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Supernatural: Two Damaged Heroes And A Fallen Angel

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW
Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

 There’s never been  a long running dramatic series on network Television that’s been anywhere near as effective presenting “Meta-Episodes” than the CW show “Supernatural,” a technique the series has successfully employed for years. Although the hyperlink’s provided above, Dictionary.com provides meanings for the word as an adjective and a noun. Among definitions for Meta as a noun the site states, “a consciously and playfully self-referential story, conversation, etc.” When used as an adjective, “pertaining to or noting an abstract, high-level analysis or commentary, especially one that consciously references something of its own type.”

Throughout the years Sam and Dean Winchester have found themselves as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, in a world in which the Titanic didn’t sink to prevent Celine Dionne from becoming famous. Dean once met his future self in a post-apocalyptic world, that also introduced us to a mortal Castiel who now indulged in drugs and orgies and Sam’s the meat-suit for Lucifer. Chuck Shirley made a good amount of money writing a series of pulp paperbacks about “THE BOYS” adventures entitled “Supernatural.” Chuck knew about their exploits because he was God’s Messenger, a position that’s since been abolished.

Because of the loyalty and passion of the fans the story’s able to feed off itself and that aspect’s provided some of the most entertaining episodes in the series’ history. The episode that brought the show back from its holiday hiatus entitled “The Devil In The Details,” proved among the best uses of the vehicle as Lucifer played a kind of evil Clarence out of “It’s A Wonderful Life” for Sam. Taking the younger Winchester brother on a tour of his life pointing out moments Sammy could take pride in and the moment when Satan claims that things fell apart for Sam.

An enjoyably cute then macabre opening scene took place with Crowley wearing a onesie set of pajamas with the feet as he ogles the Christmas tree and the presents around it. Rowena comes down the stairs with antlers on her head and a flashing red nose and wearing a look of kill me now. Crowley’s acting like a toddler and he gets incredibly excited when he opens a present and finds he received a collectable figurine of Sam.

There’s someone pounding so hard on the front door it shakes. After a few more pounds the door falls onto the floor and Lucifer dressed as Santa Claus with a big sack of presents walks in chortling ho, ho, ho. Crowley’s all excited and asks Santa what he brought him? Lucifer pulls out a large plastic candy-cane and then skewers Crowley with it the pointed edge protruding from his back. Crowley cries he’s been a good boy and falls dead to the ground.

Lucifer then looks at Rowena and asks her if these are her dreams and she replies she’s in a reoccurring nightmare she’s had every night for weeks. However she says to Santa that he’s different and Lucifer pulls down his beard and she recognizes him. They struck a deal that night to betray Crowley and the Winchester’s leading to Sam getting trapped with Lucifer in his cage.

Now back to the present as Crowley snarls at Rowena that she betrayed him in his own domain and says he should kill her. She taunts him and he starts choking the life out of her, but she stops him by saying Lucifer will avenge her death. The Evil Angel promised Rowena that when he defeated the “Darkness” and ascends to his throne in Heaven she’ll be by his side. She tells her son that Lucifer defeated Amara once and shall do it again, Crowley responds that either scenario they’ll all still die human and demon alike.

Down in Hell Lucifer’s attempting the soft-sell approach to get Sam to agree to become his vessel top-side. He says they can defeat the “Darkness” and save the world. Sammy tells him to do his worst and torture him as long as he wants but he won’t give his consent. Lucifer smiles and says he’s not going to hurt Sam he’s going to show him some stuff and puts his hand on Winchester’s forehead. Suddenly they’re standing in a park and Lucifer asks him if he remembers this place? We see a teenage couple and Sam realizes the boy’s him at about 16 and he’s talking to this really cute girl about the Aztecs.

Dean’s driving down the highway and tries calling Sam but gets his voicemail and just says call me and hangs up. He then dials Crowley’s phone and gets the voicemail but suddenly Dean sees the air distorting as waves of energy are pulsating towards him. Winchester pulls the Impala over and gets out and barfs up. Castiel arrives what looks like seconds later but apparently was a while after Dean pulled over.

He tells Dean that he’s infected with Smiting Sickness and he’s got to drive away from Ground Zero where the Angels got together and combined their powers to destroy Amara. Castiel says he’ll go there alone as he’s immune to the poison, Dean reluctantly agrees to head the other direction and try to find Sam. He tells Castiel if Amara’s dead then bring her body back, if she’s alive he best run.

Back in Sam’s memory Winchester says the trip down memory lane’s not impressing him when Lucifer says hold on this is the best part. While young Sam’s still talking about the Aztecs the young lady tells him she didn’t ask him to take her to the park to study. She says she thinks he’s smart and funny and cute and if he’d like to make out… she doesn’t get to finish her sentence as young Sam’s lips meet hers. Lucifer’s jazzed saying that Sam proved he was bold and decisive and got the girl.

Dean arrives back at the Men Of Letters building and his phone rings, Crowley’s on the other end and Winchester curses the King Of Hell to begin the conversation. Crowley tells Dean that Sam’s in Hell with Lucifer and gives him a place to meet him.

We see a sign that reads “Stull Cemetery” and Lucifer cackles as he says this is where it went down the Championship Fight. Sam quickly recognizes they’re back at the spot where Sam averted the apocalypse, Lucifer then asks Sammy if he’s ever told him how much he respects him? Winchester looks shocked and the Devil says he doesn’t like him he thinks he’s prissy but he respects his bravery. That’s what it took to defeat Lucifer at the moment they’re watching. Then he says he still doesn’t understand what this meant and we see Dean and Castiel arrive and Cas shouts to Michael “Hey Ass-Butt” before he blows the Arch-Angel up.

Dean arrives at the house Crowley sent him to and we see a familiar face open the panel on the front-door and she asks Dean the password. Dean rolls his eyes and says that Crowley sent for him and the woman once again asks for the password. Dean then speak-sings the first stanza of “Camp Town Races” and the woman smirks and says nice job Bieber. Winchester makes some derogatory comment about demons and she tells him she’s not a demon.

The woman’s identity pops into Dean’s head and he realizes she’s the Reaper named Billie that Sam met at the beginning of the season. She’s angry that they killed Death and Dean says you want us dead but she corrects him. She tells him she doesn’t want them dead but she’ll guarantee when they exit it’s for the last time. She then tells Dean she’s working with Crowley that it never hurts to have the King Of Hell owing you a favor. She then gives Dean a metal case and tells him to bring it to Crowley then opens the door that will lead Dean to Hell.

Castiel’s arrived at Ground Zero and he finds a smoking crater but sees no sign of life. Then he hears some rustling, there’s another Angel that’s arrived from Heaven’s Front Office to assess the situation. She knows who Castiel is and asks rather than killing her can they work together? Cas asks if they say that he kills other Angels and the woman named Amriel informs that’s one of the nicer things they say about him.

She then tells Castiel that it’s good that the two of them ended up at Ground Zero as they’re both expendable. She describes herself as an insignificant drone and that while Castiel’s done a lot everybody knows the Winchesters are the real heroes. That statement stops Cas in his tracks and she asks him if he’s coming he tells her he’ll catch up with her.

Crowley and Rowena sit down for tea and the lackey asks how they take it and they both at once state with honey and a touch of milk. Rowena smiles at Crowley and says like mother like son and the King Of Hell excuses himself to go and vomit. She pats him on the side and hopes he feels better.

Amriel finds Amara unconscious on the ground and makes the mistake of touching her and she awakens. We hear Amriel scream and Castiel calls her name and starts running towards her screams. He arrives too late as Amara consumed the Angel’s grace, spark and memories so she know who Castiel is when she sees him.

We return to Sam’s memory of averting the apocalypse and we watch him from the episode in Season Five tell Dean that he’s strong enough to defeat Lucifer and Michael then grabs him as he jumps into the Devil’s Trap and they get locked back in Lucifer’s cage in Hell. The Devil boasts about how heroic Sam used to be however he says that he’s not like that any longer, he’s now soft.

Castiel pulls out his Angel-Blade and Amara chuckles at the gesture, then says to him the Angels just hit her with their entire armory and barely scratched her paint-job. He thinks he’s going to take her out with his shiny knife? She then derisively says she wonders what her brother saw in an insignificant being like him that made him believe Cas was special? He says he’s not afraid to die and she practically shrieks back at him he’s terrified that he reeks of fear and self loathing. She then says he’s not worth the effort to kill him and says she’s got a job for him. She then puts her palm on his chest and he screams in pain and disappears in a ball of light.

Lucifer and Sam make their third stop and the Devil says this was the worst decision Sam ever made. We realize we’re back in Texas when we see Sam sitting and talking with Amelia Richardson the veterinarian that he lived with and loved while Dean got trapped in Purgatory. Lucifer said that instead of living with Amelia he should have done everything to get Dean back.

Then Lucifer starts lecturing Sam how he and Dean used to be consumed with saving the world but now all they want to save is each other. He says they’d let all of humanity perish to ensure that they both survive, that’s why Sam unleashed the “Darkness” on the planet. His only concerns were keeping Dean safe.

Dean meets Crowley in one of Hell’s corridors and the King Of Hell opens the case and shows Winchester the contents. He says that the contraption’s a witch-catcher that nearly all of them got destroyed after the Inquisition however Billie came through for him. He says that Rowena will be helpless to disobey anything he says once they put it on her.

Billie’s sitting in the same room she talked to Dean in reading a graphic novel when we hear a scream and a flash of light and Castiel lands in a heap on the floor holding his chest. She looks up at him nonchalantly and says hey then returns to reading. Cas looks like he’s about to lose it.

Crowley returns to Rowena drinking tea and she asks how Dean’s doing and he says pardon? She says when he goes on a secret mission he should check his pockets. He feels his jacket pockets and finds she slipped a Hex-Bag in there when she patted him before he left. She heard their whole conversation. Dean walks in with the witch-catcher and says that really doesn’t matter, Crowley smiles and tells her he spiked her tea.

She laughs it off but then starts coughing and choking and Dean slams the wooden and metal collar around her neck and she shrilly screams to get the bloody thing off her. Crowley smiles and says he’d love to except that bloody thing makes her his slave and then tells her to hop on one foot. Rowena starts chastising her son for his foolish talk until she starts hopping up and down on one foot and can’t stop.

Lucifer’s restored reality and Sam and he are back in the cage and the Devil’s really trying to get Sam to agree to team up with him and save the world that they together can save the world. He says that Sam’s not strong enough to do it without him. Sam sneers at him and asks him why he’s so sure that he’s up to defeating the “Darkness” and Lucifer spits back cashing checks and snapping necks that’s what I do.

Crowley Rowena and Dean are gathered for Rowena to prepare the spell to put Lucifer back in his cage, she tells them it will take about five minutes to prepare and as long as Sam hasn’t granted him permission he’ll get set back to his prison. Castiel shows up and Dean asks if he’s okay and Cas says Amara’s alive and she’s angry. He then says look what she did to me and he opens his trench-coat to reveal his torso all ripped up. Amara carved the words you are done it’s over into the Angel’s chest and stomach.

Lucifer says that he’s the only one who can stop the “Darkness” Gabriel and Rafael are dead and God went out for a pack of smokes and never came home. He says that prison hasn’t agreed with Michael, that these days he sits in a corner singing show tunes and touching himself. He tells Sam that he’s the only option available.

Sam smiles and looks the Devil in the eyes and says that he’s really good but his answer’s still no. First of all it took Lucifer and three of his brothers and God to defeat the “Darkness” the first time. Then he says that bottom line whether it’s the “Darkness” or Lucifer humanity’s doomed. Sam asks Lucifer what happens if he wins and the Devil says maybe he’ll move to Los Angeles and solve crimes, a reference to a new show on another network. Sam derisively laughs and says if Lucifer wins he’ll start the apocalypse all over again.

The Devil smiles slowly and says then onto Plan B and he starts hitting Winchester. Dean and Castiel hear Sam screaming and they run to help even tough Rowena has yet to cast the spell. Crowley tells them to wait however they just take off. Lucifer sees them and smiles and Castiel once again yells Hey Ass-Butt! The Devil says Dean and uh the other one and they are now inside the cage with he and Sam.

He tries playing diplomat but that fails and the three of them start attacking him and as he throws one off another one takes over. Dean makes sure Sammy’s okay and he says to Dean they can’t win, the older brother says all they have to do is hold on for a while.

Rowena’s started to invoke the spell so the clock’s started. However Lucifer decides at that point that it’s been far too long since he killed and sets his sights on Castiel. Suddenly we hear the old disco hit “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” blasting away as the Evil Angel starts ripping Castiel apart. He grabs the Angel by the throat and shouts any last words? Just then Rowena finishes the spell and fire starts blazing and Lucifer disappears. Castiel looks badly shaken up but he’s okay.

