Breaking News: The Walking Dead Added to the NJATVS Lineup

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NJATVS is pleased to announce the addition of The Walking Dead covered and recapped by Chelle Figler. We here at NJATVS pride ourselves on quality over of quantity. And therein lies the difficulty. There is no question that The Walking Dead meets our requirement of quality. It’s presence on our lineup was all but assured. However, as most of our writing staff has not been involved in the Walking Dead, we were hesitant to provide our viewers with what we believed would be coverage without perspective.

Enter Chelle Figler. You may already be familiar with her comprehensive coverage of Once Upon A Time. Chelle has been following The Walking Dead and will easily provide said perspective. It’s exciting news to report and we can’t wait to invite the Walking Dead Heads into our family of fandoms.

-The NJATVS Writing Staff

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