Gotham: Chris Chalk Brings Young Lucius Fox To Gotham

Photo Courtesy Of Digital
Photo Courtesy Of Digital

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The freshman FOX series “Gotham,” keeps expanding the Batman Mythos, as “” reports that the series hired Chris Chalk, to portray a young Lucius Fox, in the final few episodes of this season. Chris just completed his run on the HBO Original Series “The Newsroom,” portraying camera-man and ladies-man Gary Cooper. The Wayne Enterprises employee, made his debut in DC Comics back in the late seventies. According to the report, Chalk will debut in the next-to-last episode of this season. Chalk also appeared in the Academy Award winning film, “12-Years A Slave.”

Fans of the Dark Knight Trilogy, are familiar with the older version of Fox, who became CEO of Wayne Enterprises, in Batman Begins. Legendary actor Morgan Freeman portrayed Fox in the three movies. Fox’s a moral man and spoke out against corruption in the corporation, which cost him his job in the first movie, however Bruce Wayne brought him back as CEO as the film concluded.

This announcement, comes on the heels of an interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith’s leaving the show at the end of the current campaign, a move that didn’t surprise many regular viewers. Pinkett-Smith’s character Fish Mooney was created specifically for the show, portraying the last of the old-time criminals, that will make way for villains such as the Penguin, Riddler and in the not too distant future, possibly the Joker. The series is on hiatus until April, at which time it will air the season’s final four episodes.

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