Once Upon A Time Inks Ernie Hudson To Portray Poseidon

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Who They Gonna Call? Well according to a report from “Entertainment Weekly,” the show-runners of the ABC series “Once Upon A Time,” chose former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson to portray the God Of The Sea, Poseidon when the series returns from hiatus next March. Turns out that Poseidon’s the father of the wicked sea-creature Ursula, whom along with Maleficent and Cruella De Ville, seek their “Happy Endings.”

According the press release, Hudson’s character will appear in the 15th episode of this season, which would put him on the air sometime in April. JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s also scheduled to appear in the episode, resuming the role of Ariel.

Hudson’s gravitating more and more to Television for roles, he appeared in the pilot episode of the new CBS drama “Scorpion.” Hudson also played a prominent role on the TNT miniseries “Mob City,” last year, portraying a Black Mob Boss, attempting to keep the peace with Jewish and Italian gangsters in the late 1940’s.

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