tonight-legends-two-hour-season-finale-2 Legends
Tonight: Legends Two Hour Season Finale
Photo Courtesy Of TNT Anyone who has been following this journey of “who is Martin Odum” is not going to want to miss tonight. We have seen a wealth of
legends-a-dead-prince-is-just-the-beginning-2 Episode recaps
Legends: A Dead Prince Is Just The Beginning
Courtesy of TNTDrama Warning: Spoiler Alert Last we spoke, Hani Jibril was being escorted away following the attempt on Prince Abboud’s life.
legends-feminine-deception Episode recaps
Legends: Feminine Deception
Photo Credit: Courtesy of TNT Warning: Spoiler Alert The cold open in tonight’s episode is important, as I am sure it signifies the next story line.
1300 Episode recaps
Legends: Just Who Is Martin Odom?
Photo Credit: TNT Warning: Spoiler Alert Last week we experienced a bombshell. It was quick so I hope you didn’t blink. While in Houston in search of Dobson
1298 Episode recaps
Legends: Follow the Breadcrumbs
Photo Credit: Warning: Spoiler Alert With the closure of the VX Gas storyline, we find Martin Odum back in the FBI shrinks office.
1338 Episode recaps
Legends: Guilt, Sadness, and a Right of Passage