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Agent Carter: The SSR Set A Trap Using The Only Bait That Matters
Courtesy of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert In the aftermath of Chief Dooley’s heroic but tragic suicide and the theater attack, where I must assume that was
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Agent Carter: Peggy’s Innocence Is Confirmed, But At What Cost?
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Agent Carter: Peggy Carter, Fugitive From Justice
Courtesy of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert The old man Carter and the Commandos pulled out of danger in the last episode starts to share what he knows regarding
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Agent Carter: This May Be More Than Recovering Stark’s Bad Babies
Courtesy of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert Jarvis stands in front of two lackeys attempting to broker a deal of some sort. One would assume its to buy back
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Agent Carter: Recovering The Tech Is Only The Beginning
Courtesy of Marvel Warning: Spoiler Alert Peggy begins this episode perusing a Shakespearean book of symbols. Last episode ended with Brannis drawing a
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Agent Carter: Sometimes The Best Man For The Job Is A Woman
Courtesy of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert The premiere of ABC’s new Marvel show “Agent Carter” starts off exactly like it’s supposed to. Not because it was
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NJATVS Is Live Tweeting Agent Carter’s 2-Hour Premiere
Twitter.com   Tonight as part of Marvel’s Agent Carter 2-hour premiere, NJATVS will be live-tweeting the show.  While you’re watching tonight’s event
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NJATVS Preview: Marvel’s Agent Carter
  Courtesy of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert It has been a lovely holiday season, I hope your families enjoyed it as much as ours, but now it’s time to return