Heroes Reborn: Preparations For Gateway

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Picking up where we left off last week, Noah escorts Malina out of the crime scene that is the ice cream shop, Noah tries to reassure Malina that she is safe now. Noah vows to get Tommy/Nathan back, in Midian, CO. After they cross the street, Luke intercepts them. He is reserved and contrite as he returns to Malina the things she left in his car. Luke makes every effort to help further. Call it a debt owed for the life saved. Noah wants no part of it. Malina even has a look of disdain, now that she knows the trigger person is Luke’s wife.

Nathan wakes up in Erica’s home with evidence of a minor surgical procedure. Stitches covering a hole in the back of his neck. Erica begins in like you might expect, a collection of small lies that seem to the uniformed that they could be truths. Despite her best efforts, Nathan refuses to extend any level of trust. It doesn’t take her 90 seconds before she tries to paint Noah in a negative light. Erica, by the way, has some of the ugliest living room furniture. Nathan is still adamant about stopping this impending apocalypse. A notion Erica thinks is ludicrous. “How do you reverse the poles?” (north and south) I’m guessing, it has something to do with Malina’s ability to manipulate the northern lights.

Hiro created a time bridge, a connection between now and then. When Hiro was released from his captivity in Evernow, that bridge was severed. Erica needs Nathan to reconnect that time bridge. Nathan is still not convinced, but he demands to know when and where this future colony is.

Miko has found a way to do just that. She walks right onto “Gateway” in the future, the other end of the time bridge. She’s immediately met by other Erica sent over. Miko still pursues finding her father, she has no idea where or when she is. She does dispatch the small group of men relatively quickly.

Parkman has Farah and is attempting to her to reveal the location of “the girl”, which one must assume means Malina. When he gets no where reading her mind, he politely threatens to bring Carlos in to loosen her up. Later, Parkman brings Carlos in. Dressed in all white and handcuffed. Carlos is of little help, but his presence seems to loosed Farah’s grip on her own thoughts. Eventually, Parkman grows tired of this game and points a gun on Carlos, hoping it will force Farah into giving up the one nugget she will not let go of. Farah eventually cracks at the thought of Carlos getting killed in front of her.

Nathan teleports Erica, Quinton and Phoebe to Gateway. First he surveys the deserts vastness. Then Erica shows him Gateway in the distance. Always maintaining that it is inevitable that they would fail in fulfilling the prophecy. On a tour, Nathan seems legitimately impressed. He reluctantly agrees to help but only under the conditions that he be permitted to bring as many family.

Noah and Malina stop for gas and they both notice that Luke has followed them. Noah confronts Luke again to reiterate that they don’t need his help. Luke makes a sincere appeal including the admission of loss. He brings it back around to Malina saving his life. It looks like Noah may be giving in, then pulls a 180 leading Malina back to the car.

Miko gets inside what appears to be a safely guarded facility inside Gateway. There she discovers bodies is stasis. One in particular. The real Miko. That’s about the time her father shows up. He explains what he can and also tells her she needs to find the Master of Time and Space.

Taylor has an idea to gain access into Stoneridge. The shapeshifter morphs into Erica Kravid who will pay a visit to the facility unannounced. The problem is that neither Taylor or the shapshifter are aware of Parkman’s mind reading ability. They both think of Francis and Micah which tips Parker off that they are not who they seem.

Noah and Malina pull up to a massive storm cloud over a highway in Texas. Noah suggests she stay in the car but she doesn’t listen. She gets close and stands on the back of a pickup truck. Malina tries with all of her strength to push back this massive storm cloud. She is eventually successful. However her act to save people is brushed aside for the mere fact that she’s an evo. Then out come the evo bigots. Luke steps in and uses his own power to push back the mob. In all the commotion, they didn’t notice Nathan teleport in and snatch up Noah.

Whether Carlos was playing along to the submissive ways of the other guests or the sight of Farah snapped something back into place, Carlos summons the strength or courage to fight back. He frees Farah from the medical room she was apparently passed out in. Meanwhile, Parkman enters a room with a large glass cage that holds…the grown Micah. Parkman needs to know he’s on Erica’s list of those worth sending to the future. In short order, the heavily sedated Micah finds Erica’s list, with Parkman’s name on it.

Nathan stands on the platform for the time bridge and agrees to teleport back Quinton and Phoebe back. Before he can go himself, Miko jumps in front of him and takes out a few guards. Erica is immediately alarmed. Miko grabs Nathan’s arm, calls him the Master of Time and Space and tells him she’s there to free him. Nathan then teleports out of there.

Taylor, Carlos and Farah make it outside hoping to find those they came for. They are met by Taylor’s new friends. Who in turn are met with about a hundred Harrises.

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