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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Following the ‘disappearance’ of Noah, Luke and Malina take to the road. Malina’s concentration remains with Noah’s shocking disappearance. Malina works through what happens next. Asserting that she and her brother must be in Odessa when everything comes to a head. Without skipping a beat, Luke assures her that whatever she needs, he will be there to assist. Including Luke making a stop to a nearby box store. Why? Insurance for his powers that are dependent on the sun.

Malina: You shoot fireballs out of your hands. Why do you need a gun and bullets?
Luke: Well, my powers are unreliable without the sun. So if we need to fight at night, we’ll need insurance. We’re in Missouri after all, I could get you your own gun if you’d like.
Malina: No need. I have a 24 hour power.

Miko and Tommy teleport into a very large open green house. They both are confused for different reasons . Then Tommy pieces together that Miko is Kitana Girl from 9th Wonders. She begins to pixelate as Renautas’ people pursue them. Instead of facing them, Tommy teleports them out of there.

Erica is naturally hot and bothered with the lack of time and Miko’s father’s task of rebuilding the virtual fortress that once held Hiro Nakamura. That detail is the only reason he is still breathing. He is to finish his job with all haste or Erica plans to kill Miko in front of him before taking his life.

Trapped inside Parkman’s compound Carlos, Farah, Taylor and the Haitian work through a less than optimistic plan to secure Jose, the Father and Micah before attempting to escape. Carlos and Farah advance through the compound and are intercepted by three of the Harris clones. Farah uses her ability to take them out quickly. They make it to the control room of the audio loop voiced by Parkman’s powers. They disable the system using their firearms.

The Haitian and Taylor find Parkman. The Haitian uses his power of control to announce their arrival moments before they arrive. Parkman is reserved but tries to explain what pushed him to build this place and seemingly turn his back on the man he once was. This was all as a way to repay his family by ensuring their passage to the future. Passage that Taylor believes was a lie. With their guard temporarily down Parkman takes advantage and shoots Renee (The Haitian) in the ear. With Renee’s power at least temporarily out of commission, Parkman’s power is left as the strongest. He wills Renee to leave the room and takes Taylor’s gun while explaining that if Erica does not keep her promise, Taylor will die in this place like everyone else.

Tommy and Miko teleport to just outside the Renautas facility. She continues to pixelate. The pixelation seems to be an indication that Miko is not long for this world. Tommy teleports her out then lands in front of Erica and Miko’s father. With her hair ribbon in hand he explains that she just disappeared. Once Erica’s bought what he’s shoveling, Tommy asks to be shown how he will transport everyone to the future before the ELE.

Miko continues to pixelate on the lawn of Parkman’s facility. Inside Carlos and Farah begin going room to room. Without Parkman’s voice radiating through the facility, the evos are no longer under his control. This time the Father recognizes Carlos. Parkman digs through Taylor’s mind for her motivation to betray her mother. He discovers that she’s pregnant with her evo boyfriend’s child and Erica doesn’t know. They are intercepted by two Harris clones, but Parkman will not turn her over. Instead, using his powers convinces the clones to shoot each other. Carlos finds Jose but not before Jose walks through a wall. Jose knows where they’re keeping Micah and offers to take them there.

Additional clones monitor traffic in and out. Using the glasses Kravid designed, they identify a car with two unregistered evos and prevent them from passing. The two in question are Luke and Malina. They jump out of the car and into a corn field. Harris, Quentin and Phoebe follow. Malina tries to create some cover but she is countered by Phoebe. Luke tells Malina to go and she resists. Concern being, neither of them have their powers.

Luke (raises his gun): You can’t block a glock.

Tommy teleports Erica to Gateway. Erica spins her version of the story, specifically her deception towards those she claims to save. Then Tommy all but demands to see his mother.

