Sleepy Hollow: Cracks In The Liberty Bell And The Space Time Continuum

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Ichabod and Abbey are at a place where rules are important to their future success. One of which is about Abbey quoting A Princess Bride and ruining the end of the movie for Ichabod. There’s also that bit about putting nothing or no one ahead of their duty to be witnesses. Maybe a little foreshadowing about Katrina. My vote is for the writers to kill her off, but I’ll take a step back.

There is a replica (I think) of the Liberty Bell and for some reason, those around it are experiencing something supernatural. A select number of people have their eyes go white and inflict harm on other while under a trans of some sort. One that Henry is responsible for.

Abbey and Ichabod are about to pursue this strange occurrence when Jenny comes running up. She explains that Irving has been lying to them the entire time. She quickly explained how he did it and that he asked Jenny to get his family out-of-town. To protect them from him. Using the Gorgon’s head is a last resort.

As it turns out, unsurprisingly as it were, Ichabod was responsible for the crack in the Liberty Bell. Also, the Liberty Bell was not the only bell made from this mold.

Katrina has now gone around the bend, including practicing blood magic. She used the blood magic to conjure Henry. Henry than takes her to his home, only now it looks much brighter and filled with life. She is skeptical of his ‘new leaf’ but he offers her a gift that would seem intriguing for the moment. The black spell book that Solomon used in the last episode. It seems that Henry’s goal is to have Katrina complete the Awakening ritual or ‘ring the bell’ and thus awaken thousands of descendants from Katrina’s former coven.

With a little research we discover that one of these bells has markings that suggest witchcraft and it has also been present during many terrible events. Regardless of its past, it must be prevented from ringing again. So, let’s crack it. Ichabod will work to remake the black powder charge he used on the first bell in 1773.

Ichabod and Abbey procure the ingredients to make the black powder charge and remove and transport the bell in question. They have knocked down a brick wall. The idea is to roll the bell through that doorway, set off the charge and crack the bell so that it can’t ring again. That is until Irving showed up with a single shot, bolt-action sniper rifle and starts shooting at it/them.

Jenny decides to buy them some time. She runs toward Irving shooting recklessly at him. When there is a break in the action, Irving demands to know where his family is. Good Irving told her to hide them and not divulge their whereabouts to Evil Irving. He reloads his rifle and says that the next time he’ll shoot to kill. Then Jenny comes from behind a post and unloads what she has in Irving’s chest. Each shot drives him further down until finally he is on his knees. Jenny looks concerned, than Irving looks up. Eyes solid and black. Solid black.

Ichabod and Abbey struggle to move the bell, then Henry and Katrina show up. Ichabod urges Henry to let Katrina go. But, he is forcing her. The betrayal in Ichabod’s eyes after putting 2 and 2 together is real. Katrina does not retreat in the slightest from her stance on this new path. To make matters worse, she is under the impression that Ichabod is now beneath her and Henry. Ichabod makes a nice verbal plea that included “What you say next, you cannot unsay.” Then using magic, they lock Ichabod and Abbey behind the wall they tore down.

The prevailing theory is that they will take the bell to the old Sleepy Hollow Town Hall, which has been boarded up for decades. The new plan is to “arm themselves to the teeth” and scale a full frontal assault, hopefully giving them enough time to destroy the bell.

Ichabod announces himself quite loudly. Henry ventures down to take care of this speed bump. This time Ichabod actually pulls the trigger but Henry stops the bullet. Then Henry made the mistake of comparing Moloch to Ichabod. With Katrina’s feelings on the back burner, Ichabod can take off the kid gloves (pun intended).

Ichabod: You’ve not learned a thing since Moloch dragged you from your fettered box.
Henry: Moloch was self-righteous and self-serving LIKE YOU. He abandoned me just like you did.
Ichabod: I DID NOT ABANDON YOU, HENRY. I did not even know you existed. You’re as much a man out of time as I. You cling to the past so tightly like an angry unruly CHILD.

Abbey comes barreling at Henry full speed in her SUV. At not quite the last second, Katrina slams the SUV to a halt. Then explodes it, presumably with Abbey still inside. Ichabod and Katrina share shots at each other. For the record, Katrina is the wrong party here. Henry goes to investigate and hopefully confirm that one half of the required witnesses is dead. He notices a seat belt wrapped around the cars accelerator. He runs yelling, “The Bell, The Bell!” Abbey would have blown the Bell by now, but had lighter troubles.

Meanwhile Irving is literally on Jenny’s tail. She has led him, intentionally back to where they keep the Gorgon’s head. Separated by a glass window, Irving begins to talk like the game is already over. Even references what his family will know once the bell tolls.

The two witnesses are tied to a support beam while Katrina and Henry begin the Awakening Ceremony. While they are distracted with the task at hand, Ichabod and Abbey free themselves but remain as if they hadn’t. Ichabod passes Abbey a Colonial era pistol. One of a pair. Ichabod will use the other one. Abbey will try to shoot Henry while Ichabod with tend to the bomb on the bell the Warlock and Witch have yet to notice.

Abbey: Are you ready for that?
Ichabod: Duty above all else, Left Tennant.

Ichabod shoots first and Henry as predicted stops the bullet. Abbey turns and shoots Henry in his sternum. The bullet that hit Henry begins to grow a glowing aqua colored hole. That hole grows and Henry falls. Instead of tending to the bell, everything focuses on Henry. Ichabod even comes to his side. And in a matter of moments, Henry dissipates like a cloud of dust. Can’t help but think Katrina and all her new-found power are not going to like this at all.

Irving has a large cast iron candle holder almost a long as he is tall. He’s raised it above to break the glass keeping him from Jenny. As if someone flipped a light switch, he stops. He falls to the ground then from his mouth, out pours black smoke (normally used to symbolize the presence of demonic possession). He immediately (while in an exhausted state) asks how he got there and if Cynthia and Macy are alright. Jenny leaves her secure room to discover it really does seem like the Good Irving.

Ichabod attempts to put her pain at ease, suggesting this wasn’t her fault. A five-year old could predict the next line. “No, its yours” and she proceeds to conjure magic she may or may not have control of to inflict pain and even death on Ichabod and probably Abbey too. Katrina angrily and loudly recites an incantation that creates a relative tornado looking vortex before her. Abbey lunges to stop her just as it has completed. The spell worked sending Katrina back to her time. But it also brought Abbey along. To 1781. Cue the stares. Nope, it gets worse. Abbey literally gets arrested for being black. And will only speak to one person. Captain Ichabod Crane.

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