The trio starts heading back to the room they left when they’re met by the King Of Hell and his mother the witch. She smiles and says you’re welcome and gets met by silence. She asks none of you and Dean says to bite him and Crowley says he can make her do that! He then says that teaming up resulted in a train-wreck so they’re through working together. Dean asks Crowley what about Rowena and he replies she stays but the rest of them are to get the Hell out of Hell.

Castiel and Dean talk before Winchester gets into the Impala and Dean asks the Angel if he’s okay? Cas says no but he will be soon. Dean asks him if they can give him a lift and the Angel smiles and declines but thanks him he says he’ll catch up with them. Sam and Dean head back to Men Of Letters building.

Crowley’s making the most of having Rowena as his personal slave, she’s massaging his shoulders and rubbing his temples. Knowing she has to tell the truth he asks her why she hates him and we finally see a little of the real Rowena. She says she hates him because every time she sees him it reminds her of the weak poor girl she used to be before she became a witch and joined the coven.

She says she hates him because every time she looks at him she remembers his father telling her he loved her before he returned to his grand wife and his grand family while she lie there with blood on her thighs. She then says she hates him because if she didn’t she’d love him and love’s a weakness.

Surprisingly Cas walks in but something’s amiss. He’s clean-shaven he looks like he’s back to being as healthy as he was when we first met him, he even kind of looks kind of buff! Crowley says Castiel and he smiles and says guess again, then flings Crowley against the wall. Lucifer’s taken over Castiel’s meat-suit and we flash-back to see what took place. When Lucifer asks him if he’s got any last words, Cas asks if he can really defeat her and the Devil says he can. Castiel then says then the answer’s yes and gives Lucifer permission to take over his vessel.

Rowena’s all excited that Lucifer survived and at first it looks great for her as he removes the witch-catcher and leans in to kiss her. However he says he needs to ask her a question and asks if anyone else can open his cage and she smiles and says she’s the only one. Lucifer/Castiel then smiles and snaps her neck and as she drops to the floor he says to Crowley let’s chat.

I can’t wait to see Misha Collins play this new role. In the seconds that we saw him as Lucifer he certainly looked intriguing. Once again Supernatural has taken the series back to a level this season that we hadn’t seen from this show in the last few seasons. Glad to have it back roaring on all eight-cylinders.

Supernatural: Settling An Old Score

Photo Courtesy Of The CW
Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

After looking a little long-in-the-tooth over the past couple of campaigns the CW series “Supernatural,” came out of the gates strongly to kick-off it’s eleventh-season and they’ve held the pedal to the metal pretty consistently over the first six episodes. Sam and Dean Winchester are battling a force locked away since the beginning of time with very little information known about their opponent since the season started. However that scenario changed in the latest episode, as Amara’s identity finally got revealed. Jeremy Carver and his team running the veteran series chose a path that likely has the show’s fans buzzing happily, with a move that this viewer never saw coming.

We’re still in Fall River, Massachusetts as the episode opens watching a conversation between two high-school aged girls as one of them complains about her disapproving mother. The conversation ends as the other girl’s cellphone alarm  sounds and she says she has to go home as she’s got a curfew. When the remaining girl turns around she’s startled to see Amara standing right behind her.

The teen asks her where her parents are and Amara replies she doesn’t have any. The teen responds she’s sorry and then asks the girl does she need or want anything and Amara clasps her hands to the other girls cheeks smiles and says I want to be just like you. Then she sucks out the teen’s soul.

Amara returns to where she’s staying with Crowley and she’s morphed once again,  this time into a teenage girl looking to be about 16-years-old. (Samantha Isler takes over the role from Yasmeene Ball.) Crowley’s there when she returns and plays the disappointed parental-surrogate, even pulling out the old chestnut this will hurt me more than you when he tells her she’s grounded. She laughs and asks him what makes him think she’ll listen and he propels her against a wall and then down on her bed. He says you’re strong but I’m stronger and she glares at him and says for now.

The Winchester’s are also still in Fall River and Sam gets a call from Detective Madsen with some disturbing news, Len the guy who had his soul stolen by Amara and confessed to all the murders to keep himself locked-up got murdered. When they arrive at the station Madsen says he thought it might have been a relative of one of the victims but  their alibis all checked out. Just then the teenager that Amara sucked the soul out of  earlier, gets brought in by two officers. Madsen says that’s the latest crazy, fine until this morning then the girl named Goldie tried to smash her mother’s head open with a frying pan.

Dean calls up Castiel whose holed up in the Men Of Letter’s Building binging on  junk-TV. Winchester tells  the Angel that his R&R breaks ended and they need him back in the game. Cas gets dressed and he’s about to leave the building when he gets flashbacks of being under Rowena’s spell and he get’s overcome by the memories and goes back to his room.

Cas lies back down on his bed still fully clothed and watches a news-report of a bar-fight that turned ugly, the anchor warns that the segment’s graphic. As Castiel watches the report he sees the videographer’s reflection in a car’s side mirror, it’s Metatron and Cas gets out of bed and goes to track his nemesis down.

Goldie’s in her cell when some guy walks over with a set of keys to the cell  and opens the door and tells her she’s free to go. She says to the guy that he’s not the deputy and the guy pulls out a blade and says yeah we’ve had a problem. The boss’ daughter’s gotten sloppy and I’ve got to clean up the mess. The demon steps inside the cell and he’s paralyzed as Sam and Dean painted a devil’s trap on the ceiling.

They bring him to their hotel room for interrogation and Dean asks the demon about Amara and the demon sneers and says she’s growing quickly. She ate about half his friends and when Crowley put her on a diet she  snuck out and started feasting on humans. Dean asks where Amara and Crowley are hiding and the demon says they’ll kill him anyway so he’s not giving up info. Dean says it looks like a stalemate and pulls out his blade but Sam says hold up.

Sam then suggests they exorcise the demon to save the meat-suit, something Sam hasn’t done since the early  years of the series when Sam worked with Ruby. It turns out that the body’s got cartridge shell in his abdomen that would kill the human so they end up knifing him, but that was an unexpected turn of events.

Crowley enters Amara’s room and tells her he doesn’t want her to think he’s a monster so he brought her a treat and two demons bring in a repairman in cuffs for her to devour his soul. She gives Crowley a petulant pout and says she’s not hungry and the demons take him away. He’s about to leave the room when he walks over to her and says listen I don’t know what I’m doing or how to  connect with you. He says she’s growing so quickly and getting so powerful, but he still believes he can offer her something. He says he’s got knowledge and experience, he worked his way up through the ranks of Hell and now he’s the King. He asks her to slow down and do things his way and he’ll protect her and Amara agrees.

Curtis Armstrong the actor that portrays Metatron gives a brilliant performance in the reoccurring role. Metatron’s one of the most despicable characters in the long history of TV, lacking even the slightest shred of any redeeming value, yet Armstrong still gives the character just enough humanity for us to enjoy his appearances.

With his grace taken by Castiel last season, he’s now a mortal and has taken back the name Marv that he used a few seasons ago when he tried to make humans believe he was a poor schlep that was actually God. Now Marv’s a freelance videographer specializing in murders and other seamy events. He comes upon what appears to be a dead businessman stabbed to death in an alley and he chortles this footage will get him 500 bucks.

He then sees the man’s wallet and grabs it and starts looking for cash when the man comes to and begs him for help. Metatron says there was a time he could have saved him by snapping his fingers, but he’s no longer that man. A raspy voice from behind Metatron says I am and we see Castiel standing behind him and glaring at him. Castiel heals the man and the two of them bolt from the alley when they hear sirens approaching.

Sam checks the demon’s cell phone usage and he tells his brother that Crowley had the demon tailing Amara  and that they must be staying somewhere  in the area. After a bit of digging on the internet Sam determines they’re hiding out on the grounds of the Needham Asylum that got decommissioned in 1963. Dean starts packing up all his weapons and Sam asks him if they’re really going to attempt to kill Amara right now, without any knowledge or any plan. Dean says we’ve got to stop her before she gets too powerful and they head to the Asylum.

Castiel says he needs Metatron’s help and he laughs and says he’s mortal now and loving life. He pulled himself up from his bootstraps and now he’s got his own company. Castiel asks him what he knows about the “Darkness” and Metatron chuckles and says sometimes late at night God would talk about the “Darkness.” However he says he’s got no intention of sharing any info with Castiel and the Angel replies that Metatron’s mortal and Cas could pummel him with little effort.

Metatron lets out a derisive laugh and says to Castiel he couldn’t even hit him now. He says you’re broken you went through some trauma that broke you and you’re not the same. He says it must be tough realizing he’s just a tool and that he’s been used and abused by everybody. The Angels, humans, his enemies and his friends and Castiel starts wailing on Metatron delivering punch after punch to his face.

The Winchester’s easily break into the Asylum and then Dean tricks Crowley’s lackey who’s guarding Amara’s door with a recording of Crowley calling the lackey’s name and they bind and gag him and leave him in the hallway. They hear two more demons talking and Sam tells his brother to find Amara and he’ll handle the demons.

Dean walks into the room and Amara’s face brightens with a huge smile and says I knew you’d come. Dean’s holding a blade and says I’m sorry Amara and she asks him why he’s sorry? Crowley comes into the room and greets Dean  and he says with his girl growing up  he expected boys to come sniffing around and psychically throws Dean across the room and crashing into the wall.

The King Of Hell’s got Winchester pinned against the wall and Dean asks Crowley what’s his plan does he think he can use Amara for his own agenda. He replies he’s not using her at all he’s just trying to her achieve  her maximum potential. Suddenly Crowley’s eyes get steely as he stares at Winchester and he says it used to bother me that I couldn’t bring myself to kill you. But I eventually came to terms that perhaps I’ve mellowed and I’ve got a bit of affection for you. However I think I’m going to kill you today, perhaps fatherhood’s made me a changed man.

Amara slams Crowley over the head with something heavy then she psychically hurls him against a wall and keeps him suspended in mid-air and starts choking him. She says she’s had enough of him and his ways and she’s going to start living life on her own. She says he offers her nothing and she’s already more powerful than he is.

Sam waits for the demons holding his blade but when arrive he puts it in his pocket and instead he tries to subdue the pair and handcuff him. One of the demons starts to chide Sam saying as a Hunter he should realize being a pacifist won’t get the job done. He starts choking Sammy until he finally pulls out his blade and wastes him. However he does knock-out and handcuff the other demon.

Castiel’s still pummeling Metatron and the former scribe of God’s face looks like raw hamburger. Metatron screams out end me Castiel and the Angel stops hitting him and says no. Metatron starts crying and pleading for the Angel to kill him saying existence as a human’s horrible. Castiel says that Metatron was right that Cas is sick and tired of people pulling his strings and he won’t let Metatron take the easy way out.

Amara tells Crowley she’ll spare his miserable life if he guarantees safe passage for Dean after she leaves and he says yes. She then tells him to get out of her room. She then turns her attention to Dean and asks and what about the two of us? We keep saving each other. Dean sees the knife on the floor and picks it up and she smiles at him and says oh please, you won’t; you can’t.

She strokes his cheek and Dean looks dumbfounded, she says he’s the first thing she saw when she got free. The first of his creations, you’ll always represent that for me. The sweet triumph and the even sweeter folly of what he’s wrought. He asks her what she’s going to do now and she said to fulfill the purpose she came to accomplish. To settle the score, the oldest score.

Castiel once again demands that Metatron tell him what he knows about the “Darkness” and he responds that the Bible-Thumpers heads would explode if they knew. They want their God to be a finger-snapping all-powerful creature. However he says that Creation took  hard work and sacrifice. God had to sacrifice and betray the only thing he ever knew to create the universe. He betrayed his only kin, his sister. Amara’s God’s sister.

Castiel meets back with the Winchester’s at Gentlemen Of Letter building and Dean keeps asking Cas how he let Metatron escape. Castiel stresses that Metatron’s mortal and can do them no harm then asks Dean how Amara escaped. He says she overpowered him.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Supernatural: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Photo Courtesy Of The CW Network
Photo Courtesy Of The CW Network

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Since The CW Network series first aired their veteran series “Supernatural,” only three characters have appeared in all 223 episodes. Most of the screen time’s dominated by the Winchester Brothers Sam and Dean, raised as Hunter’s since childhood by their late father John. Although the third character’s yet to utter a word of dialogue, the show just wouldn’t be the same without “BABY.” If you find yourself asking who “BABY” is, I’m frankly surprised you’ve read down this far as “BABY’S” the 1967 Chevy Impala first owned by a young John Winchester and passed down to Dean  when their father died.

BABY’S” far more than a car to the Winchester brothers, she becomes symbolic to THE BOYS for a variety of reasons. A constant reminder of their father and their childhood as they’ve likely spent nearly half their lives in the Impala, first with their dad and then on their own. In many ways “BABY’S” the closest thing either one of them has to a home.

