Heroes Reborn: Too Many Butterflies And The Fabric Of Time

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

At the conclusion of last week’s episode, Miko found a way to free the Master of Time and Space. In just the nick of time as Hiro Nakamura froze time just as Harris’ bullet almost met Noah’s temple. In June 13th part 1, Hiro teleports Noah back to the morning of June 13th under the strict requirement to harm as few butterflies as possible. This is a reference to the fragility of time. The more of the past that’s changed, the more volatile the consequences are.

Once they arrive one of the organizers working under past Noah tells him that Claire has arrived but is flying under the radar. Future Noah hurries to find her. Elsewhere, at a dirt covered four-way stop on the outskirts of Odessa, a black Suburban pulls up and stops before a lone man standing on the side of the road. The passenger of the Suburban is none other than Angela Petrelli. The man on the side of the road is Mohinder Suresh. Angela informs him that Erica Kravid has a nefarious agenda in mind that will in fact contradict his research. Mohinder’s research proves that if the planet is to be saved from the incoming Extinction Level Event, it will be with the aid of Evos. Erica Kravid has every intention of letting the world burn.

Naturally, Mohinder rejects this idea as another of Angela’s ploys. But before he storms off she tells him that Erica had his research team killed and will change the schedule preventing him from giving his speech, and then plans on having him killed. Before her driver can pull away, Angela gets a call from Claire’s phone, but it is not Claire.

Erica Kravid arrives with Harris outside a suburban Odessa home. On the inside, it doesn’t exactly resemble a typical residential home. The doctor is inside monitoring something with a command center type computer set up. In the basement, there are security measures including a massive security door leading to an empty room where Phoebe tries to build her ‘darkness’ as part of Erica’s plan. She must be able to control a mass large enough to cover the entire summit. Her motivation is the threat that Quentin will die with everyone else if she can’t figure it out.

Luke, Joanne and Dennis make the trip to Odessa to experience the summit. Dennis has a vulnerability to sunlight. Or so his parents think. Simple exposure to sunlight and he breaks out in serious burns. Or for anyone who’s been watching the entire time, Dennis is an Evo. His parents just haven’t let the power materialize. As we saw with Luke who has the same power. They aren’t burns. They are the beginning of his power trying to expose itself.

Back at the Summit, past Noah runs into his organizer. He asks about Clair and Hiro. The organizer is under impression he already told Noah this information. But that was Future Noah. He also tells Noah that Erica moved a portion of the security detail off the west entrance. News that infuriates Noah.

Hiro sits in an elaborate office when a man arrives. The man in question has helped create Evernow. He claims that humanity needs help and suggests that Erica Kravid needs his ‘power’ to aid that effort. It appears that Hiro is business partners with Kravid. When he refuses to use his powers, the man puts his right hand on Hiro’s shoulder and his left hand on a laptop screen. This pixelates Hiro and sends him into the game. Then the man steals Hiro’s Katana, which as we’ve learned is the key to open the door Hiro’s trapped behind.

Future Noah and Hiro make their way to Primeatech, the last place Noah thinks Claire might be. They hear voices and duck out of sight. Past Noah walks in with Erica. He’s indignant over the security change. Then she starts in on the dangers of Evos. He comes back with the notion that the point of the Summit is to prove that Evolved humans are still humans. This is all Erica needs to see that Noah is on the wrong side of this. She has him escorted out by security.

Future Noah and Angela arrive at the hospital before the Summit event looking for Claire. A nurse comes in and informs Noah that Claire did not make it….but the babies did. I’ve had a theory about the Claire story line and will share it the moment I think I’m right. For the moment, Claire essentially died in childbirth. The curious but somewhat telegraphed detail is that the nurse Noah is speaking to is actually Anne Clark. The perceived mother to Tommy.

Suresh arrives at the Summit unable to contact his research team. Molly Walker runs into him and to say they seem ‘familiar’ would be a dramatic understatement. Suresh hands her his thick book of research that Angela returned to him only a few scenes earlier (if something happens). Harris approaches, Erica requests his presence. It doesn’t take long for Suresh to show Erica her cards to her. She does indeed plan on taking Suresh out. Harris hits him with a tranquilizer dart.

Future Noah and Angela wait in a nursery room when the doctor enters. Noah’s effected by news of being a Grandfather but he is still more concerned with seeing Claire. Something the doctor is not willing to grant. Nurse Anne walks in with a baby in each arm. It is a lovely distraction but only works momentarily.

Harris has rigged Mohinder with a device around his neck and tube up his nose to prevent him from accessing his power. Under his suit jacket, Harris reveals he’s strapped with explosives. Harris is going to make Suresh famous, just not for any reason he’d want. Just then, Hiro appears wielding two swords. Harris recognizes him but he’s perplexed as he believes Hiro’s trapped in Evernow. They engage in a sword vs fist fight, which Hiro wins rather quickly. And of course, the dead Harris was only a clone. As are the other five surrounding Mohinder and Hiro. The plan is not to kill Mohinder, but to somehow implicate him in the bombings. The various Harris’ will spread out and blow the roof off this Summit.

