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American odyssey

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

SAVE THE SOLDIER,” could become the water-cooler catch-phrase this Spring, or might get perceived as meaningless babble in about three weeks. The truth be told, the NBC network enjoy purchasing series with intriguing premises, then pulling them from the air after a few episodes, or giving the series a thumbs-down when it comes to renewal. Earlier this year, NBC pulled freshman espionage drama Allegiance, just five episodes into its run.

A year ago NBC ran a series with an intriguing premise entitled Believe, starring among others Delroy Lindo and Kyle MacLachlan, about a little girl with amazing mental powers, that was left to sink or swim and went down like the Poseidon. In 2013, the Network introduced a drama entitled Do No Harm, retelling of the Jekyll and Hyde story in a modern setting, then pulled it from the schedule after just two episodes.

The series that NBC airs on Sunday night April 5, “American Odyssey,” might suffer the same fate as the afore-mentioned series, but the storyline’s too intriguing for us to pass up. The show revolves around a United States Special Forces Unit based in Africa and the fate that befalls them. Some prominent Americans decide to back the enemy (in this case Jihadists,) and the Special Forces Unit are slaughtered, except for one soldier, Sgt. Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel.) The wife and mother’s determined to make it back to her family and blow the whistle on the ambush of her unit, but nefarious forces, attempt to stop her at every turn.

Turns out that Ballard has two supporters in New York City, hoping she gets home safely and exposing the corruption. One of them, a lawyer named Peter Decker, portrayed by Peter Facinelli, the other a Political Activist (a profession that only exists in this era on TV) named Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson.) Although none of the three have ever met, these three strangers are united in the same cause, bringing Odelle Ballard back to her family.

Claire Danes, proved that a female protagonist in an action show, works if the show’s right as in her series The Showtime Original Series Homeland, returning on the Cable Network for a fifth season. Danes, mainly known for her teenage Television show My So-Called Life, wasn’t perceived as an action star prior to taking on the role of CIA Agent Carrie Mathison, but the part fits her like a glove. Hopefully Anna Friel, can get the audience rooting for Odelle Ballard to complete her mission and get  back home.

American Odyssey Premieres Sunday Night April 5, at 10:00 pm on NBC.

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