must be Christmas in Central City!
the-flash-feeling-the-shame-of-losing-2 Episode recaps
The Flash: Feeling The Shame Of Losing
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW Network Warning: Spoiler Alert This week’s chapter of The CW Network series “The Flash,” revolved around picking up the pieces
the-flash-round-one-goes-to-zoom-2 Episode recaps
The Flash: Round One Goes To Zoom
Photo Courtesy Of Dean Buscher/The CW Warning: Spoiler Alert Turns out that Jay Garrick’s assessment was unfortunately spot on that Earth-Prime’s version of
the-flash-he-s-not-evil-just-a-jerk Episode recaps
The Flash: He’s Not Evil Just A Jerk
Photo Courtesy Of The CW Network Warning:  Spoiler Alert Although I thoroughly season one of the CW Network series “The Flash,” it seemed rather ironic that
the-flash-open-to-new-opportunities-2 Episode recaps
The Flash: Open To New Opportunities
Photo: Cate Cameron /The CW Network Warning: Spoiler Alert The CW network series “The Flash,” opens its latest episode with a graphic telling us the scene
the-flash-cisco-saves-the-day-2 Episode recaps
The Flash: Cisco Saves The Day
Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW Warning: Spoiler Alert After coming out of the gate in its sophomore campaign with back-to-back chapters jam-packed with action
the-flash-parallel-earth-s-brings-new-crisis-to-central-city Episode recaps
The Flash: Parallel Earth’s Brings New Crisis To Central City
Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW Warning: Spoiler Alert We pick up the story of The CW Network series “The Flash,” right where it ended in the second season
the-flash-forward-2 Episode recaps
The Flash: Forward
Photo Courtesy Of CW Warning: Spoiler Alert Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of the 2014-2015 TV season turned out to be the CW Network series “The Flash.