Heroes Reborn: Persecuted For Being Different

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Heroes reborn

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“Warning: Spoiler Alert

Back in June of 1938, when Superman debuted in Action Comics the native of the planet Krypton found himself embraced by the people of Earth, hailed as a hero without any hesitation. Nobody thought that he had a secret agenda, or that he would do anything to harm the citizens of our planet. After all he came to Earth as an infant and was raised by a couple from the American Heartland. In a very scary world, with Adolph Hitler telling the planet that the Third Reich would soon begin a thousand-year reign with the Aryan Race ruling all, having Superman on our side comforted many.

Slightly less than 80-years later, Superman’s actions, morals and motivation will undergo great scrutiny when “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” debuts on the big screen next March. If you’ve seen any of the previews, you might have even heard the Kryptonian referred to as the devil. Although director Zack Snyder broke continuity with the DC Universe, by having Superman kill General Zod in self-defense, he still saved the planet and humanity from destruction.

The plotline of the upcoming movie doesn’t reflect any difference in “The Strange Visitor From Another Planet.” It’s our society that’s changed, we live in era in which we don’t trust our leaders and many of us question everything we witness. It’s a far different society than the one dominated by FDR and any mention of “Happy Days Are Here Again,” in 2015,would be met with a best a cynical laugh.

There’s a vocal-minority in this nation that’s promoting fear and hatred of all outsiders and anyone who deviates from the norm. The race to the White House in 2016, already reflects that, we’ve seen some candidates for President urge citizens to break the law and withhold marriage licenses to LGBT couples. We’ve got another candidate whose proposed not only building a border wall between the United States and Mexico, but that we round-up 11.1 million illegal aliens living in this country and deport them.

Consider how these same politicians would deal with the revelation that living among us are people with superhuman abilities. Just how quickly would those same politicians call for these folks to get rounded up and put away to eliminate any danger they could cause?

This is the society that Tim Kring and NBC introduce in the series “Heroes Reborn,” a sequel to the show the network aired a few years ago. It’s been five-years since Claire Bennett revealed to the world that people with abilities exist and the world hasn’t received the “Evos” with open arms. Just the opposite in fact as all Evos have to register with the Government and many of them hunted and killed, after an incident in Odessa, Texas a year-ago.

The new series which debuts for a 13-episode run on Thursday September 24, will combine familiar faces with new characters, but the story revolves around “HRG,” Noah Bennett. Bennett’s a former Primeatech employee and the father of Claire Bennett and when we first encounter him,  his memories were erased by his old friend known as “The Haitian.” Soon with his memory restored Bennett starts trying to help a band of Evos and find out what happened in Odessa.

Among fan favorites returning for the sequel, Hiro Nakamura, the self-proclaimed Master Of Time and Space. Matt Parkman who discovered he could read minds in the original show and scientist Mohinder Suresh, whose father’s involvement with Primeatech in the Sixties inspired him to continue his father’s research after his death.

We’ll also meet a new group of Evos from around the globe, who try to cope with their new-found powers while trying to remain free and alive. Eventually, just as in the first season of the original show the characters will all meet and join together to defeat a common enemy.

Kring and his cast created a story for the ages in the first season of the original series, hopes are high that this sequel can met those same heights.

The Story Begins Thursday September 24, at 8:00 pm on NBC.

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