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After looking a little long-in-the-tooth over the past couple of campaigns the CW series “Supernatural,” came out of the gates strongly to kick-off it’s eleventh-season and they’ve held the pedal to the metal pretty consistently over the first six episodes. Sam and Dean Winchester are battling a force locked away since the beginning of time with very little information known about their opponent since the season started. However that scenario changed in the latest episode, as Amara’s identity finally got revealed. Jeremy Carver and his team running the veteran series chose a path that likely has the show’s fans buzzing happily, with a move that this viewer never saw coming.

We’re still in Fall River, Massachusetts as the episode opens watching a conversation between two high-school aged girls as one of them complains about her disapproving mother. The conversation ends as the other girl’s cellphone alarm  sounds and she says she has to go home as she’s got a curfew. When the remaining girl turns around she’s startled to see Amara standing right behind her.

The teen asks her where her parents are and Amara replies she doesn’t have any. The teen responds she’s sorry and then asks the girl does she need or want anything and Amara clasps her hands to the other girls cheeks smiles and says I want to be just like you. Then she sucks out the teen’s soul.

Amara returns to where she’s staying with Crowley and she’s morphed once again,  this time into a teenage girl looking to be about 16-years-old. (Samantha Isler takes over the role from Yasmeene Ball.) Crowley’s there when she returns and plays the disappointed parental-surrogate, even pulling out the old chestnut this will hurt me more than you when he tells her she’s grounded. She laughs and asks him what makes him think she’ll listen and he propels her against a wall and then down on her bed. He says you’re strong but I’m stronger and she glares at him and says for now.

The Winchester’s are also still in Fall River and Sam gets a call from Detective Madsen with some disturbing news, Len the guy who had his soul stolen by Amara and confessed to all the murders to keep himself locked-up got murdered. When they arrive at the station Madsen says he thought it might have been a relative of one of the victims but  their alibis all checked out. Just then the teenager that Amara sucked the soul out of  earlier, gets brought in by two officers. Madsen says that’s the latest crazy, fine until this morning then the girl named Goldie tried to smash her mother’s head open with a frying pan.

Dean calls up Castiel whose holed up in the Men Of Letter’s Building binging on  junk-TV. Winchester tells  the Angel that his R&R breaks ended and they need him back in the game. Cas gets dressed and he’s about to leave the building when he gets flashbacks of being under Rowena’s spell and he get’s overcome by the memories and goes back to his room.

Cas lies back down on his bed still fully clothed and watches a news-report of a bar-fight that turned ugly, the anchor warns that the segment’s graphic. As Castiel watches the report he sees the videographer’s reflection in a car’s side mirror, it’s Metatron and Cas gets out of bed and goes to track his nemesis down.

Goldie’s in her cell when some guy walks over with a set of keys to the cell  and opens the door and tells her she’s free to go. She says to the guy that he’s not the deputy and the guy pulls out a blade and says yeah we’ve had a problem. The boss’ daughter’s gotten sloppy and I’ve got to clean up the mess. The demon steps inside the cell and he’s paralyzed as Sam and Dean painted a devil’s trap on the ceiling.

They bring him to their hotel room for interrogation and Dean asks the demon about Amara and the demon sneers and says she’s growing quickly. She ate about half his friends and when Crowley put her on a diet she  snuck out and started feasting on humans. Dean asks where Amara and Crowley are hiding and the demon says they’ll kill him anyway so he’s not giving up info. Dean says it looks like a stalemate and pulls out his blade but Sam says hold up.

Sam then suggests they exorcise the demon to save the meat-suit, something Sam hasn’t done since the early  years of the series when Sam worked with Ruby. It turns out that the body’s got cartridge shell in his abdomen that would kill the human so they end up knifing him, but that was an unexpected turn of events.

Crowley enters Amara’s room and tells her he doesn’t want her to think he’s a monster so he brought her a treat and two demons bring in a repairman in cuffs for her to devour his soul. She gives Crowley a petulant pout and says she’s not hungry and the demons take him away. He’s about to leave the room when he walks over to her and says listen I don’t know what I’m doing or how to  connect with you. He says she’s growing so quickly and getting so powerful, but he still believes he can offer her something. He says he’s got knowledge and experience, he worked his way up through the ranks of Hell and now he’s the King. He asks her to slow down and do things his way and he’ll protect her and Amara agrees.

Curtis Armstrong the actor that portrays Metatron gives a brilliant performance in the reoccurring role. Metatron’s one of the most despicable characters in the long history of TV, lacking even the slightest shred of any redeeming value, yet Armstrong still gives the character just enough humanity for us to enjoy his appearances.

With his grace taken by Castiel last season, he’s now a mortal and has taken back the name Marv that he used a few seasons ago when he tried to make humans believe he was a poor schlep that was actually God. Now Marv’s a freelance videographer specializing in murders and other seamy events. He comes upon what appears to be a dead businessman stabbed to death in an alley and he chortles this footage will get him 500 bucks.

