sleepy-hollow-relationships-must-evolve-2 Episode recaps
Sleepy Hollow: Relationships Must Evolve
Courtesy of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert This week’s “Ichabod discovers the 21st Century” cold open also includes Katrina. They both engage in a discussion of ‘love’.
1303 Episode recaps
Sleepy Hollow: Katrina’s Baby
Courtesy of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert Tonight’s episode begins with a Katrina flashback to a very satisfying memory. Just to be awakened by horrible imagery
1232 Episode recaps
Sleepy Hollow: There’s A Wendigo In The Family
Courtesy of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert This week the awkward learning experience for Ichabod is yoga. He also is very uncomfortable with the term ‘buns’
sleepy-hollow-a-woman-and-her-secrets-2 Episode recaps
Sleepy Hollow: A Woman And Her Secrets
Courtesy of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert First thought on tonight’s episode. “Who is this chick? Getting all ‘familiar’ with Ichabod?” It is no secret that
sleepy-hollow-the-curse-of-daniel-lancaster-2 Episode recaps
Sleepy Hollow: The Curse of Daniel Lancaster
Photo Fred Norris/FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert Is there anything more enjoyable, as it pertains to the characters in Sleepy Hollow, than watching Ichabod
Episode recaps
Sleepy Hollow: The Coin That Reveals Darkness
sleepy-hollow-time-to-even-the-odds-2 Episode recaps
Sleepy Hollow: Time to Even the Odds
Courtesy of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert A great deal happened last week in the Sleepy Hollow season premiere. Needless to say, not all is well in Sleepy Hollow.
1209 Preview
Tonight: Sleepy Hollow-The Kindred
Courtesy of FOX Last Week Sleepy Hollow followed up what I believe to be a very strong Season one with a Season two premiere not to be missed.
1358 Episode recaps
Sleepy Hollow: Witnesses Reunited
Photo Courtesy of Fox, @SleepyHollowFOX Warning: Spoiler Alert I am lost. Last time we experienced a Sleepy Hollow episode, if memory serves, Abbey Mills
njatvs-preview-sleepy-hollow-2 Fallapalooza
NJATVS Preview: Sleepy Hollow
Photo Courtesy of Fox Warning: Spoiler Alert Sleepy Hollow season one was one of those rare instances where the logline and simple synopsis cannot be completely