Sleepy Hollow

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Courtesy of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Last we spoke, Abbey Mills had been transported back to Sleepy Hollow, 1781. Where she was promptly arrested for being Black. She name dropped ‘Captain Ichabod Crane’. Meanwhile we find Ichabod in mid battle against the red coats where he looked like a 200 year prequel to the Jason Bourne films. A man approaches Ichabod in down time to report of this strange woman. Ichabod dismisses the news as he is not to leave the battle field. That was a specific she gave. Even referenced a soldier with something on his hand. A reference to the man we would come to know as the Headless Horseman.

The next scene goes just as you might expect. Abbey is a stranger to Ichabod and he dismisses her claims quickly. That is until he is passed a message and Abbey recites it verbatim. Later, Katrina comes into the infirmary tent looking for Ichabod. The time line has shifted. Abbey warned Ichabod. So Ichabod does not get wounded. And thus, she cannot complete her spell that sends them on this course they’ve been on for two years now. A wounded soldier does inform Katrina of the strange woman who calls herself Abigail Mills. Abbey and Katrina still have their memories. This is bad news.

On the field of battle our two eventual partners survey the situation. Ichabod does not yet possess the ability to process what Abbey is telling him. But, she’s been right so far. Later, Ichabod is reprimanded from what appears to be a superior officer. Ichabod asks about ‘this woman’ and the man before him tells him, “If you want her, buy her at auction”. He arranges to have Abbey turned over to him in transport for a camp for ‘runaway slaves’.

In the carriage ride, Ichabod is stern. Skeptical doesn’t quite cover it. He asks questions and Abbey answers them. Even to the extent of describing the events that lead to Ichabod and Katrina’s engagement, as said by the man who experienced it. Then she tells him that they, in 2015, work together to fight off the impossible. Ultimately coming to the revelation that most of the assistance they get come from books written by men who are (currently) still alive. With Washington and Jefferson in Virginia, that only leaves Benjamin Franklin.

Abraham appears looking for Ichabod. Katrina walks up behind him and lays it out. Well, enough to swindle Abraham. She knows he, the horseman, is Abraham. Ichabod has betrayed her as well. He has joined forces with another woman and they present a great threat to Katrina and Abraham. She extends the black book and says, “find them and kill them”.

When they meet with Benjamin Franklin, his reaction surprises Ichabod. He is welcoming and rather pleased to discover that all of his ideas are still around 200 years later. Ichabod is still skeptical and asks Abbey to tell Franklin of this woman sent to kill him. She beats around the bush by only saying she’s a witch. Franklin then sends Ichabod away. It’s important to remember that Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, all of them knew far more than Ichabod was aware of. He knew before she told him that the witch in question is Katrina Crane.

The next step is to attempt to undo the traveler spell. Thus negating everything that has happened since Abbey and Katrina traveled. The first stop is to meet Ms. Grace Dixon. Abbey’s great great great great Grandmother. Before they can begin this plan, the Horseman makes a forceful entrance. They fight the Horseman for a moment. Then Franklin stands holding a small grenade-bomb. The Horseman decapitates him. But the bomb thing still works.

After the death of Franklin, Ichabod locks Abbey up again. Refusing to believe anything she says, he asks the question Franklin specifically told her not to answer. What did she discuss with Franklin in private? When she tells him who the witch is, he cuts her off and leaves. She informs him that Katrina is pregnant. She yells at him to check her phone. The password is his birth date. In the pictures, he will find one of both of them.

Ichabod returns home to find Katrina has laid out a series of peculiar herbs alongside an open book with very odd writings. She is cryptic and insistent about the location of the mad woman. Ichabod is beginning to believe in small doses. Then a man barges in with the request of his presence by General Washington. Immediately. He sends the man on and leaves to retrieve Abigail Mills’ little black box with the pictures in it. This feels like a Zoolander “the files are IN the computer” moment.

Watching 1781 Ichabod Crane trying to access an iPhone is priceless. “Slide to unlock” and he slides the phone along the table. He navigates his way to the photos icon and watches a video of himself talking about waffles with Abbey in the background. Meanwhile the Colonel invites himself into Abbey’s cell. He aims to punish her. She is nice enough to explain that close quarters attacks have evolved. He tries to strike her and it ends badly for him. Ichabod arrives just as Abbey has put the Colonel to sleep.

Katrina was able to gain some information from the Colonel. Even take a some dried blood from his arm which she used to see where Abbey and Ichabod were going. Then killed the Colonel.

The reunion between Abbey and Grace Dixon is an emotional one. Not just on the surface, but because Ms. Dixon didn’t need to be told the specifics. She already knew that Abbey was one of the witnesses. Reversing the traveler spell can be done, but it will require using all of the power than protects the house. Moments later, the Horseman and Katrina arrive. Ichabod must face them to buy Grace time and Abbey cannot leave the house as part of the counter spell.

Ichabod is losing the fight while Grace prepares the counter spell. Abbey begins to read the incantation. The counter spell freezes time, the moment before Abraham’s blade slices Ichabod throat. Katrina knows what’s happening and shouts out, “you cannot stop this”. The imagery of this montage suggests otherwise.

Both women are taken back to the moment before the travel. Katrina is pissed. She goes into full blood magic rage. She wants Abbey dead for killing Henry. Ichabod reaches for a knife but Katrina summons it to her instead. Ichabod pursues, until Katrina’s miscalculation leads to her knife stabbed into her body. Ichabod holds her as she dies with Abbey watching on. I have said, yelled or shouted at my television to kill her off at least twenty times. While I am satisfied momentarily, it was a very well done scene.

Jenny and Irving race into the church. Not knowing what happened with Jenny and Irving upon Henry’s death, she greets them with her gun drawn. She is convinced all is clear. Then informs the group that Grace told her the biggest battles are yet to come. Thus, setting up a future series of events that are both not tied to the previous battles and has no definitive end in sight.

Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Ichabod and Abbey are at a place where rules are important to their future success. One of which is about Abbey quoting A Princess Bride and ruining the end of the movie for Ichabod. There’s also that bit about putting nothing or no one ahead of their duty to be witnesses. Maybe a little foreshadowing about Katrina. My vote is for the writers to kill her off, but I’ll take a step back.

There is a replica (I think) of the Liberty Bell and for some reason, those around it are experiencing something supernatural. A select number of people have their eyes go white and inflict harm on other while under a trans of some sort. One that Henry is responsible for.

Abbey and Ichabod are about to pursue this strange occurrence when Jenny comes running up. She explains that Irving has been lying to them the entire time. She quickly explained how he did it and that he asked Jenny to get his family out-of-town. To protect them from him. Using the Gorgon’s head is a last resort.

As it turns out, unsurprisingly as it were, Ichabod was responsible for the crack in the Liberty Bell. Also, the Liberty Bell was not the only bell made from this mold.

Katrina has now gone around the bend, including practicing blood magic. She used the blood magic to conjure Henry. Henry than takes her to his home, only now it looks much brighter and filled with life. She is skeptical of his ‘new leaf’ but he offers her a gift that would seem intriguing for the moment. The black spell book that Solomon used in the last episode. It seems that Henry’s goal is to have Katrina complete the Awakening ritual or ‘ring the bell’ and thus awaken thousands of descendants from Katrina’s former coven.

With a little research we discover that one of these bells has markings that suggest witchcraft and it has also been present during many terrible events. Regardless of its past, it must be prevented from ringing again. So, let’s crack it. Ichabod will work to remake the black powder charge he used on the first bell in 1773.

Ichabod and Abbey procure the ingredients to make the black powder charge and remove and transport the bell in question. They have knocked down a brick wall. The idea is to roll the bell through that doorway, set off the charge and crack the bell so that it can’t ring again. That is until Irving showed up with a single shot, bolt-action sniper rifle and starts shooting at it/them.

Jenny decides to buy them some time. She runs toward Irving shooting recklessly at him. When there is a break in the action, Irving demands to know where his family is. Good Irving told her to hide them and not divulge their whereabouts to Evil Irving. He reloads his rifle and says that the next time he’ll shoot to kill. Then Jenny comes from behind a post and unloads what she has in Irving’s chest. Each shot drives him further down until finally he is on his knees. Jenny looks concerned, than Irving looks up. Eyes solid and black. Solid black.

Ichabod and Abbey struggle to move the bell, then Henry and Katrina show up. Ichabod urges Henry to let Katrina go. But, he is forcing her. The betrayal in Ichabod’s eyes after putting 2 and 2 together is real. Katrina does not retreat in the slightest from her stance on this new path. To make matters worse, she is under the impression that Ichabod is now beneath her and Henry. Ichabod makes a nice verbal plea that included “What you say next, you cannot unsay.” Then using magic, they lock Ichabod and Abbey behind the wall they tore down.

The prevailing theory is that they will take the bell to the old Sleepy Hollow Town Hall, which has been boarded up for decades. The new plan is to “arm themselves to the teeth” and scale a full frontal assault, hopefully giving them enough time to destroy the bell.

Ichabod announces himself quite loudly. Henry ventures down to take care of this speed bump. This time Ichabod actually pulls the trigger but Henry stops the bullet. Then Henry made the mistake of comparing Moloch to Ichabod. With Katrina’s feelings on the back burner, Ichabod can take off the kid gloves (pun intended).

Ichabod: You’ve not learned a thing since Moloch dragged you from your fettered box.
Henry: Moloch was self-righteous and self-serving LIKE YOU. He abandoned me just like you did.
Ichabod: I DID NOT ABANDON YOU, HENRY. I did not even know you existed. You’re as much a man out of time as I. You cling to the past so tightly like an angry unruly CHILD.

Abbey comes barreling at Henry full speed in her SUV. At not quite the last second, Katrina slams the SUV to a halt. Then explodes it, presumably with Abbey still inside. Ichabod and Katrina share shots at each other. For the record, Katrina is the wrong party here. Henry goes to investigate and hopefully confirm that one half of the required witnesses is dead. He notices a seat belt wrapped around the cars accelerator. He runs yelling, “The Bell, The Bell!” Abbey would have blown the Bell by now, but had lighter troubles.

Meanwhile Irving is literally on Jenny’s tail. She has led him, intentionally back to where they keep the Gorgon’s head. Separated by a glass window, Irving begins to talk like the game is already over. Even references what his family will know once the bell tolls.

The two witnesses are tied to a support beam while Katrina and Henry begin the Awakening Ceremony. While they are distracted with the task at hand, Ichabod and Abbey free themselves but remain as if they hadn’t. Ichabod passes Abbey a Colonial era pistol. One of a pair. Ichabod will use the other one. Abbey will try to shoot Henry while Ichabod with tend to the bomb on the bell the Warlock and Witch have yet to notice.

Abbey: Are you ready for that?
Ichabod: Duty above all else, Left Tennant.

Ichabod shoots first and Henry as predicted stops the bullet. Abbey turns and shoots Henry in his sternum. The bullet that hit Henry begins to grow a glowing aqua colored hole. That hole grows and Henry falls. Instead of tending to the bell, everything focuses on Henry. Ichabod even comes to his side. And in a matter of moments, Henry dissipates like a cloud of dust. Can’t help but think Katrina and all her new-found power are not going to like this at all.

Irving has a large cast iron candle holder almost a long as he is tall. He’s raised it above to break the glass keeping him from Jenny. As if someone flipped a light switch, he stops. He falls to the ground then from his mouth, out pours black smoke (normally used to symbolize the presence of demonic possession). He immediately (while in an exhausted state) asks how he got there and if Cynthia and Macy are alright. Jenny leaves her secure room to discover it really does seem like the Good Irving.