Executive Producer Jeremy Carver and the writer’s paid tribute to the Impala in the latest episode entitled “BABY,” the conceit being that the entire episode got presented from the Chevy’s point of view. All the action got confined to inside the vehicle or action visible through one of the Impala’s windows. Despite putting the self-imposed restraint on range of movement, the episode remained fast-paced and kept the season’s storyline the “Darkness” prominent throughout.

Our first image’s the car’s windshield and the camera pans down to the steering wheel, then we see the upholstery as the camera widens the shot. We see blood smeared on one of the windows then we see a blood covered knife then we see Dean unconscious and handcuffed in the backseat with the rear window blown out.

A graphic informs us we have jumped back to 48-hours earlier and Dean’s washing the Impala, soon Sam arrives and the two of them soap down the windshield. After a quick conversation about Castiel’s and Sam’s health status, Dean says he’s got cabin-fever and asks Sam if he’d like to join him investigating a case in Oregon. He says it’s likely nothing but they found a local sheriff’s body drained of all his blood, Sam says let’s hit the road. Castiel keeps in contact via phone updating the brothers on the lore of the possible creature.

Dean pulls up to some honky-tonk called the Roadhouse and Sam asks why he’s stopping. Dean looks shocked that his younger brother doesn’t remember the joint as Dean had a one-night stand with a hunter they met there named Heather. He says he texted her but she’s working on a case, however this place screams good times and they both need some. Sam tells him to knock himself out he’s going to find a nearby diner.

The pair leave the car but we stay inside, getting the perspective from the driver’s seat. We watch night turn into dawn and Dean stumbles out and into the Impala as the place shuts off their lights. Dean says out loud mistakes were made and suddenly this beautiful blonde rises up from the backseat, apparently just wearing a smile and asking Dean who he is. We hear Sam’s voice saying he’s sorry and introduces him as his brother Dean and asks his older brother if they could have a minute. Dean says he’ll get out of their way and we see by the uniform she’s putting on that she’s a waitress from the diner. She asks Sam if he sees her hairpin and though we see it on the backseat she doesn’t find it.

The brothers get back in the car ready to hit the highway and the younger brother says he can explain but his older brother tells him to remain quite and drops in a cassette of Bob Seger singing “Night Moves.” The brothers laugh and start singing along, then we see them later in the trip eating Tex-Mex food and laughing together.

The conversation turns serious when Sam asks his brother if he’d like a permanent relationship with a woman and his older brother responds while laughing they’ve struck-out at every attempt they ever made. He says that given the life they lead there will never be long-term relationships for either of them. Dean tells Sammy to go lie down in the backseat as Dean’s wired and ready to keep driving.

Sam wakes up in the front seat hearing Judy Collins singing “Some Day Soon” and he asks Dean what he’s playing, but his brother’s not driving the car. Behind the wheel’s a young John Winchester the way he looked when he first married their mother. He says your mother used to love this song and he smiles as Sam freaks. As Sammy tries to make sense of the situation, John says it feels great to be driving the Impala and Dean took good care of it and took good care of Sam as well.

Sam asks if this is another vision and John asks you’ve been having visions son? Sam tells John not to call him son and he asks what’s wrong with a father and Sam cuts him off. He says you’re not my father my father’s dead and John asks him when did death ever stop a Winchester?

He starts talking about his sons’ conversation earlier about relationships and he says he never wanted this kind a life for them. Sammy responds they turned out all right and John says they turned out great but that’s on them not due to anything he did as a father. Sam says this got to be a dream and John smiles and says he never could fool him.

John’s face turns somber and he says call this a dream or a vision but there’s a message and it’s the same. The “Darkness” is coming and only you boys can stop it. Sam responds then tell us how we need help and not visions of dead people. John smiles and replies God helps those that help themselves and Sam asks who he really is?

The horn of a passing train actually wakes Sam up and he finds himself in the backseat with Dean sprawled out on the front and he says to his  younger brother welcome to the Winchester Motel. They don’t have cable but they’ve got room-service and he reaches into the cooler and hands Sammy a beer. He says that Sam sang in his sleep, the song their mother liked that their father used to play for them.

Hearing that clears any remaining haziness from his head and he asks Dean if he remembers that he said he wasn’t sure his encounter with the “Darkness” was a vision or reality? He then tells his older brother that he’s been having visions and he just had one involving their father. Not the John Winchester he remembers but a younger version when he was their age.

He recounts the dream and tells Dean that John’s last words were God helps those that help themselves and he asks his brother if he thinks the visions are coming from God? Dean says pump the breaks here and Sammy says he had the first one while he prayed. The older brother asks him why he suddenly turned to prayer and Sam finally reveals that he’s been infected by the “Darkness” and that’s how he found the cure.

Dean tells Sammy he’s having fever-dreams not visions from God, he says they caused this problem and they need to solve it. He says nobody’s going to help them especially God but they’ll handle it like they’ve handled every situation that’s crossed their path.

Next day they arrive in Quaker-Town, Oregon and they speak with the deputies about the sheriff’s death. They find out that the body had been drained of blood and several organs were missing. Dean says their dealing with a Werewolf/Vampire hybrid, a WEREPIRE. Sam refuses to use the word his brother just invented. They ask Deputy Donnelly where they can find a motel and a place to eat. He suggests a motel a couple of miles away and tells them Aunt Meg’s steakhouse has the best stakes in the state.

They get to Aunt Meg’s and Dean barks about there being valet-parking, he gives the parking attendant a young woman named Jesse the keys and tells her not a scratch. We stay with Jesse in the car and she picks up another teenage girl and they drive the Impala to a dirt parking lot and start doing donuts at about 90 MPH. Screaming and laughing and taking dozens of selfies until her phone rings and she tells her friend she’s got to get the car back before she gets fired. She drives back to the restaurant and opens the door and Dean says nicely done and hands her a couple of bucks.

The brothers decide to split-up as Sam heads to the sheriff’s widow’s house to find out what she know while Dean goes back to the crime scene. When he arrives Cas calls him and says he believes the creature they’re looking for are called Whisperers. He says that likely silver will destroy them but better decapitate it to be safe. Dean’s got Cas on speaker-phone and tells him to hold on but the Angel doesn’t hear him and keeps on talking as Deputy Donnelly drives up. He gets out of his car and he starts attacking Dean, the two slug it out until Dean grabs his pistol and brings the creature down by unloading silver bullets into him.

Castiel hears the gunfire and starts asking Dean if everything’s okay not realizing Winchester’s outside of the car. Dean finally hears the Angel’s voice and he says all’s fine when Donnelly starts to rise up in front of the car. Winchester cuts his head off with an axe but both parts remain active. Dean pumps more silver bullets into the torso empties the remaining beer from the cooler and puts the head in it while the head keeps growling. Castiel says he’ll do more digging on the lore and Dean sees there’s a message from Sam. He calls his brother and finds out two more of the creatures jumped him but he scared them off with silver bullets. Sammy says they knocked out the sheriff’s widow Lily Markham and he texts Dean the address.

The brothers drive into town with Markham still passed out on the backseat and Castiel tells them he’s identified the creature and it’s actually a hybrid of a Ghoul/Vampire. He tells them they have to find the Alpha-Male stick a copper coin in their mouth and then decapitate the creature. When they do that all the others possessed by the creatures will revert back to themselves.

Sam goes into a convenience store to get some pennies minted prior to 1982, when the coins were still mostly copper. He starts flirting with the girl behind the register when Markham wakes up and asks what’s going on. Dean tells her who he and Sam area and tells her they rescued her when she starts hearing the head growl in the cooler. She opens it and her eyes grow wide as she sees the head, Dean apologizes and puts the cooler in the trunk. However Markham soon reveals herself to be one of the creatures and she knocks Dean out and handcuffs him and puts him on the backseat. She gets into the driver’s seat just as Sam looks up he runs out to the parking lot and shatters the Impala’s rear-window with his shot but Markham escapes.

Dean comes to briefly and he sees that Markham’s taken Donnelly’s head out of the cooler and tries to reattach it to his torso. It works and the two drive away. Winchester regains consciousness and Donnelly starts talking to him and telling him he knows he and Sam are Hunters. Dean identifies the creature Donnelly is and the deputy tells him he’s smarter than he looks. Turns out Lilly killed her own husband as he refused to join them, Donnelly puts the blame on himself for not training her better. He tells him he’s building an army to fight the “Darkness.” He says his army won’t win but it will buy them some time.

Winchester finds the waitress’ hairpin on the backseat and picks the lock on the handcuffs then grabs Donnelly by the neck forcing him to lose control of the steering wheel and the car crashes. Dean comes to and thinks he’s alone in the car and sees the blood covered knife and the waitress’ Hello Kitty purse.

As he’s going through the contents Donnelly gets up from in front of the Impala pulling a hunk of glass out of his face that belonged to the now shattered windshield. Lilly comes to lying on the front seat and tries to attack Dean but he wins this round. As Donnelly heads into the back seat Dean shoves a penny in his mouth and decapitates him by slamming the back door over and over against his neck and the head falls off and the creature dies. Markham becomes human again and tells Dean her children are with the others.

They find her children standing next to Sam she runs to her kids as the brothers throw their arms over each other’s shoulders. Sam says they were building an army and Dean says he knows and the younger brother says even the monsters are scared of the “Darkness.” Dean says that ends now and Sam asks if they can wait until tomorrow, the older brother laughs and says let’s go home and Sammy pats the dashboard and says we are home.

Dean steps on the accelerator and the Impala grudgingly turns over. As they pull away Dean puts back on Seger and we see that “BABY’S” truly beat-up. Her grills smashed in the headlights and both the windshield and the rear window blown out. The hood’s bent but she keeps straight and keen on the highway,  kind of like “THE BOYS.”

The Story Resumes Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Supernatural: I’m Hungry

Photo Courtesy Of The CW
Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

An Angel approaches a demon in a bar, after each displayed threatening gestures towards the other guy they sit down together and share a drink.  Both express disdain at how ineffective their management’s been at combatting the Darkness. The demon says that the King Of Hell’s just dithering about doing who know what and the Angel complains that since Hannah died Heaven’s been a “Suck-Sandwich.” That succinctly sums up the state of affairs in the “Supernatural” universe in the third episode of season eleven. Because to borrow from Bob Dylan something is happening and you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Crowley?

Once again the King Of Hell tries to exploit a situation only to see it become far too complicated for him to handle. Last season Crowley attempted to guide Dean Winchester when he went dark-side, before he realized he couldn’t control the man he claimed as his “Bestie.” As the series’ new campaign gets rolled out, Crowley’s trying to cultivate an alliance with Amara the little girl who embodies the Darkness. By the conclusion of this episode the King Of Hell’s starting to realize he’s dealing with a lot more than he bargained for.

We  start out the evening with the first appearance of Crowley’s mother and the self-proclaimed most powerful witch on the planet Rowena. She lights a candle and then dramatically says

“They shall know us far and wide and fear us and we’ll be known as the Mega-Coven”

The camera pans back to reveal three witches standing in front of her. She explains to the three women that she’s attempting to one-up the Grand-Coven that’s been stuck in neutral since their High Priestess disappeared last year. The other three witches are far from impressed by Rowena and she tries to dazzle them by saying she killed her own son the King Of Hell. The three women laugh and one says that a friend of hers struck a deal with Crowley the previous afternoon. Rowena’s furious when she hears the news.

The trio tell their hostess they don’t think much of her or her idea of a Mega-Coven and start to leave. Rowena recites an incantation and soon the women’s skin starts getting blotchy, they scream and then disintegrate.

We see Dean back in the Darkness with the adult version of Amara, it’s just a flashback as he thinks back to seeing the tiny Mark Of Cain on the baby and on the woman. He recalls her telling him that they’re bound together, he helps her and she helps him. Suddenly Sam’s voice brings him back to the present as they’re in the Men Of Letters Building talking about the Darkness with a manacled Castiel.

The spell that Rowena cast in last year’s season finale’s getting tougher and tougher for Cas to fight off, hence him being in chains. They’ve got two beings they’re trying to locate, Rowena so she removes the spell from the Angel and Metatron whom they hope has some knowledge of the Darkness as he was God’s scribe. Suddenly Castiel goes into a seizure and falls on the floor. He blacks out and he’s back in control when he comes to he says he felt like he was a tomato in a blender set to purée.

The King Of Hell’s informed by one of his minions that they’ve located Rowena and Crowley sends the lackey out to execute her. Amara’s sitting at a desk with a laptop, her nanny informs Crowley that the girl’s watching Hitler’s speeches translated into English. She says it’s remarkable how much she’s picked up considering she was in diapers a week before. Crowley asks the child if she wants anything and she says she just wants the King Of Hell to protect her from God. She says the last time he locked her away, when Crowley asks her how he did that she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Crowley tells her as long as she’s with him she’s safe from God.

