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  1. also the whole criticism of what they had gordan do is kind of misguided. jim has killed a few times in his life especially in comics and for good reason and this is one of them he had to get the vengence thing out of system. when he marries lee things turn for him a bit but there will be many trials and tribulations ahead especially when it comes to the chief who will turn out to be a villain and was also in galavans pocket

    • Harley,

      First of all that relationship between Theo and Tabitha was strange by anybody’s standards. What kind of a sister says to the Deputy-Mayor her brother’s an animal in bed? But other than when she hired the hitmen, I never really noticed any dissension between them.

      Jim Gordon committed a premeditated cold-blooded execution. There was no way Theo was walking this time just because of what happened with Bruce. Throughout the character’s history in the comics and the movies, James Gordon’s stood for Law And Order and against corruption. I can forgive him working with Penguin to get reinstated and he killed that other guy in self-defense. This was IMHO the act of a vigilante and doesn’t sit right with me.

      I’m assuming you’re referring to Captain Barnes as the “Chief.” I don’t think he’s under Galavan’s influence, but I do think he’s got his own agenda. We know he’s got demons, he told us about sticking the gun in the kid’s mouth as a Marine and pulling the trigger. This situation could very well be the thing that makes them enemies, because Gordon disobeyed direct orders and then acted like a rogue cop.

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