Ichabod attempts to put her pain at ease, suggesting this wasn’t her fault. A five-year old could predict the next line. “No, its yours” and she proceeds to conjure magic she may or may not have control of to inflict pain and even death on Ichabod and probably Abbey too. Katrina angrily and loudly recites an incantation that creates a relative tornado looking vortex before her. Abbey lunges to stop her just as it has completed. The spell worked sending Katrina back to her time. But it also brought Abbey along. To 1781. Cue the stares. Nope, it gets worse. Abbey literally gets arrested for being black. And will only speak to one person. Captain Ichabod Crane.

Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Three men that appear to work for Public Works, venture down an underground shaft. They discover a strange entry. They open it and two of the three are curious to see where it goes. Before the third could decide, all three get pulled below by some sort of creature or man.

Ichabod: It is possible, Left Tennant , that I am fully assimilated in this era. A man completely comfortable in this time and place…
(Ichabod looks over to see two teen-aged girls taking selfies)
Abbey: And go…
Ichabod: Instant Gram. What happened to experiencing life? Instead of posting it.

The three missing persons case brings Abbey and Ichabod to the scene of the crime, or above it at least. There a man is attempting to sneak photographs of the scene. Abbey goes to shoo him away. He reads every signal and typical cop answer to deduce that they have nothing. He’s a journalist that has covered multiple military operations and he’s not buying what she’s selling. He is also from Sleepy Hollow and does buy the ‘strange occurrences’ that come with Sleepy Hollow.

In short order our duo find signs of witchcraft around the ‘entry’. Using 3D imaging, Abbey was able to map the tunnels below them. This impresses Ichabod as there is only one man who could have designed this particular setup. Thomas Jefferson (played by Steven Weber). Then next to the entry, Abbey finds a cell phone and a partial video of the thing that took them.

Irving shows up to Mabie’s asking Jenny for a favor. Awesome, considering his new-found allegiance. He tells a story about reconciling his marriage and getting his wedding ring out of police evidence lockup, but we all know that’s B.S. Right when Jenny plays it off as if she doesn’t have the ability to do what he’s asking, he takes a drink from his glass. Jenny spots a few small tattoos that resemble supernatural symbols. It’s not until then that she agrees to help.

The entry apparently belonged to a room, or more specifically a ‘chamber’. The chamber was named by Thomas Jefferson, “The Fenestella” The creature that grabbed the three men, was a damned soul to guard the Fenestella.

Once down the shaft, they see nothing. Abbey even attempts to communicate with one of the workers. The creature can hear them and is coming for them. When he arrives, he is joined by many others. Abbey and Ichabod attempt to get out of there. Just before reaching the top of the ladder, one of them leaps and grabs onto Ichabod. Then Calvin Riggs (the military journalist and brother to one of the missing) arrives lighting off his camera’s flash which does allow enough time for Ichabod to get to safety.

Riggs all but demands to know what’s going on. They do their best to deflect and move on. Riggs stands firm. Ultimately, Abbey agrees to give him limited access to the case with no intention of letting him in on the supernatural element of the situation. Riggs claims its not a war, something that he is clearly in the dark about.

Ichabod: We have no idea if we can trust this man.
Abbey: My gut says we can, I don’t know why but it does. By the way, it was you guys that put freedom of the press in the Constitution…
Ichabod: Well, we did not predict the 24 HOUR NEWS CYCLE.

The creatures in question are called “Revers”. Like colonial centuries but alive. Hibernating essentially, but alive.

Jenny and Irving break into the evidence lockup. Irving pulls a box. And it in no way has anything to do with his wedding ring or any other personal effects. Then Jenny pulls back the hammer on the gun she has pointed at Irving. He talks her into lowering her guard and he throws her against the wall and runs out.

Abbey, Ichabod and Riggs make their way back to the entry. Ichabod uses Riggs camera as a distraction allowing he and Abbey to get down safely. Once down there the Revers descend. A door opens slightly and the two jump in closing it behind them. The look of the inner Fenestella resembles something more befitting a pillar of colonial society. A body emerges. Thomas Jefferson. Not a flash back to a time, but Thomas Jefferson alive and well. Like Crane, 200 years long after he should have died.

How is this possible? Great question that Jefferson is happy to answer. He created a cube to give the Fenestella continual power. Then the Order of the Sacred Heart added their brand of witchcraft to it. Essentially, this person is actually a holographic representation of Thomas Jefferson projected from Jefferson’s actual mind, feelings and memories. I hate to reign on Sleepy Hollow’s parade, but… A manufactured ‘cube’ that has continuous and unlimited power and a hologram of the actual likeness, personality, and memories of someone who was supposed to have been dead for a very long time. This episode is a direct rip-off of Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Captain America: Winter Soldier. The cube of power is the Tesseract and Jefferson’s hologram is Dr. Arnim Zola. There is a bigger point to be made.

“Good writers borrow, great writers steal.”-Oscar Wilde

They try to express upon Mr. Jefferson the urgency of rescuing the men who were abducted. Jefferson’s proxy hologram in turn tries to convey to them that the men in question couldn’t matter any less. Jefferson believes they are here to access the information in the Fenestella. Jefferson urges them with a line that carries some weight.

Ichabod: I fear you underestimate the importance of our mission…
Jefferson: Your mission, is the very reason I’m here, Crane.

Back in the lockup, Jenny finds Irving and puts her gun on him allowing him to explain. He found a book with a trinket that he fused to his hand giving him ‘temporary salvation’ to pass Katrina’s test. As a side effect, he restored his humanity. As he explains it, this is about reparations. A ledger lead him to this. A flash drive with access to accounts in excess of 1.3 million dollars. Security for his wife and daughter. Suffice it to say, I am all kinds of confused now.

We now have to weigh the safety of two maybe three men with the information in this chamber. Washington and Jefferson chronicled everything they knew about the witnesses and the mission at large in the Fenestella. Attacking or even disrupting the Revers nest could destroy that information.