Rowena tries a recruiting lunch at a restaurant with two more witches from the Grand-Coven they’re just as unimpressed with her plans as the three other women were. Then Rowena asks if she mentioned she owns the Book Of The Damned and the codex? Their interest now piqued one woman asks if Megan-Coven members get use of the Book while the other asks if she could be an officer in the Mega-Coven? Rowena starts to smile but it’s short-lived as Crowley’s lackey dressed as a waiter slits one of the witches throats. Rowena utters an incantation then runs into the kitchen blocking the demon from following her by clogging it with tables and chairs and she escapes.

Little Amara stands in front of a full-length mirror and her adult self appears on the other  side. The grown-up Amara tells the youngster she must remain focused and that she represents what the child will become. She then tells the child that they’re mightier than God, Crowley walks into the room and just sees Amara staring at her reflection.

Dean and Sam read about Rowena’s incident at the Café Elta in Denver, and use their FBI  shields to interview the remaining witch that the police got in custody. Once they’re alone with her in the room they cut right to the chase, telling the woman they know she’s a witch that she’d been at lunch with Rowena and the King Of Hell’s looking to execute his mother. They coerce the woman to use a tracking spell to locate Rowena and she sees her packing her bags as she’s trying to flee town.

Crowley tells Amara that he’s got two gifts for her, the first’s a frilly pink party-dress in her size with a blood stain on the front. The other’s  a children’s pop-up book about a bunny, the child smiles and says she prefers the book she got from her Nanny. Dante’s Inferno in the original Italian.

Amara tells Crowley she’s hungry and the Nanny comes over with a pastry cart full of treats. The child gets up from her chair and holds out her arms to hug her Nanny and the young woman bends down to hug her when Amara sucks out the Nanny’s soul leaving her meat-suit lifeless on the floor.

Rowena’s wearing a platinum-blonde wig as she waits in the parking lot with her suitcases for a taxi. The cab arrives and the driver’s wearing a cap that’s pulled down but it doesn’t  take Rowena long to realize its Dean and she flicks her wrist and he’s thrown against a wall. Just then Sam arrives and puts witch-proof handcuffs on her, she says he knows these don’t hold her for long and he responds they’ll hold her long enough for their purposes.

Crowley’s trying to endear himself to Amara and keeps providing a series of demons for her to consume their souls. The King Of Hell sits next to her looking pleased and the child says that God created a world where people suffer and they die and asks why people would want to live like that? Crowley says that together they can reconstruct the world and turn everybody evil. Amara looks at him quizzically and asks if that’s what he really wants? Crowley contemplates that for a minute then says his greatest satisfaction’s watching greed and want turn people evil. Amara says it’s more than about Heaven and Hell and people and Crowley asks her what else is there? She says he’s missing the big picture and says she’s hungry again.

Rowena and “THE BOYS” arrive the Men Of Letters building and Dean tells Sam to grab Castiel so Rowena can break the spell. When Sam leaves the room the witch says to Dean that he forgot to thank her for removing the Mark Of Cain from his arm. Dean’s eyes get dark and she asks what’s troubling him so  and what did Dean Winchester unleash upon the world? We realize she’s clueless about the Darkness.

Sam returns saying that Cas escaped and the three of them get into the Impala and track the Angel via the GPS on his cellphone. Rowena says that if Sam kept his word that they wouldn’t be  on this ridiculous chase and Dean asks what she’s referring to. Always enjoying stirring up a hornet’s nest the witch tells Dean that Sam promised to kill Crowley if she rid Dean of the Mark. It looks like the brother’s are going to get into another argument about keeping secrets, when they locate Cas.

The Angel’s looking rough as he walks through an alley. We see a young woman walking through the same area and she turns around to see Castiel standing behind her and growling. The woman tries to flee but every door she sees is locked until she’s lucky enough to find a steel-reinforced door to  a warehouse unlocked and she hides in their and locks the door. Castiel soon realizes where she’s hiding and he’s able to bash down the door and get into the building.

The lackey that failed to kill Rowena’s now Amara’s new nanny complete with apron. Crowley tells him he’s doing a remarkable job, but the lackey tries to get reassigned. The King Of Hell says his choices are staying in his present position or roast on a spit for all of eternity. He then tells the nanny that they’re going to cut back  on Amara’s soul-intake as they don’t want her growing too fast. He tells the lackey that it’s his job to break the news to the child.

Sam Dean and Rowena are in the alley looking for Cas when they hear a repeating banging sound coming from one of the building’s and Dean takes off to investigate it telling Rowena and Sam to follow him. The witch says she can’t do any running in heels.

Castiel finds the woman and at this point the Angel’s lost  all  control and he’s like a raging animal. He grabs the young woman by the throat and starts choking her but Dean shows up a couple of seconds later and somehow talks Cas into letting the woman go. After she runs away Dean tries to calm the Angel down but Cas starts mercilessly pummeling Dean until we hear Rowena’s voice utter the first word of her incantation.

She stands there silently and Sam holds a pistol to her head saying the gun’s got witch-killing bullets in the chambers. She completes the recitation and Cas falls to the floor unconscious. As Dean rushes to his side Rowena makes her escape.

Back in the Men Of Letters Building Dean’s holding an ice-bag against his bruised and swollen face and trying to kill the pain with beer. Cas says that there aren’t words to express how sorry he is. Dean says none are needed as it was the spell that Rowena cast on him that made him attack Dean.

The final scene’s in Crowley’s throne-room as he walks in and sees the dead body of the nanny lying on the floor. He walks into Amara’s room and she’s morphed again this time into a teenager of about 13. She tells Crowley that she’s hungry and he says she’ll get fed soon, but first they need to talk. Amara glares at Crowley and repeats that she said she was hungry and the screen fades to black.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Supernatural: Biblical Purification

Photo: Carole Segal/The CW
Photo: Carole Segal/The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

After viewing the first two episodes of season 11 for The CW series “Supernatural,” I find myself thinking that the show might have their best “Big Bad” since “Yellow Eyes” haunted the Winchester brothers in the early days of the series. While one major problem got resolved in this episode, a score of them popped up to replace it. Amara’s mark upon the earth will only increase throughout this season and her power’s increasing already, mere days after her birth. Combine that with Sam and Castiel fighting to save their own lives and a battle between former “Besties” Dean and Crowley, added up to a fast-paced and exciting chapter.

Opening graphic tells us we’re still in Superior, Nebraska and we watch an infected man walking the streets looking for some sort of life. The town seems abandoned at first glance, but then we see all the residents died and their bodies are strewn across the sidewalks and streets. While the infected man walks around, we see somebody gathering supplies in a hardware store.

Suddenly the infected man hears a voice on what sounds like a loud-speaker. He finds the source of the sound, a tiny TV sitting in a metal bucket. The voice’s Robert Mitchum’s portraying Frank Cady in the original version of “Cape Fear.” Suddenly Sam appears in the alley and asks the infected man if he can still talk or if he’s too far gone. The man says what and Sam zaps him with some homemade Taser he put together, knocking the guy out as Sam replies good answer.

Next graphic informs us we’re in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as Dean brings Jenna and the infant Amara to her grandmother’s house. Dean tells her they’re going to be fine and Jenna asks about him and Sam and he responds the bar’s pretty low. Grandmother calls her into the house and Dean climbs back into the Impala and starts heading back to Sam in Nebraska. Grandmother has Jenna’s father’s old crib set-up for Amara and they put her in there to sleep. When the older woman leaves the room, Amara concentrates on pushing a plastic tote filled with baby-stuff off a dresser and onto the floor. When she accomplishes this she smiles.

Back in the hospital in Superior, Sam’s got the other guy handcuffed and starts asking him questions. The guy says he wants a cup of pudding and devours it ravenously. Turns out he got infected after Sam did, but it’s progressing far more rapidly in him. He says that they’re both going to go the route of the others, they’ll go psycho and then die. He says if Sam’s smart he’ll put a bullet in the guy and then eat one himself.

Dean tries calling Castiel’s cellphone but gets no answer, that’s because the Angel’s hanging by his wrists from the ceiling with a black-bag over his head. The two Angels that captured him Ephrem and Jonah, break the phone then Jonah strikes him across the face to wake him up. Ephrem says they’ve got some questions to ask him.

Back at Grandmother Nickerson’s home both women get startled by a banging sound, which they eventually trace to Amara’s room. When they open the door we see all the contents of the tote scattered all over the floor and lettered building blocks are floating above the crib in a circle. Amara’s crying and we see some of the blocks fastened to the wall, it spells out FEED ME. Jenna starts to go into the room, but her grandmother pushes her back and closes the door saying the Devil’s in that girl. She says they have to call Father Wyatt, but Jenna calls Dean instead.

Dean gets the call and immediately heads back to Iowa. He calls Sam up and relates the story and Sammy says it sounds like something out of the Exorcist. Dean asks how his brother’s doing in Zombie-Land and Sammy tells him everything’s good, but we see that the man he handcuffed died and the veins are getting worse on him. He’s on the computer checking out Voodoo websites.

Jonah and Ephrem are torturing Castiel with an Angel-Blade asking him where Metatron’s hiding. Castiel of course doesn’t know as the former scribe for God took off on him last season. He finally cries mercy brothers and Ephrem asks Castiel what he is, Cas responds he’s an Angel of the Lord. Ephrem says he doesn’t really believe that as every time there’s a question of taking Heaven’s side or the Winchester’s he backs “THE BOYS.”

Sam suddenly hears a woman’s voice singing beautifully in the hospital, a song about death. He starts looking around and he finds the woman, who greets him by name. When he asks how she knows him she reveals she’s a Reaper and she’s not too happy with Sam for helping to kill her boss. She then says that the Old Death used to find it amusing to bring them back from Heaven or Hell, but those days have ended. She says now they go by one hard and fast rule, everything that lives dies and stays dead.

The Reaper named Billie then tells Sammy that when he and Dean die they won’t go to Heaven or Hell, instead one of the Reapers will accidentally on-purpose drop them in The Empty. She says there’s no returning from there. She then tells Winchester that he’s dying, she can smell it all over him. She says he’s impure in the Biblical sense and says she’ll be seeing him soon.

Dean arrives back at Grandmother Nickerson’s home and Jenna meets him outside and says they have a new problem. Her grandmother’s very Catholic and she called her Priest and he sent over an Exorcist. Dean’s intrigued and the pair go inside to find that Crowley’s wearing a Clerical collar. Dean asks to speak outside and Crowley explains he’s got an arrangement with some lapsed Nuns and Priests. Dean asks if Crowley thinks there’s a demon in the house and the King Of Hell responds, that the being in the house isn’t a demon. He says that the creature’s far more powerful and very old, deep and dark.

Ephrem and Jonah start torturing Castiel again, when suddenly the door to the outside starts to glow with light and then buckle in. A young man stands there and says that’s enough that’s not the way we do things. Castiel realizes it’s Hannah wearing a male meat-suit and she tells the two Angels to leave immediately.

While Crowley and Dean talk outside, Jenna’s concern for the infant brings her into the room when she hears Amara crying. She picks the baby up and says Dean will help you, kisses her on the forehead and puts her back in the crib. The words calm the infant and she smiles. Jenna picks her up and the two lock eyes. Jenna’s grandmother hears a loud banging sound in the kitchen.

Hannah takes Castiel down from the chain he’d been suspended from, but he tells Hannah to leave on the handcuffs. He sits in a chair and asks if Hannah can heal him, the Angel puts his fingers on Castiel’s forehead and says he can’t its powerful magic. He then tells Cas that there’s more bad news he needs to share with him.

Grandmother Nickerson’s in the kitchen when she gets startled by Jenna, then says she thought she dropped a bowling-ball upstairs. We can see by the expression on Jenna’s face she’s changed somehow, she then picks up a butcher knife and says to her grandmother she always wondered how this feels.

Crowley and Dean hear the scream in the house to find the old woman dead on the floor with her throat slit. Crowley says that’s a plot-changer and the two start looking for Jenna. Dean calls her name and Crowley berates him for alerting her they’re looking for her.

Hannah tells Castiel he needs to know where Dean and Sam are and Castiel says he won’t give them up. Hannah says he saved him, but suddenly Cas figures out that Hannah set the whole thing up. Ephrem and Jonah were torturing him on Hannah’s orders and he showed up to save Cas to make him feel indebted. He says to Hannah that he thought they were friends and Hannah says that’s before you broke Metatron out of Heaven’s jail.

Hannah says the other Angels hate him and Cas asks Hannah if he does as well and the Angel remains silent. However Ephrem says it doesn’t matter because they took a vote and this is the plan. Castiel once again says he won’t give up the Winchester’s and Jonah says he will as they’re about to hack his brain. He pulls out this piece of headgear that looks like a torture device from the Inquisition.

Sam’s infection’s reached the critical stage and he’s starting to lose touch with reality. He wills himself to fight it off and goes back to the computer and types in Biblical Purification. He reads an entry that says Biblical Purification can get achieved by lighting Holy Oil on fire and putting it on the infection. He grabs a bottle of Holy Oil out of his bag, pours some in a metal tray, grabs a roll of gauze and soaks it in the liquid then sets it on fire. He holds the flaming gauze to his face and all the infection burns off, Sam’s found the cure.

