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The Blacklist: The Future’s A Sucker’s Bet

Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC
Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The porcupine’s a pretty tough meal for a predator to take down as long as the creature remains on all four feet. They’re covered in razor-sharp quills to keep them protected, likely causing many bigger animals to pass them by and look for an easier alternative for dinner. Wolves however realize that if they can knock the animal off its feet they can feast on the porcupine’s soft pink underbelly, filling their stomachs long before they get to the hide.

Raymond Reddington  emulates a wolf when going after his prey, realizing that ever person, organization and situation’s got that soft pink underbelly. No matter how big the odds appear against him, Red always manages to find that underbelly and defeat his adversary. That’s why he’ll eventually defeat the Cabal, exonerate former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen and have Harold Cooper back as head of the FBI Task Force by season’s end on “The Blacklist.”

Despite the powerful people and their endless supply of personnel, weapons and assets and that their leader’s the Director of the CIA, Raymond Reddington’s not only survived all six battles he’s fought in this still young TV season, he’s come out victorious.  The Director Peter Kotsiopolus puts up a false bravado while conversing with others but  the flop sweats starting to become noticeable for viewers. The man whose spent his entire lifetime feeling supremely confident is starting to feel that hot breath on the back of his neck, taking him out of his comfort zone. Those that call the shots for the Cabal have made their displeasure known and Matias Solomon’s not a man you want out to get you.

This week’s number on the Blacklist is number 86, with a bullet (more about that later) Sir Crispin Crandall a reclusive billionaire who lives in the air. He spends his entire existence on board an A-380 aircraft that remains constantly in the air except when it needs to refuel. By remaining constantly in the air makes it impossible for any law agency to attempt to arrest him.

Crandall made much of his fortune founding a cryogenics corporation, cryogenically freezing patients to get thawed out in an age when medical advances will have discovered cures for the deadly diseases they suffer from. Although people have gotten cryogenically preserved for decades, the end results remain theoretical as nobody’s gotten revived at this date.

His latest projects not voluntary for the participants, for about the last six months Crandall’s people have kidnapped and frozen some of the greatest scientific minds of our society. It seems that they’re building a futuristic Noah’s Ark as they are kidnapping a man and a woman from every field of science. Crandall’s latest victim’s a Dr. Richard Kucera a brilliant mathematician that seems to suffer from the same condition that Dr. Stephen Hawking lives with. Crandall tells Kucera that he’ll soon belong to a magnificent existence where his brain will get freed from his body and he’ll find it easy walking and talking. He tells Kucera he admires his intellect and that’s why Crandall chose him to be one of his special few.

On board Reddington’s jet Lizzie finishes bandaging up Dembe’s torso wound and tries to get him to drink some tea with extra antioxidants. Dembe smiles and says don’t worry Elizabeth he will keep you safe. Raymond joins the two in the main compartment and asks Keen if she’s ever heard of an Andras Halmi and she asks if he’s a French economist? Red tells her he’s a Belgian Econometrician and he’s gotten abducted, problem’s that Halmi’s the guy Raymond says they need to help exonerate Lizzie. The reason that Halmi’s so important is that he’s Peter Kotsiopolus’ most trusted adviser.

Reddington knows all about the Ark except whose behind it and where it’s located, for that he needs the assistance of Frenemy and FBI Task Force Director Donald Ressler. Once again problem’s arise as Red makes it clear that the Director can’t find out that Halmi’s involved while the CIA Director’s taken up a semi-permanent residence in the building.

Kotsiopolus walks into Ressler’s office prompting Donald to hang up the phone. The Director says he’s gotten proof that Ressler’s been in contact several times with Keen and Reddington and Ressler admits to it and that Raymond still  supplies them with numbers from the Blacklist. Peter tries to turn it around that Ressler and his team’s advancing Reddington’s agenda instead of trying to capture the pair. Donald says that every case he’s given them has led to the downfall of somebody connected with the Cabal. The Director blows off Donald’s remark and says they’ve got a full briefing on the new case in 30-minutes.

