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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Regular readers of these pages know that this writer grew up as a huge comic book fan, during what’s known as the “Silver Age Of Comics,” (Late fifties to early seventies) and that I primarily read books from the DC Universe. Reading the tales of the Man Of Steel, The Caped Crusader, along with the Legion Of Superheroes, the Justice League Of America and Green Lantern, helped create the voracious reader that I am today. There’s one title I’ve yet to mention, as in some ways it was my favorite series, the stories of the Scarlet Speedster known as The Flash.

This is the season for “Comic-Book Television,” on the broadcast networks, as many shows try to capitalize on the success of “Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” received last season. We’ve already scene the debut of “Gotham,” a story set when Bruce Wayne was a 12-year-old boy and future Commissioner James Gordon’s a newly minted detective. We previously previewed “Constantine,” based on another DC title “Hellblazer.”

I had low expectations heading into the pilot for the new CW version of “The Flash,” chief among them that it’s airing on the CW Network. Although I’m hopelessly addicted to the network’s series “Supernatural,” every other series I’ve sampled from the network has failed to satisfy this viewer, including the other DC property the network airs “Arrow,” the series that introduced Barry Allen, the secret identity of The Flash.

However without giving too much away, “The Flash,” far exceeded my expectations in all areas, writing, acting, directing, storyline and the pacing of the pilot. The series has taken the story that I grew up with and updated it for a modern audience and bringing in elements in the pilot that emanate from elsewhere in the DC Universe.

Jason Jones will recap the pilot after the show airs next Tuesday night at 8:00pm EDT, so I’m purposely playing this preview close to the vest. However, Fanboys, comic-book fans and fans of Sci-Fi and Fantasy rejoice, if the series retains the quality displayed in the pilot, “The Flash,” will enjoy a long and healthy run and possibly open the door for other members of the DC Universe.

The Flash Premieres Tuesday October 7, at 8:00pm on CW.

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