Jonah tries his hand on the torture headgear but gets no results so Ephrem takes over. He’s about the put another spike into Castiel’s head when Hannah says enough and pushes Ephrem away. Ephrem punches Hannah in the mouth knocking the Angel to the floor then starts kicking Hannah in the gut. Castiel gets angry and he breaks his bonds and attacks Ephrem. Jonah tries taking out Cas with his Angel-Blade, but Castiel stabs him instead. Ephrem then stabs and kills Hannah and finally Castiel stabs and kills Ephrem. He then collapse back into a chair and starts repeating no, no.

Dean and Crowley head into Amara’s room and Dean picks her up and sees the tiny Mark Of Cain on her upper chest. He flashes back to his conversation with the Darkness and remembers her telling him they’ve got a bond and will always help each other.

They hear a smashing sound coming from the grandmother’s bedroom and open it to find Jenna dropping all her grandmother’s religious glass figurines on the floor. She says she never liked them, but her grandmother’s dead as she slit her throat. Crowley says Jenna no longer has a soul and she replies that Amara’s hungry she’s a growing girl. Dean says they’ll get Jenna back and she says she likes the way she feels this way and attacks Dean.

We enter Amara’s room and watch the infant’s face visibly start to age, we then see her legs as she gets out of the crib and puts on a dress. She’s now about the size of a four-year-old and leaves the house while Jenna attacks Dean. Suddenly her body’s slammed against the ceiling and then slams against the floor killing her, Crowley says he got bored waiting.

Dean says he’s got to find Amara and kill her, Crowley says he saw the way he looked at the baby and Winchester won’t be able to kill her, so let a professional handle it. Dean asks if that’s an offer and Crowley says it’s a promise, he’ll kill her after he finds out what makes her tick. Dean says Crowley can’t do that and Crowley waves his hand and throws Dean into a wall like a rag-doll. He then says that Dean and Sam have to learn Crowley’s not their bloody side-kick. Winchester gets up pulls out his Angel-Blade and sticks it through Crowley’s hand and into the wall. He heads to the crib and finds it empty. He goes back to where he left Crowley and while the blade remains the King Of Hell’s long gone.

Sam and Dean reunite back at the Men Of Letters headquarters and Sam says to Dean I thought you said the Darkness was a woman. Dean says perhaps she was just a vision and suddenly their aware they’re not alone. Each pull their pistols and see Castiel barely conscious on the floor asking them to save him.

Amara’s walking the streets barefoot, wearing a satin dress with a big bow on the back. A black van pulls up beside her and Crowley gets out and says what a sweet young thing you’ve become. He then opens the panel door in the rear of the van, smiles and asks like some candy little girl? He’s got a family of four bound and gagged, four new souls to feed the hungry girl and they both smile as the screen fades to black.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Supernatural: Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Photo Courtesy Of The CW
Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

We have seen the “Darkness” and she is beautiful and deadly. Welcome to season 11 for the CW Network series “Supernatural,” as Sam and Dean Winchester take on a foe, that’s been locked away since before recorded time. In the season finale that aired in May, Rowena cast a spell that removed the Mark Of Cain from Dean’s arm. However that resulted in the creature known as the “Darkness,”  to escape from prison and walk the earth once again. As we witnessed in this season-opener the “Darkness” takes on many forms and has already started to infect humans.

After running a montage of clips from last season, as John Fogerty’s classic “Run Through The Jungle” played in the background. We then watch Dean standing alone in the darkness as the camera rapidly shows us different angles of his face. He looks behind him and sees a woman in a black cocktail dress standing with her back to him, Winchester calls out what the Hell’s going on and the woman turns her head to glance at him.

The scene switches to Sam passed out in the Impala as the horn blares finally waking him up. Sammy gets out of the car pops the hood and disconnects the wires for the horn, then he realizes that Dean’s not in sight. He starts calling for his older brother and then starts looking for him.

Dean’s passed out in a field about a mile from the car when Sam finds him. Dean can’t remember what happened for a few seconds, but then the events start flooding back into his head. He tells his brother she saved me, when Sam asks who he’s referring too Dean tells him the “Darkness.” Then he tells Sammy she also thanked him for setting him free. Sam asked if she said anything else and Dean said no she was strange. She had this energy and focus about her but she wasn’t much of a talker.

Castiel’s sitting in a barn, the bleeding from his eyes stopped but both eyes are very bloodshot. He’s thinking back to his attacking Crowley after Rowena cast a spell on the Angel. The King of Hell tries fighting back but Castiel knocks him to the ground and then sticks his blade deeply, in between Crowley’s shoulder blades. However after replaying the scene over in his head he realizes he didn’t kill Crowley. The demon left his meat-suit as a red gas through his mouth, before Castiel stabbed him.

A father and his two teenage sons are outside the barn carrying shotguns and the youngest son discovers Castiel in the barn. Cas yells to the young teen to run for his life as he can’t control his actions, but the kid aims his gun at the Angel. Castiel wrestles the gun away and knocks the kid to the floor as he runs the father and older brother fire shots at him.

Sam and Dean get the Impala out of the mud and drive to the outskirts of a Nebraskan town, when they see the road’s filled with dead bodies. A road-crew’s members are all over the ground and in a car next to them there’s a dead family, the parents and two young girls. Suddenly The Boys hear a noise behind them and a man infected by the “Darkness” starts walking toward them. He seems to be in a trance and there’s some dark-blue almost black veins protruding from his neck. Dean asks the guy to stop twice as the brothers have their guns aimed at him but he keeps walking. A shotgun blast rings through the air and the man falls face down on the ground. He got taken out by the young Deputy-Sheriff on the scene Jenna Nickerson.

Nickerson tells them that she responded to a 911 call from the family, as they drove by the road-crew stopped their car and started attacking them like rabid dogs. She said she knew the boys and that’s why she didn’t fire until they killed the family, she then shot them all dead and has a deep gash in her belly. Dean says they need to get her to a hospital to get her stitched up.

They get to the hospital and everybody’s dead there as well. Dean wheels Jenna into the hospital in a wheel-chair and Sam tells his brother to go stitch up Nickerson’s gash while he explores the hospital. Dean starts sewing up the deputy’s wounds and she says how terrible she feels having killed the road-crew. Winchester tells her they weren’t human any longer and she did the right thing.

Sam’s scoping out the hospital when he hears an infected man trying to break into the janitor’s closet. The guy’s denting the door but he can’t get in, suddenly Sam makes a noise and the monster starts heading towards Sammy. Winchester’s got his pistol ready, but just before he turns the corner there’s a cry from the janitor’s closet and he starts banging on the door again.

As Dean stitches up Jenna he goes back to being with the “Darkness” in his mind. We head back to Dean meeting with the “Darkness” and he asks her now that you thanked me what’s next? She replies she likes it there with him, she hasn’t felt this peaceful in a long time. Winchester responds he’s not interested in making her feel peaceful and tells her he knows who she is. The beautiful dark-haired woman smiles and says she’s been away so long, she didn’t think anyone would remember her. Winchester replies that Death painted a pretty detailed picture of her. She replies she’s never met Death, or he her. Dean asks if that means he shouldn’t kill her right away and she asks him why he’d want to?

The infected man collapses and dies, Sam approaches cautiously holding his pistol. When he’s convinced the guy’s dead he knocks on the janitor’s closet door and says hello, a man’s voice from the other side asks if he’s dead. Sam says the infected man’s dead and he’s with the FBI and slides his badge under the door. Sammy breathes deeply when the man opens the door, he’s a guy in his early twenties holding his newborn daughter. He asks Sam to please help them.

An attractive upscale middle-aged woman’s parking her car when the red smoke enters her mouth and takes over her meat-suit. She looks at herself in the mirror and says bollocks, then grabs a tire-iron out of the trunk and says it looks like it’ll be the old-fashioned way. When she enters her house, the woman’s husband tells her for a birthday present they and another couple are going to “change-partners.” Crowley puts down the tire-iron.

Back at the hospital the new father named Mike, tells them that his wife was expected to have a difficult delivery, but she delivered their daughter just fine. However shortly after giving birth, she started hemorrhaging and the doctors couldn’t save her. He then told them that other members of the road-crew drove up to the hospital and started attacking everybody like a pack of rabid dogs. He sais he grabbed his daughter and hid in the janitor’s closet. Dean says they’re getting out, but another car of infected people drives up to the hospital.

The five of them hide out, but Sam suddenly notices the dark-blue veins are showing up on Mike’s neck. Sam asks if one of the infected may have bled on him and he says he thinks Mike’s infected. Jenna says that Sam doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Mike says he’s right. He just wants to know how long it’ll take until he turns like them? He then asks Jenna to raise his daughter, he says he’s watched her grow-up and knows she’s a good person. He says if she agrees to do that he’ll leave the hospital and wait things out by himself and Nickerson says she will.

Castiel’s in the woods with cruisers parked on the street looking for him and the Angel can’t control his emotions, so he calls out to his fellow Angels to keep him from doing something bad. He then calls Dean and tells him that Rowena stole the codex and The Book Of The Damned and Dean says the Hell with Rowena what about the “Darkness“? Castiel has no idea what he’s talking about and just then two Angels arrive holding blades and Cas says goodbye.

Two of Crowley’s minions arrive at the woman’s house and they find the woman’s husband and the other couple dead. Crowley asks if they transported his meat-suit back to his throne-room and they tell him they have. Crowley tells them to head back there and wait for him.

Dean wants to go on the offensive but Sam’s against the idea. He asks his brother when they forgot how to do it and instead of saving people their credo’s become kill first and ask questions later. Dean asks him what Sam proposes and he replies that the infected people have a short shelf-life and will die on their own. His brother responds they don’t know how long that’ll be and what if others show up? Sam says they can try to search for a cure and Dean responds they can’t find a cure if they’re dead. Sam then says he’ll play decoy for the infected people, so Dean can get Jenna and the infant to the Impala.

The three head to the car while Sam calls the infected people and starts running leading them on a chase through the hallways. Dean and Jenna get to the front doors when Mike walks in and the veins have spread all across his neck. He says the baby and Dean tells him he needs to leave the baby alone. Mike tells them the baby’s name’s Amara and then heads into the hospital and falls to the floor dead.

When Sam’s certain Dean’s left the parking lot he dives into the Janitors closet and locks the door, unfortunately this time there’s three people trying to open it. Sam steps back a bit and starts thinking about his options, when we realize there’s an infected nurse in there with him. She grabs a scalpel and tries to stab him, but he overpowers her and slits her throat. She dies instantly, but he’s covered with her blood.

The infected trio knocks down the door and start to attack Sam, but they stop and start sniffing him. They look at each other and they walk away. It seems that Sam’s now infected with the “Darkness.

The red smoke enters Crowley’s meat-suit’s mouth and he stands up and smiles and announces Daddy’s home. One of the minions tells him that he’s got a problem to deal with, there’s a large segment of Hell that believes the “Darkness” has gotten released. Crowley laughs derisively and says it’s just a fairy-tale, a story Demon fathers tell their children to make them behave. His lackey responds that many say they hear Michael or Lucifer screaming from the cage they’re trapped in about the “Darkness.

The two Angels take Castiel to a warehouse, they tell him the Gates to Heaven got moved after he broke Metatron out of Heaven’s jail. Cas tells him before they take him back to Heaven. they need to find a witch to remove the spell from him, but he soon realizes when they hang him by his hands on a hook they don’t plan to take him back.

Dean’s gotten Jenna and Amara to safety and so he goes back in his head to finish his experience with the “Darkness.” He asks her if she’s so dangerous why hasn’t she killed him and she tells Dean they have a bond. She shows him a tiny version of the Mark Of Cain on her upper chest. She says you help me and I’ve helped you, we watch out for each other. Although her name’s never mentioned in the episode, the IMDB page for the episode lists her name as Amara.

Dean calls Sam and asks how things went and Sam tells him he’s fine and he’s going to find a cure, his brother responds he’s sure he will. He then tells Sam that he’s got Jenna and the baby relocated to a town about 40-miles away with no signs of the outbreak. Sam says it’s likely just started in that area and Dean says he’ll see his brother soon. When Sammy hangs up we see his necks covered in the dark-blue veins.

Jenna’s changing Amara’s diaper and both the new mom and the infant are smiling. As she’s cleaning her new daughter up before putting back on her pajamas we see a tiny Mark Of Cain on the infant’s upper chest.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Supernatural: Lest The Darkness Be Set Free

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW
Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Well , here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten us into! Sam and Dean went from the frying pan into the fire, in the season finale of season ten for The CW series “Supernatural.” Throughout its history, the show has concluded the season on a grand scale, leaving the fans excited with cliff-hanger endings. This episode continued in that tradition, as “THE BOYS,” unleashed a force, that could forever alter the planet. There’s also the matter of our favorite trench-coat wearing Angel, being guided by a spell cast by the newly freed Rowena, a situation that doesn’t look promising for her son.

