8 comments on “Forever: He’s Been A Victim Too

  1. I think you meant 1700s rather than 1800s, in Henry’s flashbacks. The clothes and the relationship to the “colonies” (i.e. Americas) all reveal this is before 1776.

    • Rocknlobster,

      Actually Henry Morgan was born in 1779, three years after the Declaration was signed. If you go through the rest of the recaps, you should be able to gauge the era. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Great review – thanks for it . Great episode also. Just sad that most German words haven’t been pronounced correctly. But these are peanuts.

    • Lady Barbara,

      Once again thanks for your words of praise here and on the IMDB site! Truly appreciate your support!

  3. Forever has been listed as “endangered” or “close to being cancelled” or some such other similar inauspiciously similar attribute on several so-called knowledgeable TV sites. It is my most sincere hope that these rumblings are inaccurate inasmuch as I believe Forever to be one of the more intelligently excellent series’ on the tube. Unfortunately, however, it most certainly would not be the first of the enlightenment oriented television shows which is underappreciated by the mindless public whose praises the Nielsons of the world sing and whose television remotes they bow down to. It is a true shame when good art and performances are unappreciated by the masses who would rather watch mindless dribble. At any rate, I hope Forever is not cancelled.
    PS: I know this may sound elitist but I can assure you that I am not of that ilk. It’s just that I like great TV which makes one have to actually think rather than mindlessly react in thoughtless laughter, not that I begrudge such indulgences from anyone. I simply feel like ratings should not always be the sole consideration of the powers that be in making decisions of “life or death” for excellent TV series’. But, alas….I apparently ask too much as the advert dollars are the nectar of these gods, as opposed to fine performances, excellent story lines, fabulous characters and the other attributes of the thinking television consumer.

    • Valentin,
      No, Abe’s parent died in Auschwitz during WWII, which is also where Abe was born. Adam was in another concentration camp, hence he feels a bond with Abe! Thanks for writing!

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