Tom’s gotten in way over his head in the Asher Sutton situation and Harold Cooper lets him know loud and clear. Keen wants to meet Karakurt’s brother-in-law Charlie Volkens, Harold  informs him that’s going to happen and Tom’s not going to like the result. Cooper asks what if Tom put Asher Sutton’s life in danger and Keen responds if it clear’s Lizzie’s name he’s fine with it. (No wonder female fans love Ryan Eggold in this role. That attitude and ladies always go for the good-looking bad-boy.)

Aram discovers that the latest person kidnapped for the Ark’s Dr. Richard Kucera and he says the only  female mathematician of his caliber’s Dr. Anna Neehoff and she lives in Arlington. Ressler and Navabi try to get to her apartment before the kidnapper’s do and Samar leaves her a message telling her to lock all her doors on her cellphone. Neehoff listens to the message just as the three-man crew arrives and she hides under her sofa, she might have gotten out if her cellphone didn’t buzz. One of the guys drags her out and they put her into a van with Donald and Samar in pursuit. They rescue Neehoff, kill two of the kidnappers and Ressler captures the third.

Dembe, Reddington and Keen have landed in Montreal and then go to a building Raymond’s having renovated. His construction foreman tells him he can’t get any work done because he’s dealing with a pain-in-the-neck building inspector. Red offers the inspector named Max a substantial bribe to turn a blind-eye and Max basically tells him to shove it.

Our favorite disbarred former-attorney Marvin Gerard’s also in the building and he tells Reddington to forget about Max, if they can’t locate Andras Halmi they can’t carry out their plan. Red tells Gerard to dig up what ever he can use to put Max in a compromising position and he’ll carry on the search for Halmi.

Ressler brings the third-kidnapper to the Task Force headquarters and the perp demands a lawyer. Peter Kotsiopolus asks if that guy’s the kidnapper and Ressler tells him he is but he demanded to get an attorney before he utters a word. The Director smiles and says he’ll talk to him.

Gerard calls Raymond and tells him that Max’s a choirboy, even his ex-wife loves him. However he does have one weakness, the young woman he’s in love with an aspiring pastry-chef named Lisa. Unfortunately Lisa’s far from being Betty Crocker in the kitchen messing up all her creations. Raymond finds her at her latest job that doesn’t look promising and mentions Max and says he has some things to discuss with her. After showing her samples of wall colors and counter-tops she asks what’s this all about and Reddington says her restaurant. Lisa says she doesn’t have one and Raymond suggests they take a drive.

Tom shows up unwanted at Asher and Gwen’s place and although they tell him to leave Keen informs them that some dangerous people are coming and the two of them have to grab their passports and cash and beat feet immediately. Unfortunately they don’t heed his advice so Tom can only save Gwen telling her to hide and remain hidden despite anything she hears.

Peter Kotsiopolus enters the interrogation room and it doesn’t take long for us to realize what makes him such an effective CIA Director and leader of the Cabal. He tells the perp his birth name’s Michael Karpos and he’s done some missions for some of the Agency’s sub-contractors. He then says Karpos has an ex-wife and a grade-school aged daughter who attends St. Bartholomew’s Academy in New Jersey. He then asks Karpos if he’s studied the Bible, the Director tells him he considered the priesthood at one point. He then quotes a Psalm Exodus 20:5.6.

“For I The Lord Thy God Am A Jealous God, Visiting The Iniquities Of The Father Upon The Children.”

He walks out of the interrogation room moments later and tells Ressler that the man they’re hunting for is Sir Crispin Crandall and the kidnap victims have gotten deposited at a complex near the Boston/Manchester Regional Airport. Seconds later Aram informs them that Crandall lives in the air in his A-380, the only times he lands is for refueling. Samar and Donald along with a SWAT Team to raid the facility.

