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The Blacklist: A Lifetime Hiding For No Reason
Photo Courtesy of Eric Liebowicz/NBC WARNING SPOILER ALERT: So, have we actually seen the last of Ian Garvey? Although it appeared that the dirty cop’s
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The Blacklist: A Widow, Mom, Cop, And Daughter
Photo Courtesy Of Will Hart/NBC WARNING: SPOILER ALERT It remains to be seen how or if, the dangling threads left hanging at the conclusion of the latest
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Forever: Revenge Is A Long Game
Photo Courtesy Of ABC Warning: Spoiler Alert “My name is Henry Morgan. My story is a long one. It might sound a bit implausible. In fact you probably won’t believe me.
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Sleepy Hollow: Renewing A Partnership 233 Years Before It Began
Courtesy of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert Last we spoke, Abbey Mills had been transported back to Sleepy Hollow, 1781. Where she was promptly arrested for being Black.
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Sleepy Hollow: Cracks In The Liberty Bell And The Space Time Continuum
Courtesy of Fox Warning: Spoiler Alert Ichabod and Abbey are at a place where rules are important to their future success. One of which is about Abbey
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Sleepy Hollow: Jefferson Lives
Courtesy of Fox Warning: Spoiler Alert Three men that appear to work for Public Works, venture down an underground shaft. They discover a strange entry.
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Sleepy Hollow: Katrina Discovers The Dark Arts And Henry Reveals His Intentions
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The First Annual NOTTIE AWARDS
Collage Created By Jason Jones It’s that time of year, when everybody’s coming out with their “Best-Of Lists” and we are adding yet another list to the pile.
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Sleepy Hollow: A Hero Will Rise And A Soldier Will Fall
Courtesy of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert Part two of the Fall Finale picks up in real-time from the conclusion of last week’s episode. Ichabod and Abbey
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Sleepy Hollow: Know Thyself, Completely
Courtesy of FOX Warning: Spoiler Alert Abbey attempts to redirect their attention by engaging in a mental exercise. A guessing game. Ichabod is not entertained.