Ichabod: If this place holds all the answers to every question we have about our roles as witnesses, why would you keep this from me?
Jefferson: The prophecy was quite clear. No interference until the second witness appeared.
Abbey: So now that I’m here…?
Jefferson: Your mission can begin in earnest.

Jefferson pulls out a box about the size of a large jewelry box. How his hologram is doing that I don’t know. Inside are scrolls and books that may identify certain ‘mentors’ along the journey. Abbey suddenly identifies Corbin as one of these mentors. This structure, this Fenestella was constructed specifically for these two. Crane was selected over 200 years ago for this and Abbey was selected 200 years before she was born. However, the decision for the two witnesses is clear. The lives of the innocent outweighs the knowledge stored within. That is mildly upsetting.

Abbey gets the men to safety and hopefully medical attention. Crane ventures down to set off an explosive that will destroy the source of the Fenestella’s power and thus destroying everything including the Revers.

In the aftermath, Riggs asks Abbey about what they’re official story will be. She responds with the typical B.S. that he was expecting. Then she explains that this will not be the last incident like this. She asks whose side he’s on. And yes, he responds correctly. Riggs walks away then suggests Abbey should check her email. The email reads, “Trust me. I never reveal my sources.”

Katrina wakes to find Henry sitting across from her. He claims he killed Moloch for her, for Katrina. Further explains that it is now time for them to start “our work”. He places a black rose’s stem in her hand. Clasps his hands around hers. She opens her hand to see blood. Then Katrina awakes from that dream in a slight panic. She walks over to wash her hands and we see the blood trickle into her sink. She looks over her should to see the black rose and six single drops of blood.

Courtesy of FOX

Courtesy of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

A man and a woman catalog historical artifacts. The man leaves the room. After which, a dark man in dark clothing emerges. He takes one of the items from a glass case. Security demands he turn around and put his hands in the air. Instead he pulls out a knife and slits his own wrists while muttering something under his breath. He then gestures to the woman and security guy, choking them from a distance and causing them to bleed from their eye sockets and eventually die.

The book stolen is a very famous book chronicling the knowledge of the time pertaining to black magic. Both Ichabod and Katrina recognized it immediately.

We finally have a Henry sighting. A long-term motel guest who for some strange reason is captivated by infomercials and being left alone. He sees the report on the news about the auction house robbery. The details claim that the blood on the scene appear to have been boiled. The motel attendant (a non-threatening middle-aged woman) asks, “have you ever seen anything like it?” His answer seems more human than any others to this point. Maybe he is not currently plotting anything.

Woman: Every seen anything like it?
Henry: Yes I have. And if I could forget all about it, I would.

Ichabod explains to Abbie the source of basic magic. Katrina’s magic comes from nature. Others from fire or even blood. Sorcery from blood is a form of magic often referred to as “the Dark Arts”. Abbey calls in a favor through someone at Quantico. The result is damaged security footage, now becomes usable. The face comes into focus on our dark mystery man. Katrina gasps for air suddenly.

Ichabod: Do you recognize him?
Katrina: His name is Solomon Kent. The Warlock that all witches fear. Killing Moloch must have released him from Purgatory.

Katrina tells a story in flashback form of Kent’s history in a Puritan town that would become “Salem”. His love was not reciprocated, when he attempted to convey his feelings more directly, the woman in question was badly hurt. Instead of facing the music, he cut himself and used the blood to cast a spell making this woman appear evil (in her facial features). Then Kent, a warlock himself, proclaimed that “Witches are among us”.

Katrina attempts the sense the book’s “mystical signature” as a means to track the relic. In a vision, Kent turns a page of the book to discover that the middle section is missing. Katrina elaborates that the book’s powers, and by some extension Kent’s powers cannot surface until the book is whole.
Irving walks up on Abbey and is met by her gun. She is still skeptical of where his allegiance lies. Irving gives it to Abbey straight, considering his emotional state when she didn’t trust him. While that was difficult to take, he understood why. Then he explains how he went to Katrina and says that she verified that his soul is clean. One problem. Katrina said, “the horseman has no hold on your soul” be in that episode we also learned that the horseman has no hold on the soul because she found no soul at all.

Henry arrives back at his motel room to find a young man working on his faucet. The young man strikes up a conversation about Henry’s wood working. The young man is also a bit of a hobbyist in that realm. Henry asks about the kid’s mother (the lady from earlier, pertaining to her limp), he gladly answers. Henry comments that she must be very strong. The kid then jokingly said, “who needs a father anyway”. An idea that strikes a chord with Henry. A rare smile creeps in.

After hearing the news about Irving putting everything in the past behind him, Ichabod develops a theory about Solomon Kent. He believes Kent will attempt a resurrection spell to bring back the unrequited love (Sara Osborne) that he accidentally killed. Problem is that if Kent resurrects Sara Osborne, her soul will not be the only one to enter our plane.

Abbey knows of a shipment to the same auction house and they plan to intercept Kent when he arrives. As predicted Kent is there. Ichabod and Abbey flank him on either side. The second he notices them, he tosses them with his magic like rag dolls. Just then Katrina arrives to neutralize the situation. He recognizes her as her grandmother, Helena. Then a very wordy witches standoff takes place. While Kent spins his version of reality, he cuts himself and summons two blood demons. Abbey got one of them, which leaves a loose blood demon.

Kent did in fact find the missing pages and reunited them. The close book glowed yellow sporadically. Eventually the yellow glow transferred to Kent’s hands. Before Kent could finish whatever he was doing, Katrina blew a handful of some sort of dust his way. This stopped the yellow glow and create a small dust storm around him. He reached for the book and Katrina flexed out her arms, palms up. Creating a white glowing source of her own. The book’s power wins in this moment.

Ichabod (to Katrina): I will find Kent. And when I do, there will be no magic that can protect him.

