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11.22.63: A Man Out Of Time
Photo Courtesy Of Hulu Warning: Spoiler Alert Many pundits have stated over the years that America lost its innocence the day that President John F.
heroes-reborn-the-world-still-needs-saving-2 Episode recaps
Heroes Reborn: The World Still Needs Saving
Photo Courtesy Of NBC Warning: Spoiler Alert The Cheerleader’s Gone But The World Still Needs Saving! Tim Kring’s pulled off what many fans thought was impossible.
heroes-reborn-persecuted-for-being-different-2 Heroes reborn
Heroes Reborn: Persecuted For Being Different
Photo Courtesy Of NBC “Warning: Spoiler Alert Back in June of 1938, when Superman debuted in Action Comics the native of the planet Krypton found himself
stephen-colbert-late-night-tv-worth-watching-2 Series debut
Stephen Colbert: Late Night TV Worth Watching
Photo Courtesy Of CBS When the announcement came down that Stephen Colbert would replace the retiring David Letterman as host of The Late Show on CBS