Sleepy Hollow: Hawley’s History Comes Back To Haunt Sleepy Hollow

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Abbey does karaoke. Just let that marinate for a moment. The image of Ichabod fully immersed in the performance is only made better by the conversation (almost yelling to be heard over the bar’s music) between Ichabod and Jenny about the perceived notion that Ichabod and Abbey are spending less and less time together.

Hawley steps out to meet with an associate. When he arrives at the undisclosed location, he does not find this “McKenna” he was looking for. Instead Camilla exits the vehicle. The woman who allegedly, raised Hawley. Hawley thinks about it and refuses. He attempts to leave and Camilla appears behind him with different eyes and pointy teeth.

Back at Mabie’s Bar, Ichabod attempts a song from his days as opposed to something in the book. No musical accompaniment. No one else familiar with his song choice. And a tempo that is very much not made for a bar. It was painful to be polite.

Ichabod: I should have done the one about the bass. The bass.

Hawley is a no-show at Mabie’s and there has been a breach at the archives. They go to investigate and while they can’t see the one who broke in, they do find Hawley in the underground tunnel system outside. Jenny chases after him and he warns her not to. Camilla instantly appears in full on vampire mode. It begins to look bad for Jenny until Ichabod shoots an arrow from a cross-bow into her back and through her chest. Camilla takes off after removing the arrow.

In a courtroom Frank Irving sits looking less than optimistic. He is accompanied by his wife, a defense attorney. And while the judge takes a moment to poke fun at the situation, she has no choice but to inform Frank that he has been exonerated of all charges. Frank’s reaction was a lot like mine, only my reaction wasn’t followed by a sense of relief. Even outside the courtroom, Frank is excited and relieved, his wife has a completely different look on her face. Something is off. If you remember back to the last episode, Frank was adamant that his wife would be able to tell if he was really himself.

Ichabod aids the Mills sisters in getting the bottom of whatever Camilla was. An undead Hindu goddess of regeneration. The next step is to find Hawley and McKenna. They split up to do so. Abbey and Jenny look for McKenna while Ichabod and Katrina look for Hawley. Yet once again, Abbey reacts awkwardly to any reference of Ichabod and Katrina.

Abbey and Jenny follow a lead to a pawn shop McKenna uses as a front. There the two sisters engage in good cop – not cop. The man in the pawn shop comes off the information rather easily. It’s a name that Jenny is familiar with. Camilla Pines.

Just before the sisters Mills return to the archive, Ichabod discovers Orion’s little halo trinket. There is the concern of deception in his eyes. They enter the archives with the news of the name that goes along with Hawley’s guardian from 12-18. Ichabod tucks the trinket into a drawer.

The target is the Knox estate. Yes that Knox, as if Fort Knox, but instead of the fort we are looking at the residence. Assumption is that inside that residence is a vault with many valuable items and none should fall into the clutches of Camilla. The more pressing issue at the time is what Camilla is. Hawley admits that he ran away from her because he saw her murder someone. And that the way it was done suggests that wasn’t the first time. She claims a cult of some sort turned her into this.

Side note: The product placement of some of these shows as of late could be less obvious. “Tonight’s Sleepy Hollow is sponsored by Ford”, and magically, Hawley (the lives on a boat guy) drives a brand new 2015 Ford Mustang.

Hawley and Camilla get passed Knox’s party with next to no impediments. Hawley is able to open the vault (with a massive tumbler system) on the first attempt. Then Jenny finds Hawley. He won’t tell her anything more than, “she’s a monster” and locks Jenny outside that room for her own safety.
There is an item in the vault that is supposed to restore Camilla back to her human self. Eventually something catches her eyes. It is a wood and glass display case that looks to have a statue of the Goddess Kali in it. Abbey takes a shot and Camilla dodges it and grabs Abbey before Abbey knew what happened. Ichabod follows with his crossbow pointed at Camilla, demanding she release Abbey. Hawley follows shortly thereafter. There is real fear and emotion in Hawley’s eyes. He quickly forces a deal on Camilla she can’t refuse. Lock Abbey and Ichabod in the vault unharmed and Hawley will stay with Camilla.

Hawley and Camilla seem to be in an underground or dilapidated building. Hawley takes a sip of champagne and apologizes for leaving like he did. At the moment she says, “I wish I could trust you” he begins to feel the effects of whatever she slipped in his drink. The statue isn’t to return her humanity, its to rob Hawley of his and make him what she is.

In the vault, Abbey suggests that there should be a fail-safe, a way out. Ichabod follows a clue and a panel reveals metal symbols synonymous with the Sons of Liberty. Ichabod and Abbey start addressing their various issues (sounding a lot like a relationship fight) when Ichabod follows a line of thinking that should open the vault door. He’s wrong and we have a Star Wars situation with spike walls closing in. A moment or two from impaling death, Abbey convinces Ichabod to dig deep and he saves their fate by pressing the correct symbol for gold.

Abbey, Ichabod and Jenny find each other outside. Hawley stole Jenny’s cell phone before locking her in that room, now it will serve as a tracking device. They need to hurry, Hawley is starting to wake. In his dazed and foggy vision, we see other bodies being turned.

Ichabod enters this chamber and takes a shot at Camilla, not noticing the other turned men in the room. Ichabod and Abbey fight the newbies while Camilla continues the ritual on Hawley. Their plan to use iron and fire (crossbow arrow on fire) actually works. Hawley, broken free actually has a chance to end Camilla and makes the mistake of apologizing first. She gets away.

Hawley returns to the archive after the fact to inform Jenny that he can’t stay around. He keeps his distance for a reason. And now, he plans on hunting Camilla down. This may be a temporary hiatus for Mr. Hawley.

Ichabod and Abbey doing a karaoke version of Proud Mary is almost unbearable.

Frank and his wife pay Katrina a visit hoping to get that “supernatural physical” they mentioned in the last episode. She gives Frank something to drink and she sees everything that happened since Henry took control of Frank’s soul. Katrina informs him that while has no earthly idea how he came back to life, but there seems to be no hold on his soul. During their embrace after the fact, Frank looks up to see that he has no reflection. Could be that Henry has no hold on Frank’s soul, because Frank doesn’t have a soul, thus making this a much bigger problem.

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