After a little brainstorming, their minds click into gear and consider something they didn’t before. The basic idea that Kent had 400 years to rethink everything is still intact. Instead of a resurrection spell, Kent plans to go back in time. One major problem. And by major, I mean the huge elephant now in the room. If Kent goes back and changes anything we could have a Back to the Future 2/Butterfly Effect on our hands. Potentially rewriting history and altering the path from that moment on. Abbey, Ichabod, Jenny, Momma Mills, Irving, the whole thing could be flipped upside down or never existed in the first place.

Abbey and Ichabod head to the munitions hold under the precinct. Ichabod is skeptical that their mortal weapons will be enough. Then Irving arrives, to Ichabod’s surprise. Irving still has come pull with the surrounding police resources. They’ll need a chemist. Then Abbey suggests Irving and Ichabod head out so she can get ready to face Kent. Ichabod has a different idea.

Ichabod: No. I will face Kent. You asked me before about my commitment to the cause.
Abbey: You don’t have to prove anything to me.
Ichabod: No. I do not. I will prove it to Kent.

In the woods, Kent begins his incantation. A portal opens up revealing his desired time and place. He actually said her name out loud, then his gaze is interrupted by a flash bang. Before Kent can conjure anything, Ichabod shoots him with his crossbow. Then we begin a game of arrogant hide and seek. While he is focused on Ichabod, Irving shoots him in the neck with what looks like a poisoned dart. The plant that Kent ingests before using his blood magic is said to be like using steroids for magic. The dart may have been designed to neutralize that effect.

Ichabod: Atropine. Found in gypsum weed, which you use to boost your powers. I high doses, it results in hallucinations and seizures. Something we know from modern chemistry. (He steps recklessly into a puddle) Your magic is vulnerable to elemental energy such as lightning. In the twenty-first century, we make our own lightening. (Abbey flips a switch on a generator frying Kent)

Ichabod is not finished though. He pursues, hitting Kent’s limp body repeatedly while proclaiming the names of the Von Tassle’s including his wife. Abbey pulls him off. Then they both realize Frank is not around. They run away to find him. Three seconds later Frank walks up to the warlock’s body. Removes the book of black magic and breaks Kent’s neck with his foot. Abbey calls out for him, and Frank quickly tucks the book down the back of his pants. Breaking his neck made Kent disintegrate. Thus, no book is no issue. It seems that Abbey’s initial instincts might have been correct about Frank Irving.

Abbey shows up at the cabin to congratulate Crane and offer to take he and Katrina out for beers. Katrina wished to be undisturbed as she rested. The moment they left, she left the bedroom. She found the flower on the table and began to levitate it as she did in the cold open. In their first interaction, Kent told her she could master her true potential if she embraced the dark side. While her lovely red flower hovered, her eyes went completely white, the flower turned blue, then exploded. She’s beginning to like it. That is now two new problems on our collective plate.
The next morning Henry awakes eager to find the gang of three that threatened the motel lady and her son. Henry confronts these three thugs but not in the way you might think. He tells them that their display reminded him that there is a natural order to things. There are sheep and there are wolves. Henry is a wolf. Then he broke all of their necks without touching them.

Henry travels to the woods. Specifically the spot where the white trees once stood and he killed Moloch. Irving slowly joins him. Irving is calm. “The witnesses now trust me again”. And Irving hands Henry the book.

Henry: No longer am I the Horseman of War. No longer will I be defined by anyone else. From now on, destiny bends to my will. You were wrong Captain Irving, when you said this is where it all ended. This…is where it all begins.

Courtesy of Fox

Courtesy of Fox

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Abbey does karaoke. Just let that marinate for a moment. The image of Ichabod fully immersed in the performance is only made better by the conversation (almost yelling to be heard over the bar’s music) between Ichabod and Jenny about the perceived notion that Ichabod and Abbey are spending less and less time together.

Hawley steps out to meet with an associate. When he arrives at the undisclosed location, he does not find this “McKenna” he was looking for. Instead Camilla exits the vehicle. The woman who allegedly, raised Hawley. Hawley thinks about it and refuses. He attempts to leave and Camilla appears behind him with different eyes and pointy teeth.

Back at Mabie’s Bar, Ichabod attempts a song from his days as opposed to something in the book. No musical accompaniment. No one else familiar with his song choice. And a tempo that is very much not made for a bar. It was painful to be polite.

Ichabod: I should have done the one about the bass. The bass.

Hawley is a no-show at Mabie’s and there has been a breach at the archives. They go to investigate and while they can’t see the one who broke in, they do find Hawley in the underground tunnel system outside. Jenny chases after him and he warns her not to. Camilla instantly appears in full on vampire mode. It begins to look bad for Jenny until Ichabod shoots an arrow from a cross-bow into her back and through her chest. Camilla takes off after removing the arrow.

In a courtroom Frank Irving sits looking less than optimistic. He is accompanied by his wife, a defense attorney. And while the judge takes a moment to poke fun at the situation, she has no choice but to inform Frank that he has been exonerated of all charges. Frank’s reaction was a lot like mine, only my reaction wasn’t followed by a sense of relief. Even outside the courtroom, Frank is excited and relieved, his wife has a completely different look on her face. Something is off. If you remember back to the last episode, Frank was adamant that his wife would be able to tell if he was really himself.

Ichabod aids the Mills sisters in getting the bottom of whatever Camilla was. An undead Hindu goddess of regeneration. The next step is to find Hawley and McKenna. They split up to do so. Abbey and Jenny look for McKenna while Ichabod and Katrina look for Hawley. Yet once again, Abbey reacts awkwardly to any reference of Ichabod and Katrina.

Abbey and Jenny follow a lead to a pawn shop McKenna uses as a front. There the two sisters engage in good cop – not cop. The man in the pawn shop comes off the information rather easily. It’s a name that Jenny is familiar with. Camilla Pines.

Just before the sisters Mills return to the archive, Ichabod discovers Orion’s little halo trinket. There is the concern of deception in his eyes. They enter the archives with the news of the name that goes along with Hawley’s guardian from 12-18. Ichabod tucks the trinket into a drawer.