Matias Solomon summons the Director for a meeting and asks him to tell him about Andras Halmi, he’s the person the FBI have kept hidden from him. After chiding Peter that he knows everything, usually long before he finds out the Director says that Reddington’s reaching out to the billionaire to forge a deal. He says as soon as he determines where the meeting will take place he’ll contact Solomon.

Navabi, Ressler and the FBI SWAT-Team raid Crandall’s facility and find the building they’ve raided is a legitimate company. It’s Crandall Cryogenics and all the scores of cryogenic tubes contain paid patients, who utilized the service with the hopes of eventually getting revived and cured. They suddenly realize that Crandall’s got the Ark stored with him on the A-380 and they try to determine where their next fuel-stop will be.

Tom Keen wakes up battered and bruised in an alley with a dog collar around his neck attached to an iron-chain. He’s woken as a little man shakes the chain and Keen says he wants to speak to the Russian and that Asher Sutton’s not  involved in this. The man tells him that Sutton’s now deeply involved as he and Tom will fight to the death in the main bout later that day. He leaves and Keen pulls on the chain and find’s Sutton’s on the other end and still out cold.

Raymond brings Lisa over to the building and Lisa tells Max she can’t believe he’s building her own restaurant and starts talking about all the events she wants to have. She kisses and hugs him and then runs off to explore. Reddington tells him that he just needs the property for a 24-hour-window then it’s his free-and-clear. Max asks him who he is and Raymond responds he’s the man that’s making the woman he love’s dream’s come true.

Reddington’s set-up a meeting with Sir Crispin and the Task Force gets a report that Crandall’s plane will set-down for refueling near Halifax, Canada. Ressler, Navabi and company head to Halifax, however they’re relying on false information disseminated by Peter Kotsiopolus. He calls Solomon with the correct info that the plane’s landing in Pittsburgh and Matias is to terminate Reddington and Keen and retrieve Halmi’s corpse. Solomon asks why Reddington would want Halmi’s body if he’s dead and Peter says that if Matias kills Red and Liz all the loose ends will disappear.

The main bout’s taking place in an alley as Sutton and Keen still chained together are surrounded with all the extras from the original Road Warrior movie. The little man acts as ring-announcer telling the crowd that this is a no-hold-barred grudge match. All rules are thrown out the window in fact biting, scratching and gouging are encouraged. The last man breathing wins. Keen doesn’t want to fight and all he does is block Sutton’s blows. Asher says that if Tom doesn’t fight they’ll both die. Keen looks at the little man and says he doesn’t want to fight he came to see the Russian.

The ring-announcer asks the crowd what should happen and they explode into a cacophony of jeers and hissing. The little man gives Sutton a switch-blade and Keen says to Asher he doesn’t want to go this route. Sutton tries slashing Keen a few time, then Tom forces the preppie to the ground and says he’s sorry before he slits his throat.

Aram calls Ressler and Navabi and tells them the plane’s touching down in Pittsburgh and Donald quickly realizes that the Director purposely misled them. He says that Kotsiopolus has his own team to meet the plane and they’re going to kill Lizzie and Reddington. Samar heads to the cockpit to inform the pilot to change course.

Raymond and Elizabeth step on-board Crandall’s aircraft and Sir Crispin asks Reddington why his payment hasn’t been accepted for him to re-fuel. Red responds he’s changed his fee for this transaction, he wants Andras Halmi, Crandall says he’s not getting Halmi and Raymond says he will get the parts of him he requires.

He asks the billionaire if he’s a betting man and Crandall responds he detests casinos. Raymond laughs and tells him he agrees with his statement, but asks Sir Crispin if betting on situations interest him? He says that because of Crandall’s egomaniacal flawed vision that humanity’s chances of survival are far less than before he began as he’s robbed of us some of the planet’s greatest minds.

Crandall says the planet’s doomed and that society’s coming to an end shortly. He says that he and the others on his voyage will awaken to a wondrous planet of the future without any of modern humanity’s ills. Crandall says that death occurs in stages, that as long as the information of a person’s life’s retained that person remains alive.

