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Warning: Spoiler Alert

With the closure of the VX Gas storyline, we find Martin Odum back in the FBI shrinks office. As a protocol measure one has to assume. This is clearly a cat and a ball of string situation. The doctor thinks she’s setting up annoying repetitive questions whose answers will indicate something. Let me just be a fanboy for a moment. You’re trying to get Martin Odum to divulge something that he doesn’t want to divulge? That’s cute.

As it turns out, and I should have seen this coming. It was telegraphed in hindsight. The condescending behavior toward the shrink was smoke and mirrors. She asked a question about the difficulty of the leaving the Legend. Feeling guilty about he had to do, which is precisely when he flipped the switch and got confrontational. Which is obvious when he storms out, he looks dazed. I’m getting a strong sense we are about to venture into the larger series arc of “who is Martin Odum”?

Agent Rice shows up at a bar that conveniently has Crystal drinking at said bar. Rice begins like any strange guy looking to score. Then says, “you’re going to be mad when I tell you this”. Then we see Crystal storm out. The obvious need for this scene is to set up some sort of back channel alliance between Rice and someone. Crystal is the only one actively questioning Odum’s fitness to do his job. Stands to reason, she might be buying what Rice is selling.

Martin’s wife knocks at the door. It’s our job to cover these higher level shows with a degree of objectivity and to do so as completely as possible. However, I don’t mind telling you that if I could fast forward through all of the scenes with Martin’s wife, my experience would be improved. Her role is necessary and Amber Valletta players her very well. This is quickly becoming a Skylar White situation. Difference here is that I (we) give credit to Amber Valletta for playing a character very well. Whereas too many of the Breaking Bad fandom ripped Anna Gunn because they disliked her character, even though she played it masterfully.

Before Sonya leaves Martin’s apartment she tells yet another story from his ‘actual’ past that Martin doesn’t remember. She tells it as if she was there, which is how the story goes. It is at the very least the third time she’s done this. Naturally, Martin heads to Google as soon as she leaves. And yes, he finds articles posted backing up Sonya’s story. I cannot help be believe we are seeing the beginnings of a Bourne Identity meets the Truman Show scenario here. If you step back from it, you can begin to suspect those in the story that could potentially be “in on it” and those that are legitimately just doing their job.

Later Martin runs us through a rapid fire recollection of some of the events that have tipped him down this particular path. The last of which involves the man in the green jacket telling him “the book has the answers”. There is a long number. “2037698185”. My first thought was a social, but its one digit too long. So the obvious next thought would be that it is a telephone number. “203-769-8185”.

I have made no attempts to hide my dislike for Ali Larter. Not Crystal, the character she plays. I am just not a fan. Call it the result of type-casting, but I just don’t like what I’ve seen from her. She always seems to play similar roles. So with that in mind, maybe I just haven’t seen her in a role I like. Either way, she is not resisting Rice very much. It doesn’t take a lot on his part to convince to at least consider what he’s proposing. She agrees to go with him to check out a lead.

Thank whatever God or Deity you believe in that they finally changed Maggie’s hair. The pilot, she was the only non-critical character (to that episode) that I even really noticed. Then they went with the Bieber on roids look. Now at least it’s tamer.

Maggie meets Martin at a Thai restaurant to discuss the number sequence Martin gave her. For a few seconds there, I almost fell for the head fake. Ultimately I was right on this one (which really isn’t saying much), the 10 digit number is indeed a phone number. This next comment is a testament to the quality of writing. Remember (just in case you hadn’t noticed) Maggie or Tina Majorino is also well-known for playing Deb from Napoleon Dynamite! I love how Maggie is smarter than everyone else at what she is responsible for. She does not have a wealth of lines but they are presented in a way that allows her character to have a quality not usually found on second tier characters.

At the residence of the man who owns the voice mail, that is tied to the phone number, that was in the book given to Odum by the man in the green jacket, the pieces start to fall together. Or at the very least that there is a connection. The man, like the man in the green jacket, has a broken awkwardness about him. After believing that Odum was there to torture or kill him, he asks for Odum’s name again.

