NJATVS Preview: Daredevil

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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Marvel Studios along with Netflix, put together one of the greatest renditions of a Live-Action Comic Book, presented on a screen of any size, as they debuted Marvel’s “Daredevil“, Friday morning at 12:00 am. A gritty, tough story, taking place in a rebuilding section of New York City, infamously known as Hell’s Kitchen, they’ve tied this character into the preexisting Marvel Universe. The city’s still recovering from The Incident, that occurred in the Marvel film “The Avengers,” a couple of years back.

The story revolves around an attorney Matt Murdock, who lost his sight in a car accident, when he was a child. However, Murdock’s remaining senses now heightened, have allowed Matt to become a masked vigilante, capable of taking on countless men, despite the pain or injuries he endures. Charlie Cox, brings the character alive, making you believe that Murdock’s able to withstand any beating.

All 13 episodes of the series, got released Friday morning, encouraging binge-watching, which this writer’s in the midst, of at this moment. Jason Jones will start recapping the series Saturday April 11, and will publish recaps, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, over the next few weeks.

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