some-familiar-faces-will-return-on-heroes-reborn-2 Heroes reborn
Some Familiar Faces Will Return On Heroes Reborn
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert Details about the NBC limited-run series “Heroes Reborn,” have started to emerge, thanks to a panel discussion
heroes-reborn-official-trailer-2 Heroes reborn
Heroes Reborn Official Trailer
Video Courtesy Of NBC NBC released an extended video preview of their upcoming limited-run series Heroes Reborn for Comic Con 2015. Heroes Reborn will
1167 Daredevil
NJATVS Preview: Daredevil
1472 American odyssey
NJATVS Preview: American Odyssey
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert “SAVE THE SOLDIER,” could become the water-cooler catch-phrase this Spring, or might get perceived as meaningless
1261 Agent carter
NJATVS Preview: Marvel’s Agent Carter
  Courtesy of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert It has been a lovely holiday season, I hope your families enjoyed it as much as ours, but now it’s time to return
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Forever: Welcome To The World Of Henry Morgan
Photo Courtesy Of ABC.GO Warning: Spoiler Alert Many times one walks away from watching a pilot episode of a series, one walks away intrigued.