Raymond says that the toxic-air will keep any of them from ever being revived. He tells Sir Crispin that the future’s a sucker’s bet. The only thing that has any certainty’s the here and now and that Crandall’s dramatically lowered humanities chances of surviving because of his plan. Red says cryogenics will be an abject failure.

Crandall says I’m willing to bet that’s not the case. Raymond smiles and says so you are a betting man Mr. Crandall, here’s your bet then he pulls out his pistol and fires a bullet into the old man’s heart. Crandall’s aide and a nurse run in as the aide says I heard a…. The nurse asks if he’s dead and Raymond replies oh pish-posh death comes in stages then he and Keen break into the cryogenics chamber then close the door behind them. Lizzie finds the tube containing Halmi’s corpse and Red opens it up and snaps off one of Halmi’s fingers and wraps it in a handkerchief.

They exit the plane after engaging in a shootout with Solomon’s men taking all of them out except for Matias. Solomon’s cellphone rings and the Director asks if he’s got Halmi and Solomon says well most of him he’s missing his thumbs. Kotsiopolus nearly passes out when he hears that.

The Director calls a bank in Montreal and he tells the manager he’s from the Justice Department and a Canadian judge’s ruled that the contents of a safety-deposit box at the bank belonging to Andras Halmi’s now property of the United States and to make certain that no third-party gets access to it.

That’s the reason Reddington needed use of the building in Montreal for 24-hours as its next door to the bank and Red’s lowered into the safety-deposit vault by a rope tied around his waist. He picks the lock, uses Halmi’s thumbs to open the container within and a huge grin breaks out on his face. The Director arrives to find the box empty except for Halmi’s thumbs.

Back on his jet Red calls the Director to gloat and Peter congratulates him for besting him. Raymond says the time’s come for him to exonerate Elizabeth Keen and the  Director tells him he’s not getting that. Reddington contradicts Kotsiopolus, saying the only question that remains is whether the Director will live to see that day.

Raymond says that he just took  away  Peter’s escape fund that he kept for when the Cabal turns on him. Red says without his golden-parachute he’s out-of-luck when his time runs out. He then says he’s going to make everything fall down on top of the Director. His own people will beg Raymond to kill Peter to stop the bleeding.

Ressler thinks that he can convince Laurel Hitchin that the Director’s got his own agenda with the footage they got of Solomon and company on Crandall’s plane. Whether things are just that simple remain to be determined.

Tom’s taken to meet Charlie Volkens and he says it takes a hard man to kill his buddy with a blade, then says he hears that Keen wanted to see him. Tom points to Karakurt and says he’s the one he wants and Karakurt asks him who he is. Keen replies he’s the guy that’s going to drag his tail back to DC for him to testify to what he did and clear his wife’s name.

He then tells the four men in front of him he’s about to kill three of them leaving just him and Karakurt, then does exactly what he said he’d do. Karakurt pleads for Tom not to kill him, Keen smiles and says not yet then knocks him cold and starts dragging Karakurt’s limp body in the dirt.

The Story Continues Next Thursday  Night at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Forever: He’s Been A Victim Too

Photo Courtesy Of ABC
Photo Courtesy Of ABC

Warning: Spoiler Alert

There are very few absolutes in life and the longer we live, the more we accept that nothing’s ever truly back and white, every situation and every human being has their shades of gray, we very rarely in our history, experienced pure evil, or pure goodness. Perhaps that more than anything else was the message expressed, as the ABC freshman series “Forever,” returned to the airwaves after a three-week hiatus. This episode concerned itself more with filling in the blanks of the back-story, putting the murders of the week on a back-burner, concentrating instead on revealing information about the characters, that fans have patiently waited to get revealed.

Some viewers likely felt unfulfilled that NYPD Medical Examiner Henry Morgan, walked out of the morgue near the episode’s conclusion, without giving Detectives Jo Martinez and Mike Hanson anything to go on, concerning an unsolved crime. I’m pretty certain that thread won’t, dangle for long, as Martinez and or Hanson will call Henry on it in the next few episodes. My intuition tells me, that this will start a cycle of events, that Henry can’t answer through the season’s storyline. The reason behind that ongoing complexity’s Morgan’s fellow immortal, the man we know as “Adam.”