Malina doubles back right into a trap. Phoebe catches her with the black smoke. Quentin points his gun down at her and Harris suggests he make it quick. Then Luke arrives just in time. He clocks Phoebe in the back of the head with the butt of his gun, strikes down Harris with a quick fireball, then turns to Quentin. Quentin identifies Luke as the bad guy. Quentin continues by claiming Luke is on the wrong side before inquiring about Noah. Luke makes it very clear that he is all in, assuming Quentin is not.

Luke: I’m committed. Are you ready to die for your side?

Inside a processing center Tommy finds Emily and his mother. Presenting the new problem and that is that it appears Erica has kept her side of the bargain. Anne plays her part perfectly suggesting to Erica that while she is grateful, she will need answers to her questions if Tommy is to continue helping her. Then she whispers to Tommy that he can’t run from his true destiny.

In a barn Luke and Malina stand before Phoebe and Quentin. Quentin hold firm. Then Luke pulls out his gun looking directly at Phoebe and piecing together that she was responsible for killing thousands…including his son. Luke persists to question about the location of Tommy. Malina positions herself in front of Phoebe so that Luke won’t shoot her. In her gracious moment, she doesn’t notice Harris slowly getting closer.

Erica takes Tommy to the portal that will enhance his powers allowing him to transport all those Erica has chosen to the future Gateway. Erica gets a call during this intro to mass teleportation crash course. Harris has identified to her that Parkman has gone rogue with Taylor at this side and Miko somehow is at the Parkman facility. Another Harris gets to Micah’s containment room as Carlos tries to break him out. The Father dissipates into a gas restraining the Harris so that Carlos can take him out. The two relatives share a nice moment that is broke up by a gunshot to the Father’s chest from an ordinary staffer. Carlos tires to come to grips with the casualty of this effort. He collects himself and pour all his emotions into one more punch to break out Micah.

Outside Harris Prime orders his clones to back off as killing Miko is his fight. Miko armed with a staff/knife combo and Harris Prime armed with a double-sided ax, the fight begins. However, in the early going Miko sticks to hand to hand. Eventually she slices him in the abdomen. She gets a few more shots in before Harris gains the upper hand. he has her in an executing position and begins to monologue about killing the real her and her father. Then Miko employs an age-old Samurai technique. Knowing her end is near one way or the other, she turns her weapon towards herself and stabs through herself and into Harris. With him bleeding out and frozen, Miko slices his head off. Miko kneels before Harris as Carlos and the gang make their way to her.

Carlos: Who are you?
Miko: I was Kitana Girl (Miko pixelates for the last time and disappears).

Meanwhile, a Harris clone advances on Luke and Malina. Just as he gets a clear shot, he disintegrates into dust. Very much a kill the host, and the rest will die situation.

With the situation apparently neutralized, Carlos, Farah, Micah and Jose get back to Parkman’s office where Micah explains exactly what happens next. Two solar flares are coming. The first will wipe out North America. The second will end all of humanity. Micah taps into every media outlet in the world to make a statement.

Micah: My name is Micah. Some of you know me as Hero Truther. We’ve been fed a pack of lies by the head of Renautas Erica Kravid. She drove the wedge between evos and non-evos. And I can prove it.

Micah taps in a video feed of the Mohinder testimony that never saw the light of day. Mohinder is being coached by Erica as to how he can sound more threatening. More dangerous. Then we see that Mohinder is actually a shape shifter impersonating Mohinder. Following that broadcast, Joanne is delivered to Erica. Erica has been tracking her actions. Erica gives Joanne the hard sell of joining her cause by appealing to Joanne’s pain. And seduces her with the resources to make a difference. Starting with taking out a new target and it’s protector. That latter part being the real selling point. The target is Malina and the protector is Luke.

Parkman and Taylor travel to Odessa. At the same time we begin to see the first images of the sun flares heading towards Earth. This also signifies the imminent danger and very real setup for the season finale. Everything concludes next Thursday on NBC. Make sure to visit NotJustAnotherTVSite.com for continued coverage of Heroes Reborn.

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