2 comments on “It Will Be August In March On Once Upon A Time

  1. August was never interested in Emma and was not a love interest. He only wanted the curse to be broken coz he was turning into wood.
    Emma and Hook are way more a couple and meant to be! And much better for Emma.

    August is another man who let Emma down and sent her to prison!!!

    • Various,

      I perceive the situation differently, than you do. August as a boy let Swan down, when he left the foster home. But when he met Neal and told him to run, he set things in place for Emma to fulfill the prophecy. If it was Emma and Neal Cassidy with their child Neal Jr., why would she ever go to Storybrooke and break the curse. If Regina doesn’t adopt Henry, or actually gave him back and he was adopted by Wendy’s brothers, Emma’s still in Boston. Not minimizing the angst, agony and pain she went through to reach her goal, but all heroes go through adversity on the way to reaching fulfillment! Thanks for the comment and thanks for joining us!

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