Our first image is the final e-mail Charlie Bradbury sent to Sam, containing the key to deciphering the codex, we also see pictures of Dean as a tyke with their mom. Castiel arrives and Sam informs him that he left a dozen voice-mail messages for Dean, without receiving a response. He tells Cas that they need to get Rowena to find the spell to break The Mark Of Cain’s hold over Dean immediately.

Dean’s in Superior, Nebraska, and he spent the previous night passed out on the cheaply carpeted floor of some motel. He gets up off the floor, looks at his phone which shows that he received 12-messages from his brother. He picks up an open beer-bottle, takes a couple of slugs from it, then tells himself he’s good.

Sam and Castiel go to where Sammy’s got Rowena imprisoned and he pulls out a pistol, that he says contains five bullets, containing some witch-killing toxin. Rowena laughs off the threat, saying Sam needs her if he has any hopes of saving his brother. She negotiates a new deal, she’ll rid Dean of the Mark, in exchange for her guaranteed freedom and she keeps the codex.

Dean shows up a crime scene, in his FBI garb. A young teenage girl’s body lies on the grass, her throat ripped open. Dean’s diplomacy skills have vanished, he says to the sheriff the girl’s dressed like a slut. The sheriff, an older man says he couldn’t care if she was the Whore Of Babylon, all he sees is somebody’s little girl.

The sheriff starts to walk off and we hear him say to somebody else that his partner’s a hard man. It’s Rudy, a hunter we’ve encountered only through phone conversations, previously. This was his case and he called up Dean for assistance, but Winchester tells Rudy, he’s handling the case solo. Rudy starts to give him a hard time, but then quickly backs off and leaves. The sheriff tells Dean, another girl’s missing, he’s going to talk to the parents and suggests Dean stay away.

Rowena deciphers the spell from the Book Of The Damned, saying she needs three ingredients. A piece of the forbidden fruit, that Eve ate in the Garden of Eden, the remains of the Golden Calf that people worshiped in lieu of God. She says the third ingredient’s impossible, she needs to kill somebody she loves, alas she love nobody. Castiel reads her mind and sees an eight-year old Polish boy named Oscar, she says he lived three-hundred years ago.

Dean goes to interview the dead girl’s parents, and he asks Mr. and Mrs. McKinley if their daughter had any new friends that they were aware of. He then says that their daughter was out to have sex with whom ever she was meeting, he asks if she had a boyfriend, or this was just a fling? The father asks Dean if he’s implying his daughter had loose morals? Winchester responds, that was his initial mindset, until he smelled all the deceit, beatings and cruelty in their house. The father hits Dean twice in the face, then Winchester pulls out his pistol and asks who killed your daughter Joe? Both parents start weeping as Joe says he doesn’t know.

Their teenage son runs after Dean and tells him the other girl Crystal’s fine and he knows the guys who killed his sister. They said they were rehabbing a cabin, but the kid says he thinks they just wanted a place to drink and have girls come over. He says he didn’t tell the police this, because he brought the girls up there the first time.

Sam gets a call from Rudy, telling him Dean’s acting really strange and he gives Sammy the location. Sam asks Cas to help Rowena with the spell while he’s gone, Castiel asks about the repercussions caused by removing the Mark? Sammy says that nobody knows what will happen. They can’t worry about the unknown and the Angel agrees. When Sam leaves, Cas summons Crowley, asking for his help in breaking the spell. After Castiel reveals the needed ingredients, Crowley tells him he’s in.

Dean heads to the cabin, the two killers are vampires and Dean cuts off the first one’s head. He enters the cabin, to see Crystal tied to the bed post, while the other vamp has a knife pressed against Rudy’s neck. The vamp tells Dean to leave, or his buddy dies, but Dean says he won’t kill him. Rudy begs for Dean to leave, but Dean spooks the other vamp instead and he puts the knife into Rudy. Winchester cuts the head off the second vampire and frees Crystal, who screams at Dean that he could have saved Rudy, if he had talked things out. Dean says you’re welcome and leaves the cabin.

Dean goes back to his motel room and starts washing the blood off his hands, he looks in the mirror and sees Castiel’s face all bloodied, as it was after Dean beat him up. He looks down at his hands again and when he looks up this time he sees Rudy’s terrified face, staring back at him. He breaks the mirror, then trashes the entire motel room, doing a job that Keith Moon, would’ve been proud of.

Dean goes to an abandoned Mexican restaurant, creating a feast fit for a king, then he sets up a table with a pentagram on it and summons someone. Another familiar face arrives, as Death answers the call and starts trying the Mexican food. I’ve always enjoyed Julian Richings’ portrayal of the dour faced character, he infuses Death with a certain nobility. The first time we met the character, he gave Dean his ring freely in order to imprison Lucifer, whom he said had given death a bad name.

Dean shows him the Mark Of Cain and he says that he’s tried to control it, but he can’t and Death is his last option. The member of the Four Horseman says he never expected to see the day, when Dean Winchester would lay his king down on the chess table. He says he can’t kill him, that it’s the Original Sin. The bearer can’t die, Dean asks him if he can remove it. Death says he could, but the cost would be far too great. He then tells Winchester the story behind the Mark.

Before the light, before God and the Arch-Angels was the Darkness, a terribly destructive Amoral force. God and the Arch-Angels, fought a war against the Darkness and won, God locked the Darkness away and created a symbol. The symbol was the Mark, actually a lock and key for keeping the Darkness contained and he gave the Mark to his most trusted lieutenant, Lucifer.

Soon after they realized that the Mark itself was a curse, it corrupted Lucifer and made him jealous of humans. God banished his favorite son to Hell. Lucifer gave the Mark to Cain, who in turn gave it to Dean. Winchester now holds the Darkness in its prison, if the Mark vanishes the Darkness will get released. Dean has two choices, the first being give the Mark to someone else. Winchester says he wouldn’t do that to anybody. Death then asks him what if he could take Dean to a place far away, not even on this planet, where Dean could live out his days without harming anyone or himself?

We’re back at the diner that Crowley visited two episodes ago, the one where he spoke with Seth, the burger-flipper who learned to brew coffee in Ecuador. Seth turns his back to the customers and he hears a crash, he turns around to find all the patrons and the waitress dead, with Crowley standing there smiling. He tells Seth that he has a story to tell him.

He sits down at the counter and he tells the man that about 300-years-ago a terrible witch was driven from her village, abandoning her only son in the process. A Polish family took pity on the sick and injured witch and nursed her back to health. She grew to love the family’s eight-year-old son Oscar, but he suffered from a fatal disease that would take his life shortly. Before she left, the witch thanked the family with two gifts, curing the boy and when he reached maturity, he’d become immortal. Seth is that boy, still looking like he’s in his early twenties, 300-years later.

Sam arrives at the cabin, he sees Crystal sitting in the ambulance, she just keeps repeating he wouldn’t even talk. Sam walks inside the cabin and sees Rudy’s body along with the two decapitated vampires. Sheriff tells him, that one of his guys came in hot, refused to talk and cost his partner his life in the process. Sam drives away and starts searching the area’s motels for the Chevy. He sees it and goes in to Dean’s room and sees what his brother did.

Sam’s phone rings and it’s Dean, he says he going out and he wants to say goodbye to Sammy one last time. Dean tells his brother to grab a pencil and gives him the address of the restaurant. Sam begs him not to do anything stupid, that he’s on his way.

Sam arrives at the restaurant and he knows it’s bad when he sees that his brother’s guest is Death. Sam tells Dean he can’t give up his life, his brother tells him that it’s Sam whose going to die. Death tells Sammy that he’s going to transport Dean to a place where he can’t harm anyone. However, Sam won’t rest until he frees Dean and rids his brother of the Mark. He has to die for the greater good. Sam says it doesn’t make sense, Dean screams at him it makes perfect sense and Sam has to stop thinking of himself.

Crowley arrives with the ingredients needed to cast the spell. He reveals that the forbidden fruit was a quince, not an apple. He says that he got the remains of the melted calf in Jordan and if he returns there, they might cut off his head. He then calls out for Oscar and Rowena’s eyes fill with tears, as she spits out to her son, that this is low even for him.

Dean tells his brother that evil seeks them out, that they think they help others, but look what’s happened to their friends and family. Dean says he finally realized that he’s truly evil when he let Rudy die and that Sam’s evil too, bullying Charlie to get involved in breaking the curse, which cost Charlie, her life. With logic failing him, Sam resorts to violence hitting Dean smack in the face. His brother says good, a fight and they start trading blows.

Rowena says to Oscar she can’t believe how big he grew and then asks him to come over and give him a hug. He embraces her and says he hopes he hasn’t done anything to hurt her. She tells him of course not, everything’s fine. She says nobody’s going to get hurt today, then slice’s his neck open, she gets enough blood for the formula then lets his dead body fall to the ground.

Sam stays on his feet for a while, but Dean’s far too powerful, Sam ends up on the floor saying he gives. He then tells his brother that nobody will ever convince him that Dean’s evil but he has to be stopped. If this is the only way to do it so be it. Death hands the scythe to Dean and says for him to do the honors, Winchester tells Sammy to close his eyes.

However Sam pulls out the pictures of Dean and their mom from earlier in the show. He says if you ever want to find your way back to good, maybe these will help and puts them on the floor. Dean gets a bit choked up and says he’s sorry then raises the scythe, but he stabs Death with it. We see Death standing perfectly still, with the scythe poking out of his side, then he crumbles like dirt to the floor.

The potion complete, Rowena invokes the spell. The blast from it knocks all three of them off their feet, as we watch a bolt of light leap from the bowl through the ceiling. Seconds later, the light strikes Dean’s arm and removes the Mark. Sam says this is a good thing, gives Dean the keys to Baby and suggest they split.

The three recover from the blast and Rowena’s now free of her chains and freezes Castiel and Crowley in their tracks. Crowley says this is impossible, that she’s not that powerful. Rowena laughs at her son and says he’s never experienced a really great witch with really great magic. She leaves, but casts another spell on Castiel, blood starts dripping from the Angel’s eyes as he tries to kill Crowley.

Outside the restaurant, lighting starts hitting the ground all around them, then a series of black swirling clouds rise up from under the earth. They gather together forming a mushroom cloud that soon fills the sky. Dean and Sam get into the Chevy, but the wheels spin aimlessly as the cars stuck in mud. Suddenly the cloud starts moving straight for them, engulfing them as the screen goes black.

Supernatural: Dean Goes Dark-Side

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Once again the Winchester brothers are at odds with each other, just when they need each other the most. Sam and Dean, began this season of the CW series “Supernatural,” estranged from each other and the campaign’s heading into the home-stretch, with the same dynamic in place. With The Mark Of Cain’s grip on Dean, making him less recognizable each week, he’s now cut himself off from those trying to keep him from going nuclear, Sam and Castiel. By this episode’s conclusion, Dean butchered an entire family and almost took out someone near and dear.

However, we start the evening far away from the Winchesters, as we see students leaving a building named Styne Hall which according to the plaque on the wall, was established in 1905. A nerdy looking teen wearing glasses, comes out of the building, only to be stopped by three punks who want to make fun of him. The teen with the glasses however, turns the situation around though, making fun of the leader of the group causing his buddies to start laughing. He then pushes the teen with glasses to the ground, just as the teen’s cousin Eli Styne drives up to take him home.

Styne asks his cousin Cyrus if there’s any trouble and the teen says no and jumps into the car and the pair drive away. Later that afternoon, the bully’s walking in another part of town, when he realizes he’s being followed. He turns to run and Eli’s standing in front of him, as the bully starts to talk another guy puts a plastic bag over his head, knocking the teen out.

We’re now out in the woods as Sam and Dean gather wood, to build a funeral pyre for Charlie Bradbury killed last week by Eldon Styne. Dean takes her body, wrapped in a shroud and gently places her on top of the pile of wood, then they light it on fire, the traditional hunter’s funeral. Sam starts to speak, saying that they’re going to miss her and he’s sorry, but Dean tells him to shutup. He tells his brother that since he’s responsible for Charlie’s death, he can’t apologize. He then tells his brother, that it should be Sam’s body burning instead of Charlie’s and tells Sam to shut down trying to translate the Book Of The Damned.

He tells Sam he’s going after Eldon Styne, saying he’s going to destroy everyone and everything Styne ever loved, then rip out his heart. Sam asks if that’s Dean talking or The Mark Of Cain, his brother responds it doesn’t matter and stomps away.

Cyrus’ plays some online videogame, talking with a teen who appears on his monitor, about Cyrus going to Los Angeles. Styne tells the other teen, that if his family finds out they’ll kill him, seriously. He says his family’s weird, scary weird. Suddenly someone comes into the room he’s in and tells Cyrus that his father wants to see him.

