Agent Carter: Recovering The Tech Is Only The Beginning

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Peggy begins this episode perusing a Shakespearean book of symbols. Last episode ended with Brannis drawing a symbol in the dirt as his life left him. Just outside her door is a shady looking character, a very stalker-ish vibe. My first guess would be the man they call “Green Suit”. Who is now scaling the exterior of the building. He gets to Peggy’s window to discover her gun welcoming him, not his girlfriend Molly. False alarm.

Ray and the Chief from SSR investigate a lead to a motel/brothel or some such temporary residence of questionable activity. In the room we discover the type writer internet situation, suggesting that this is where Green Suit was hiding out.

The following morning, Molly, is evicted from the ladies home for violating the number one rule. “No men above the first floor”. Good thing Peggy refused to aid in Molly’s boyfriend’s ascension up to the higher floors. Despite this otherwise negative moment, at least for Molly, the wheels in Agent Carter’s mind seem to be spinning.

Back at SSR the boys start piecing together what little they have. Brannis apparently has been dead for a couple of years, Green Suit has multiple passports, and they’ve identified the license plate from last week as belonging to Howard Stark.

Carter shows up to the Jarvis residence unannounced. She has a theory suggested by her land lady’s performance earlier. If she can see the vault, perhaps she can find how they got in or where they went.

Thompson and Sousa knock on the main door at the Stark estate. Jarvis and Carter are the only ones there. However, Carter cannot be seen there by SSR agents. Jarvis does his best to distract them from Carter and diffuse any action in the immediate future. The result of which is accompanying the agents ‘downtown’.

Jarvis: This will be novel. I haven’t sat in the back seat of a car in years.

Carter arrives at SSR at almost the same time as Jarvis. Thompson attempts to interrogate Jarvis. The audience knows the truth or at least so far. So this entire exercise simply feels like flat foot’s willing to bend and twist all of the information they have to paint a much bigger and convoluted conclusion. As in Stark hired the men to steal his tech and car. Jarvis apparently was previously charged with treason. Jarvis is rattled but fighting letting it show.

Carter leaves the room on the other side of the glass and comes right back with some paper for the Chief to sign. Thompson then tells Jarvis to ‘think about it’, then leaves for coffee. The coffee line is the Chief’s cue. In the hallway, Carter listens in. The moment Chief Dooley is introduced to Jarvis, Carter comes around the corner to say that she mistakenly had the stolen car report that Dooley previously claimed was lost. Thus giving them no cause to detain Jarvis. She saved Jarvis knowing that the sky would come crashing down on her.

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Courtesy of Netflix and Marvel

Carter brushes off Angie in an attempt to meet up with Jarvis to again try to investigate the vault. She deduces that based on the current use of the sewer system the thief could simply thrown all the tech into a raft and floated the tech away. Then she stops. The treason charge on Jarvis’ record bothers her. Jarvis was charged with treason for forging a general’s signature to safely remove a Jewish woman from Budapest. That Jewish woman in Ana, his wife. And yes, the logistics were arranged by Howard Stark.

They arrive at the sewer’s exit point. Using binoculars, Carter looks across the body of water to a small tugboat. On this boat is a symbol. A heart. Around the heart is a rope that looks like an ‘S’ and a circle. Or more importantly, a more detailed image than the one Brannis drew in the dirt.
Low and behold, a large amount of Stark’s stolen tech sitting alone in the belly of the boat. Carter’s initial instinct is to call it in to SSR. An idea that Jarvis has to convince her to abandon. In this moment, she feels that this discover could earn her some respect. But respect doesn’t clear Stark’s name. She points out that there is a pay phone outside and insists Jarvis call it in. She insists that Krzymeniski not get it. She could stomach Sousa getting credit if she can’t. Jarvis runs across to the ‘phone box’ and calls in an anonymous tip to Sousa. He disguises his voice in an attempt to sound American. It’s tragic.

Carter turns around when she hears a sound assuming it was Jarvis. It was not. A large man in a tank top undershirt, there I assume to protect the stolen goods. Carter fights back and he just won’t go down. He gets Carter in a compromising position and Jarvis takes a metal pipe to the back of the man’s head. Still doesn’t go down. Until Carter uses one the Stark ‘bad babies’ on him. First designed to be a back massager, this item causes muscle spasms until the bones break.

Sousa and Krzymeniski show up to find the Stark stuff all but gift wrapped. Krzymeniski drives the ‘guard’ back to SSR. On the way the guard asks about the British dame. Krzymeniski starts to connect dots we don’t want him to connect. They stop at a railroad crossing. A car rear ends the stopped SSR vehicle. Krzymeniski gets out and begins jawing with the driver. The driver doesn’t hesitate to shoot him in the chest four or five times. The gunman walks around to the side of the car and shoots the guard in the head. Not to be insensitive towards death, but that tied up a couple loose ends nicely.

The death of Krzymeniski hits the SSR pretty hard. Instead of taking it in stride, Dooley decides to put his anger on Howard Stark. They wouldn’t be in a position to seize the stolen goods, or detain the guard, and Krzymeniski would not have been shot if they weren’t on that particular job.

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