Heroes Reborn: A Hiro Tips The Scales

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Carlos begins “Game Over” by questioning or interrogated depending on your definition, detective Dearing who took Jose and the Father and was consequently outed as an Evo last week. Eventually the detective gives up the name of the location housing kidnapped Evos. Sunstone Manor.

Noah puts Harris through an interrogation of his own. Despite being dunked under water repeatedly, Harris makes it very clear that they will not see their loved one again without his assistance. Taylor takes off to find Francis before they move him to another site, leaving Noah and Quentin to find Hiro Nakamura.

Miko gets in Evernow again pursuing the rescue of her father. The problem with that plan is that Erica’s lead scientist/engineer has his team reprogramming the game in real time to keep her off the scent. They have also coded a new ‘guardian’ of the fortress. Also, Miko can’t rescue her father from the fortress if she can’t find the fortress. Miko and Ren quickly deduce that everything in Evermore corresponds to something real in their world. And the fortress corresponds to a Renautus building.

Luke makes his way to a yacht marina. He makes a call to Joanne which she absolutely doesn’t answer. He leaves a short but telling message. He then chucks his phone into the water. Luke turn to walk down the pier when he is greeted by a yacht salesman. The man asks if he can interest Luke in a boat. Luke extends the model he and his son made, “I’ll take this one…only bigger”.

Luke: Hi honey. This is your loving husband. You know, the one you almost shot in the face? I guess there really are things you can fix with couples therapy. I was just calling to touch base. Thought I’d let you know I sold the practice. And to tell you that I burned down the house.

Back in the game, Miko is met by a massive Shogun warrior easily 2-3 times her size so she solicits Ren’s help. Together they take out this giant relatively easily.

Taylor is too late. Francis has already been moved.

Tommy feeling overwhelmed asks Emily to ‘get out of here’. She hesitates, but the pictures and trinkets in her room give him an inspiration as to where they should go. Tommy teleports both of them to a street (during a bike race) that leads to the Eiffel tower. The desired next step is to take the young woman he is very much into, up to the top of the Eiffel tower. One problem. They are scanning for Evos. He pushes forward and tries to strong arm his way in without using his power. This macho display rarely impresses the lady in question and Emily is no different. This prompts their first little puppy love fight until Tommy explains that he is destined to help save the world.

Malina finds a vending machine and attempts to jar something loose with her power. About halfway through her attempt, Luke appears. Instead of avoiding the situation, he gives it a try with his own power, but neither attempt works.

Miko materializes just in front of Harris leading Noah and Quentin through the Renautus building. She attempts to fight the trio using her sword. Eventually, she has Noah dead to rights when he begins speaking in Japanese. The conclusion of which has Noah explaining the same ‘Master of Time and Space’ that she is sent to rescue for her father, is a friend of Noah’s. Her enemy is his enemy. Alliance formed.

Luke boards a sailboat that is the actual life size doppleganger of the one he and his son made. He reveals a backpack loaded with bricks. He puts on the backpack and jumps overboard. Malina sees the whole thing go down. She instantly snaps into action using her powers to pull his body from the water. Its big and not subtle at all, drawing attention to themselves.

Noah and Quentin (and eventually Ren) walk in on the Engineer. A warning shot prompts him to yell out something to his staff. They immediately huddle up and get zapped to wherever this portal is taking those crates. The Engineer quickly spills the beans. Erica is building a better future for the select few. Hiro is not there, well not technically. Hiro is trapped in a video game.

Inside the game, Miko comes across the greyscale version of herself. The classic, ‘how can you defeat yourself’. The engineer explains how Miko isn’t real. She was built for the game. She can’t rescue Hiro because to do so she must sacrifice herself. Just before she takes a sword to the back of the skull, she sheathes her sword and returns to where Ren, Noah and Quentin are. Then they hear traffic coming down the elevator. Out walk Harris clones and a strange woman from an earlier episode. Very dark hair and pale skin. It’s Quentin’s sister, Phoebe. They quickly retreat behind a bulletproof glass wall.

Quentin decides to talk some sense to Phoebe while Noah and the rest create a distraction. They collectively take out the two Harris clones. Quentin’s words fall on deaf ears. He starts to walk away they quickly turns back to tackle her. Phoebe does not appreciate his efforts. She claims he has ruined everything. She has a purpose now. And if they release Hiro Nakamura, they all will die. As she says this she sends her Medusa like smoke tentacles down Quentin’s throat. This will eventually kill Quentin but not before Noah has his “you done good son” moment. At that moment, Miko travels back into the game.

More Harris clones and security guards appear. They all raise their guns and the first Harris clone fires. Meanwhile in Evernow, Miko uses her grayscale enemy’s arrogance to her advantage. She power slides like a 1980s hair band front man past the nemisis rises and slices her head off. With little hesitation, she drives the sword into the slot in front of a massive door. Everything in Evernow including the fortress pixelates and disappears. The bullet slows and stops inches from Noah’s head. Everything is frozen in time except Noah. He slides the bullet to the side and stands up. All the big original Heroes fans are probably squeeing at the anticipation of what comes next. A very long haired Hiro Nakamura stands before Noah.

Noah (extends his hand to Hiro’s shoulder): It’s good to see you old friend.

Hiro stands by his assertion that bending time has lasting and potentially catastrophic consequences. A short speech from Noah about what Erica Kravid has done and plans to do, turns Hiro’s opinion quickly. “I will take you back to June 13th”.

Taylor freshens up in a motel room after sneaking into her mother’s office and stealing evidence against her. She tosses a laptop on the bed an kneels in front of it. There she uploads a video of herself exposing her mother and what she’s really trying to do.

Carlos drives detective Dearing out to the Sunstone Manor. They stop short. If Dearing is to pass Carlos off as a bounty (captured Evo) they will have to switch places. Carlos agrees believing that Dearing is on board. Before they get back in the car, Dearing tells him that he needs to drink this small amount of liquid. The liquid will create the illusion to the scanners that Carlos is an Evo, which he isn’t. Seconds after ingesting the liquid, Carlos experiences intense pain. All part of Dearing’s plan .

Malina walks up on Luke who is seated at a park bench, still wet from his suicide attempt. She offers him some of her vending machine score. She asks why he tried to kill himself. He lost that thing to believe in. His reason for living. This latest act, was his way of looking for a sign. She mentions that she’s looking for something to. A person. Tommy Clark. Luke recognizes Tommy instantly. This is the sign he was looking for. When he asks why she needs to find him, she replies with, “because together we are going to save the world”. Luke sighs, stands and turns as he walks away.

Luke (walking away): We better get going.

Erica sits in her office watching Taylor’s video on a small tablet or large phone. Harris calls and Erica is already barking at him. And he hasn’t even delivered the bad news yet. She tries to convey her anger at what her daughter has done. Then Harris says something that triggers Erica to scream and throw her portable device against the wall in anger.

Erica: Where have you been Harris? We have a problem with my daughter.
Harris: We have an even bigger one. They’ve released Hiro Nakamura.

Hiro teleports Noah back to June 13th a year ago. The Odessa Summit.

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