I’ve decided to refer to the character that actor Burn Gorman portrays as Adam, rather than Dr. Louis Garber, as the man in this episode only looked the same as the Bellevue Hospital Psychiatrist. Even the English accent had disappeared, as all hints of the genial Garber, the concerned and empathetic doctor, that we met earlier this season vanished.

This episode focused on the Nazi’s march through much of Europe and their stealing of billions of dollars worth of ancient art, from their rightful owners. It’s the seventieth anniversary of the fall of the Third Reich and the Nazi death camps liberation, one of which Auschwitz, Abraham escaped from as an infant rescued by Henry and Abigail. It turns out that, there’s another connection with the concentration camps and revelations for Henry and Abe.

Abraham’s getting examined by a medical tech, for his insurance company renewing his policy, when Henry walks in. The woman says they need a family medical history, starting with his parents and Abe says that his parents died in Poland before he ever knew them. She looks at the tattoo on his arm and apologizes, then says she’s got all she needs and leaves.

Abe appears melancholy and Henry says they can check out the Holocaust Museum, but Abe doesn’t know his birth parents names. Without that he’s stuck in neutral, the phone rings and it’s Jo Martinez, summoning Henry to the scene of a homicide. Morgan enters the apartment and gasps, Martinez says she realizes it’s not pretty, but Henry says it’s gorgeous and heads right for a statue that he identifies as an incredible replica of the Venus of Andolini, the real one stolen from the Louvre.

Jo asks him to look at the body of the victim, instead of the statue and Morgan deduces that the victim an art dealer named Karl Haas, died from a blow to the back of the head with an object so heavy it left an imprint on Haas’ skull, a black-light shows that it’s a Swastika. Henry says that as the Third Reich grew they started marking all their property, he picks up the statue and he see’s the base’s covered with blood and engraved with a Swastika on the bottom, it’s the murder weapon and the actual Andolini.

Hanson and Martinez check on Haas’ background and they find out his father was a Nazi comandante, named Otto Heidrich and was the head of a task-force of SS troops who stole art treasures for Hitler during World War II. He changed his name came to the States with 100 works of art, died in 1980 and willed it all to Karl. Mike says that they’re both grave-robbers and got what they deserved. We find out eight pictures got stolen, seven, ripped from their frames, but one intact, that hung on a wall across the room.

Jo and Henry interview Karl’s son Erik and he says he and his father weren’t close and that his father always closed himself in his study or doing business when he was a boy. Martinez asks if she knew how his father acquired his art and the son responds, his grandfather had a small art shop in Germany and fled the Nazis. Henry and Jo quickly inform him, No, his grandfather was a Nazi and gives him the file. Erik says he won’t believe it, his father and grandfather were good men.

Our first flashback of the evening sends us to the Diogenes Club in London, in the year 1812, so it’s our initial time seeing Henry in his first life, other than briefly on the before he got shot. He’s greeted as he enters by an old friend John Chamberlain, who remarks he hasn’t seen Morgan in a while, Henry says his father was ill, but he’s recovered.

Chamberlain introduces Henry to Nathaniel Hawkes, visiting from the West Indies and Hawkes asks if Morgan’s connected to Morgan Shipping. Henry smiles and says it’s his father’s company and Hawkes proceeds to rip Morgan’s family apart for their lack of morals and says Henry’s father’s a slave-trader. Morgan tells Hawkes that he’s not involved in the family business, but his father’s an honorable man. He’d never engage in slave-trading and these men will back me up, but they all remain silent.

Henry goes through Haas’ possessions and says his shoes show signs of being recently at Brighton Beach. He then finds a pocket-watch, a precision time-piece and of course one of the few jewelers who could work on this watch has a shop on Brighton Beach.

