Agent Carter: Peggy Carter, Fugitive From Justice

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

The old man Carter and the Commandos pulled out of danger in the last episode starts to share what he knows regarding the Russian operation. The plan is to make Russia more powerful than their enemies and their allies. Which could include little girls trained as weapons. This part of the conversation persuades Carter to disregard protocol. Her questions are bothersome enough to Dooley that he asks Peggy for ‘a moment’.

The first thought that comes to mind is that of concern on Peggy’s part for poor little girls being exploited. But it turns out, while that is a worthy reason, Peggy has a theory that not only is Stark not to blame, but that the evidence points to a gun made for someone with small hands. Just wait til she finds out that Dottie is the grown up version of one of those little girls.

Peggy entertains another back to back meeting with Jarvis, begrudgingly. Jarvis explains that Chief Dooley visited Jarvis and the overall sentiment towards Howard Stark may be shifting. Peggy tells Jarvis that Russia is training young girls to be operatives. Then inquires as to how difficult it might be to get a list of all the women Howard has “entertained” in the last year. She settles on the last six months.

Jarvis: I don’t think there’s enough ink in the whole of New York to complete that request.
Peggy: Fine, just in the last six months then, is that possible?
Jarvis: Yes. Yes, I suggest we start with the western hemisphere.
Peggy: Oh, please.

Sousa takes a trip down to the local prison to follow his lead that Peggy Carter is the blonde woman in the yellow dress. The convict in question is Sheldon. The big guy that had the truck filled with Nitromene that Peggy took out then tied to a chair. He does I.D. Carter as the woman who beat him up.

Jarvis take Peggy to a local jeweler who makes diamond bracelets for each of Mr. Stark’s conquests. As crass as that sounds, it does provide them with a list of women. Peggy’s plan is to take that list and rundown each of the non-famous woman so she can take note of each of their wrists. Looking for scars or stress marks that might indicate being handcuffed to a bed when they slept. Jarvis hates this idea, as Jarvis is the one that tends to do the breaking up. While they are crossing names off the list, Jarvis is spending a significant amount of time getting slapped.

Dottie has scoped out a dentist office directly across from the “phone company”. When she walked through the door, she was greeted by the dentist who foolishly gave his staff a long weekend. He believes he’s interviewing a prospective dental assistant. Goes without saying that once he made an inappropriate pass, she ended him. Great vantage point for an assassination attempt. Across the street our Russian Psychologist friend trying to help Dooley is looking across at that very building. Dooley even suggests he open the window. Any minute, she’s going to take this psychologist out. Then there is a reflection from the gun and sunlight. I’m expecting him to hit the deck. Instead, he looks up and gives a subtle head nod. The Dr. is in on it too. They communicate is Morse code. He needs more time to find ‘the item’. Dottie’s new directive is to kill Peggy Carter.

The psychologist has planted the seed the his experience tells him that Dooley is experiencing some martial issues. He uses this as nothing more than a conversation piece in Dooley’s eyes. The bigger picture is that he is using that as a way in. He starts to tell Dooley that he needs to focus on the good times. Then he keeps repeating the word ‘focus’ as he spins his wedding ring. He is hypnotizing Dooley. Sousa interrupts just in time to inform Dooley of what he has learned about Agent Carter.

At the diner, Carter and Jarvis discuss what they’ve found on their latest lead. Which is nothing, then Peggy notices something. The entire diner has vacated. Her training tells her that this is what happens before SSR arrests someone they believe to be dangerous. She even spots the men still left in the diner as high ranking SSR officials. She instructs Jarvis to block the front door while she does the rest.

She runs out the back to find Jack Thompson waiting for her. It looks bad. She cannot go quietly, not yet. She apologizes to Jack then knocks him out. Before she can escape the alley she is intercepted by Sousa. She charms her way out of that one too. At SSR headquarters Dooley jumps into his best Tommy Lee Jones from the Fugitive. Peggy Carter is now a fugitive and will be brought to justice.

Dooley locks a new(ish) agent in a room with the psychologist who begins the hypnosis thing on this poor sap. It works much better this time. The agent answers every question honestly. But with Carter presumed to be a spy, Dooley has locked down everything. So the psychologist can’t access the lab to find whatever it is he’s looking for.

Thompson and Sousa and their men descend upon the Griffith. The no men thing rule that the Madam Fry sticks so tightly to is of no concern to the agents in the lobby. They forcefully find Peggy’s room. She’s hears them coming and is able to elude them. Standing on a ledge outside her own window.

Angie notices Peggy outside on the ledge. Peggy tells her the agents knocking on her door are there for her (Peggy). Angie quickly turns to let them in. Angie is going to buy Peggy time if not throw the SSR off her scent. Which she does beautifully. Up to and including fake tears to sell the bit.

Angie then arranges for a relative to bring a car for Peggy so she can get out of town. On her way out she bumps into Dottie (DANGER!). Peggy tries to get by her but Dottie plants a kiss on her. Wearing Peggy’s own special lipstick. Before she passes out, Peggy pulls back Dottie’s sleeve to reveal the scars she’s been looking for.

Before Dottie can finish the job, the SSR agents come around the corner. Dottie plays the innocent while Thompson and Sousa handcuff and remove Peggy. At headquarters, she is greeted harshly by everyone, especially Dooley. They sit her down and handcuff her to a table. Sousa then places on the table a photo of her from the night club and the fake sphere she left when she swiped Steve Rogers’ blood.

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