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Warning: Spoiler Alert

After viewing the first two episodes of season 11 for The CW series “Supernatural,” I find myself thinking that the show might have their best “Big Bad” since “Yellow Eyes” haunted the Winchester brothers in the early days of the series. While one major problem got resolved in this episode, a score of them popped up to replace it. Amara’s mark upon the earth will only increase throughout this season and her power’s increasing already, mere days after her birth. Combine that with Sam and Castiel fighting to save their own lives and a battle between former “Besties” Dean and Crowley, added up to a fast-paced and exciting chapter.

Opening graphic tells us we’re still in Superior, Nebraska and we watch an infected man walking the streets looking for some sort of life. The town seems abandoned at first glance, but then we see all the residents died and their bodies are strewn across the sidewalks and streets. While the infected man walks around, we see somebody gathering supplies in a hardware store.

Suddenly the infected man hears a voice on what sounds like a loud-speaker. He finds the source of the sound, a tiny TV sitting in a metal bucket. The voice’s Robert Mitchum’s portraying Frank Cady in the original version of “Cape Fear.” Suddenly Sam appears in the alley and asks the infected man if he can still talk or if he’s too far gone. The man says what and Sam zaps him with some homemade Taser he put together, knocking the guy out as Sam replies good answer.

Next graphic informs us we’re in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as Dean brings Jenna and the infant Amara to her grandmother’s house. Dean tells her they’re going to be fine and Jenna asks about him and Sam and he responds the bar’s pretty low. Grandmother calls her into the house and Dean climbs back into the Impala and starts heading back to Sam in Nebraska. Grandmother has Jenna’s father’s old crib set-up for Amara and they put her in there to sleep. When the older woman leaves the room, Amara concentrates on pushing a plastic tote filled with baby-stuff off a dresser and onto the floor. When she accomplishes this she smiles.

Back in the hospital in Superior, Sam’s got the other guy handcuffed and starts asking him questions. The guy says he wants a cup of pudding and devours it ravenously. Turns out he got infected after Sam did, but it’s progressing far more rapidly in him. He says that they’re both going to go the route of the others, they’ll go psycho and then die. He says if Sam’s smart he’ll put a bullet in the guy and then eat one himself.

Dean tries calling Castiel’s cellphone but gets no answer, that’s because the Angel’s hanging by his wrists from the ceiling with a black-bag over his head. The two Angels that captured him Ephrem and Jonah, break the phone then Jonah strikes him across the face to wake him up. Ephrem says they’ve got some questions to ask him.

Back at Grandmother Nickerson’s home both women get startled by a banging sound, which they eventually trace to Amara’s room. When they open the door we see all the contents of the tote scattered all over the floor and lettered building blocks are floating above the crib in a circle. Amara’s crying and we see some of the blocks fastened to the wall, it spells out FEED ME. Jenna starts to go into the room, but her grandmother pushes her back and closes the door saying the Devil’s in that girl. She says they have to call Father Wyatt, but Jenna calls Dean instead.

Dean gets the call and immediately heads back to Iowa. He calls Sam up and relates the story and Sammy says it sounds like something out of the Exorcist. Dean asks how his brother’s doing in Zombie-Land and Sammy tells him everything’s good, but we see that the man he handcuffed died and the veins are getting worse on him. He’s on the computer checking out Voodoo websites.

Jonah and Ephrem are torturing Castiel with an Angel-Blade asking him where Metatron’s hiding. Castiel of course doesn’t know as the former scribe for God took off on him last season. He finally cries mercy brothers and Ephrem asks Castiel what he is, Cas responds he’s an Angel of the Lord. Ephrem says he doesn’t really believe that as every time there’s a question of taking Heaven’s side or the Winchester’s he backs “THE BOYS.”

Sam suddenly hears a woman’s voice singing beautifully in the hospital, a song about death. He starts looking around and he finds the woman, who greets him by name. When he asks how she knows him she reveals she’s a Reaper and she’s not too happy with Sam for helping to kill her boss. She then says that the Old Death used to find it amusing to bring them back from Heaven or Hell, but those days have ended. She says now they go by one hard and fast rule, everything that lives dies and stays dead.

The Reaper named Billie then tells Sammy that when he and Dean die they won’t go to Heaven or Hell, instead one of the Reapers will accidentally on-purpose drop them in The Empty. She says there’s no returning from there. She then tells Winchester that he’s dying, she can smell it all over him. She says he’s impure in the Biblical sense and says she’ll be seeing him soon.

Dean arrives back at Grandmother Nickerson’s home and Jenna meets him outside and says they have a new problem. Her grandmother’s very Catholic and she called her Priest and he sent over an Exorcist. Dean’s intrigued and the pair go inside to find that Crowley’s wearing a Clerical collar. Dean asks to speak outside and Crowley explains he’s got an arrangement with some lapsed Nuns and Priests. Dean asks if Crowley thinks there’s a demon in the house and the King Of Hell responds, that the being in the house isn’t a demon. He says that the creature’s far more powerful and very old, deep and dark.

Ephrem and Jonah start torturing Castiel again, when suddenly the door to the outside starts to glow with light and then buckle in. A young man stands there and says that’s enough that’s not the way we do things. Castiel realizes it’s Hannah wearing a male meat-suit and she tells the two Angels to leave immediately.