Jo and Henry talk to the jeweler, an elderly man who says he doesn’t recognize the picture of Haas. Morgan charms his way in, saying you deal with plenty of faces, but few time-pieces like this and the man says, Karl’s dead. He gave Haas the watch as a present, for giving back an original Monet, that Heidrich stole from his family. Haas committed his life to reuniting families with the art his father stole. The shop owner then says in German, ” A good man apologizes for the mistakes of the past, a great man corrects them.” He says Karl Haas was a great man.

Back at Abe’s shop, Henry’s telling Abe about the case, when Jo calls and says the blood from the broken window in Haas’ apartment, didn’t show up in the criminal data base, but showed up in the Artistic Registry Network. The problem’s the match comes up with an artist named Max Brenner, dead for 20-years, but Henry says look for his son. Hanson and Martinez track down, Sam Brenner, who’s cutting up what looks like a deer while the blood splatters all over his canvasses and he calls it art.

Jo picks up a painting unlike all the others and Brenner claims he painted it, but Martinez shows him the Nazi marking and the two detectives take him downtown. Brenner admits to stealing the painting, but says Haas was on the phone arguing with another man in German while he stole it. The only word he understood was Rembrandt. Henry tells Jo that he believes Brenner, then he shows Martinez masterpiece, believed gone for good. Brenner created it in 1939 and entitled it Angel Of Death, right then Adam walks into Abe’s shop.

Adam’s looking to sell a sterling-silver tray, said to date back to 18th century England, Abe says he knows an expert of the period and if he leaves it with him he can give him a price. Adam says he’s only going to be in New York for a couple of days for business, but gives him a card and tells Abe to have his friend call him. As he’s giving Abe the card he notices the tattoo and says you were in Auschwitz. Abe tells him he’s correct, how did he know which camp? Adam tells him that certain camps had a symbol with the number, Auschwitz used a triangle and given that it’s under the number he was there in 1945. Abe’s taken aback and tells Adam he’s quite knowledgeable, he responds he’s somewhat of an expert.

Martinez and Morgan head to a Swiss Bank branch and speak with a man who’s a bank official named Julian Glausser, who was the man arguing with Haas on the phone, when Brenner stole his father’s painting. He says they discussed an auction, that Brenner wanted sooner. Henry’s confused and says he thought that Haas tried reuniting the paintings with their owners and Glausser says it’s complicated and takes them to a vault.

The vault’s filled with billions of dollars worth of art, stolen by the Nazis and deposited in the Swiss bank as they remained neutral during the war. They’ve attempted to reunite as many people as possible with their family’s art, but many times, there aren’t surviving relatives.

Which leads to our second flashback of the evening, this time Henry confronting his father and his father saying it’s complicated. Henry starts to walk out, when his father tells him business turned bad three-years before and the entire family estate was on the verge of bankruptcy, so he made some bad decisions. Henry says to his father that he’s always decried slavery, and his father cries he still abhors it. Morgan looks his father in the eyes, tells him he thought he was a good man and walks out.

Back in the present, Henry examines a piece of fabric and tells Detective Martinez that depending on how the canvas is treated can help identify the artist. Because of the way the canvass got treated, Morgan identifies it as a Rembrandt and says Glausser scratched his hands due to poison-oak. They head to the bank all the art and Glausser are gone.

Mike and Jo are trying to cover all their bases, to stop Glausser from getting all the treasures out of the country. Martinez says the Germans used ships and isn’t Hanson’s brother Anthony, foreman at the docks. Hanson calls his brother cursing out Martinez under his breath.

Henry heads back to the antique shop and asks Abe about the tray and he says a guy brought it in looking to sell and he told him he knew an authority. Morgan says you’ve got to see the family crest first, then his jaw drops when he realizes it’s the Morgan family crest. He asks Abe who the man was and what he looked like and Abe said an average guy, but he wore a tweed cabdriver cap, confirming Henry’s fears that Adam had been there. Abe then gives Henry the business card.

