Heroes Reborn: The Past Molds The Future

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Farah and Malina continue their trek despite the uncertainty weighing on Malina. They arrive at what looks like a very large old barn. Farah has someone to meet and needs to leave Malina behind momentarily.

Erica and Harris confer about the Kitana Girl group descending on their campus. Erica is not fooled. This is Miko’s ‘trojan horse’ to get inside so she can reclaim her father’s sword. She orders Harris to send ‘one of him’ to retrieve her and another to move the sword to Erica’s home. Harris cuts off one of his fingers at the first knuckle. It begins to regenerate the rest of him automatically.

Tommy gets poked and tagged by whomever grabbed him at the hospital. After the tests and getting plugged with a tracker, Tommy is asked by the man who took him what he’s running from. He very bluntly replies, “from you”. Tommy actually complies. After he gives his full real name the man rocks back in his stance and asks, what was your last name before you were adopted. Information, it seems, Tommy didn’t have before this moment. Before the man can finish his intimidation tactic, Tommy teleports out of there. When the man goes to leave after him he is welcomed at the door by Casper Abraham and his penny greeting.

Carlos returns to the shop to find the Father and Jose are gone. Inside the muscle car he does find the luchador mask that Jose dropped in there.

Noah, Quentin and Taylor make their way through a dark open space that is covered wall to wall with specimens. A seed bank to repopulate after the extinction level event. A door opens and they duck out of sight. A group of white coats come and wheel away some boxes for transport.

Luke returns home to an empty house full of bills. The sights of pictures depicting his family are almost too much. Upstairs, Luke reflects on the image of his son’s untouched room. He reaches for a picture on the wall, strategically posted right next to a 9th Wonders comic book. A coloring book (we assume Luke and his son worked on together) that has a voice recording of his son saying, “you’re the best Daddy” brings Luke’s defenses crumbling down.

Farah has been waiting for hours and no contact shows. She leaves, goes invisible, but not before one of the Harris clones spots her using a pair of epic glasses. She gets back to Malina but is only there mere seconds before the Harris Clone and his goons appear. They advance and Malina jumps out from the shadows and propels two of the men off their feet up into the air and back, far back.

Erica gets to an undisclosed warehouse with security protocols that out price the neighborhood they’re in. Inside they are able to teleport one of those large specimen boxes.

Luke continues to emotionally beat himself up. He has moved to watching old family videos. After watching a video of he and his son building a model sail boat and putting out to sea, Luke picks up his phone. He speaks to a woman named Darcy and asks to see Don, immediately.

Malina decides to stop running Harris and his group catch up to them again. This time they’ve brought a woman in a hoodie. That woman advances and we have a stand-off. The dark woman is able to release what looks like streams of black smoke, almost like snakes protruding from her hands. Malina’s powers are diminished if not absent. They turn to run again and Harris takes his shot, hitting Farah in the back. She hands Malina a small padded envelope and demands she run.

Carlos goes to a local precinct to accuse a detective of having something to do with the disappearance of Jose and the Father. Two other detectives wearing epic glasses and identify the first detective as an evo and take him down. During transport, Carlos gets the drop on them. Donning his new vigilante suit, he takes them out with ease. The first detective, ironically, is the one who took Jose and the father.

Taylor has set the trap or Erica under the pretense of a face to face apology. Noah and Quentin emerge from behind a corner and Erica looks less than shocked. Noah wants answers and Erica is not willing to give them. Renautas apparently bought Primatech and for a stretch, Noah was a part of what they were doing. Erica even shed more light on the voluntary memory wipe. Noah pulls his gun when Erica said “to protect who”. Just then, Harris comes around the corner holding the sword and a gun of his own.

Don arrives at Luke’s place believing there is a real tangible emergency. It appears that this Don and Luke are partners of a dental practice. With no warning, Luke offers to sell his share of the practice, just like that.

While the Harris clones round-up the others, Miko burst (literally) through one of the windows and grabs the sword. This is enough of a distraction for Noah, Quentin, and Taylor to break free. At gunpoint, Miko pulls the sword from its sheath and disappears. She reappears outside mere feet behind Ren. Miko wants to jump right into the game to find her father. Ren is all too pleased with this.

Tommy teleports into Anne’s hospital room and he is to coin a phrase, to fit to be tied. When demands to know why he’s been lied to, she calls him ‘Nathan’. Anne vows to tell him everything. With perfect timing, Casper enters the room asking if she’s really prepared to tell him everything. Casper has been keeping a close watch over Tommy/Nathan for a year. Casper and Anne essentially double team the truth dump. Anne couldn’t tell Tommy the truth because she knew he would try to save his Dad. When Casper tells him that he will help save the world, Tommy replies with , “No. I’m not.” Just before teleporting out of there.

Luke sits at the foot of his son’s old bed holding a picture of Joanne and their son. He stares at it long enough that the frame catches on fire. He drops the frame and in seconds the room is engulfed in flames. He drops his wedding ring into the fire, then grabs the model sail boat. Then he nonchalantly walks out of his burning house, presumably to never return.

Malina wakes up on top of logs being transported. Under a covering she looks upon the bloody envelope.

Erica and two of the Harris’s meet Richard (the scientist who developed the ability to teleport matter), there is a problem. He’s run a simulation and the E.L.E. is coming faster than expected and will be more devastating than expected. Erica is not surprised or shaken. She knows starting over takes sacrifice. Or so she keeps telling herself.

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