the-flash-openning-old-wounds-to-move-forward-2 Episode recaps
The Flash: Openning Old Wounds To Move Forward
Courtesy of The CW Warning: Spoiler Alert Barry and Iris go out to see a movie. Which must be at least a little frustrating. While exiting the theater
1532 Episode recaps
The Flash: Success and Failure Breed a Unified Direction
Courtesy of The CW Warning: Spoiler Alert We open this episode with Barry testing himself. This time it’s an apartment building on fire.
a-jam-packed-tuesday-night-2 Agents of s h i e l d
A Jam-Packed Tuesday Night
Warning: Spoiler Alert This Tuesday night should satisfy almost all TV viewers, as the evening’s filled with quality programming and some serious head-to-head matchups.
njatvs-preview-the-flash-2 Fallapalooza
NJATVS Preview: The Flash
Photo Courtesy Of CW Warning: Spoiler Alert Regular readers of these pages know that this writer grew up as a huge comic book fan, during what’s known