Suresh gives chase to the Harris he think s might be Harris Prime. Hiro is left to fight the remainder. One of the clones insists that Hiro cant defeat the all. So Hiro says, “Let’s find out”. Then he freezes time. We see him teleport out and snap back in, never the same spot twice. This is Hiro playing out scenarios. Every single one of which creates a bigger fallout than saving the people of the Summit.

Luke’s family take in the Summit. Dennis watches an Evo turn water of almost any form and turn it into snow and ice as a fun little parlor trick. Dennis gets blown away.

Meanwhile, elsewhere Casper is let into the detainment room holding his now familiar brief case. Noah already assumes that he is in Erica’s pocket. They share some nostalgia of old times, favors and saved lives. Just before Noah is about to lose any hope that Casper is on the side of good, Casper references San Francisco. This immediately triggers something in Noah’s mind. With a guard listening, this was the code that Casper chose to use to tell Noah that his circumstance was about to change for the better.

Future Noah finally gets to Claire. This may be a little too ‘inside baseball’ but not surprising that Noah could not even pull back the sheet to verify that it actually was her. It doesn’t advance the story, it’s just that Hayden Panettiere was too busy with Nashville to make an appearance. Otherwise this scene is difficult to watch. The show runners clearly went for the cheesy, predictable, cliché dialogue instead of keeping to tone of the situation. “I thought we’d have time. To say all the things that needed to be said.” Is a little too high on the cheese meter for me.

Hiro arrives in the hospital room after Noah’s cliché monologue to tell Noah that he could not do it. He could not stop the events from the Summit. There were too many bombs (Harris clones) and too many butterflies (negative consequences). No matter how many scenarios he ran, the consequences always proved to be more catastrophic than the pain and loss suffered at the Summit. Hiro attempts to teleport both of them out of there, but can’t.

Phoebe in a matter of hours has learned to control and grow her darkness. From her location in the suburban house, she raises her darkness vast enough that it covers everything between there and the Summit. Blanketing most of Odessa. Any Evos under that covering will be unable to use their abilities for as long as their covered.

When the explosions start Hiro and Future Noah are still in the hospital. The destruction from the Summit is complete. Molly Walker, past Noah and Casper make it out of their together. Still waiting to see what Noah did that made Molly Walker hate Noah so clearly a few episodes ago.

In the nursery Angela rocks the twins while Noah tries to convince Hiro to try again. Angela has seen it, there is no saving the Summit or Odessa. All that matters is the future. If I’m right on my theory, I think it’s going to come out in this scene. Angela mentions the ELE and that two Evos will save the world. Can you feel it? The big theory creeping into your mind. Erica knows about the ELE and that is why she’s sending ‘things’ into the future. She also knows that the only thing that can stop the ELE is…wait for it…Claire’s child. Noah asks which one? Angela speculates it might be both. Are you there yet? Have you made the connection I hypothesized two weeks ago?

This is where Noah figures out that this is what he wanted to forget. This is why he had the Haitian wipe his memory. They are going to hide the kids until such a time that they can do their part and save the world. If he doesn’t remember, he can’t give up their location. It’s just now that Angela figures out that the Noah she’s been talking to is actually future Noah. Noah hid the children from Erica. With a little help from his friends. And Angela volunteers to care for the children until they are needed. Just based on the Tommy/Anne situation, I’m guessing there’s another hiccup in the road.

One year from now, Erica Kravid will be looking for a one year old child. But if they send them back, say 15 years then there is a great chance their powers will manifest like Claire’s did. And Erica won’t see it coming that the child(ren) she’s worried about are actually almost adults. Hiro prepares the boy infant to “party like it’s 1999”, but before they go there is one major detail yet to be ironed out. Here it comes… The Children need to be named. The boy, Nathan, after the son Angela lost. Remember last week a character said, “I don’t even know if that’s my real name”. And the girl, Malina, after Noah’s mother. Malina and Nathan, or more specifically, Malina and Tommy. Malina and Tommy, the one’s who will save the world are Claire’s children sent back 15 years to grow up before the ELE. Doesn’t hurt that it feels like a Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker situation.

Nurse Anne returns home, present day. The day of the Odessa Summit carnage. She comes home for a quick break because, wait for it, it’s Tommy’s birthday. She hands him a cupcake with a candle in it before she has to run back out again. And yes, Tommy appears to be somewhere around 14 years old.
Past Noah sits on a gurney with Casper waiting to be seen or medical attention. He asks Casper to get him some water. Then he notices Erica walk by. As he pursues, he crosses Future Noah who sees this whole thing play out. Now we have one Noah following another Noah who is following Erica with the intent to kill. Future Noah yells out to past Noah in the hopes of preventing this assassination attempt.

To be continued…

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