While Crowley and Dean talk outside, Jenna’s concern for the infant brings her into the room when she hears Amara crying. She picks the baby up and says Dean will help you, kisses her on the forehead and puts her back in the crib. The words calm the infant and she smiles. Jenna picks her up and the two lock eyes. Jenna’s grandmother hears a loud banging sound in the kitchen.

Hannah takes Castiel down from the chain he’d been suspended from, but he tells Hannah to leave on the handcuffs. He sits in a chair and asks if Hannah can heal him, the Angel puts his fingers on Castiel’s forehead and says he can’t its powerful magic. He then tells Cas that there’s more bad news he needs to share with him.

Grandmother Nickerson’s in the kitchen when she gets startled by Jenna, then says she thought she dropped a bowling-ball upstairs. We can see by the expression on Jenna’s face she’s changed somehow, she then picks up a butcher knife and says to her grandmother she always wondered how this feels.

Crowley and Dean hear the scream in the house to find the old woman dead on the floor with her throat slit. Crowley says that’s a plot-changer and the two start looking for Jenna. Dean calls her name and Crowley berates him for alerting her they’re looking for her.

Hannah tells Castiel he needs to know where Dean and Sam are and Castiel says he won’t give them up. Hannah says he saved him, but suddenly Cas figures out that Hannah set the whole thing up. Ephrem and Jonah were torturing him on Hannah’s orders and he showed up to save Cas to make him feel indebted. He says to Hannah that he thought they were friends and Hannah says that’s before you broke Metatron out of Heaven’s jail.

Hannah says the other Angels hate him and Cas asks Hannah if he does as well and the Angel remains silent. However Ephrem says it doesn’t matter because they took a vote and this is the plan. Castiel once again says he won’t give up the Winchester’s and Jonah says he will as they’re about to hack his brain. He pulls out this piece of headgear that looks like a torture device from the Inquisition.

Sam’s infection’s reached the critical stage and he’s starting to lose touch with reality. He wills himself to fight it off and goes back to the computer and types in Biblical Purification. He reads an entry that says Biblical Purification can get achieved by lighting Holy Oil on fire and putting it on the infection. He grabs a bottle of Holy Oil out of his bag, pours some in a metal tray, grabs a roll of gauze and soaks it in the liquid then sets it on fire. He holds the flaming gauze to his face and all the infection burns off, Sam’s found the cure.

Jonah tries his hand on the torture headgear but gets no results so Ephrem takes over. He’s about the put another spike into Castiel’s head when Hannah says enough and pushes Ephrem away. Ephrem punches Hannah in the mouth knocking the Angel to the floor then starts kicking Hannah in the gut. Castiel gets angry and he breaks his bonds and attacks Ephrem. Jonah tries taking out Cas with his Angel-Blade, but Castiel stabs him instead. Ephrem then stabs and kills Hannah and finally Castiel stabs and kills Ephrem. He then collapse back into a chair and starts repeating no, no.

Dean and Crowley head into Amara’s room and Dean picks her up and sees the tiny Mark Of Cain on her upper chest. He flashes back to his conversation with the Darkness and remembers her telling him they’ve got a bond and will always help each other.

They hear a smashing sound coming from the grandmother’s bedroom and open it to find Jenna dropping all her grandmother’s religious glass figurines on the floor. She says she never liked them, but her grandmother’s dead as she slit her throat. Crowley says Jenna no longer has a soul and she replies that Amara’s hungry she’s a growing girl. Dean says they’ll get Jenna back and she says she likes the way she feels this way and attacks Dean.

We enter Amara’s room and watch the infant’s face visibly start to age, we then see her legs as she gets out of the crib and puts on a dress. She’s now about the size of a four-year-old and leaves the house while Jenna attacks Dean. Suddenly her body’s slammed against the ceiling and then slams against the floor killing her, Crowley says he got bored waiting.

Dean says he’s got to find Amara and kill her, Crowley says he saw the way he looked at the baby and Winchester won’t be able to kill her, so let a professional handle it. Dean asks if that’s an offer and Crowley says it’s a promise, he’ll kill her after he finds out what makes her tick. Dean says Crowley can’t do that and Crowley waves his hand and throws Dean into a wall like a rag-doll. He then says that Dean and Sam have to learn Crowley’s not their bloody side-kick. Winchester gets up pulls out his Angel-Blade and sticks it through Crowley’s hand and into the wall. He heads to the crib and finds it empty. He goes back to where he left Crowley and while the blade remains the King Of Hell’s long gone.

Sam and Dean reunite back at the Men Of Letters headquarters and Sam says to Dean I thought you said the Darkness was a woman. Dean says perhaps she was just a vision and suddenly their aware they’re not alone. Each pull their pistols and see Castiel barely conscious on the floor asking them to save him.

Amara’s walking the streets barefoot, wearing a satin dress with a big bow on the back. A black van pulls up beside her and Crowley gets out and says what a sweet young thing you’ve become. He then opens the panel door in the rear of the van, smiles and asks like some candy little girl? He’s got a family of four bound and gagged, four new souls to feed the hungry girl and they both smile as the screen fades to black.

The Story Continues Next Wednesday Night at 9:00 pm on The CW.

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