Heroes Reborn: The Kids Are Always In Danger

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Sundae, Bloody Sundae begins with a series of snapshots. Carlos wakes up to find himself amidst a role reversal, Dearing in the driver’s seat and Carlos with a tube up his nose. Luke driving Malina to the last place Luke saw Nathan. Casper speaks to someone on the phone referencing that Nathan is on his way. To where he did not specify, but he did hint to ‘tying up some loose ends’. Taylor Kravid changes her hair color and gets hacker group from last week. Erica Kravid continues her arrogant perception of the current situation then walks outside to kill a deer. Nathan returns to Anne where she tries to tell him some of the truth. He has Hiro’s powers. He has exactly Hiro’s powers. Nathan has a hard time accepting that he can time travel. Then Noah appears to confirm that he indeed can time travel.

Carlos and Dearing arrive at Sunstone Manor. Despite the events of a few episodes ago that lead to Carlos being in the passenger seat, these two are effectively working together. Dearing leads him inside, both connected with ear coms. Carlos gets escorted to an adjacent room to confirm his status as an evo. Carlos eyes are screaming at Dearing, while Dearing plays his part. Carlos is detected as an evo, as planned.

Taylor walks to meet the hacker contact. As he approaches he pulls down a ski mask. Taylor turns to escape but falls right into the arms of a second man who jumped out of a black van. They cover her head and throw her in the van.

Luke and Malina continue their trip. Even after Luke mentioned that he didn’t want to talk about his reason for being, he eventually opens up. Albeit a small admission, he tells a story about how he and his wife to take Dennis to the movies and load up on junk food to help Dennis feel more normal.
Carlos gets escorted up the house and slowly gets out of the handcuffs. When the associate asks what his power is, Carlos takes him down with three punches.

Erica Kravid walks up to a seated and bound Taylor. She pulls the hood off of Taylor’s head. It appears that the contact was just a setup. Taylor doesn’t cave to Erica manipulative attempt at a mother-daughter guilt trip. Erica doesn’t hesitate to demand to know who Taylor gave the files to. Taylor makes it very clear that she will perish before giving her mother anything. Then we discover that the woman before Taylor is not her mother. It’s a male shape shifter. The shape shifter backs away to allow the Haitian to move in to the foreground. The Haitian, as he describes it, is just one of the hunted.

Casper sits at the counter of Emily’s diner. He holds a penny. Emily mentions that her bracelet was a gift from her thoughtful boyfriend. Casper spins the penny on the counter. Before Emily can touch it, he slaps it down. “Treasure those memories, it’s what defines us”. Emily walks away from Casper to greet her next customer. Seated with aviator sunglasses is Joanne. She puts her gun on the table encouraging Emily to sit. Casper gets up and asks what he owes her. Joanne tells her to get rid of him. Casper pulls loose change out of his pocket and drops all of it on the floor. Joanne does not pick any of them up.

Carlos takes the associate’s clothes and makes his way down. Carlos can hear the voice of the ‘director’. Outside the manor resembles a cult. Inside, Dearing is getting annoyed with the time its taking to get his money. There is a new protocol. They have to wait, and in time, Dearing will get swabbed to ensure that evos aren’t delivering evos. The swab man shows up and Dearing tosses him across the large foyer. Before he can turn around, the desk lady injects him with something that drops him to his knees.

Quentin shows up at the hospital strangely and helps Nathan retrieve a candy bar lodged in the vending machine. Nathan gets a call and heads to the rest room. Inside, he gets a call from Emily but of course the voice belongs to Joanne. Nathan teleports out of there just before Quentin and his gun decide to take Nathan out. He arrives in the diner and charges straight for Joanne, pleading that she let Casper and Emily go. Casper politely interjects that he is handling this.

Luke and Malina pull up just a hair too late. Casper tosses his briefcase in the air. Joanne shoots it forcing all his coins to cascade down on her. She turns and takes one shot hitting Casper right between the eyes. Luke hears the gunshot and jumps out of the car, but not before ordering Malina to stay in the car.

In walks Luke in the middle Joanne’s claims that killing Nathan would not be enough. She needs to make Nathan watch his girlfriend die first. Luke is very calm asking Joanne to put down her gun. He mentions that none of this will bring Dennis back. Joanne gets this great idea that if she kills Emily then Luke kills her, everybody wins. Luke raises his arm to neutralize the situation. The fire leaves his hand as Joanne turns to point her gun at Emily. Nathan screams out and without knowing it, freezes time. Along with time travel, probably something he didn’t think he could do.

As Hiro did in the first season, Nathan marvels at what he has been able to do. He walks around each person and yes, even alters the trajectory of the bullet headed right for Emily. Then he turns to discover Malina who is also frozen in time. Nathan teleports Emily out of there and once he does, time snaps back. When her shot meets ice cream and not Emily, she sprints out of there. Luke gives chase and discovers that Malina is not in the car, but that’s when the sirens can be heard.

Taylor stands in a circle with the others with the Haitian. One of them can project images with their mind. The images fly one after the other until it stops on…Micah. Fans of the original series had to gasp for air like I just did. Micah was their leader. They believe Erica has Micah. Taylor stops the images on Sunstone Manor.

Carlos finds Jose sitting on a bench talking to no one. It’s actually a manifestation of what appears to be a younger Carlos. When the real Carlos tries to get Jose to leave, he freaks out. Then Father Mauricio appears to tell Carlos they have everything they could want right here. Carlos takes out a couple guards, but when more appear he races out of there only to be surrounded by guards.

The Director speaks to Dearing who looks to be in pain if not significantly uncomfortable. The Director conveys his disgust in a cop turned bounty hunter out rounding up his own kind. Then the Director tells Dearing that his punishment is up to him. Dearing turns about-face and enter an area covered in plastic. Inside the covering, Dearing finds a gun on a table. Puts the gun to his temple. The sound the door closing and the sound of a gunshot seem to merge.

The Director is MATT PARKMAN! Parkman tries to get into Carlos’ head to find out what is that one thing that Carlos hides that defines him. And just like that, Carlos straightens up and turns about-face just as Dearing did. This time, Carlos enters a similar plastic covered area with a small table. There is a much larger assault rifle in this one. Carlos gets thrust into a military flashback. He cowered in the room frozen and crying. Parkman walks in eating a sandwich.

Parkman: Farah Nazan. That’s interesting. Might be more helpful than I thought.

Nathan teleports himself and Emily to the hospital where Noah and Anne wait. He informs Noah that Casper is dead. Before he can explain, he tries to teleport himself and Noah out of the hospital but he can’t. He can’t because Phoebe is in the building. Noah tells him to run. Nathan runs right into Quentin’s raised gun. Noah, dumbfounded by the treachery on Quentin’s part, turns his gun on Phoebe. With the threat of Quentin killing Nathan, he lowers his gun. Quentin and Phoebe get away with Nathan. Noah returns to the scene of Casper’s death to find Malina getting questioned. The detective is about to ask Noah to leave when he introduces himself as “her grandfather”.

The Frady’s deliver Nathan to Erica Kravid’s place. Erica is more than inviting, but Nathan isn’t buying it. She takes him to a done up table outside. She tells him that she knows his grandfather told him he was destined to save the world. Erica plans to tell him how.

A butterfly (ironically) lands on the knee of someone meditating on what looks like a barren desert. That person is Miko…7,957 years in the future. She walks with purpose across the desert floor and around a rock formation with the sound of Mohinder Suresh’s voiceover about the impact of the decisions we make. She stops and turns revealing to the audience a large complex in the middle of the desert. That complex is the “Gateway” project that Erica Kravid had been admiring in concept art form earlier in her home.

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