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Not All Holiday Movies Are Created Equal
Courtesy of ABC Family, Hallmark Channel and Lifetime ABC Family, Hallmark, and Lifetime Need To Refocus And Get Back To Quality Christmas Movies Without Agenda.
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TV Christmas Movies: Saving More Careers Than You Know
Courtesy of Hallmark and Lifetime To the casual observer, the Holiday Season (November 1-January 1) is a time to spend with loved ones, splurge on the
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The Definitive Top 25 Christmas Movie List
People love lists. They’re clean, concise, and create order to chaos. Conceptually. Where we run into a little bit of trouble is when that list prioritizes
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Set Your DVR! Saturday December 20th Holiday Programming Schedule
00 Welcome to the Saturday December 20th DVR list. Saturday represents the “Christmas push”. An idea that Christmas fanatics like me
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Set Your DVR! Friday December 19th Holiday Programming Schedule
00 Thursday the 18th was a tale of made for TV gems, without any classics represented. Friday the 19th, it seems, is the complete inverse of that.
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Set Your DVR! Thursday December 18th Holiday Programming Schedule
00 As promised, Thursday is filled with really quality Holiday films. None of which one should refer to as a “classic”.
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Set Your DVR! Wednesday December 17th Holiday Programming Schedule
00 Wednesday December 17th’s big headliner will be the 3rd Annual Michael Buble’s Christmas in New York. After that we have one Christmas
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Set Your DVR! Tuesday December 16th Holiday Programming Schedule
00 We are officially 10 days out from Christmas. That can mean a great many things. Time to get crackin’ on your cookie baking, gift
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Set Your DVR! Monday December 15th Holiday Programming Schedule
01 At, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. This particular article is one of a series that will