Tonight: Sleepy Hollow-The Kindred

Courtesy of FOX
Courtesy of FOX

Last Week Sleepy Hollow followed up what I believe to be a very strong Season one with a Season two premiere not to be missed. To say they tied up all the loose ends would be irresponsible of me. However, what they did do was complicate conflict and introduce new threats before the previous ones could be dispatched with.

In “The Kindred” (episode 2), we find Ichabod Crane and Abbey Mills pursuing an attempt to resurrect an Frankenstein’s monster type of creature that Benjamin Franklin created previously. This will be done in an attempt to pry Katrina from the Headless Horseman’s clutches.

Frank Irving, whom we did not see at all in episode one, still must find a way to clear his name after falsely confessing to a crime he didn’t commit in order to save his daughter. I’m sure it won’t be that simple.

The conclusion of the Frank Irving line will go a long way to create character stability as Jenny Mills in this episode will find issues with the ‘interim’ Sheriff.

Many issues from Sleepy Hollow to tie up or at least make headway on. Join Jason Jones following the show for his recap and speculation.



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