Henry meets Adam in a cemetery and he apologizes for his introduction, he really treated Henry badly and wanted to make amends. He said that tray wasn’t easy to find and he said he wanted to meet Abe, Henry says if you hurt Abe in any way, then stops as Adam smiles, realizing threats were meaningless. He then tells Morgan just as Adam and Henry have something in common, he has something in common with Abe as well, he found out Abe was in Auschwitz.

Morgan says he could have guessed Adam was a Nazi, but Adam tells him it was just the opposite. He was the prize project of Hitler’s head butcher, Dr. Josef Mengele, who experimented and tortured him endlessly, finding no key to immortality. He said he could never harm Abe and Henry apologizes for his suffering at Nazi hands. Adam says that since Henry’s on the case he’s looking for a knife they stole from him, from 44 BC. If Henry finds him let him know, he might have something in return. Morgan spits out there’s nothing he’d want from Adam, who responds, you’d be surprised.

Down at the dock Mike’s brother Anthony says he’ll help out the detectives if they make his parking tickets disappear and Hanson apologizes for sleeping with his prom date. Both granted, Hanson’s brother asks where they’d like to start and Jo says, how about the one that’s bleeding on me, on a crane above them. The crane lowered, the packing container’s opened, containing all the treasures and Glausser’s corpse, sliced from head to toe.

Henry believes that the two men were killed by two different people. He says that the murder of Haas was quick, one blow a crime of passion, while whoever killed Glausser, wanted him to suffer and he died a slow and painful death. He then notices that Haas’ eyelids are shut and he once more flashes back to the early 1800’s.

A couple of years passed and Henry’s father on his deathbed, calls for his son and Morgan arrives. His father’s thankful his son had yet to sail for America. Henry says that he sails in three-weeks and he’ll send for Nora, his first wife, when he’s settled. Morgan’s father says he has something to give him and Henry says he can’t accept, but his father gives him the Morgan family watch that had been handed down for generations. He then says that he’s made his share of mistakes, but attempted to learn by them. However, he did one thing right he raised a good man. Henry starts to respond, when he realizes his father’s passed and he closes his father’s eyes.

Morgan dusts the corpse for fingerprints on the eyelids and finds Erik’s prints. Erik admits to killing his father in anger as he gave a stranger a Monet, while Erik couldn’t pay his rent. However he says he didn’t kill Glausser, Glausser was selling the paintings for him.

A skin fragment got embedded in Glausser’s ring and Lucas runs a test and Henry asks if there are any matches, Lucas says not unless the perp had Bubonic Plague. He then says the skin sample tested positive for diseases, that hadn’t existed in centuries, as if the murderer was, Henry interrupts him and says two thousand years old.

Jo and Mike talk about Haas killing his father and Martinez asks about DNA results and Henry says they were inconclusive. Hanson asks about theories and Henry says he’s stumped and leaves the morgue, heading home.

Adam sells Abe the platter and when Abe goes to get a receipt, Adam leaves a brown paper wrapped package on the counter and leaves. Abe opens it and soon realizes it’s the roster records for Auschwitz. When Henry arrives, Abe says he’s reading about Herman and Reba Weinraub, Morgan asks who they are and Abe says his parents. He shows Henry the log and Henry asks where he got it and Abe told him the man who sold him the tray, he’s an Angel.

Henry informs him, that it’s Adam, but he’d tried making amends, he felt a bond with Abe due to the concentration camps. Henry says, that it’s hard to believe Adam could do something so kind, and Abe says but we learned something, he’s been a victim too.

They head to the Holocaust Museum and Abe asks if there’s information or possessions from his parents and the woman asks him his name and he says Abraham Weinraub. A box is in front of the pair and Abe says he didn’t think he’d be that nervous, he opens the box and it’s his parent’s wedding picture. Abe’s mesmerized and then says, well now we know where I got my good looks from.

The Story Continues, Next Tuesday Night at 10:00 pm on ABC.