He then sees the man’s wallet and grabs it and starts looking for cash when the man comes to and begs him for help. Metatron says there was a time he could have saved him by snapping his fingers, but he’s no longer that man. A raspy voice from behind Metatron says I am and we see Castiel standing behind him and glaring at him. Castiel heals the man and the two of them bolt from the alley when they hear sirens approaching.

Sam checks the demon’s cell phone usage and he tells his brother that Crowley had the demon tailing Amara  and that they must be staying somewhere  in the area. After a bit of digging on the internet Sam determines they’re hiding out on the grounds of the Needham Asylum that got decommissioned in 1963. Dean starts packing up all his weapons and Sam asks him if they’re really going to attempt to kill Amara right now, without any knowledge or any plan. Dean says we’ve got to stop her before she gets too powerful and they head to the Asylum.

Castiel says he needs Metatron’s help and he laughs and says he’s mortal now and loving life. He pulled himself up from his bootstraps and now he’s got his own company. Castiel asks him what he knows about the “Darkness” and Metatron chuckles and says sometimes late at night God would talk about the “Darkness.” However he says he’s got no intention of sharing any info with Castiel and the Angel replies that Metatron’s mortal and Cas could pummel him with little effort.

Metatron lets out a derisive laugh and says to Castiel he couldn’t even hit him now. He says you’re broken you went through some trauma that broke you and you’re not the same. He says it must be tough realizing he’s just a tool and that he’s been used and abused by everybody. The Angels, humans, his enemies and his friends and Castiel starts wailing on Metatron delivering punch after punch to his face.

The Winchester’s easily break into the Asylum and then Dean tricks Crowley’s lackey who’s guarding Amara’s door with a recording of Crowley calling the lackey’s name and they bind and gag him and leave him in the hallway. They hear two more demons talking and Sam tells his brother to find Amara and he’ll handle the demons.

Dean walks into the room and Amara’s face brightens with a huge smile and says I knew you’d come. Dean’s holding a blade and says I’m sorry Amara and she asks him why he’s sorry? Crowley comes into the room and greets Dean  and he says with his girl growing up  he expected boys to come sniffing around and psychically throws Dean across the room and crashing into the wall.

The King Of Hell’s got Winchester pinned against the wall and Dean asks Crowley what’s his plan does he think he can use Amara for his own agenda. He replies he’s not using her at all he’s just trying to her achieve  her maximum potential. Suddenly Crowley’s eyes get steely as he stares at Winchester and he says it used to bother me that I couldn’t bring myself to kill you. But I eventually came to terms that perhaps I’ve mellowed and I’ve got a bit of affection for you. However I think I’m going to kill you today, perhaps fatherhood’s made me a changed man.

Amara slams Crowley over the head with something heavy then she psychically hurls him against a wall and keeps him suspended in mid-air and starts choking him. She says she’s had enough of him and his ways and she’s going to start living life on her own. She says he offers her nothing and she’s already more powerful than he is.

Sam waits for the demons holding his blade but when arrive he puts it in his pocket and instead he tries to subdue the pair and handcuff him. One of the demons starts to chide Sam saying as a Hunter he should realize being a pacifist won’t get the job done. He starts choking Sammy until he finally pulls out his blade and wastes him. However he does knock-out and handcuff the other demon.

Castiel’s still pummeling Metatron and the former scribe of God’s face looks like raw hamburger. Metatron screams out end me Castiel and the Angel stops hitting him and says no. Metatron starts crying and pleading for the Angel to kill him saying existence as a human’s horrible. Castiel says that Metatron was right that Cas is sick and tired of people pulling his strings and he won’t let Metatron take the easy way out.

Amara tells Crowley she’ll spare his miserable life if he guarantees safe passage for Dean after she leaves and he says yes. She then tells him to get out of her room. She then turns her attention to Dean and asks and what about the two of us? We keep saving each other. Dean sees the knife on the floor and picks it up and she smiles at him and says oh please, you won’t; you can’t.

She strokes his cheek and Dean looks dumbfounded, she says he’s the first thing she saw when she got free. The first of his creations, you’ll always represent that for me. The sweet triumph and the even sweeter folly of what he’s wrought. He asks her what she’s going to do now and she said to fulfill the purpose she came to accomplish. To settle the score, the oldest score.

Castiel once again demands that Metatron tell him what he knows about the “Darkness” and he responds that the Bible-Thumpers heads would explode if they knew. They want their God to be a finger-snapping all-powerful creature. However he says that Creation took  hard work and sacrifice. God had to sacrifice and betray the only thing he ever knew to create the universe. He betrayed his only kin, his sister. Amara’s God’s sister.

Castiel meets back with the Winchester’s at Gentlemen Of Letter building and Dean keeps asking Cas how he let Metatron escape. Castiel stresses that Metatron’s mortal and can do them no harm then asks Dean how Amara escaped. He says she overpowered him.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

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