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Three men that appear to work for Public Works, venture down an underground shaft. They discover a strange entry. They open it and two of the three are curious to see where it goes. Before the third could decide, all three get pulled below by some sort of creature or man.

Ichabod: It is possible, Left Tennant , that I am fully assimilated in this era. A man completely comfortable in this time and place…
(Ichabod looks over to see two teen-aged girls taking selfies)
Abbey: And go…
Ichabod: Instant Gram. What happened to experiencing life? Instead of posting it.

The three missing persons case brings Abbey and Ichabod to the scene of the crime, or above it at least. There a man is attempting to sneak photographs of the scene. Abbey goes to shoo him away. He reads every signal and typical cop answer to deduce that they have nothing. He’s a journalist that has covered multiple military operations and he’s not buying what she’s selling. He is also from Sleepy Hollow and does buy the ‘strange occurrences’ that come with Sleepy Hollow.

In short order our duo find signs of witchcraft around the ‘entry’. Using 3D imaging, Abbey was able to map the tunnels below them. This impresses Ichabod as there is only one man who could have designed this particular setup. Thomas Jefferson (played by Steven Weber). Then next to the entry, Abbey finds a cell phone and a partial video of the thing that took them.

Irving shows up to Mabie’s asking Jenny for a favor. Awesome, considering his new-found allegiance. He tells a story about reconciling his marriage and getting his wedding ring out of police evidence lockup, but we all know that’s B.S. Right when Jenny plays it off as if she doesn’t have the ability to do what he’s asking, he takes a drink from his glass. Jenny spots a few small tattoos that resemble supernatural symbols. It’s not until then that she agrees to help.

The entry apparently belonged to a room, or more specifically a ‘chamber’. The chamber was named by Thomas Jefferson, “The Fenestella” The creature that grabbed the three men, was a damned soul to guard the Fenestella.

Once down the shaft, they see nothing. Abbey even attempts to communicate with one of the workers. The creature can hear them and is coming for them. When he arrives, he is joined by many others. Abbey and Ichabod attempt to get out of there. Just before reaching the top of the ladder, one of them leaps and grabs onto Ichabod. Then Calvin Riggs (the military journalist and brother to one of the missing) arrives lighting off his camera’s flash which does allow enough time for Ichabod to get to safety.

Riggs all but demands to know what’s going on. They do their best to deflect and move on. Riggs stands firm. Ultimately, Abbey agrees to give him limited access to the case with no intention of letting him in on the supernatural element of the situation. Riggs claims its not a war, something that he is clearly in the dark about.

Ichabod: We have no idea if we can trust this man.
Abbey: My gut says we can, I don’t know why but it does. By the way, it was you guys that put freedom of the press in the Constitution…
Ichabod: Well, we did not predict the 24 HOUR NEWS CYCLE.

The creatures in question are called “Revers”. Like colonial centuries but alive. Hibernating essentially, but alive.

Jenny and Irving break into the evidence lockup. Irving pulls a box. And it in no way has anything to do with his wedding ring or any other personal effects. Then Jenny pulls back the hammer on the gun she has pointed at Irving. He talks her into lowering her guard and he throws her against the wall and runs out.

Abbey, Ichabod and Riggs make their way back to the entry. Ichabod uses Riggs camera as a distraction allowing he and Abbey to get down safely. Once down there the Revers descend. A door opens slightly and the two jump in closing it behind them. The look of the inner Fenestella resembles something more befitting a pillar of colonial society. A body emerges. Thomas Jefferson. Not a flash back to a time, but Thomas Jefferson alive and well. Like Crane, 200 years long after he should have died.

How is this possible? Great question that Jefferson is happy to answer. He created a cube to give the Fenestella continual power. Then the Order of the Sacred Heart added their brand of witchcraft to it. Essentially, this person is actually a holographic representation of Thomas Jefferson projected from Jefferson’s actual mind, feelings and memories. I hate to reign on Sleepy Hollow’s parade, but… A manufactured ‘cube’ that has continuous and unlimited power and a hologram of the actual likeness, personality, and memories of someone who was supposed to have been dead for a very long time. This episode is a direct rip-off of Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Captain America: Winter Soldier. The cube of power is the Tesseract and Jefferson’s hologram is Dr. Arnim Zola. There is a bigger point to be made.

“Good writers borrow, great writers steal.”-Oscar Wilde

They try to express upon Mr. Jefferson the urgency of rescuing the men who were abducted. Jefferson’s proxy hologram in turn tries to convey to them that the men in question couldn’t matter any less. Jefferson believes they are here to access the information in the Fenestella. Jefferson urges them with a line that carries some weight.

Ichabod: I fear you underestimate the importance of our mission…
Jefferson: Your mission, is the very reason I’m here, Crane.

Back in the lockup, Jenny finds Irving and puts her gun on him allowing him to explain. He found a book with a trinket that he fused to his hand giving him ‘temporary salvation’ to pass Katrina’s test. As a side effect, he restored his humanity. As he explains it, this is about reparations. A ledger lead him to this. A flash drive with access to accounts in excess of 1.3 million dollars. Security for his wife and daughter. Suffice it to say, I am all kinds of confused now.

We now have to weigh the safety of two maybe three men with the information in this chamber. Washington and Jefferson chronicled everything they knew about the witnesses and the mission at large in the Fenestella. Attacking or even disrupting the Revers nest could destroy that information.

Ichabod: If this place holds all the answers to every question we have about our roles as witnesses, why would you keep this from me?
Jefferson: The prophecy was quite clear. No interference until the second witness appeared.
Abbey: So now that I’m here…?
Jefferson: Your mission can begin in earnest.

Jefferson pulls out a box about the size of a large jewelry box. How his hologram is doing that I don’t know. Inside are scrolls and books that may identify certain ‘mentors’ along the journey. Abbey suddenly identifies Corbin as one of these mentors. This structure, this Fenestella was constructed specifically for these two. Crane was selected over 200 years ago for this and Abbey was selected 200 years before she was born. However, the decision for the two witnesses is clear. The lives of the innocent outweighs the knowledge stored within. That is mildly upsetting.

Abbey gets the men to safety and hopefully medical attention. Crane ventures down to set off an explosive that will destroy the source of the Fenestella’s power and thus destroying everything including the Revers.

In the aftermath, Riggs asks Abbey about what they’re official story will be. She responds with the typical B.S. that he was expecting. Then she explains that this will not be the last incident like this. She asks whose side he’s on. And yes, he responds correctly. Riggs walks away then suggests Abbey should check her email. The email reads, “Trust me. I never reveal my sources.”

Katrina wakes to find Henry sitting across from her. He claims he killed Moloch for her, for Katrina. Further explains that it is now time for them to start “our work”. He places a black rose’s stem in her hand. Clasps his hands around hers. She opens her hand to see blood. Then Katrina awakes from that dream in a slight panic. She walks over to wash her hands and we see the blood trickle into her sink. She looks over her should to see the black rose and six single drops of blood.

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