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Anyone who has been following this journey of “who is Martin Odum” is not going to want to miss tonight. We have seen a wealth of “Legends” executed brilliantly by Martin Odum (Sean Bean). We’ve also seen some evolution in character development that, at least for me, have played out to this point exactly how I’ve wanted them to. Agent Rice, for now, seems to be an ally in the search for truth. One way or another. It has been revealed that Gates and Sonya Odum’s motivation and allegiances are cloudy at best. All the while we’ve followed the big picture season (if not series) arc play out. New characters that are as unfamiliar to us as they are to Martin Odum. And it goes without saying, the big question on everyone’s mind. “Who is Martin Odum?”

As for tonight, we are staring at the first 2 hour season finale. Hani Jibril is still detained. With the undesirable eventuality that if this carries on too long, she could face prosecution in Saudi Arabia. Worst outcome possible for a woman rights activist. We also have the governmental angle. The State Department is not going to take responsibility for the death of a Saudi Prince on American soil. Even if one of their own was a key player in the assassination attempt. They expect DCO to jump on the grenade. Not likely. While all of that went round and round, Odum has been playing exterior angles. Using a Legend to get the attention of those they know to be behind this assassination. And finally two things no one in this line of work wants to discover. 1) The bad guys know Sebastian Egan is Martin Odum and 2) Since they know he is Martin Odum, they have pursued and found Sonya and Aiden Odum.

While I am on the edge of my proverbial seat with anticipation about what will be revealed and what won’t, remember this is Legends. An extremely well presented show that throws convention out of the window as it pertains to typical drama formats. This in no way follows the procedural blueprint. They finish a story line when they decide to finish the story line. Not because 60 minutes has elapsed. One story line even concluded around the 12 minute mark of an episode. So, while I do not have an advanced copy or read any spoilers that I did not write, I am not confident that this whole thing will get tied up nicely with a bow. I do not expect closure on the season/series arc. One reason is that I truly don’t want this to end, it’s too good of a show to be a limited run engagement. The other is that it would fly in the face of everything we’ve seen thus far.

Whether you DVR it or watch it live, come back to NJATVS after the show for our 2 hour episode recap. Hopefully it won’t be the Magna Carta, but with this show, we offer no promises.

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