His father Monroe Styne’s talking with his brother Eldon about his failed mission to kill the Winchesters, as well as losing an arm in the process. Eldon tells his father he can redeem himself, he got taken to the Winchester’s clubhouse and the place’s filled with magic, spells, artifacts and possibly the Book Of The Damned. He tells his father he just needs a couple of guys and Monroe tells his son he also needs a new arm.

Cyrus walks in at that moment and Monroe tells his youngest son that this is a special day, then pushes back a curtain to reveal the bully’s strapped to a hospital table. Monroe says that trash like this teen’s only purpose is for spare parts and Cyrus is going to carve him up. He resists, but his father tells him this is his legacy, he then says if Cyrus doesn’t slice up the teen, then Monroe will butcher him and Cyrus will be his next victim. He allows his father’s hand to guide him slice the teen’s abdomen with a scalpel, he looks away but keeps looking back in morbid fascination.

Sam heads to where he’s got Rowena stashed and Castiel’s thumbing through the Book Of The Damned. Winchester says that he promised Dean they’d stop trying to decipher the book and he tells Castiel that they have to find Dean and make sure he doesn’t go too crazy on the Styne family. He says he has a tracker on Dean’s car and turns on his phone, to find that there’s an e-mail from Charlie waiting for him. Rowena confirms that Charlie’s final act was cracking the code and she says she can now decipher the book.

Sammy does a 180 and tells Cas to go follow Dean while he stays with Rowena to find the spell to remove the Mark Of Cain. Castiel starts to argue with him, but Sam says that he’s usually the one in trouble and Dean saves him every time, now it’s his turn to save Dean. The Angel says he understands and takes off to Shreveport, Louisiana.

Rowena’s been smiling to herself, since Sam showed her the e-mail and we find out she’s decided to change the terms of her deal with Winchester. She tells Sam he needs to kill Crowley before she translates the book, she then says that Dean’s a walking, time-bomb and unless she helps them he’ll explode.

Back at the Styne compound, Cyrus has killed the bully and attached his arm to his brother Eldon. Monroe tells his youngest, that he did a fine job. He says in the old country, he’d have to eat his victim’s heart, but Monroe likes to think they’re more civilized. Cyrus asks if he can go to his room and Eldon tells his younger brother he’s heading with him to the Gentlemen Of Letters building.

Dean reaches Shreveport, and as soon as he gets into the city-limits, he’s pulled over by the local police. One of the officers says he’s got a broken tail light and the other one breaks it with his baton. When Dean tries to stop him, he’s arrested for attempted assault on an officer.

Crowley’s at a diner when the counter guy asks him if he wants another cup of coffee and The King Of Hell, compliments the brew. The counter guy says he roasts the beans himself, something he learned in Ecuador. Crowley’s phone rings and he hears Dean’s voice saying I need you, I’m in trouble and then the call’s cut off. A text message comes through, with an address in Kansas, meaning it’s likely Sam trying to trap Crowley.

Dean overcomes the deputy whose interviewing him, getting released from the handcuffs and grabbing the officer’s gun. He then finds the cop who cuffed him, talking about him on the phone. Winchester puts the gun in the cop’s face and asks who he was talking to and the officer admits it was Monroe Styne, who alerted them Dean was heading into town. Winchester asks where they live and the cop tells Dean he doesn’t want to take them on. They own the town and are thought of as Gods. Dean responds that’s what he does, he kills Gods.

Crowley walks into an abandoned warehouse and starts calling for Dean, when he’s suddenly shot in the chest by Sam. He tells Crowley that he shot him with a Devil-Trap bullet, then puts a hex bag in Crowley’s coat pocket. He says a message goes with the bag, she says she should have traded you for the three pigs. Crowley says Mother, then crumbles to the floor.

Dean takes out all the guards outside of the Styne compound, then he enters the house, which is dark with Dixieland music playing. Suddenly the lights come on and six men line the staircase above him, each holding an automatic weapon. Monroe then comes out and welcomes Dean to his home as a man knocks out Winchester by placing a plastic bag over his head.

Back at the warehouse, Crowley’s writhing on the floor in pain and spitting up blood. He looks at Sam and says he thought he was the smart one, then he says you’re working with my mother? Then he says that’s what I get for trying to be the nice guy, he says for the last year he’s improved things in Hell so maybe he could feel some emotion again. Sam says everybody else seems to forgive Crowley, but he doesn’t, he says he’s killed innocent people he cares about, that Crowley’s a monster.

The King Of Hell, picks his head off the floor and says Sam’s right, he is a monster. He’s done things so evil that Sam can’t even imagine, then his eyes turn red and he says he’s proud of each evil thing he did. Then he pulls the bullet from his chest and takes the hex bag out of his pocket and sets it ablaze. He then throws Sam across the room and Winchester hits a wall and falls to the floor.

Crowley stands over Sam sneering, he says he could kill him by snapping his fingers. Then he says realize that from this moment on, you’re only alive because I allowed it. He then says to tell that Ginger tramp, that he gave her a chance to walk away and she spat in his face. He says now he’ll come for her when she least expects it and storms out of the warehouse.

Dean wakes up strapped to a hospital table, with Monroe standing over him. Styne informs him that they’re going to slice and dice him for spare parts. Dean tells him that the Mark Of Cain won’t let him die, if they flat-line him, he’ll just come back as a demon. Styne says he can’t wait to see that and starts to lower his hand to slice Dean’s abdomen. Dean however brakes his bonds, then kills Monroe with the scalpel, slices Eli’s throat open and injects the nurse with the hypodermic needle she tried to use on him.

Sam calls Rowena and tells her that the plan failed, Crowley’s alive and coming after her. She says she’s sure Sam will come up with a way to kill her son and hangs up. Cas then calls, he’s at the Styne compound and everyone’s dead. He says according to the tracker, Dean’s now heading home.

Eldon breaks into the Gentleman Of Letters building, with Cyrus and their cousin Roscoe. When they realize nobody’s there, Eldon says to take anything interesting and they’ll burn the rest. After they’ve completed their search, Eldon pours gasoline over a pile of books, Cyrus tries to stop him from burning them saying we don’t have to do this. His older brother says that he wants to destroy the building, but Roscoe stumbles in, then falls to the floor, with a knife in his back.

Dean enters the room and Eldon takes off his suit jacket, as he gets ready to fight Winchester. He says his equipment’s upgraded, then shows Dean his new arm. He starts to mention his father and Dean tells him Monroe’s dead, in fact their entire family’s dead. Then he shoots Eldon between the eyes and he falls dead. He takes aim at Cyrus and the teen begs for his life, he starts crying and says he’s not like the rest of his family. Dean tells him that deep inside he’s bad, no matter how much he denies it. Tears streaming down his face, Cyrus says please, you don’t have to do this. Dean stops for a minute, then says yes he does and shoots the teen in the forehead, just as Castiel walks in.

Castiel tries to reach the real Dean, but all he does is antagonize Winchester further. Castiel tells him he doesn’t want to hurt him. Dean responds that’s not going to happen, then beats the stuffing out of Cas. He grabs Castiel’s blade and holds it over the Angel, who begs him not to stab him. Dean stabs a book inches from Castiel’s head and tells him that he and Sam need to stay away from him, as next time he won’t miss.

The Season Finale Airs Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Supernatural: That Steadfast Loyalty Will Be Your Undoing

Photo Courtesy Of The CW
Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

This One Hurt. A Lot.

We’ve witnessed beloved characters die on The CW series “Supernatural,” since season two, when John Winchester sacrificed his soul to “Yellow-Eyes” to save his son Dean. However there are some characters that have found a special place in our hearts and Charlie Bradbury, ranks high upon that list. Although her story was far from over, Charlie gave up her life to save the world from a very evil family. Once again decisions made by Sam and Dean cost them one of their own, in the episode entitled “Dark Dynasty.”

There are two absolutes in the Supernatural universe, the Winchester brothers will pull out all the stops to save each other’s lives. The other constant in the dynamic’s the fact that they don’t trust one another, to level with each other. Those situations almost always go sour and they usually end up costing them a friend such as Kevin Tran.

Charlie Bradbury explored Europe until she finally found The Book Of The Damned, with hopes the ancient text contained the answer to removing The Mark Of Cain from Dean’s arm. By gaining possession of the book, she became the target for the Styne family, who claim the book’s their property. The family has engineered some of the greatest disasters of the 19th and 20th Centuries, including spreading diseases, inducing the stock market crash of 1929 and wars.

Dean, Sam and Charlie, fought off and killed Jacob Styne, when Dean believed Sam burned the book in the fireplace. However Sam deceived his brother, burning another book in its place. He then made a deal with Crowley’s mother Rowena, to decipher the spell that will remove the Mark from Dean, of course without his older brother’s knowledge.

This episode begins in Omaha, Nebraska as a young woman enters an office to apply for a case study on vision. The man behind the desk looks at her paperwork, then starts to examine her eyes. However he tries to kiss her and she screams, prompting the man to slit her throat. When he does, we see the same tattoo on his arm that Jacob Styne had.

A janitor in the hallway hears the woman’s scream and knocks on the door repeatedly, asking if everything’s okay. The man uses an instrument to scoop out the woman’s eyeballs and he puts them in a thermos-type bottle filled with ice. As the janitor uses his keys to enter the office, the man straps on a backpack and jumps from the third-story window.

We head to where Sam has Rowena chained up as she tries to decipher the book and she tells him she’s yet to make any progress. He tells her she better not be stalling and she tells him that’s ridiculous, she wants out of the cellar and for Sam to kill Crowley, which is what he agreed to do for her in return for the spell. She says that Nadia’s codex is something she can’t crack, Sam says she needs a code-book for the code-book and leaves.

We arrive at the Styne home, where the man from Omaha, Eldon Styne’s getting told how badly he messed up by his father the family patriarch Monroe Styne, for leaving the woman’s body and a witness. His father says the reason the family’s lasted so long is due to discipline and secrecy, his lack of discipline cost the family it’s secrecy.

Eldon says that he hasn’t been thinking clearly since his brother Jacob was murdered and Monroe tells him not to use his brother’s death as an excuse. He says to redeem himself, Eldon needs to clean up his mess in Omaha and to kill the Winchesters. He tells his father he’ll take care of it.

Monroe’s nephew Eli, asks if giving Eldon the task of catching the Winchester’s is a mistake, seeing how he messed up in Nebraska. Monroe reminds his nephew that he’s yet to complete his mission, finding the red-headed woman who stole the book. He says that’s the best way Eli can serve the family.

Over at The Men Of Letters building, Dean reads about the woman found with her eyes harvested and her throat slit and says to Sam the case is for them. He says they’ll head to Omaha first thing in the morning, so Sam might want to get some sleep.

Sam decides to take a road-trip instead, meeting with Charlie to ask for her assistance in cracking the Book Of The Damned. He tells her that he switched books and burned another one and that Dean’s unaware of what he’s doing. He also tells her she’ll be working with one of the most dangerous witches on the planet.

Charlie and Rowena take an instant dislike to each other, but Sam’s got a referee to run interference, Castiel. Both Cas and Charlie are dead-set against doing thing’s behind Dean’s back, but Sam tells them it’s the only solution, or else Dean will go dark-side. They agree to help.

The brothers pull out their suits and their FBI shields and talk to the owner of the building, where Eldon had his office. The man says that Styne had just been there for a month and he only saw him once or twice, but he does have surveillance footage of Eldon jumping from the window. Sam notices something on Eldon’s arm and asks the man to zoom in on it, it’s the same tattoo they saw on Jacob Styne.

As they leave the building, Eldon arrives and asks the building owner what he told Sam and Dean. The man says he didn’t give them any information, but Styne guts the guy. As Sam and Dean head back home, we see that Eldon’s trailing them on the highway.

Castiel keeps trying to reach Sam on the phone, but Sam keeps ignoring his calls. Sam’s phone’s sitting on the table next to Dean, when it rings. Dean sees that it’s Castiel and picks up and asks Cas what’s going on. Castiel freezes when he realizes he’s speaking to Dean and says there was no purpose for his call and his ride just arrived. Dean realizes that’s strange even for Cas and asks Sam if he’s spoken to the Angel recently, Sam uncomfortably says he hasn’t.

Charlie asks Rowena about the nun who wrote the Book Of The Damned and Rowena tells her she got burned as a heretic. She said the woman believed in balance, for every spell one breaks, one has to invoke another. She says the nun was a woman ahead of her time, much like Rowena and Charlie. Charlie says other than sharing the same hair color, she doesn’t think they’re alike.

Rowena then tells her she read Charlie the moment she saw her, a sad lonely childhood filled with tragedy. She’s a loner an outsider, whose never felt she belonged. She’s totally dedicated to Sam and Dean, substituting them for the family she never had. Charlie says she loves them, they’re like her brothers. Rowena says she realizes that, then she says that steadfast loyalty will be your undoing girl.

