Heroes Reborn: Too Many Butterflies

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

We pick up where we left off last week. With Erica Kravid and the June 13th incident. Last week ended with future Noah preventing past Noah from killing Erica Kravid. Now, we see Erica trying to spin the story to help her end game. Beginning with claiming that Mohinder Suresh was not only responsible for the bombings in Odessa, but also the murders of his research team. Both perpetrated by Erica Kravid.

The overlap continues as future Noah pursues Erica followed by past Noah. This time instead of cutting as past Noah yells out, we actually get to see the bullet strike flesh. Noah missed and hit her in the back of the leg. And now, the dreaded Noah and Noah face to face. I’m just guessing this won’t completely unravel the fabric of the space-time continuum, as Doc Brown once predicted.

Hiro and Angela with babies in tow, successfully travel back to 1999. They did not however, get to the desired destination. They are still in Odessa. Hiro cannot use his powers and Angela figures out why. The boy is a Petrelli as she puts it. He can absorb powers. Even as an infant, he has absorbed Hiro’s power. Angela decides, before Hiro can rebut, they must split up. The children must be raised separately.

Another flashback sequence has Carlos and Farah, two characters seemingly unrelated in any way, sitting in the same military court room. The court room was a court-martial hearing. Farah saved the men they speak of, yet Carlos gets rewarded for bravery. While it seems they aren’t anymore, at one time, Carlos and Farah were an ‘item’. Farah does mention taking a job that will take her off the grid for a long time.

Noah, Noah, Molly Walker and Casper sit in an exam room while past Noah tries to come to grips with what’s going on. His every instinct is the same as future Noah’s was. Noah asks Molly Walker to try to find Hiro. She cannot. All she knows is that his powers remain in Odessa. Future Noah looks to past Noah and tells him he needs to forget all about this day. He says he’ll reach out to the Haitian. Future Noah puts a stop to that and suggest using Casper instead. Before the two can leave to wipe his memory, Harris takes out Casper with the butt of his gun, but not until after seeing Future Noah leaving with Molly Walker.

The next scene is difficult to watch, especially for me. Luke and Joanna post a picture and basic information in a tent set up by first responders. After defending the notion that their son was normal and not an Evo, Luke identifies his limp body by his gloved hand outstretched from the gurney.

Harris gets past Noah into a room and holds him at gunpoint. Just as Noah refuses to tell Harris anything, Harris says he doesn’t need him to. Then Matt Parkman walks through the door. Matt sold his ‘talents’ to the highest bidder. Despite Noah’s pleas, Matt reads what he can. Before he can answer the question of where is the child, a penny rolls in and Noah traps it with his shoe. Noah’s memory of this day begin to fall away. Parkman can’t read him anymore. Then Casper takes out Harris with his penny brief case. After a brief hesitation, Matt strongly suggests they leave.

Hachiro (Miko’s father) calls Erica to ask why the media has implicated Hiro and Suresh, both in some way employed by Kravid. She explains that the reports are true and Hachiro need not concern himself with it. That’s the moment he realizes she’s denied him access to the game he created. So, Hachiro decides to create a hero to save Hiro. He creates Katana Girl.

Future Noah tries to employ Molly Walker’s ability as a Hiro GPS. They arrive at a house in the Odessa suburbs. Before Noah can ring the doorbell, a very ‘aged’ looking Hiro answers the door. 15 years raising Noah’s grandson and he was able to reach one very important conclusion. A connection that I didn’t see until he slapped me in the face with it. Nathan/Tommy can absorb powers. He absorbed Hiro’s but before that, he absorbed Claire’s. And that’s why she died during childbirth. She couldn’t heal.

Nathan walks through the door speaking fluent Japanese and calling Hiro “father”. Hiro confirms that Noah is his grandfather. The two share an embrace. This tangent that Noah’s created has definitely changed Nathan’s attitude, knowledge, and motivation. That and Hiro playing Dad with Anne the nurse (who have consequently fallen in love) is decidedly different. Nathan is ready for his destiny.

Hiro may not be able to take Noah back to the future, but Nathan can. Just then Harris burst through the door. Harris grabs Nathan with a gun to his head. Noah points his gun at Harris. Then quietly looks right at Nathan, says his name, and subtly nods his head as if to say, you know what to do. Nathan teleports Harris to the other side of the room, giving Noah a clear shot to kill him. This logically begins the process that should lead to Anne moving ‘Tommy’ around without warning or reason.

Luke and Joanna sit in their motel room watching the news, putting themselves through the intentional pain that mourning parents do when there’s a knock at the door. It’s the ‘iceman’ that Luke pulled from the rubble when he was looking for Dennis. The man is there to thank Luke for saving his life. When Joanna catches wind that he saved an Evo and their son is dead, she snaps. Ultimately stabbing the evo in the neck repeatedly with scissors. She freaks out for a moment, then embraces what she’s just done.

Noah and Nathan travel to meet Angela. She is very grandmotherly but walks off to have a word with Noah. Their presence is surprising and not in a good way. Noah tells her that Erica and Renautus found Nathan. Angela’s unconvinced as they took every precaution. Precautions that Noah undid when Noah shot Erica. The end is coming and there is nothing we can do about it. Nathan is ready to do his part now, but it appears that Malina needs time to develop her powers.

Angela summons Farah to introduce her to half of the world’s best hope. Farah is not impressed. Angela gives her instructions about the time being right and suggests there is something she hasn’t had the heart to tell Malina.

Erica honors her word and reunites Quentin with Phoebe. Quentin is happy to see her, but not completely convinced that all Phoebe’s been through is good. Phoebe tries to convince him that Erica is going to save everyone.

Noah, Casper and Molly Walker stand in the kitchen of Nathan’s home. Casper tells Noah that Erica is on to the other him and Noah replies that keeping Nathan safe is the most important detail. Thus, taking us back to an earlier episode where Casper seemed to almost be stalking Nathan. Nathan sends Noah back to the future. Then a black SUV pulls up loudly and out pour Harris’s. Hiro has to say goodbye. Nathan, Anne and Casper all teleport out of there before the Harris’s get in. Casper wipes everything from Nathan’s mind. Everything except the memory of their relationship.

Noah lands on a dirt pile in front of Primeatech only moments before Quentin walks out to discover him. Yes, one of the butterflies is that for the moment at least, Quentin is still alive. As it turns out, not the good news I first perceived it to be. Noah says very few words. The important ones being, “Claire had twins. They’re now 16. I hid them from Erica. Now I have to find them.” Noah doubles back to find his gun. Then Quentin very discreetly calls Erica to spill this new information. Information that pleases Erica Kravid greatly.

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