Dennis Evans: What’s your name again?
Martin Odum: Martin Odum.
Dennis Evans: No your real name.
Martin Odum: That is my real name.
Dennis Evans: No it’s not. I know you man. I know you. You’re in the photo.
Martin Odum: What Photo.

There it is, clear as day. The picture is an 8×10 with easily 20 guys. Odum, this Evans guy and McCombs (the man in the green jacket) among many others. Time stamped for Feb 03, 2004. Which is convenient as that coincides with Sonya’s story of a car crash. This Dennis Evans character is clearly off his rocker, however, his story has some merit. There is something to this or it’s an elaborate attempt to get the viewer to go down the wrong path.
Rice and Crystal make their way to Veteran Affairs where they meet the doctor that treated McCombs. She claims that doctor-patient confidentiality prohibits her from providing what they need. Even after they inform her that the patient is dead. She stands firm. Now I’m no doctor but I was pretty sure that once the patient has passed, that protection no longer applies. Could just be I watch too much TV.

Maggie was able to chase down Kyle Dobson, the new piece in the puzzle. The trail of breadcrumbs points to Houston, but nothing more specific than that. Odum decides to travel to Houston using a Legend as an alias. One of my favorite moments on this show is when someone asks Martin Odum to tell them about a Legend they are unfamiliar with. Thank you Maggie. Love watching Martin Odum slowly become the Legend he’s talking about. This time with a thick southern accent.

Rice and Crystal follow the lead from Veterans Affairs which leads them to Dennis Evans’ residence. Dennis Evans will be dead, just a hunch. Yep. Dennis Evans, dead by way of large zip-lock bag suffocation. That and a severed thumb is found. Haven’t tipped their hand to who it belongs to. The obvious guess is Dennis Evans.

In Houston, Odum calls in favor from what equates to a CI. Back at headquarters Crystal and Rice are almost chummy when Maggie walks in to update them on the phone records check on Dennis Evans. Nothing. The question is, was Dennis Evans as much of a shut in as they claim or is Maggie protecting Odum?
Rice does not hesitate to break into Odum’s apartment. Not boot to the door mind you, picking the lock with a lock pick kit type of break in. All that really matters from this scene is that Rice finds a list crumpled in the trash that reads Len Barlow. He presents it to Crystal while she looks at a bathroom mirror with notes written on it. And we have the episode title moment.

Crystal: Len Barlow is one of his Legends. He’s gone ROGUE.

In Houston, Odum becomes Barlow with the expressed intention of drawing the attention of Kyle Dobson’s girlfriend in order to get closer to Dobson. Once Barlow gets Tara to put down her guard a little, a guy comes up to tell her it’s her turn to sing again. My experience with Karaoke bars is that no one sings twice in three songs. So my suspicion is raised. Then we have a typical bar stand-off that ends with Barlow saying “let me go or lose your hand”. Which actually works.

While Barlow waits outside the bar he gets a call from Sonya. They chat about nothing of importance to the story line. But, just then he asks, “are you sure about the date of the car accident, Feb 3rd 2004?” The demeanor in her face immediately changes. Starting to feel like we’re on the right path. She even goes so far as to say “I love you” which better have perked Odum’s spidey-sense. Then he hangs up. Back to Sonya she looks up at a vague figure that appears to have long brown hair, like the lady that killed McCombs…

Sonya Odum: How was that?

Barlow jumps the guy from before and jumps in the front seat with Tara. He convinces her to direct him to where Dobson is. When Barlow and Dobson find themselves in the same room, it is abundantly clear that Dobson recognizes Barlow (Odum) instantly. Barlow and Dobson have a cryptic conversation where neither gives up anything of consequence until Barlow pulls out a gun an neutralized the odds. Then it’s just Barlow and Dobson.

He peels out in a black Mustang with Dobson in the back seat handcuffed. They dodge a few of Dobson’s stragglers. Then just as you believe they have gotten away. The Mustang gets T-boned by a pickup truck. Begin with an accident, finish with an accident.

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