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  1. Sorry but if Red is a fake, a female to boot then it is more than I can swallow. He became a better Red than Red!

  2. Your analysis is proven wonderful, really appreciate.

    Now I started wondering about something new, as who killed the third family(to be wife and daughter of some KGB asset), and if our Reddington already made retaliation for the killer?
    He must have done that first than anything else if only he knew who’s to blame like he was about to shoot Kirk to death for trying to take Liz away even no intent to kill her, consequently nailing her up to the apparent death.

    I am thinking about it, yet no clue.

    • Nancy, thanks for the kind words! My immediate question if my theory that “OUR RAYMOND’S” Dom’s son and Katarina’s brother, would be what was his previous existence?

      There are tow schools of thought out there that I’ve encountered. First being Oleander (Dom) raised both his children to become KGB operatives. The other one being that the son went legit and was successfully climbing up some ladder with an All-American family, and that they were killed because of the Imposter’s relationship with his father and sister.

      A bunch of evidence points to “OUR RAYMOND,” being a KGB operative. Somebody with that background could more easily morph into another person, than a civilian could.

      However, and I’m paraphrasing here, He said something to Dom about him realizing that Dom wasn’t pleased with the way he turned out. Which evoked memories of Michael Corleone in Godfather I, and Brando’s speech, “You could’ve been Senator Corleone, Governor Corleone…” Could that have been Dom’s intention for his son?

      Katarina told Kathryn that the KGB, and CIA had found about the affair. I believe that either entity or both, perhaps with the assistance of the Cabal, would have been responsible for the execution of the third family. If that’s the case, we know that he’s thwarted the Agency’s missions through out the years, and he likely had his vengeance on the KGB as well. And of course he effectively ended the cabal with giving the contents of the Fulcrum, to the planet’s most renowned investigative reporters.

      • That makes sense, that our Red is working for the revenge of his wife and daughter since 5 years ago.

        Speaking of “what was his previous existence”, I found something interesting when I checked the last of season4 again.
        Cooper told Liz of his young days memory when he was working with real Reddington.
        When Reddington was surveying some KGB spy, he was found out and kidnapped by Speznaz(just wonder why would Speznaz was so active in the US?) and tortured unless he was rescued by the raid of FBI and Naval special force.
        The bloody shirt the DNA came from was the one that he wore by then.
        Cooper said that they arrested some KGB spy on the raid and he/she was going to have a trial, that’s the reason that the bloody shirt was kept as evidence.
        But we don’t know who the arrested KGB was, don’t know what happened later to him/her either, as Cooper didn’t specify the name.
        That makes me feel something suspicious:)

  3. I used to wonder why those bones were not destroyed from the beginning. Why would our Red have kept them? Now I offer a speculative answer.

    Perhaps Katarina held some affection for the real Reddington, even though he was a “bad man”. There must have been something there between them for her to leave her husband for him. So perhaps Katarina wanted a private ceremony to bury his remains. Perhaps that tree at Tansi Farms held some significance in their history. Did she have happy memories of her time with the real Reddington under that tree? When Mr. Kaplan dug up the bones she apologized to Katarina. Is that because Katarina wanted them to remain there forever?
    Our Red may have preferred to have the remains destroyed completely from the beginning, but felt he must defer to his sister’s wishes on the matter.
    That would explain why he never dug them up and destroyed them during the ensuing decades. He was honoring his late sister’s wishes.

    What do you think?

    • Top Cat, sorry for not responding yet to your other comment, I shall soon. There is definitely significance to that spot, hence the K encircled by the heart on the tree. I’ve thought she might have carved that as a teenager, but that doesn’t rule out that she had joyous moments with the Real Reddington there. I’ve also always thought that Katarina and Kathryn, disposed of the body after Kathryn carved it up, and buried it never expecting it to be found. However your theory is certainly viable.

      Constantin was not the great love of Katarina’s life, “The American,” was. They’ve always reminded me of Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky, a forbidden love that plunged both their lives in turmoil and ended unhappily. When she tells Masha he was a terrible man, she’s still angry that Raymond had taken Masha away from her, and had likely gotten physical with her, prompting Masha to pick up the gun and shoot the man who was hurting her mommy. She was also trying to console her daughter I believe. Of course Dr. Krilov would soon erase those memories, only to surface when she shot Tom Connelly.

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