The target is the Knox estate. Yes that Knox, as if Fort Knox, but instead of the fort we are looking at the residence. Assumption is that inside that residence is a vault with many valuable items and none should fall into the clutches of Camilla. The more pressing issue at the time is what Camilla is. Hawley admits that he ran away from her because he saw her murder someone. And that the way it was done suggests that wasn’t the first time. She claims a cult of some sort turned her into this.

Side note: The product placement of some of these shows as of late could be less obvious. “Tonight’s Sleepy Hollow is sponsored by Ford”, and magically, Hawley (the lives on a boat guy) drives a brand new 2015 Ford Mustang.

Hawley and Camilla get passed Knox’s party with next to no impediments. Hawley is able to open the vault (with a massive tumbler system) on the first attempt. Then Jenny finds Hawley. He won’t tell her anything more than, “she’s a monster” and locks Jenny outside that room for her own safety.
There is an item in the vault that is supposed to restore Camilla back to her human self. Eventually something catches her eyes. It is a wood and glass display case that looks to have a statue of the Goddess Kali in it. Abbey takes a shot and Camilla dodges it and grabs Abbey before Abbey knew what happened. Ichabod follows with his crossbow pointed at Camilla, demanding she release Abbey. Hawley follows shortly thereafter. There is real fear and emotion in Hawley’s eyes. He quickly forces a deal on Camilla she can’t refuse. Lock Abbey and Ichabod in the vault unharmed and Hawley will stay with Camilla.

Hawley and Camilla seem to be in an underground or dilapidated building. Hawley takes a sip of champagne and apologizes for leaving like he did. At the moment she says, “I wish I could trust you” he begins to feel the effects of whatever she slipped in his drink. The statue isn’t to return her humanity, its to rob Hawley of his and make him what she is.

In the vault, Abbey suggests that there should be a fail-safe, a way out. Ichabod follows a clue and a panel reveals metal symbols synonymous with the Sons of Liberty. Ichabod and Abbey start addressing their various issues (sounding a lot like a relationship fight) when Ichabod follows a line of thinking that should open the vault door. He’s wrong and we have a Star Wars situation with spike walls closing in. A moment or two from impaling death, Abbey convinces Ichabod to dig deep and he saves their fate by pressing the correct symbol for gold.

Abbey, Ichabod and Jenny find each other outside. Hawley stole Jenny’s cell phone before locking her in that room, now it will serve as a tracking device. They need to hurry, Hawley is starting to wake. In his dazed and foggy vision, we see other bodies being turned.

Ichabod enters this chamber and takes a shot at Camilla, not noticing the other turned men in the room. Ichabod and Abbey fight the newbies while Camilla continues the ritual on Hawley. Their plan to use iron and fire (crossbow arrow on fire) actually works. Hawley, broken free actually has a chance to end Camilla and makes the mistake of apologizing first. She gets away.

Hawley returns to the archive after the fact to inform Jenny that he can’t stay around. He keeps his distance for a reason. And now, he plans on hunting Camilla down. This may be a temporary hiatus for Mr. Hawley.

Ichabod and Abbey doing a karaoke version of Proud Mary is almost unbearable.

Frank and his wife pay Katrina a visit hoping to get that “supernatural physical” they mentioned in the last episode. She gives Frank something to drink and she sees everything that happened since Henry took control of Frank’s soul. Katrina informs him that while has no earthly idea how he came back to life, but there seems to be no hold on his soul. During their embrace after the fact, Frank looks up to see that he has no reflection. Could be that Henry has no hold on Frank’s soul, because Frank doesn’t have a soul, thus making this a much bigger problem.

Courtesy of FOX

Courtesy of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The last time we spoke on Sleepy Hollow a number of new details were brought into the mix and one bombshell. The bombshell of course being that Frank Irving is in fact not dead. And if that were not enough, he is in neither Heaven, Hell or Purgatory, but in fact in Sleepy Hollow. Shoeless and disheveled. The slightly lesser big deal was the introduction of the angel Orion. At first glance appeared to be an ally, but like most rogue or fallen angels, Orion has a plan to cleanse the earth of the wicked. An idea that does not jive with most humans because we do not support the idea of any one person playing judge, jury and executioner. The final ‘big’ admission was the understanding that without Moloch in power, the demons will seek a new master. The show runners are leading us to believe that new chosen master will be the only one from Moloch’s demise that was not accounted for. Henry.

An art restorer sits alone working on a painting, that actually does not look that unlike Ichabod Crane, when it begins to bleed. The painting not the restorer. The bleeding becomes excessive. He looks away to see if anyone else was there. He turns back, no blood.

Ichabod is nervously preparing to go on a highly anticipated date with the woman he’s been married to for 200 years. There is a visible discomfort radiating from Abbey. Whether she wants to admit it or not, Katrina is becoming more of a third wheel in Abbey’s mind as Abbey would care to admit. The Crane’s will be attending a special event held at the historical society honoring such people as John and Abigail Adams. You guessed it! Old friends of the Crane’s. Or at least old friends of Katrina’s.

At the event, Ichabod and Katrina find a couple of inaccuracies in the historical society’s claims to their artifacts. Then the restorer approaches Ichabod, beckoning him for a moment in private. The restorer is frazzled. Ichabod is a frequenter of the historical society and well-known to the staff. This man asks about Ichabod’s familiarity to all of the ‘ghost stories’ surrounding Sleepy Hollow and if he believes in them. Before Ichabod can follow-up on these questions the curator pulls the restorer away to complain about the quality of that particular painting’s restoration. On the other side of the room, Katrina touches Abigail Adams’ desk and senses a darkness. As she comes back to reality, Ichabod approaches and informs her that all is not well at this shindig.

Abbey is at the precinct going over the journal. A beat cop inquires about it before moving to the hallway. He instantly draws his sidearm and Abbey springs into action drawing hers before completely getting into the hallway. The suspect is none other than Frank Irving.