Dean goes to pick up a pizza when Eldon and one of his men show up and try to jump him. Dean kills the henchman and takes Styne prisoner, bringing him back to the bunker. Sam and Dean handcuff one hand to a chain hanging from the ceiling and start interrogating him. He readily admits to butchering the young woman in Omaha, then brings up that they killed his brother Jacob.

Castiel calls again and Sam steps out into the hallway to talk to him. Cas says Charlie wants to leave for a couple of hours to clear her head, Sam tells him that Charlie’s not safe out in the open with the Styne family searching for her. Castiel suggests he go with her and Sam tells him he can’t leave Rowena alone, then he tells the Angel just to handle it.

Eldon tells Dean that his family’s one of the oldest in Europe and they had to change their name due to some unwanted notoriety. He says that a family acquaintance Mary Shelley, exposed the family’s secrets forcing them to change their name from Frankenstein. He then opens his shirt, to reveal stitching on his chest. He says he has two hearts and lots of extra muscles that make him faster and stronger.

He then tells Dean that his family’s been without the Book Of The Damned for the last eighty-years, but once they reclaim it, they’ll be unstoppable. Dean tells him he’s sorry to bust Styne’s balloon but they burned the Book Of The Damned. Eldon responds that’s impossible as the book’s got a spell on it that makes it indestructible. Dean’s head starts to spin when he hears that and he goes out to talk to Sam. As they start talking, they hear the chains rattling, they run back into the room, to find Styne left his arm in the handcuff but he split.

Castiel moves Rowena to another room so Charlie can have some quiet time, but Charlie uses the time to sneak off to a motel. Soon after, Eldon gets a call from Eli telling him that Charlie’s at the Blackbird Motel and wants to know if Eldon wants him to kill her. Eldon says he needs to take care of it himself.

Dean returns from trying to find Eldon and Sam tells him that the Frankenstein family held reign for a thousand-years and were behind some of the worst events in history. Dean then tells Sam that Eldon said the Book Of The Damned can’t be destroyed, right then Castiel calls Sam telling him that Charlie took off.

Charlie’s attempting to come up with some formula to crack the codex in her laptop, but every variable she tries comes up as not a match. She finally finds the right formula, but she hears Eldon trying to break into her room. She takes the laptop and her cellphone into the bathroom, calls Sam and downloads the code she deciphered.

Sam asks if she has the book with her and she says she just has her notes, he tells her to give it to Styne. Dean grabs the phone and he tells Charlie to give Eldon what ever she has, she says she’s sorry but she can’t, then hangs up the phone. When the download’s complete she smashes her laptop, Styne hears her and enters the bathroom. Charlie pulls out a blade and Styne just smiles.

Sam and Dean reach the motel and get to Charlie’s room to find the door’s wide open and there are bloody footprints all over the room. The footprints lead to the bathroom and we can see by the Winchester’s faces what happened, then the camera pans to Charlie’s body. She’s lying in the tub, her abdomen showing multiple stab wounds and blood’s sprayed on her face.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

Supernatural: Death Doesn’t Always Mean Goodbye

Photo Courtesy Of The CW
Photo Courtesy Of The CW

Warning: Spoiler Alert

If we have learned anything during the veteran CW series “Supernatural’s,” tenth season, it’s that no character from the show can ever be considered gone forever. We’ve witnessed the return of the prophet Chuck Shirley, visited Benny the vampire in purgatory and got to visit fan favorite, Bobby Singer in Heaven, just a few weeks ago.  Earlier this year, we spent some episodes with Claire Novak, daughter of the late Jimmy Novak, the man whose vessel our favorite trench-coat wearing Angel, Castiel now inhabits.

Although Castiel’s benefited humanity in numerous ways, while walking the earth these past few years, Claire only focuses on the fact that the Angel took her father from her as a girl. She watched her family fall apart in front of her, as her mother Amelia left her years earlier to search for her husband and Claire’s father. Claire went to live with her grandmother, but found herself alone again two years ago, when her grandmother passed.

The sweet and innocent grade school girl that we met earlier in the series, evolved into a tough and independent young woman, now schooled in the tricks that allows one to survive on the streets. Manipulated by a con-man that showed her kindness, Claire nearly became the personal plaything, of a loan-shark her supposed benefactor was deeply indebted to. Although she got saved from the situation by Cass and the Winchester’s, Claire became even more resentful, as Dean killed the man she considered her surrogate father. Though Cass felt an obligation to protect the girl, they went their separate ways a few months back, although the girl told the Angel that she wouldn’t mind hearing from him via the phone, every once in a while.

The latest episode entitled “Angel Heart,” not only featured Claire, but we found out the fate of her mother Amelia, whose been held captive by a supposed faith-healer, who goes by the name of Peter Holloway. Although Holloway can and has healed people, his true purpose is to take prisoners and steal a bit of their soul each day, over an extended period of time.

Our first image of the evening, is the living room of a nicely furnished home, when we see a man walk through the front door it’s Castiel, or at least we think it’s him at first. A woman walks down the stairway as the man enters the door, it’s Amelia Novak and she asks the man if he’s truly Jimmy Novak. It is Jimmy and he can’t apologize enough to his wife, for disrupting their lives by allowing Castiel to use his body.

Suddenly Amelia’s arm starts bleeding so heavily, that the sleeve of her blouse gets saturated quickly. She screams out, oh please, not again and tries showing the wound to Jimmy who just continues talking, seemingly oblivious to the problem with his wife’s arm. The scene morphs into Amelia strapped to a table, while a strange man’s sliced open her arm, she starts to scream and he quietly tells her to relax, that everything’s fine. She soon falls back to sleep, reliving seeing her dead husband returning home.

We head to a rustic bar, frequented by a motley crew of Good Ol’ Boys and a bunch of guys who look like they’re rejects from a biker gang. Claire Novak enters the place, walks up to the bar and the middle-aged woman behind the bar looks at her and says she’s got to be kidding. Claire tells her the next day’s her birthday and the woman asks if she turns twelve? Novak then places a fifty-dollar bill in front of the bartender and asks her to point out Ronnie Cartwright, a sleazy-looking middle-aged guy sitting alone in a booth.

Claire sits down across from Cartwright and shows him a picture of her mom and asks him if he recognizes her. Looking slightly uncomfortable, he denies ever seeing the woman, Claire tells him that Amelia’s last diary entry stated that she was to meet with him the following day and he’d introduce her to the miracle man. Ronnie laughs at the statement, saying if he knew a miracle man he wouldn’t be hanging out in this dive. He tells Novak he’s never seen the woman and tells her to get lost.

Later that evening, Ronnie’s in the parking lot and gets surprised by Claire, who once again asks what happened to her mother. Cartwright screams that he told her he doesn’t know Amelia Novak, causing the teen to smile. She says she never mentioned her mother’s last name. Ronnie panics and pushes her away, she slips and slams her head against a dumpster, then crumples to the ground. Cartwright thinks she’s dead at first, then feels for a pulse and calls 911 requesting an ambulance.

We see Castiel standing outside the hospital, when Sam and Dean drive up. Dean asks if it’s really a smart move getting him involved as Claire detests him for killing her surrogate father. Cas says he wants them both involved, they were troubled teens and the may connect with Novak. However Claire’s not thrilled to see any of them, she asks Castiel how he knew she was there, he replies she has him listed as an emergency contact.

The teen’s reticent at first to tell the trio what she’s up to, but eventually reveals that she’s searching for Amelia. The trail’s she’s followed ends up in the town they’re in and Cartwright was supposed to introduce her to a man that Amelia was excited to meet. But she then disappeared and Claire’s hoping to find out what happened to her.

Sam heads to the motel to hit the laptop and try to dig up some background on Ronnie Cartwright, while Dean and Cas head to the bar and tell Cartwright they’re with the FBI. When he’s slow to answer their questions, Dean starts slamming Cartwright’s head into the table in front of him.

Ronnie tells the pair that Amelia’s being held by Peter Holloway, an actual faith-healer who restored Cartwright’s sight. However, part of the price of getting his vision back was working for Holloway, who put him in charge of bringing him lost people, who would be missed if they suddenly vanished, Amelia was the last person he brought Holloway, he then saw some of Holloway’s victims and quit.

After Cas and Dean takeoff, Cartwright calls Holloway on his cellphone telling him of the conversation. Holloway suddenly appears in the parking lot and tells Ronnie that the men he talked to were Hunters, then he says Cartwright needs to be punished for his loose lips. Peter first takes away Cartwright’s vision, then rams a sword through his back that goes clean through to his stomach.

Sam teaches Claire how to hack credit card companies to get information and pulls up all Amelia’s purchases before she went missing, when Dean and Castiel return and inform the pair about Cartwright’s demise and about Peter Holloway. The brothers try to determine exactly what Holloway is, when Sam discovers that he owns a farmhouse about 40 miles away. They tell Claire and Dean that they’re being left behind, Claire to protect her from danger and Dean because they don’t want him going dark-side.

After a few minutes of bickering in the motel room, Dean tells Claire to grab her jacket and he takes her to play miniature golf. The game comes to a quick conclusion and Claire drops her putter into the last hole. Dean suddenly realizes that Cartwright wasn’t killed by a blade, was run through with a sword. The pair rush back to the motel, to do some research on what that could mean.

Winchester proves that his computer skills have vastly improved over the last few years, as he discovers that Holloway is a Gregory, also known as a Watcher Angel. They were amongst the first Angel’s sent to Earth, assigned to protect humanity. However they went rogue and most off them got destroyed as the Angels started feeding off humans, rather than guard them. Claire assumes Dean’s going to make her stay at the motel, but he surprises her by handing her a pistol, wishing her a happy birthday and asking that she doesn’t shoot him.

Sammy and Cas arrive at the farmhouse, Sam tells the Angel to search the barn while he checks out the house. Sam hears a noise, but he reacts too late as Holloway hits him on the head and knocks him out. Castiel finds Amelia, she’s unconscious and back in her home, but she can’t see Jimmy, suddenly she comes to and screams when she sees Castiel.

Cas attempts to heal her wounds, but his powers aren’t strong enough. Amelia stares intently at the Angel, then says that her husband isn’t with him anymore. He tells her she’s correct, that Jimmy’s now in Heaven. She tells Castiel, that she left Claire to search for her husband, thinking if she could get him back that all would go back to the happier days they used to have. She then starts sobbing uncontrollably as she tells Cas that she should never have left Claire.

Sam wakes up handcuffed to a chair and he sees Holloway entering the room. Winchester says you must be Peter Holloway and his captor responds he has been for the last 50-years or so, before he took that name he was a Jenkins and his name was Miller before that. He tells Sammy that he’s a Gregory, a Watcher Angel and the reason he takes human’s captive is to feed off their souls. He says that a human soul is filled with tiny bits of Heaven and can provide delicious meals for years and even decades if cared for properly. While he’s telling Sam about himself, the younger Winchester’s in the process of picking the lock on his handcuffs.

Dean and Claire enter the barn and Amelia sees her daughter and she’s overjoyed. Claire’s animosity vanishes in a heartbeat and the two embrace and each start crying. Cas and Dean watch the reunion, then head to the house to look for Sam. Dean sees the chair Sam was sitting on and the handcuffs on the floor, the two nearly clobber each other as they each turn the same corner at the same time.

Claire helps Amelia off of the table and she tries to help her mother leave the barn, but Amelia suddenly grows very weak. Peter appears and he says to Claire that she realizes her mother will never be well again. The teen empties the pistol into Holloway’s chest, but it doesn’t cause him to miss a step. He says she should have realized a mere gun couldn’t hurt an Angel Of The Lord, then starts to push his sword through her stomach, but Amelia steps in front of her daughter and takes the blade.

Cas, Dean and Sam enter the bar right then and the three of them try to take down Holloway, but he’s just too strong. As he wrestles with Dean, we see the light pour out of his eyes and mouth, then we see a blade poke through his stomach. Claire’s standing there when Holloway’s corpse hits the floor, unfortunately though Amelia’s gone as well, but there is a bright side.

We see Amelia’s home again, however this time she walks through the front door and Jimmy comes down stairs and hugs her tightly. She asks if they’re in Heaven and Jimmy tells her they are. He says that he’s waited so long for her to join him and that he’s missed her terribly. He then asks about Claire and Amelia tells him their daughter’s beautiful and very strong, then they hold each other as tightly as they can.

Sam’s arranged for Claire to stay with Jodi Mills until Claire can get back on her feet. He tells her that Jodi’s good people and the arrangement’s temporary. Dean goes to talk to her next, revealing he knows that she’s got Holloway’s sword in her duffel bag. He begs her not to take up the life of a Hunter, that it’s a terrible existence and most times leads to an early death.

Castiel’s nervous and struggles to find the words to convey his feelings, but Claire makes words unnecessary as she hugs the Angel as hard as she can, expressing everything she felt, without uttering a word. Claire’s seemingly found closure and now she can get on with a fresh start and a new life.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.