From the dining room, everyone including the Cranes hear a loud scream. The restorer is dead, hanging from a chandelier by his left foot and bleeding onto the floor. Ichabod believes this to be a ritualistic killing to emulate ‘the hanging man’ from the tarot. Intriguing to Katrina, a witch, to discover her husband (not a witch) learning about things like tarot cards.

As luck would have it, Abigail Adams pursued a series of murders in 1781. The same markers. Body inverted, the way the throat was slit, all the same. John Adams was the lawyer seeking damages on behalf of the victims. The Durham Killings. Abigail concluded that the killer must have a medical background.

Abbey slides in to speak to Frank who is now sitting in an interrogation room. All should rejoice at the idea of Frank being back. Abbey has larger concerns. Somehow she is leaning on the betrayal of Brooks from season one. If the Horseman of War (Henry) possesses Frank’s soul, his presence must signal the return of War. Pretty shady way to treat a guy who sacrificed everything to kill the horseman.

The killer responsible for the death of the restorer and potentially much more dating back to the 1700s is somehow the artist of the painting the restorer was restoring. Abigail Adams claimed the killer back then must have knowledge of the human body, which lead her to believe it was a person with a medical background. Only slightly less familiar with the human form would be that of an artist. The painting that bled was a self-portrait. After Ichabod and Katrina spoke of these details they once again looked upon the painting to see the subject of the painting whose back was always shown was not turned glaring at them.

The painting unto itself depicts a man of the 1700s seated on a stool painting on a large canvas (48″x36″ if I had to guess), in a good-sized room. The man seated is mid stroke and facing the canvas. On the canvas is the image of a simple inverted cross. At present, the man seated is no longer in the painting. Katrina believes he needs the blood to finish the painting of the hanging man inverted as depicted by the cross. There will be another victim. Ichabod is concerned for the curator’s life.

Abbey calls Mrs. Irving into the lair, not the precinct, to brace her for the news. According to everyone else, Frank is just a wanted fugitive that turned himself in. Abbey and the team know better. Surprisingly, Mrs. Irving is taking the news in stride. Even when told that she can’t see him until they know for sure he’s not a threat, she still is remarkably alright.

The curator and Ichabod speak in the kitchen. It seems that the restorer (Grant), told the curator all that he had experienced by working on the painting. The curator believed him about the voices because he heard them too.

By touching Abigail’s desk, Katrina’s visions are triggered. She sees Abigail hide something in the desk, then finds it. She then turns ever so slowly, expecting to see the man in the painting. Instead she sees what looks like him walk down a hall far from where she’s standing.

Jenny, per Hawley’s tip, heads out to a cemetery to retrieve bullets buried with a corpse. The bullets could be used to take down Irving if he is in fact bad news. Hawley said buried with the body, but Jenny discovers that he meant buried in the body. Jenny being who she is reluctantly retrieves most of the bullets. Leaving one in so that this Zombie like body will keep its hands to itself.

Upon hearing the hypothesis that the curator could be next, he flees. Concerned that the police might believe he was guilty by running, he leaves Ichabod’s side. Ichabod chases after him only to find him getting pulled into the painting. Ichabod tries to pull him out but is unsuccessful in doing so. After the commercial break we find the curator hung in the hanging man’s pose inside the painting. In addition, the evidence that Katrina found in the desk outlines Abigail’s successful attempt to lure Mr. Colby and have him imprisoned inside the painting. During all of this, Ichabod’s brilliant plan is to enter the painting voluntarily. With Katrina’s assistance of course.

Inside the painting the couple find themselves inside a manifestation of the killer’s home. Eventually, they find their way to the curator who is bleeding out before them. Katrina runs around to see that the hanging man is almost complete. If it is completely this killer will release himself into their world.

At the precinct, Jenny and Abbey decide (despite Abbey’s hesitation) that they need to get Katrina to do a ‘supernatural physical’ on Frank’s soul. Abbey calls Ichabod, but he’s in the painting.

Katrina begins an incantation. Inside the pool of blood, the killer ascends. He attempts to slice one of the couple when they are transported back into the house from which they came. The conclusion is that they need to destroy the painting. Ichabod grabs the paint thinner and attempts to pour it onto the painting. The killer from within extends his arms and begins to strangle Ichabod. He breaks free, but by the time he composes himself the killer is already out. He reaches back to land a fatal blow to Ichabod when he gets shot. By Abbey.

While her shot did hit the man well enough to knock him back, all it really did was buy them time. He came to and advanced again. Ichabod yells at Abbey to ‘fire at the painting’. Abbey fires five shots. One at each end of the inverted cross and one at the intersection. They each take a sigh of relief when the killer appears motionless. Then Abbey looks at Ichabod and breaks the silence.

Abbey: You didn’t answer your phone.

The hostility from Sheriff Reyes continues. This time directed at Abbey. By Abbey going in and speaking to Frank was a violation of a direct order. As it turns out the D.A. sent word that it has evidence that will exonerate Frank Irving. That should be good news but Abbey’s expression and our experience with this show thus far would suggest otherwise.

Courtesy of FOX

Courtesy of FOX

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Returning after the winter finale that shook most of us, we find everyone safe and sound. Everyone that is except Henry. Six weeks into the future there have been no evidence of any kind to suggest that evil is still out there. A realization that Ichabod is having a hard time accepting. Or it happens to be the thing he’s focusing on instead of tending to his rocky marriage.

Ichabod and Abbey venture out to a farm he believes could give some answer to the who of the question of evil that remains. There must be more evil to fight. If not, Ichabod would have no purpose and be forced to address the Katrina issue. Then they hear what sounds like an incantation.

Inside a barn we find three demons of the more predictable persuasion. Abbey announces them and they are met with resistance. Almost immediately an angel presents himself. For those that haven’t seen this episode, think Supernatural. There is a definite Supernatural vibe about this angel. I’m referring to the CW show in its tenth season, not the adjective to describe the nature of a person or entity. Orion intrigues me immediately. I keep thinking “please let this be the Castiel of this show”, must keep expectations realistic. This angel uses what looks like his halo to expunge one of the demons, the other two depart on their own accord.

The Angel’s name is Orion. Six weeks ago, there was a great quake in Purgatory that allowed Orion to escape. Thus introducing our new plot direction. If Orion escaped Purgatory, what else managed to free itself? Ichabod receives a text from Katrina. Abbey suggests he leave to take care of whatever it pertains to. Then Abbey says something that most fans of fantasy oriented shows would laugh at, uncontrollably

Abbey: If you can’t trust an angel, who can you trust?

Abbey finds Orion enjoying the outdoors. Once a prisoner of Purgatory, he finds small joy in things often taken for granted. Abbey jumps right in with the question most people would have when realizing they are in the presence of a real angel. Ironically, I am perfectly content with Orion’s answers. There was no way they would have written in the answers to life.

Side note. The Katrina: Finding the good amidst the evil narrative is starting to wear very thin. Granted, it seems since the last episode, she may have been correct about Henry. Not to nitpick, but I’m still skeptical. Considering that Henry was the only person missing after the death of Moloch. I am working on a theory but it is founded in a very simple logic. Might not have legs.

Katrina has this convoluted idea that she can remove the Horseman from Abraham. Basing this solely on the idea that Abraham loves Katrina, Katrina loves Ichabod, Abraham gets jealous of Ichabod, Abraham decides to become the Horseman to seek revenge upon Ichabod. Katrina’s infinite wisdom tells her that she can separate good man from the evil spirit. Even if Ichabod refuses to assist, she will press on without him. Simultaneously, Orion expresses his need to Abbey to find the new master. The demons that escaped are without a master now that Moloch is dead. Orion claims that their new master is the Horseman of Death. Otherwise known as The Headless Horseman aka Abraham.

Jenny is a Mabie’s attempting to pick up the local bartender. She put out a call to Hawley. When Hawley shows up, there is a subtle but noticeable marking of territory. Hawley plays it up that Mike Donnolly (the bartender) is not her type. While also giving signals to the man in question to back off.

Abbey leads Orion to where they keep Abraham. Orion is impressed by Mills. Here’s where it gets interesting. Orion talks up her valor and character as if fighting the evil was a choice she made when she didn’t have to. Abbey and Ichabod were always under the impression that being a witness meant fighting. Orion’s words would indicate that their responsibility was to observe. Orion is pleased they chose to fight.

Abbey and Ichabod convene getting each other up to speed. Right about the time Abbey rejects any such idea to save Abraham is the same time Orion expresses his plans to Katrina to kill the Horseman. Abbey runs to basically tell Katrina to get bent. Orion tells her that Katrina fled just moments ago.

As assumed, Katrina went to Abraham. While his is the Horseman of Death he is still an honorable soul from the 1700s still holding to customs of chivalry and honor. He promises to cease any and all evil intentions while she attempts to return him to his human form. Abbey, Ichabod and Orion enter the chamber to find that Katrina has already freed Abraham.

Fan reaction: Seriously, Katrina is more trouble than she’s worth. I really wish the writers would kill her off. Let Abraham do it. This motherly sense to fix people is really getting old.

As soon as the truth of Katrina’s rescue of the Horseman is realized a pissed off Angel departs. The conversation does not get much better from there. The conclusion of which is to find Abraham, bring him back and discover if Katrina can do what she says she can. If not, then plan B can follow. A telling admission that each viewer should agree with is that there is something off about our angel. He’s hiding something.

Jenny and Hawley attempt to use this Egg of Sumaria as a sort of demon GPS. The romantic fallout spat notwithstanding, Hawley is inspired to break the egg. Inside is a smooth metal ball. By staring at it, Hawley can see the road traveled by said demons. The demons are with Abraham. Thanks Katrina.

Abbey summons Orion. He comes immediately, but with reservations. Abbey informs him that they know the location of the Horseman. Then Ichabod calls to tell her that he has discovered some intriguing things about Orion. Throughout history, Orion has been present at most of the most horrific moments in ancient history. Pompeii and the Byzantine-an Plague just to name a couple. The question being, “Is Orion always present before catastrophes to prevent them or ensure they happen?”

While I still hold out hope for the angelic story to be one I haven’t seen before, that hope is diminishing. Orion shares with Abbey his short-term and long-term goals. By killing the Horseman, Orion would gain the Horseman’s powers and begin to rebuild this world into a paradise. Using his ‘weapon’ he will cleanse the earth of evil. And ultimately execute the ‘judgment’ upon humanity like God did with Adam and Eve. He aims to go from angel, to fallen angel, to God of the new earth.

Inside the barn Orion and Abraham face off. Ironically, it seems that Abraham has the upper hand. Orion throws his ‘halo’ and Abraham ducks. Moments later the halo returns landing in Abraham’s upper back. The halo absorbs the victim’s power for Orion’s use. Abbey and Ichabod know they need to retrieve or destroy the halo. Abbey distracts Orion long enough for Ichabod to remove and destroy the halo by using Abraham’s ax. Orion escapes.
Abraham should be at least a little grateful for preempting his demise. The only thing stopping him from killing Ichabod in this moment is the prospect of becoming human again. At the cabin, Ichabod addresses the elephant in the room with Katrina. They need to seriously consider redefining their marriage.

Ichabod and Abbey have the figurative kiss and make up over their disagreements. They consider that maybe Orion will take his time regrouping. Especially since his halo was shattered. Ichabod leaves and Abbey fondles the miniature halo that allows her to summon him.

A tattered figure enters a convenient store. It’s barefoot and dirty. It goes straight for the refrigerated section. Opens a carton of milk and chugs it. The figure is Frank Irving! He asks if he’s in Heaven or Hell. The store clerk replies with three words. Its-Sleepy-Hollow.